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2022 SDCC Preview Night NECA Booth Images - Dracula, Gargoyles, TMNT And More


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Shown below are images of the figures NECA had out on display in their booth for the 2022 SDCC Preview Night event. Among other things on display were new figures for Disney Gargoyles , Dracula and TMNT. Check out all the images below.

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 00.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 2.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 3.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 4.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 5.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 6.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 7.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 8.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 9.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 10.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 11.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 12.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 13.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 14.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 15.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 16.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 17.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 18.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 19.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 20.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 21.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 22.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 23.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 24.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 25.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 26.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 27.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 28.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 29.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 30.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 31.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 32.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 33.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 34.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 35.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 36.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 37.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 38.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 39.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 40.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 41.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 42.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 43.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 45.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 46.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 47.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 48.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 49.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 50.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 51.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 52.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 53.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 54.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 55.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 56.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 57.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 58.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 59.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 60.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 61.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 62.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 63.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 64.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 65.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 66.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 67.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 68.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 69.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 70.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 71.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 72.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 73.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 74.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 75.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 76.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 77.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 78.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 79.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 80.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 81.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 82.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 83.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 84.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 85.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 86.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 87.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 88.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 89.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 90.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 91.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 92.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 93.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 94.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 95.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 96.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 97.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 98.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 99.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 100.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 101.jpg

NECA-2022-SDCC-Preview 102.jpg


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Pixel-Dan has posted is annual SDCC NECA booth walkthrough video with Randy Falk where they go over everything on display at the NECA booth.


Check out images from the booth below.

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3 hours ago, Mr_Scary92 said:

Regarding the line of Gargoyles, it seems strange to me that we already have Xanatos, a retinue of cyber gargoyles and Goliath's daughter, but not an Elisa Maza figure yet.

It is strange. NECA teased a silhouette that was pretty clearly Elisa some months back.


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To celebrate the 90th anniversary of Universal Monsters’ acclaimed silver-screen classic, NECA announces an Ultimate action figure of the most famous vampire of them all… Dracula! We worked closely with the estate of Bela Lugosi to capture the actor’s expressive likeness in three different head sculpts, and for additional background detail on important costume elements.

Standing in 7” scale, the Ultimate Dracula (Transylvania) action figure has a soft goods cape and comes in premium anniversary packaging with plenty of accessories: 3 interchangeable heads, interchangeable hands, large bat, wine bottle, goblets, candlestick and serving plate.

Estimated shipping November 2022











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Based on the Dinsey Dinosaurs series, today at SDCC NECA showed off a new license and figures based on that show. The two figures shown are of Earl and Baby.


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Predator 2, the action-packed sequel to the original movie, moved the hunt to Los Angeles and revealed a Lost Tribe of alien hunters! NECA brings more of the Lost Tribe to Ultimate form with Snake Predator, a deadly assassin from the Serpent Clan specializing in close combat.

The 7" scale Ultimate Snake Predator action figure features over 30 points of articulation, and comes with masked head, unmasked head, throwing discs, skull and spine, extended and collapsed spears, and his trademark weapons, two double-bladed hand scythes. The Ultimate Snake Predator comes in special 30th Anniversary Ultimate-style packaging with foil accents. You can pre-order this from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com.











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Predator 2, the action-packed sequel to the original movie, moved the hunt to Los Angeles and revealed a Lost Tribe of alien hunters! Their leader? The fearsome Elder Predator, also known as Greyback, gifts his flintlock pistol to Detective Harrigan as a sign of respect at the end of the movie.

This venerable veteran gets the Ultimate treatment, with a new LED light-up masked head, unmasked head, over 30 points of articulation, extendable wrist blades, skull necklaces, backpack, flintlock pistol, and sword accessories.


Comes in special 30th Anniversary Ultimate-style packaging with foil accents. You can pre-order this figure from our sponsors BigBadToyStore.com and Entertainment Earth.










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2 hours ago, JayC said:

Based on the Dinsey Dinosaurs series, today at SDCC NECA showed off a new license and figures based on that show. The two figures shown are of Earl and Baby.


I'd love to see them take this all the way. Make Baby Sinclair the size of a large 7" figure and make Earl around 15" tall.

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Shown below via Darth.Primus are some new images from the NECA 2022 SDCC both showing their upcoming Rob Zombie The Munsters Zombo 8" Clothed Figure along with their Dracula 90th Anniversary Ultimate Figure, The Thing Movie Dog Thing and several Gargoyles figures including Xanatos and Xanatos Armored.

2022-SDCC-NECA 0.jpg

2022-SDCC-NECA 3.jpg

2022-SDCC-NECA 4.jpg

2022-SDCC-NECA 5.jpg

2022-SDCC-NECA 6.jpg

2022-SDCC-NECA 7.jpg

2022-SDCC-NECA 8.jpg

2022-SDCC-NECA 9.jpg

2022-SDCC-NECA 10.jpg

2022-SDCC-NECA 11.jpg

2022-SDCC-NECA 12.jpg

2022-SDCC-NECA 13.jpg

2022-SDCC-NECA 14.jpg

2022-SDCC-NECA 15.jpg

2022-SDCC-NECA 16.jpg


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I think I still have the original release of these figures back in the 80's and I wouldn't mind grabbing these but these $35 to $40 bucks a figure prices are starting to turn me off...

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Great NECA display this year and it was great to be able to talk to the NECA folks face to face again.  

Couple of take aways and highlights for me:  

1) The sewer playset is something I honestly at one point felt I didn’t want just because I’m uncertain where would I put it but at this point there are so many figures in the line I need the sewer just to display them all.  I’m a little confused about the kitchen playset though—they say that the street scenes can sit on top of the sewer sets—but how does that work with the kitchen set since that is smaller?  

2) as much as I keep saying they are running out of animated TMNT characters to do NECA keeps surprising me.  

3) The comic based TMNT looks awesome and I’m all in (both for Mirage, Archie, and IDW).  The TMNT Universal Monsters on the other hand look great but will be a pass.  

4) Bella Lugosi!!! Nuff said.  All the Universal stuff looks great.  

5) Dinosaurs look great and are tempting but I was never a super fan of the show.  I watched it when it was on but once it went off the air I really never thought about it again and never sought to rewatch it.  But those of you that love the show should love these.  

6) Defenders of the Earth—we need the kids.  They were key characters in the cartoon and never had figures.  We need them.  If not at retail then how about a Con set.  

7) Gargoyles look great but those wings are a serious space issue.  They need better construction and a way to fold in.  Fix this and I’d be all in.  

8 ) Predator—I don’t get how this is still going.  Don’t get me wrong I think they are great and I have a shelf of them but how many Predators do we need?  If they ever do more of the Arnold’s team I’ll be in but I don’t need a 100 Predators.  

9) D&D look great but I think personally I’ll be tempted to get more but probably only get Warduke.  

10) Gremlins look great but my Gremlins shelf is full and I’m just less into Gremlins 2 characters thus I think I’m done.  But still good stuff.  

11) Jaws-looks good but sadly not being able to get Brody means I’m out

12) The Thing, Alf, Robocop, ET all look great and I’ll need to add at least a figure or two from each of these lines

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