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    Planet Of The Apes Dr.zira Model

    By fred,

    i just have a dr.zira model for sale its mib just seein what i could get for it.

    Things That Should Be In Episode 3

    By DPrime,

    Obi-Wan has to stop going by his name before the twins are born - I don't care how, he just has to.


    C-3PO should have some sort of accident, so his memory is partially erased, but R2 should have his kept intact.


    Anything else you can think of?

    Star Wars 'supernova' To Be In Playboy?

    By firestongue,

    I just got the new PB ish (with the Desperate Housewives theme) and for next months issue, it shows a pic of a woman with a nice tatoo below her navel and above her, er, valley (I think its a tiger?). Anywho, it says "A STAR WARS Supernova gets naked. Guess Who?"


    Theres no way its Padme.Im thinking Luminara Unduli? maybe? I have no clue. Im sure its obvious, but I cant put my er, finger on it lol.


    Then in the paragraph with more detail it says: "Also, is that a lightsaber in your pocket or are you just happy to see our cover girl? A STAR WARS: EPISODE III Beauty bares all in a superstellar pictorial"


    She seems to be of a slightly darker skin tone. hmmm.


    Cant wait to see who it is! Any speculation or definitive answers?

    Wwe Monday Night Raw Results!

    By Outsiders,

    Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results

    Date: Monday, April 11th, 2005

    Location: The MARK of the Quad Cities in Moline, Illinois

    Results by PowerWrestling.com


    WWE RAW Opener:


    The fireworks went off in the arena (or didn’t) for the start of WWE Monday Night RAW as Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcomed us to the show, and tonight we will hear from Batista and Shawn Michaels will go one on one with Muhammad Hassan!


    Referee: Chad Patton

    Molly Holly and Trish Stratus vs. Victoria and Christy


    The music of Trish Stratus hit in the arena as she made her way to the ring as the Women’s Champion, and she will be teaming with Molly Holly against Victoria and Christy Hemme.


    The start:


    Molly and Victoria locked up and Victoria grabbed a hammerlock but Molly reversed into a fireman’s carry. Victoria came back and hit an arm drag and then another, followed by a body slam. Victoria hit the standing moonsault and then made the tag to Christy. Christy came in and kicked at the hamstrings of Molly and then scored with a scoop slam and a leg drop for two.


    Mid-match notes:


    Trish kicked Christy in the back from the apron and then Molly stomped her on the canvas and tagged in the champ. Trish slapped Christy across the face and then sent her to the corner and kicked away at her as the fans chanted “slut�. Trish chopped the chest of Christy and then choked her before sitting on the top turnbuckle and choked away some more. Molly got the tag and hit a snapmare and a low dropkick to the face for two. Molly locked in a half Boston crab and Christy tried to fight to the corner and kicked Molly off and got the tag to Victoria. Victoria came in with right hands and a reverse elbow and some clotheslines, followed by a back body drop. Victoria went for the Widow’s Peak but Trish came in with a Chick Kick.


    The Finish:


    Victoria made the tag to Christy who took Molly down but then Trish grabbed her from the apron, but Christy knocked her down. Molly slapped the face of Christy and then sent her to the corner and Trish held her while Molly went for the handspring but Christy moved and Molly nailed Trish! Christy then rolled up Molly for the shock win! Christy wins!


    Winners - Christy and Victoria


    The Aftermath:


    Trish was tossed out the ring by Victoria and Christy and then the music of Kane hit in the arena and he is stalking Trish after what she did to Lita last week on RAW! Kane took chase of Trish who escaped through the crowd.


    Update on Randy Orton:


    Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler showed us footage of last week in Birmingham, and Randy Orton is undergoing shoulder surgery. Orton said he first felt his shoulder pop at WrestleMania, and then Batista took advantage of it the next night on RAW. Dr. Andrews performed the surgery and Orton said he would be out for four months, and he blames Batista.




    Stacy in a towel and Candice in a bra, some pics below, were shown backstage and Stacy said she was glad that happened to Orton. Maria came in and they talked about how hot Batista is. Trish then came storming in and Kane was behind her and she scampered away as the others screamed at Kane.




