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New McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Listings Discovered


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Thanks to overseas etailer Toys Alley, we have new listings for upcoming 7" McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse figures which include the following:

- Gold Label Collection Superman Energized Unchain Armor
- Superman Rebirth
- Hazmat Suit Batman
- Azrael Armor Batman
- DC Gaming Red Hood
- DC Gaming Nightwing

We have previously seen indications of the variant Unchained Armor Superman on Walmart's website previously. Here in the US that one will be a Walmart exclusive.

No images at this time have been released. While we have seen a Modern Azreal Armor Batman figure already released in the line, I am making somewhat of an assumption, or perhaps just being hopeful that this listing of the Azrael Armor Batman is actually the Knightfall version. Since the listing says Azrael and Batman I am not sure what else it would be unless its a re-release of some type for the figure we have already gotten, which is always possible when it comes to McFarlane. It should be noted that none of these figures listed have yet to be officially confirmed by McFarlane Toys. As we have seen in the past however, these overseas listings do generally turn out to be accurate.


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While I'm definitely down for a Knightfall AzBats, what I'm really hoping for in my Bat-tastes have yet to appear much in the McFarlane line, which is updated, or even never produced, movie Bat figures.    

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It's always frustrating seeing the focus on Batman, but I'm glad we're at least getting Rebirth Superman. I've been wanting to get as big of a collection of characters with their Rebirth looks as possible, but that's going very slowly since it's been 80% Batman related. Even then there's plenty of Rebirth versions of Bat-Family characters they haven't done.

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15 hours ago, Mr_Scary92 said:

Ha!, the guy has a multiverse worth of characters at his disposal and yet he keeps focusing only on the same few characters.

I know right? They announced that Dr Fate figure the other day and I was excited only to realize it's an Injustice figure. Can't we even just get a normal one first? 

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8 minutes ago, mako said:

DC only provides the license, which, last I heard, was more or less for the entirety of the DCU.


14 minutes ago, DrLava said:

says who and since when? 

I know that Scott Neitlich said that when Mattel started the DCUC DC decided who was getting made for the first half dozen waves or so. And wanted a Batman and/or Superman in each wave.

And just look at the output of the  DC-owned DC Collectibles/DC Direct the last 5 or so years of its existence. Almost all Batman focused. 


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19 minutes ago, DrLava said:

i dont think anybody considers the arrowverse to be batman

Not sure what you mean, no one was talking about the arrowverse. And dc direct made a whole lot more than just action figures. And it was primarily bat-family focused.


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Every time a conversation about MacFarlane and the DC license starts, it always reminds me of the old cliche of the dive bar that hires a has-been old boxer to lure in customers: "Today Only, Have a Beer With the Champ!"

Only I'm not sure who's the bar, and who's the old boxer. I wonder if they even know?

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25 minutes ago, DrLava said:

you said to look at the output the final 5 years of dc collectibles. so 2016-2020. the most produced figures from the company were arrowverse, not batman. 

I dont know...maybe? As far as action figures....between various animated, video game and artist-specific sub lines, I would still say bat-family characters were the most prominent. But maybe not as disproportionate...like it is when you factor in everything else that DCD put out in the period.

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1 hour ago, DrLava said:

not from 2016-2020. there were many years that batman was a focus for them. then green lantern was a focus, then batman again, then new 52, then arrowverse. and none of this is even alittle relevant.

all you had to reply was that you made up your ridiculous comment about warner bros deciding who mcfarlane makes based solely on your poor knowledge of dc collectibles.

Wrong again. didnt make it up.  But go ahead and think a huge corporation like warners is going to let mcfarlane decide who to make when they wouldn't even let an even bigger company like mattel do it. Or you could just look it up and watch the Neitlich video where he specifically mentions that.

And yeah last 5 years of dcd output...statues,figures,etc was heavily batman centric, disproportionately so. Even when it wasnt specifically a batman-line there was still a character from the batman-family in pretty much every line. To say otherwise, is to be purposely ignorant.

