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    Who's going to Big Apple Anime Fest 2002

    Beach Head
    By Beach Head,

    This will be located in the Virgin Megastore in Times Square in NYC. On August 30th they'll have the world premiere of Cowboy Bebop The Movie.


    August 31st Preview of Millenium Actress

    September 1 Exclusive screening of Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack


    Get inf at www.bigappleanimefest.com and tickets at www.fandango.com

    Goodbye everyone

    By Phanstar,

    Well Im going to take Jayc's advice and go somewhere else.



    R.I.P. Clam34

    By Tom-1,

    I recieved the following e-mail this morning, and it truly disturbed me. It's ridiculous that this had to happen, and I suggest you all check this out -


    Hey Tom,

    I did get banned from the ADC message boards afterall.

    JayC says I was banned for the thread I started in the

    monkey room that you have been posting on after me. He

    said it was the last straw, even though the thread is

    not offensive at all. I guess I was not allowed to

    post in the Monkey Room.


    Anyways, I emailed you because you have your address

    listed. Please let the other guys know.


    This is bulls**t.

    But I'm not going to complain. Because in a place where scumbags like TheOne are still around, while Clam gets the boot, I dont see any reason to fight this. It's wasted effort. The only this the guy was guilty of was having character.


    Was Clam harsh with some people? Yes. Does he deserve to not share his point of view with us again? NO.




    Why are they advertizing the cartoon on figures NOW?

    By firestongue,

    I guess along with wave 2 comes more of wave 1 but with that sticker on there advertizing GI joe toon on CN. and even its wrong, saying its on from july to aug. 9. the toon went longer than that.


    maybe this means they will bring it back again, but i sure wish theyd tell us. i think its kinda dumb they are just now putting stickers on them, and many walmarts and other stores have yet to get them still!

    Lanard Corps Toys and other Knock Offs

    By Phanstar,

    I am curious as to what others think of some of the Lanard vehicles and playsets. I know the figures SUCK, but I keep going to meijers and seeing this awesome hovercraft, and a what looks like a dragonfly knock off, and an old fang 1 knock off, and night landing raft... and I just keep looking at these toys, and then I look to the right of me and see the new fang 3 and the Rock Slide, and the Dominator... And I cant help but think the Lanard toys are cooler! Sure they look a little cheaper with their paint jobs, and such... But I dont know.. I just think its a sad day when knock off companies are making better joe toys than hasbro is....

    I still havent brought myself to buy any of these lanard toys but I am very tempted to buy a few and integrate them with my current gi joe collection...


    Has anybody else done that? Bought corps toys to use with joe figs? What do you guys think of the Corps toys... Are they worth it?

    Headhunter Stormtrooper revisited


    I remember all the post about the headhunter stormtrooper so I thought i would let some people see this.



    check this out on ebay


    ebay item # 1762067433

    I just me the new Bandai Super Valkyrie Today

    By Reminator,

    :evil: :evil: Wooohooo I just got me the new Reissue Bandai Super Valkyrie VF-1S....he is the bomb!!!

    Jetfire fans...if you couldn't affort the real one...then get this one. Unlike Jetfire, 98% of his decals are all paints....the only stickers are his shoulder and the real of his shoulder.


    This new Reissue Super Valkyrie head had the same head as the Matsushiro Jetfire head...not the 1984/ 85 Bandai Jetfire head. Also unlike the 1990 Reissue Super Valkyrie....this 2002 Reissue Super Valkyrie color is white (not grey) but not as white as Jetfire...


    Question on Jetfire:

    1. For those who have Jetfire, is your Jetfire eye decal made of sticker or paint? Mine is sticker...but this VF-1S is painted.


    Question regarding the new Super Valkyrie VF-1S

    1. I noticed the instruction sheet only show the shoulder should be applied the stickers. But what about the rest of the stickers??? Are those extra....? Also, the instruction does not show us where those extra sticker goes. In addition, the decals pad does not have a number for those extra sticker.... What's the purpose???


    2. In robot mode....if you want to transform back to jetmode...do you have to put an extra force between the back and the front? I noticed my Jetfire...I don't have to put so much force on that lock tab...this one is very stiff...




    :)- RÉMY / RÉMI / REMINATOR :)-

    "Hm...but why are they using such a primitive weapon?"

    Where is Wave 1.5 Online???

    By bigjake,

    Quick Q?


    Where can I buy some Mirage Vs. Viper and Big Ben Vs. Ally Viper 2-pakcs on-line? I can't find them anywhere! Everywhere I go it says SOLD OUT!!! DAMN IT!! I want some! I'll be getting the re-paints right away from Smalljoes on Wednesday, but where can I find the originals.



    Army building

    By Guest,

    I know a good deal of the people on these boards here are "army builders", but I never really got into it myself until recently. With my bbts credit that I won here, I had some extra cash left after I got the new Marvel Legends figs, and couldn't really find anything else that I wanted at the time, so I bought two Frostbite/Neo-Viper packs and one Wet Suit/Cobra Moray pack to beef up my JVC Cobra army. Now that I have them dislplayed with all of my JVC Cobra figures, I can't believe how cool it looks to see CC surrounded by Neo-Vipers and Morays! I just recently ordered two more Frostbite/Neo-Viper packs from kbkids.com. I'm addicted!