    Coach is backstage and introduces Muhammad Hassan and Daivari. Hassan said last week Shawn Michaels felt just a taste of his fury, like every opponent he has destroyed. Hassan said tonight the joke would be on Michaels and he would have the last laugh. Daivari said something and they left.


    In the arena:


    The music of Triple H hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring as the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship. Triple H got on the mic and said that tonight is Batista’s big night, his first interview since becoming champion. Triple H told him to enjoy it, because he is on borrowed time. Triple H said the rematch has been signed, and it will be Batista-Triple H II and it will be at Backlash. Triple H said Batista was on fire at WrestleMania, he was awesome. Triple H said he has watched the tape over and over, and he will find a weakness one way or another, and he has. Triple H said it was in his eyes, his eyes showed fear, his eyes told him the real story, it is the one thing that will make him an eleven time World Champion, it is the one thing Batista fears, it is the Pedigree. Triple H said that the Pedigree is the one move, that when he hits it, the whole thing will be done. Triple H said the Pedigree is the truth, and the truth is Batista made the biggest mistake of his life when he decided to screw with him. The music of the Hurricane then hit in the arena as he made his way out to the stage. Hurricane said that Triple H claims to be the best, but holy ass kicking’s, the last time we saw him in action, he was wearing a mask, not a superhero mask, but a crimson one. Triple H called Hurricane a green tomato, and Hurricane then mocked him. Hurricane said he was left laying by Triple H, and then he did the same the following week to Rosey. Hurricane said it was clobbering time, and Triple H told him to bring it. Hurricane then called Rosey down with him. Rosey and the Hurricane bother hammered away at Triple H in the corner and stomped away at him. Hurricane hit a leg lariat and Rosey squashed him in the corner and then they clotheslined him to the outside! Triple H grabbed the mic and said they picked the wrong night and the wrong guy. Triple H called for a ref and asked for the bell to be rung.


    Handicap Match

    Referee: Earl Hebner

    Rosey and the Hurricane vs. Triple H


    The start:


    Triple H grabbed a steel chair and the referee took it from him. Rosey and Hurricane knocked Triple H down and Rosey is going to start this one off with the Game as we go to commercial.


    Mid-match notes:


    Triple H gave Hurricane some right hands in the corner and then whipped him to the opposite buckle and charged in but met an elbow. Hurricane went for a tab but Triple H cut him off and Hurricane came back with a tilt a whirl headscissors and made the tag. Rosey hammered away on the Game and hit a scoop slam and then a revolving leg drop. Rosey hammered at the Game in the corner and then splashed him. Rosey hit a butt bump in the corner on the game and then hit a spinebuster of his own, and then Hurricane came off the top with a leg drop for two.


    The Finish:


    Hurricane went back up top but Triple H crotched him and Hurricane fell to the canvas. Triple H stomped the Hurricane and then choked him in the corner. Triple H knocked Rosey off the apron, and he got hung up in the ropes. Triple H hit the Pedigree on Hurricane and then covered for the win.


    Winner - Triple H


    The Aftermath:


    Triple H hammered away at Rosey as he was still tied up in the ropes. Triple H shoved the referee down the mat and continued his beat down of Rosey here. Triple H got back on the mic and said that one second, one second is all it takes, one Pedigree and that is you. Triple H said he vows to him by the end of the night, this will be Batista. Triple H said he will Pedigree his ass in this ring, and it doesn’t matter to him how big Batista is. Triple H went to the outside and grabbed Rosey and took him out with the Pedigree and Triple H is on a mission here.


    WWE in Australia:


    Footage was shown of the WWE tour of Australia in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.




    Batista was shown backstage talking to Chris Benoit as we then cut back to the arena.


    Referee: Jack Doan

    Chris Masters vs. Seth Skyfire


    The music of Chris Masters hit in the arena as he made his way out to the stage for the next match here on RAW. A video package was shown of the Masterpiece and his perfect record so far in the WWE.


    The Match:


    Masters and Skyfire locked up and Masters went to work on the arm and then dropped him over the top turnbuckle and kicked him in the gut. Masters choked Skyfire in the corner and then hit some knees to the head and then hit a big beal out of the corner. Skyfire tried to fight back and went for a springboard off the middle rope but walked into the Polish Hammer and Masters then locked in the Masterlock for the win.


