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Wrestlemania XL New Mattel WWE Figure Reveals

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Mattel's Steve Ozer and Bill Miekina revealed new WWE figures on the Ringside Collectibles YouTube channel as part of a WrestleMania XL special

Elite Series 112
- Best Of Bray Wyatt
- Seth Rollins (Bray Wyatt Tribute Gear)
- Xavier Woods
- Becky Lynch
- Becky Lynch Black Chase
- JD Mcdonough
- Tony D’Angelo

Elite Series 113
- Carlito
- Carlito Purple Chase
- Tiffany Stratton (Barbie Gear)

Elite Series 114
- Jey Uso
- Jimmy Uso

Elite Series 115
- Kairi Sane
- The Final Boss (The Rock)
- R-Truth

Top Picks 2025 Wave 2
- Logan Paul

Ultimate Edition Series 23
- LA Knight
- Rey Mysterio (Wrestlemania 39)
- Dominik Mysterio (Wrestlemania 39)

Ultimate Edition 24
- Bray Wyatt (Pitch Black Match)

Ultimate Edition 25
- Damian Priest (Skeletor Entrance Gear)
- The Great Muta

Ultimate Edition Target Exclusive
- American Dream Dusty Rhodes

Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Defining Moments
- Kane (Inferno Match with flaming arm)
- LA Knight (SummerSlam Battle Royal)
- Rob Van Damn (WCW Era)
- 4th Figure To Be Revealed On Sunday

Wrestlemania-Reveals 2.jpg

Wrestlemania-Reveals 3.jpg

Wrestlemania-Reveals 4.jpg

Wrestlemania-Reveals 5.jpg

Wrestlemania-Reveals 6.jpg

Wrestlemania-Reveals 7.jpg

Wrestlemania-Reveals 8.jpg

Wrestlemania-Reveals 9.jpg

Wrestlemania-Reveals 10.jpg

Wrestlemania-Reveals 11.jpg

Wrestlemania-Reveals 12.jpg

Wrestlemania-Reveals 13.jpg

Wrestlemania-Reveals 14.jpg

Wrestlemania-Reveals 15.jpg

Wrestlemania-Reveals 16.jpg

Wrestlemania-Reveals 17.jpg

Wrestlemania-Reveals 18.jpg

Wrestlemania-Reveals 19.jpg

Wrestlemania-Reveals 20.jpg

Wrestlemania-Reveals 21.jpg

Wrestlemania-Reveals 22.jpg

Wrestlemania-Reveals 23.jpg

Wrestlemania-Reveals 24.jpg

Wrestlemania-Reveals 25.jpg


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WrestleMania XL is over but a new era of WWE has begun and below is a look at all the figures Mattel's Steve Ozer and Bill Miekina had on display during the event shown via the folks at Ringside Collectibles.



Highlights include:

2024 WWE SumerSlam Elite Collection - Made In The USA Lex Luger fresh off the Lex Express in 1993, X-Pac from 1998, Kane from 2004 and Undertaker from 2015. Collect all four and complete the First Time In The Line Referee John Cone Build-A-Figure.

The Lucha Low Rider Vehicle With Working Hydraulics.

Elite Series 109 - Bayley, Shinsuke Nakamura, Dominik Mysterio, Damian Priest, Cody Rhodes (Suit), Seth Rollins

Elite Series 110 - Rhea Ripley

Elite Series 111 - The Sandman, Trish Stratus (Thank You Trish), Ricochet, Tony D'Angelo, Finn Balor, Cody Rhodes,

Superstars of the 70's Elite 4-pack: Gorilla Monsoon vs Muhammad Ali and Harley Race vs Superstar Billy Graham

Elite Survivor Series - Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Luke And Butch (Doink & Doink) - This set will have BAF

LWO 5-Pack - Rey Mysterio, Santos Escobar, Zelina Vega, Cruz Del Toro, and Joaquin Wilde

Elite Series 2-Packs - Imperium (Gunther and Giovanni), The Headbangers (Mosh and Thrasher), The Dudley Boyz

Target Exclusive Smackdown 4-pack - Stone Cold Steve Austin, Booker T, Eddie Guerrero and Thuganomics John Cena

Ringside Collectibles Exclusive From The Vault - Undertaker, The Dudley Boyz, Kane (Older figures with updates to things like articulation)

Ultimate Edition Coliseum Collection MattelCreation Exclusive - Hart Foundation 2-pack, Million Dollar Man and Ricky the Dragon Steamboat

Ultimate Collection Fan Takeover Votes for 2024 - John Cena and Randy Orton

Ultimate Collection Fan Takeover Votes for 2023 - Clash In The Castle Seth Rollins

Ultimate Collection Ringside Collectibles The Outsiders (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall)

Ultimate Collection Series 21 - Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens and The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes

Ultimate Collection Series 22 - Gunther, John Cena, Jey Uso

Ultimate Collection Greatest Hits - The Rock and Bautista

WWE Best Of Legends - Tugboat, Warlord, Ultimate Warrior, King Booker and IRS

Target WWE Legends Series 22 - The Sultan, Beach Bound Hulk Hogan, Captian Lou Albano and Muhammad Ali (Hitting Shelves now)