    *Stands up a la an AA meeting*


    "Hello. My name is Joe, and I'm an army builder. It all started with this guy named Jay that gave me the money to start my addiction..." ;)

    Well Folks,I might get voted off as the ADC weekest Link

    By Guest,

    hey Guys, I just received my "last warning" from Jayc. I guess alot of people don't like me and have been complainging about me to him lately. I guess I make fun of Monkeys too much. :lol:


    Anyways, I have to be on my best behavior. So if anybody has a problem with me, feel free to piss all over me while I am down, because I can't say anything back. :roll: It seems like I am always the bad guy, the one who attacks everybody. :roll: I do admit that I go overboard sometims, but I am not alone in my arguments.


    So, if I do slip up and get kicked off the ADC boards, I won't come back as a different user. So if for some reason you notice that I am not posting here anymore, its because I have been banned. So let me say goodbye in advance if that happens, it has been fun. :(


    But hopefully it will not, and I will be here for your reading pleasure for a long time. :wink:

    opening music

    By catter,

    why did they change it from

    gi joe against cobra the enemy to gijoe against cobra and destro

    alsois flint and lady j married and is that flints voice in gijoe the movie because it sounds different

    why was duke rarley shown in the gi joe series when it was played on cartoon network

    and my last questionwat happened to serpentor how come hes not in the new comic

    Latest wave found....

    Preventer MK II
    By Preventer MK II,

    Stumbled across the entire new wave of GI Joe figures this morning. In my area, the Nunchuck/Firefly pack is the hardest to come by. I heard in New Jersey it's the Dusty/Desert Cobra CLAWS pack that's the tough one.

    Um... what are "Manimals"?

    Samus Aran
    By Samus Aran,

    Okay, I went into a "KB Toy Works" store to see if they had any cool old GI Joe stuff. They didn't, really, but they had these really weird things called "Manimals" in the very very back of the store.


    I would have never thought these things were part of the GI Joe toy line... except there was the red white and blue "GI Joe" logo, plain as day. They look like freakish mutants or something! And they... transform...? I don't understand, are these things like the "Animorphs" of the Transformers world, that everyone doesn't talk about and tries to forget? Can anyone enlightnen me...? Those things were ugly!

    What's your favorite GI Joe episode?

    Samus Aran
    By Samus Aran,

    I haven't been here too long, so I hope this topic hasn't been done recently. ;)


    So, what are your favorites? Mine are limited, since I've only seen what Cartoon network has had to offer in the past 2 months. Anything with Dusty in it is a given favorite, but if I had to name my all-time favorites, they'd be...


    -Twenty Questions

    -The Traitor

    -Flint's Vacation

    -Lights, camera, Cobra


    What are yours? 8)

    Wave 4 Cobra CLAWS question

    By Guest,

    I've recently been doing some army building with Neo-Vipers and Cobra Morays and have all my Cobra Troops set up on my computer desk. I've been thinking about adding some CLAWS troops to my army, but the one that I have really sticks out in the red suit while the rest off my army is all black and blue. I was wondering if anyone has a link to a pic of the Wave 4 CLAWS so that I can see what color he is. If he's blue, or a darker color, I'll probably wait and do my CLAWS army building then.

    trouble bubbles

    By peterfn216,

    #=$ I was wondering if the trouble bubbles were going to be rereleased. I missed it the first and second time and would like to add a few to my armies before I lose interest in gi joes again. I dont see myself being as in to them 2 years from now.

    The Bandai Super Valkyrie is out in store

    By Reminator,

    :evil: :evil: The Bandai Super Valkyrie is out in store.........

    The new reissue is not the same as the 1990 Super Valkyrie. This new one will have the old Takatuko head aka the Jetfire head and not the 1990 Super Valkyrie head.



    :)- RÉMY / RÉMI / REMINATOR :)-

    "But why are they using such a primitive weapon??

    Cobra Commander Ver.3

    By Tom-1,

    Hey guys,

    I dont have either the RAH Cobra Commander Ver. 3 (Darth armor) or the reissue recolor that came out earlier this year... But whenever I check out YoJoe.com, they look damn near identical, much like the Crimson Twins of old look like their reissues.


    What defining features seperate the old CC from the new? As far as I can tell, his original uniform was more of a seafoam color than cobra blue. Any help would be appreciated since I want to pick this guy up but don't what to be shafted by some slick EBAY seller.




    Finally New Rank - so long Jedi Master, Thanks JayC!!!

    By Reminator,

    :evil: :evil: Ah.......it's good now that we have new rank name. I was going nuts with the Jedi Master rank.......because I can move up anymore. Now with more rank has added......I have excuse to go and chase after them.


    My current post at 1660 is ADC Novice Rank

    CD who is above 4000 post has his rank as ADC Regular.


    Thanks JayC........so what is the rank name between 1660 and 4K......where can I go to see the list of all the rank name??? Also what's the highest rank........?



    Armada Liked it or Hated it?

    By X-Brawn,

    So now that most of have seen it lets see what the vote is. and here some thoughts but lets not make remarks about what others say that might start a problem :D


    I thought it was good but not the best by far

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