    Winner - Chris Masters


    The Aftermath:


    Masters got on the mic and said next week he is issuing an open challenge and he will put $1,000 on the line for someone to break the Masterlock.


    Diva Search 2005:


    A promo aired touting the 2005 Diva Search for $250,000 and mentioned all the success’ that Christy has had since winning last year.


    In the arena:


    Shawn Michaels made his way out to the ring, followed by Hassan who had a mic and said that no one wanted to see him destroy HBK again, so he went and got the following change from RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff. If he wanted to face Hassan, he would have to face his manager Daivari.


    Referee: Earl Hebner

    Shawn Michaels vs. Daivari


    The start:


    Shawn Michaels ran outside the ring an attacked Daivari and threw him inside the ring. Michaels whipped Daivari to the ropes and gave him a high back body drop. Hassan tried to interfere and Michaels choked him on the apron, allowing Daivari to attack him from behind. With Michaels incapacitated on the mat, Daivari went up top and hit a leg drop from the top rope.


    The Finish:


    Michaels fought back and put Daivari to the mat with a few punches to the head and scoop slammed him to the mat. As Michaels went for a top rope move, Hassan tried to interfere, but HBK threw him inside the ring. Daivari introduced the ring bell into the match, and while Hebner removed the bell, Hassan kicked HBK in the groin and Daivari pinned HBK for his first win!


    Winner - Daivari


    The Aftermath:


    Michaels laid on the mat, clutching his groin as Hassan & Daivari celebrated their victory at the top of the stage.




    Shawn Michaels is backstage with Eric Bischoff and demanded a handicap match against them both. Bischoff said he can’t do that, but he can give him a tag team match at Backlash. Shawn said he didn’t want a partner; he wanted them both in a handicap match. Eric said no partner, no match.


    In the arena:


    The music of Chris Jericho hit in the arena and it is time for the Highlight Reel. Jericho welcomed us to the show and said that he has to admit that he was happy how the Money in the Bank Ladder Match turned out, but there was only one problem, and that is that he didn’t win. Jericho said he has been a bit off track, and he can trace it down to one date, October 19th 2004, the date he lost the Intercontinental Title at Taboo Tuesday. Jericho said Shelton Benjamin has done a great job, but there is something he needs to tell him face to face. Jericho then introduced Benjamin as his guest. Jericho said he wants to get straight to the point; he wants redemption. He said all his problems started when he lost that title, and he wants it back. Benjamin played a violin with his finger, and said it is playing just for him. Benjamin said he is the best pure athlete in the WWE and there is a reason he has held the title for six months. Jericho said they must start making his Hall of Fame plaque as they speak. Jericho said he didn’t give a damn about his title reign, he has been the IC Champion seven times, and that is a record. He has done it all with the Intercontinental Title and the only reason he still has it is that Jericho hasn’t made it his business to take it back until now. Benjamin told Jericho that he can do things in this ring that no one else can do and then smiled. Jericho told Benjamin to take the title and shove it up his ass. Benjamin said he could take his fist and get more hits than a Fozzy album. Jericho said there latest single is called Shelton Benjamin is a little #$##. Benjamin showed Jericho and then the two went at it throwing punches at each other. The two brawled to the floor with both men hammering away at each other. The referee’s came down to break these two men up, and Jericho wants his IC Title back!




    Kane is shown backstage looking for Trish, and then comes across Lita. She asked him if he did it, and he said yeah, Trish is scared to death. Lita then said they are just getting started and then they french kissed passionately.


    In the arena:


    The music of Shawn Michaels hit in the arena and he came out to the stage. He said he has been told that if he wants to face Hassan and Daivari at Backlash, he would have to pick a partner. He said he hasn’t had much time to think about it, but the first thing that comes to his mind is how much he loves this country. He said he understands why his father and brother and nephew served their country in wars. Michaels said he is going to pick someone who feels as passionately about this as he does. Michaels said he knows that person is watching at home, and he is here on his knees asking for one favour. He isn’t asking anything more than what every other WWE fan has asked you for. They asked at the WWE Hall of Fame banquet, and he is coming out here tonight and asking him. Shawn Michaels said if he has to pick a partner, he wants that tag team partner to be HULK HOGAN! The fans went nuts and Michaels smiled as they went into a rabid Hogan chant. Michaels then got the crowd to chant “one more match� with him.