The point of bringing up dcd in the first place( and thus why its relevant) was to point out that DC's own merchandising (and publishing) is and was heavily reliant on batman so it's a forgone conclusion that would carry over to mcfarlane. And was only referringto last couple of years...all your examples..green lantern,new52,etc are way older than that anyway

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12 minutes ago, DrLava said:

heres what you wrote:

"Dc and Warners delegates who gets made not McFarlane"

thats not a fact. the contract is not public and all we have is todd mcfarlane himself telling a fan he has access to every character. so yes, you made it up. you made a statement based on something said by someone who doesnt work for either warner bros or mcfarlane toys. its not a true statement, multiple people here have told you its false. believe your bs if you want, but dont act all dismayed when its called out.

and theyre also not "delegating who gets made". please look up the big words before using them incorrectly

Not publicly disclosed, but, pretty apparent using just a little bit of common sense and deductive logic. Maybe too much to expect from minds that need things explicitly spelled out for them but there it is.

And since you seem so hung up on my original comment...like I mentioned before you're free to check out the neitlich video where he does say that dc delegated who got made at first. That should be easy enough to comprehend but you seem to think delagate is a huge word so I dont know.

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8 minutes ago, DrLava said:

but he doesnt work for mcfarlane? or dc? so hes a disgruntled employee of a company that lost a profitable contract due to incompetence? great source of info lol

It is fact that he worked on the dc line and dealt with DC.  

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3 minutes ago, DrLava said:

well lets look at 2016-2020. so in 2016, 35 batman figures released, 30 figures of the rest of dc. in 2017, 30 batman related figs, 38 of other characters. in 2018, 6 batman related figs released, and 20 figs of other characters. in 2019, 20 batman figs, 6 of others. in 2020, 14 batman related, 14 of everybody else. so in total thats 105 batman related figures, 108 figures released of other characters. 

not seeing anything disproportionately batman centric. 2019 but the previous year was really light with batman so it evened out. like i said, earlier years yes, but not the last 5 years of the companies life. again, knowledge helps. 

Who needs knowledge when you can frantically look up what figure was produced in what year within a 5 year period (weird that youre hung up on those number of years) in order to prove that some random message board person is wrong hahaha thanks for that.

Again, I already posted...its disproportionate (another big word sorry) when you factor in the statues and other products-alongside action figures. So now youll have to start all over and go back and look up all the statues,figurine sets, etc and add all that to the impressive list of statistics you've already compiled.


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7 minutes ago, DrLava said:

and that would be great if we were discussing mattel. we're not. 

your friend is not involved with mcfarlane toys or warner bros and hasnt been at anytime since the 2 companies got into business. so his predictable blaming of dc for his company losing a lucrative contract has absolutely nothing to do with anything.

and as you and your friend said, its a practice they only did in the beginning. dc stopped telling them who to make after wave 12 according to both of you. so if they stopped doing that in 2010, what logic led you to believe they would restart something they hadnt done in 10 years?

Hes my friend now, what are you 12? All i did was mention his own dealings with dc in making action figures of their characters. Which is relevant to mcfarlanes character choices. Feel free to say whatever you want about him what do I care.

You made a good point about the arrowverse figures earlier on but now you're just coming off as a sad clown. But if you want to keep going that's fine too

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8 minutes ago, DrLava said:

how is it relevant? in any way? its 2021. youre talking about something that you said stopped in 2010. why would they restart a practice that caused failure 10 years later and only do it for action figures? they didnt tell netherrealm who had to be in the injustice games, nrs was free to use any character without input from warner bros. so why would they tell mcfarlane who to make? they dont tell spinmaster who to make. they dont tell dst who to make in their gallery series. they dont tell neca who to make in their conjuring line. so why would they only tell mcfarlane? because they did it for a year 10 years ago? smh, way to use that "deductive logic"

Yeah, its 2021 and dc/warners is probably even more stringent with the license than they were during the toyguru mattel days.

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