Target WWE Legends Series 23 - Legendary Real American Music Video Hulk Hogan, 3-Minute Warning (Rosey and Jamal), Big Bubba Rogers (white shirt standard, blue shirt chase)

Target WWE Legends Series 24 - Jim "the Anvil" Neidhart (Taxi Cab Gear), Hulk Hogan (Wrestlemania 8), Faarooq and Faarooq Post Nation Chase, It's True It's True Kurt Angle

Target Ultimate Legends - Yokozuna, Undetaker, Big Van Vader, Big Van Vader Chase and Dusty Rhodes (with birthmark molded on torso)

Main Event Series (Formerly Basic) - Katana Chance, Kayden Carter, Million Dollar Man (Manager), Roddy Piper, Translucent Can't See Me John Cena Chase, Hulk Hogan, Liv Morgan, TRey Mysterio, Mankind, Rhea Ripley, Kevin Owens, Kane, Imperium, Shayna Bazler, Dom Mysterio, Roman Reigns, Bron Breaker, Steve Austin, Cody Rhodes, Bianca Belair, CM Punk And Chase

Monday Night War - Kurt Henning, Rey Mysterio, The Rock, Teddy Long BAF, Nitro (Kevin Nash), Harlem Heat, Harlem Heat Chase, Big Boss Man,Stone Cold Steve Austin, Diamond Dallas Page, Diamond Dallas Page Chase, Kane (Diesel), Rob Van Dam, HHH, The Disciple BAF, Commissioner Shawn Michaels Turtleneck BAF

Monday Night War Ultimates - WCW Eddie Guerrero, Mandkind with WWE Championship Belt

Mattel WWE Retros - Shawn Michaels, British Bulldog, Isaac Yankem and Alundra Blayze, Ringside Collectibles DX 2-Packs and Brother Love sneak peek

Walmart WWE Superstars - Kurt Angle, Big Boss Man, Tatanka, Kane With Entrance Cape, Razor Ramon and Brutus the Barber Beefcake

WWE x Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Elite Collection Figures - Kofi Kingston as Mikey, Seth Freaking Rollins as Leo, Xavier Woods as Donatello, Rey Mysterio as Rapael, Roman Reigns as Shredder and Cody Rhodes as Casey Jones.

Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Defining Moments - Kane (Inferno Match with flaming arm), LA Knight (SummerSlam Battle Royal), Rob Van Damn (WCW Era) and CM Punk


Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 00.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 2.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 3.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 4.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 5.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 6.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 7.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 8.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 9.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 10.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 11.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 12.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 13.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 14.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 15.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 16.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 17.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 18.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 19.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 20.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 21.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 22.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 23.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 24.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 25.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 26.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 27.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 28.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 29.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 30.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 31.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 32.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 33.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 34.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 35.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 36.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 38.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 39.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 40.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 41.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 42.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 43.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 44.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 45.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 46.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 47.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 48.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 49.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 50.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 51.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 52.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 53.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 54.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 55.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 56.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 57.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 58.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 59.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 60.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 61.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 62.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 63.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 64.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 65.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 66.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 67.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 68.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 69.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 70.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 71.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 72.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 73.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 74.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 76.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 77.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 78.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 79.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 80.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 81.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 82.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 83.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 84.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 85.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 86.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 87.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 88.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 89.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 90.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 91.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 92.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 93.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 94.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 95.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 96.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 97.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 98.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 99.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 100.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 101.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 102.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 103.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 104.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 105.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 106.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 107.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 108.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 109.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 110.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 111.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 112.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 113.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 114.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 115.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 116.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 117.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 118.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 119.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 120.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 121.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 122.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 123.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 124.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 125.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 126.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 127.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 128.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 129.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 130.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 131.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 132.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 133.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 134.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 135.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 136.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 137.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 138.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 139.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 140.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 141.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 142.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 143.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 144.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 145.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 146.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 147.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 148.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 149.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 150.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 151.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 152.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 153.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 154.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 155.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 156.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 157.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 158.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 159.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 160.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 161.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 162.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 163.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 164.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 165.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 166.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 167.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 168.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 169.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 170.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 171.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 172.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 173.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 174.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 175.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 176.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 177.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 178.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 179.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 180.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 181.jpg

Mattel-Wrestlmania-XL-Reveals 182.jpg

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Will we ever see a Texas Tornado action figure again? Does Kevin Von Eric hold the rights to all of the Von Erich family's likenesses? Kerry Von Erich was the NWA World Champion & as the Texas Tornado, the InterContinental Champion in the WWF. He should be made into a figure.

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6 hours ago, rono said:

Will we ever see a Texas Tornado action figure again? Does Kevin Von Eric hold the rights to all of the Von Erich family's likenesses? Kerry Von Erich was the NWA World Champion & as the Texas Tornado, the InterContinental Champion in the WWF. He should be made into a figure.

Powertown Wrestling has the rights to the Von Erichs right now. They made a kerry figure last year and just recently put out a variant to capitalize on the iron claw movie.


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