    Edge is shown walking down the hall backstage with his money in the bank briefcase and a steel chair. We then go to commercial.


    Referee: Michael Chioda

    Chris Benoit vs. Christian


    The music of Chris Benoit hit in the arena as he made his way out to the ring for action against Christian who was accompanied as always by Tyson Tomko. The music of Edge then hit as Mr. Money in the Bank made his way to the announce table with his briefcase and chair.


    The start:


    Christian attacked Benoit and went to work in the corner and then worked over the injured arm of Benoit. Benoit came back with some chops and a head butt and then went to work in the corner himself and sent Christian hard into the buckle. Benoit hit a knee to the gut as Edge said he was screwed last week. Christian came back with a kick to the arm but Benoit hit another chop to the chest. Christian locked in a hammerlock as Benoit screamed in pain.


    Mid-match notes:


    Benoit hit an enziguri for a two count and hit some more chops in the corner. Christian reversed and hit some chops of his own and then sent Benoit outside with a drop toe hold. Christian followed him out and sent his arm into the apron before sending him back into the ring. Christian hit some rights in the corner and then choked Benoit with his boot. Benoit came back with more chops in the corner and then went to pull Christian into the ring post but Tomko distracted him. Benoit went back to work on Christian but Christian took over back inside, choking Benoit with his boot some more.


    Christian slammed Benoit to the mat for two and then locked in an arm bar. Edge talked about being screwed his whole career and it was Benoit who cost him his title match back in October. Benoit fought out with right hands and then went for the Crossface but Christian escaped. Benoit knocked Christian outside into the security wall as we go to commercial. Back from the break and Christian is in control with a keylock on the arm of Benoit. Benoit battled out and hit some shots in the corner and went for a charge but ate boot. Christian dropped the arm of Benoit across the top rope and covered for two.


    Christian locked in an arm bar and tried to take the tape off of Benoit’s arm. Christian stomped on the arm and then went to remove the corner pad. While the referee was distracted with the corner pad, Benoit got a school boy and the referee finally made the count but only got two. Christian hit an arm bar takedown for two and then choked Benoit on the ropes again. Tomko hit a cheap shot while Christian distracted the referee. Christian sent Benoit shoulder first to the corner but Benoit came back with more chops. Christian took Benoit down into a pin for two and then locked in another hammerlock.


    Christian bit the hand of Benoit while in the hammerlock and then taunted the crowd. Benoit exploded with a German Suplex to take Christian down and then shook his arm to try and get some feeling back. Benoit kicked Christian but Christian stayed in control with an arm bar takedown. Benoit fought up with right hands and then the two collided in the middle of the ring. Benoit hit a snap suplex and covered for two . Christian went for a reverse DDT but Benoit reversed into a Northern Lights for two. Benoit went for the Sharpshooter but Christian got in the ropes. Benoit pulled him back into the middle of the ring and locked it in but Christian made the ropes.


    Benoit hit the three German’s and Christian is down. Benoit signals for the diving head butt and goes up top. Tomko tried to stop him but Benoit shoved him down and dived off, but Christian moved! Both men are down and reach their feet at six. Christian went for the Unprettier but Benoit reversed into the Crossface. Edge then left the announce table with his chair and Tomko got into the ring but Benoit knocked him down. Benoit then dropkicked the chair into Edge sending him down and then walked into the Unprettier from Christian!


    Winner - Christian


    The Aftermath:


    Edge looked very pleased with himself as Benoit stared him down with anger.


    In the arena:


    Jim Ross is in the ring and he introduces the new World Heavyweight Champion, the Animal knows as Batista! Batista has new pyro in his entrance for those taking note. JR said that Batista is dressed to compete, and Batista said he is going to make it easy on Triple H, he is in his gear and ready to go. JR mentioned Triple H’s rematch at Backlash and Edge with Money in the Bank. He asked if Batista is concerned. Batista said he knew he would be a hunted man, but he refuses to be anyone’s victim. He said he is the champ and is top of the food chain. Batista said if anyone has any bright ideas of taking his title, just like Triple H and Randy Orton, he will chew them up and spit them out. He said this is his jungle, and Triple H, if he is seeing fear in his eyes, he must be looking in the mirror. Batista said once again Triple H is underestimating him, and that will be his downfall. Batista held the belt high and said he will hold it for as long as he wants. The fans cheered in appreciation for Batista as the music of the Game hit in the arena.


