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McFarlane Toys Doing DC Multverse 7" Snyder Cut Justice League Movie Figures Which Includes Darkseid?!?


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So the first clear image of the McFarlane Snyder Cut Darkseid figure leaks out. The previous blurry image we saw for the figure def looked to have red eyes for his Omega Beam effect. Wonder being this is seeing release as a deluxe type figure if it will have two headsculpts, or in typical McFarlane fashion 2 different versions of the figure will be released? I've seen no indication that the Snyder Cut Justice League wave will have a BAF, but I did notice with the listings on the Suicide Squad movie figures we've seen, the King Shark figure was getting one of these deluxe versions that was a store exclusive and then a version released as a BAF fr the regular wave. Hopefully the official announcement on these will come maybe as soon as later today.

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Ohhhh yeahhh!!!!!!!! Immediate buy for me!!!! I love my Mattel collection, but I had to do some custome  on almost all of them!!  This is what I want it !!! a proper movie line that’s not over priced!!!! And looks awesome!!!!! So happy man!!!!! Most want for me this year!!! 


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Hmmm, yeah sure they are decent, I have pretty much no interest, although steppenwolf looks so much better then he originally did and I think that's a great thing. I am also a bit stunned at how much that unmasked batman looks nothing like affleck, and is that just the same wonder woman we already got?, I also wonder why they didn't keep the chest plate on darkseid? he's shirtless and the upper torso cut looks really off...anyways.

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Huh... I mean, I'm sure they're just promo pics or previews, but the likeness on all the human faces seems off. 

I really like how the Flash looks though! So much RED!!! 

The one I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures the most is cyborg... because he's the only one from JL I don't have a figure of. But from the looks of it, it'll stay that way because he seems to only have the gun arm and nothing interchangeable, maybe they just didn't have the pieces yet or something. I think it would be something you wanna showcase, but, whatever man, I'm not running the business.


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The quality of these figures is baffling to me. Darkseid and Steppenwolfe figures look great and no complaints there. Where I'm having a hard time is with the likenesses of the JL themselves. We've already seen Wonder Woman and those figures were notorious for being WW's younger kid sister and not  Gal Gadot. It appears it's the same headsculpt, so the fact that none of the others look anything like the actors playing them doesn't surprise me.

Maybe the Flash look OK in this grainly, low res shot with his cowl on. Is that supposed to be Ben Affleck in the unmasked version? They all look like their faces are swollen from where they got the absolute crap kicked out of them 2 weeks ago and the bruises have healed but the swelling is still there or else they're post-plastic surgery gone wrong. That absolutely looks nothing like any of the actors. It's the same effect as the heads from the recent Marvel Avengers videogame, but at least with that we knew they weren't using the exact likeness of the actors on purpose. Either McFarlane employs sculptures that suck at capturing likeness and/or he isn't using face printing tech (I actually don't now if he does or not), or this was done on purpose for God knows what reason or McFarlane did this on the quick and that's the best we could get in the short time between when the movie was announced and now.

Maybe these are earlier shots and not representative of the final product and we'll get kickarse figs when these are released, but given the fact that there are 2 Wonder Woman figures to judge by in his DC line I don't really think that's gonna happen. People need to forum post the crap out of this to anyplace that McFarlane himself frequents like if you backed his Kickstarter Spawn trilogy of figures then go post a user comment about how those figs are looking great (since reviews are hitting now) and then throw in a by the way, what's up with those JL figure likenesses? Is this some kind of early April Fool's prank?

Anyway, that's a really really hard pass for me, and I'll be sure to point this out again if and when the opportunity presents itself. There's no reason why in this day and age that we should have to purchase garbage like this to fulfill a hole in our collections. Like I said the bodies appear fine, so one could always simply replace the heads with 3rd party replacements, but there's no guarantee the skin tones will match plus it always bothers me that part of the figure isn't the original. However, this would be an emergency replacement campaign given McFarlane can't seem to get the job done properly the first time. If you're reading this Todd, this is a huge fail, and you need to step it up a couple notches. There's no excuse for this.

EDIT:  I know what this reminds me of. The new Marvel Legends Black Widow 2pack with the new version of the Russian Captain America all in red (I don't know his frickin' name.....not-Hellboy plays him in the movie). The original figure was made when they had to use promo shots as a guide to sculpt the fig, so it looks kind of like him but not really and now the new version in the 2-pack is a HUGE improvement because the movie got delayed and so they were able to improve the figure 1000% across the board and now it looks exactly like the actor and the costume is so much better. McFarlane doesn't have that excuse. The movie is 5 years old, and yet the new Steppenwolfe and Darkseid figs look fantastic. I suppose that's because those are more up McFarlane's alley design-wise, although the likeness on those appears solid. Monster heads are easier to pull off than human kind of like how aliens and helmeted figs in SW Black Series have generally always looked great going back years and human faces have mostly stunk except now with face printing and better QC all around. 

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These are a must buy for me. Great designs and great sculpting by McFarlane. Yeah the likenesses aren't all spot on but I'm glad Im finally getting DCEU movie figures in a scale I want. My only real gripe is Ud have preferred Vatman in his regular batsuit rather than the tactical suit seen in the later half of the movie. I have a feeling McFarlane will give us that as well as the BvS version of these sell well. And Superman blacksuit is so exciting to see.  I've been waiting for images of these ever since word broke out about McFarlane doing a Snyder Cut Line.  These are must busy.  Even though Mattel. Mafex and Mezco did nice work on these the scale was too small for my collection McFarlanes DC figures have been steadily improving and hes really getting a lot out there albeit Batman centric for the most part.  Thank you McFarlane for hearing the fans on this one. 

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McFarlane Toys DC Justice League Movie The Flash

McFarlane Toys DC Justice League Movie Aquaman

McFarlane Toys DC Justice League Movie Steppenwolf Mega

McFarlane Toys DC Justice League Movie Darkseid Mega

At this time the other regular release figures in the wave which includes Cyborg, Black Costume Superman and Masked Batman don't appear to be listed on the site, but likely will soon. The regular costume Superman and unmasked Batman are going to be some kind of store exclusives, so unless they are going to be exclusive to Amazon I don't expect those to be listed here.


Wonder Woman wears the same outfit that McFarlane already did a figure of for the second Wonder Woman movie, hence why she isn't getting a release here.

































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Amazon at first had them with June 2021 release dates which is what the overseas listings had shown. Now Amazon says January 2022. Dont think thats right but not sure why the change.

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Weird they showed Darkseid with a top on and the figure comes topless. It looks kind of awkward. Im very curious tho to see how the film comes out and how much is actually changed and if anything good actually comes out of it. Im excited that darkseid and some of his crew will be in it at least. Wonder if they will make a Desaad figure. 

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I'm buying the way Todd designed Bat's cape. Looks like cloth but isn't. Depends on how this turn out when it's out in the market on whether I'll get me one. Curious how Cyborg would look with the helmet. I've always wanted a Cyborg figure. Hope the exclusive figures aren't that difficult to access. So far I only pre-ordered armored Darkseid and general release Supes.

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I will definitely get the Batfleck, both versions, like the slobbering Bat collector I am.   Annoyed as I am about the store exclusive unmasked head instead of the Marvel Legends-preferred practice of included head swapping.   It is something I realize I choose to put up with.   It's a choice.   

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