    Triple H attacked through the crowd and they went at it. Triple H hit a face buster and went for a Pedigree but Batista back dropped him right out of the ring. Triple H is down and out on the outside and Batista is standing tall. JR held the hand of Batista high as Triple H retreated up the aisle. Triple H got on the mic and called Batista a son of a #$##. He said that next week, Madison Square Garden, they are going to make history. Triple H said next week, they will go one on one! Batista seemed to like that. Triple H then said next week it will be the Game going against JR! The music of the Game then hit as JR did not look too pleased as RAW went off the air.

    Hulk Hogan Returning At Backlash, Ecw Match News!

    By Outsiders,

    Little Guido (Nunzio) will team up with Tony Mamaluke to reform the FBI at the ECW One Night Stand PPV on June 12th.


    There were satellite issues outside the arena with the feed for RAW. You may have noticed it cut out several times during the show due to this.


    We're told to expect more, even a possible announcement next week that will confirm Hulk Hogan to appear at the Backlash PPV next month. This was not the plan as of two weeks ago. It looks like Hogan really enjoyed his timke at Mania.

    Hulk Hogan's Status In The Wwe!

    By Outsiders,

    Hulk Hogan is not expected to make any more appearances for WWE in the near future. There is however, expected to be one final match in a WWE ring involving the Hulkster. At the Hall of Fame ceremony, people were chanting to Hogan “One more match� which he seemed to like and also didn’t shoot down.


    Hogan has stated in the past that he would like to face Stone Cold Steve Austin in a match, but Austin doesn’t seem to be interested in that. Shawn Michaels has stated he would like to work with Hogan, which may lead to the possibility of a match between those two at next year’s WrestleMania. No matter what, it is thought that Hogan could indeed have his final WWE match next year at WrestleMania.

    Wwe Releases Two More Superstars!

    By Outsiders,

    Sources close to the situation confirm that WWE has officially released Aaron "Jesus" Aguilera and Will "Chilly Willy" Jones. Jesus, who appeared on SmackDown! several months back, had been nursing an injury. Jones was signed to an OVW deal after returning from Iraq, where he earned a purple heart. He was also a past performer for ECW.


    These cuts mark the fourth and fifth releases of the week, as the two join Rhyno, Paul Bearer and Matt Hardy.

    Raw Notes: Cm Punk Backstage, Matt Hardy News!

    By Outsiders,

    ROH star CM Punk worked the RAW taping last night. He worked a match taped for heat with Maven and Simon Dean.


    Joey Matthews and Johnny Nitro also worked a dark match.


    There was at least one instance of a confiscated sign at RAW that said "I'll Miss Matt"

    Backstage News On Batista, Ecw Ppv, Hardy, Rhyno!

    By Outsiders,

    As most undoubtedly assumed, Matt Hardy and Rhyno are bound by 90-day no-compete clauses, pushing their potential in-ring returns until this summer.


    As reported earlier, WWE will be giving Batista his first interview as champion on tonight's RAW. Although fans have expressed an undeniable interest in connecting with the new World Champion, many backstage feel as if he's had little opportunity to truly shine on the mic - his only long promos in recent memory spent too much time putting over HHH and Flair. Tonight will be very crucial in determining Batista's viability as a champion.


    For those wondering, Little Guido and Tony Marmaluke will definitely be reforming the FBI for the ECW One Night Stand PPV.

    Wwe Announces Raw Diva Search Contest 2!

    By Outsiders,

    WWE.com has announced that there will be a second WWE Diva Search just like last year. They are accepting applications from eligible females starting now.


    Think you have got all the qualities of a Diva? WWE is seeking beautiful, glamorous, physically fit, talented and charismatic women to participate in the $250,000 RAW Diva Search. As part of the Search, WWE will host a casting call event where judges will select eight finalists and two alternates based on who best exhibits the qualities of a WWE Diva.

    News On The Wwe Lottery Draft!

    By Outsiders,

    Word from someone backstage at Raw today is that there is no talk of the Draft Lottery at all at this point. It's not discussed in the script for Raw and won't be taking place next week at the dual-brand MSG event.


    Vince McMahon has decided to wait indefinitely to have the draft lottery, which is a change compared to his stance several months ago when he planned to have a draft lottery again shortly after WrestleMania.


    It is believed that one of the major things holding up the draft lottery is that WWE will be touring overseas very soon and changing the rosters they have been promoting for months could be a problem.


    As of now, expect the draft lottery to occur in a few months.

    More Details Behind Hardy & Rhyno's Release!

    By Outsiders,

    Source: PWTorch.com


    There will definitely be some backstage heat on Edge and Lita in some circles within WWE due to the release of Matt Hardy. When it comes down to it, Hardy was simply the guy who WWE could afford to lose to lessen the tension between the trio. WWE is in the process if trying to make Edge their next big star. Management has not always been super high on Hardy's interviews either and felt that oft he two guys, Edge was more marketable. Management is also not high on the internet and the news that revolves around it regarding WWE and it didn't help at all for Matt to make the situation public, or confirm reports that had been posted. Lita and Edge were looked at by management as the two who never took the situation public and kept it very low profile.


    Rhyno's release isn't going to sit well with some inner circles within WWE either. Rhyno did create a scene in the hotel lobby and gave WWE an excuse to get rid of him. WWE management was never high on his look or in ring style either. He has been going through some tough times the last several months including a separation from his wife. She is planning to move to Germany and will be taking his daughter. This now leaves him jobless during the tough times. Rhyno could wind up with TNA as well, although he would work under a different name.

    Eric Bischoff's Wife In Playboy, Wwe In Japan!

    By Outsiders,

    If WWE Diva Christy Hemme being in Playboy Magazine wasn't enough, there's another woman distantly invovled in professional wrestling that will be taking it all off. WWE RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff's wife (who has never been on WCW or WWE TV) is part of a "Real Life Desperate Housewives" pictorial in this month's issue Playboy magazine. We have confirmed that it is definitely Bischoff's wife.


    WWE will be returning to Japan this summer. The first two events announced are a Raw show at the Nagoya Rainbow Hall in Nagoya and a Smackdown show at the Kobe World Hall in Kobe, both happening on June 30th.


    MTV will re-air the episode of MTV Cribs featuring the Hulk Hogan this Tuesday at 8 PM ET.

    More Details On Matt Hardy's Release From Wwe!

    By Outsiders,

    Matt Hardy was scheduled to return to WWE this month after rehabbing a knee injury for the last several months. As we noted about two months ago, Hardy and Lita split up after Hardy found out from Edge's wife that Lita had been having a relationship with Edge while traveling on the road. The two split and Hardy issued some harsh words to Edge via his official website at TheMattHardy.com.


    The Torch noted that Edge's rental car tires had been slashed after a WWE house show several weeks ago. Matt Hardy and friends (including Shannon Moore) were in attendance. As we noted, the two did not cross paths during the night as Edge stayed in a locker-room most of the night. This was the same night Moore was involved in a car accident on his way home.


    It is not quite clear what led to Hardy's release other than WWE management may have felt there was really no way to avoid a confrontation between the two even by splitting them up and Matt fell on the lower end, star power wise.


    You can pretty much put a lock on it that once Hardy's 90 day contract clause runs up, he'll be with TNA unless he chooses not to.

    The Real Story On Rhyno's Incident At Wm 21!

    By Outsiders,

    Thanks to the Wrestling-Observer Newsletter for this big update.


    At last week's WrestleMania, Rhyno destroyed a ceramic flower pot at the Universal Sheraton Hotel, creating the incident that led to his removal from World Wrestling Entertainment. Sources attributed the incident to a fight with his wife, although little was known about the true cause.


    Reportedly, Rhyno and his wife are undergoing a nasty separation, with his wife planning to take their daughter to Germany. His wife showed up at the PPV without Rhyno's daughter, prompting him to express his discontent with the fact that he would not get to see his child. An argument broke out and Rhyno picked up an extremely heavy flower pot, smashing it in frustration. Hotel security actually stepped in, and Tommy Dreamer was dispatched to bring Rhyno upstairs. Upon getting off the elevator, Johnny Ace met the duo, but Rhyno snapped and tried to go back down. He made it clear that he had nothing left to lose and didn't care if he was fired.

    New Age Outlaws Reunion Confirmed!

    By Outsiders,

    TNA's BG James (formerly "Road Dogg" Jesse James in WWF) and The Outlaw (formerly Billy Gunn) are reforming their New Age Outlaws team on Sunday, April 17, working for indy promotion Primetime Wrestling at the Diamondback Saloon in Belleville, MI.


    Petey Williams, fresh off his Super 8 tournament win on Saturday, and Chris Sabin are also scheduled to work the show.

    Tna Issues Parental Advisory For Lockdown Ppv!

    By Outsiders,

    TNA issued the following press release this evening:




    Nashville, TN (April 11, 2005) – Last week on Total Nonstop Action Wrestling “iMPACT!,� Director Of Authority, Dusty Rhodes announced that all matches on the April 24th pay-per-view event “Lockdown� will be held in Six Sides of Steel. This announcement marks the first time an entire professional wrestling pay-per-view event will take place in a steel cage.


    Due to the sometimes violent nature of a steel cage match and the unpredictability of live television, TNA management wants to reiterate and emphasize the TV-14 rating that the show receives.


    According to the TV Parental Guidelines, a TV-14 program is a program that contains some material that many parents would find unsuitable for children under14 years of age. Parents are strongly cautioned and urged to exercise greater care in monitoring this program and are cautioned against letting children under the age of 14 watch unattended.


    A steel cage is professional wrestling’s most unforgiving structure and some of pro wrestling’s most horrifying moments have occurred in this type of match. This will be only the fourth Six Sides of Steel Match in TNA history, which has produced some of the most talked about moments in the sport over the past year.


    Total Nonstop Action Wrestling “iMPACT!� airs Fridays at 4PM on FSN (check local listings) with a Saturday midnight(local) replay and a Thursday night 2AM replay. TNA “Xplosion� is a syndicated program (check local listings).

    Williams Wins Tournament, Jarrett & Ddp News!

    By Outsiders,

    Former TNA X-Division champion Petey Williams won the Ninth Annual ECWA Super 8 tournament that took place this past Saturday in Newark, Delaware. In front of a crowd of about 400-450 fans, Williams' showcased his talent with a semi-final win over Alex Shelley. Scott D’Amore, the main who trained Williams, was in attendance at the show and described Williams as a “father figure�. Low Ki was also in attendance at the show.


    "Yoga For Real Guys", Diamond Dallas Page' new book will be released in November. Rom Zombie wrote the foreword for the book.


    The latest TNA superstar to answer questions on the promotion's official forums is TNA X-Division champion Christopher Daniels.


    The New Age Outlaws team consisting of BG James and The Outlaw are being reprised on Sunday 4/17 for the first time in several years. They will be working at the Diamondback Saloon in Belleville, Michigan for Primetime Wrestling. Chris Sabin and Petey Williams will also be working the show.


    NWA champion Jeff Jarrett recently answered a number of questions. He stated that his guitar was used as tribute to his hometown of Nashville, TN (Music City). When asked about moving TNA events to Florida, Jarrett responded:


    "It has had its positives and negatives. In Orlando, we are opened up to a worldwide audience and with Universal and its parent companies; it gives us the opportunity to make good alliances. There are great benefits to being down there."


    He also mentioned he'd like to do a show in Calgary, Canada as tribute to the late Owen Hart. Also, there are plans for a TNA tour of Great Britain, and Jarrett also mentioned that he sees Monty Brown as a future World champion.

    Superman Returns Shield!

    By Moshbot,

    From Superherohype.com




    Based on Lee´s design with a classic touch.


    I Need Holo Cards!

    By RJBrian,

    List Updated on 4/25/05


    Here is a list of the G. I. Joe TCG Holo Cards that I need to have a complete set......


    Base Set

    Hi-Tech #28

    Firefly #78


    Armored Strike

    Flint #10

    Heavy Duty #16


    If you have any of these I will be more than happy to take them off of your hands as long as the price is right. I also have a Base Set Barbecue 4/114 Holo card and an Armored Strike Rattler 75/78 Holo card for trade. So, if you want you make a deal either reply here or PM me. I get back with you ASAP.

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