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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


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The only reason I watch this show is because it is in the Marvel Universe.


Reading other people's comments on the show leads me to believe this is the ONLY reason this show has an audience at all. That's not enough to sustain something long-term.


I honestly can't weigh in because I've only seen the first episode but this is one case where the talk may have turned me off to the show before I even give it a chance. Week after week I see, "kinda boring", "Could be better". I'm all for seeing something for myself before I judge but I've got so many other shows to watch and comics to read....the working man just ain't go no time! :) I want to be sure I'm not investing myself into something that's just "meh".

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Last night's episode was pretty cool.


My only gripe is with the cast. I don't have an issue with their age, but a few of the main characters seem so cold and robotic... Colsen is too, but he pulls it off way better with his cynical smiles. The other guys need to lighten up and crack a smile once in a while. FitzSimmons are a bunch of goof balls and you really have to pay attention to understand them through their heavy accents, but I like them.

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Another good episode. I liked the trip into Ward's head-space, but I thought May's reaction (or non-reaction) to the Berserker Staff was a lot more interesting. The Coulson plot thickens, and not everyone from Asgard is a super-model (or even a warrior).


If I do have an issue, it's with the end. I hope this doen't turn into some Ward / May /Skye triangle thing. That seems a little to 90210 for a crack team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

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This is so weird. It's like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has assumed the role of some modern-day Dukes of Hazard (the '80's TV series, not that movie $#!+). Everyone always talks about how horrible the show is, yet week after week everyone still seems to watch.

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This is so weird. It's like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has assumed the role of some modern-day Dukes of Hazard (the '80's TV series, not that movie $#!+). Everyone always talks about how horrible the show is, yet week after week everyone still seems to watch.


I was done a while ago... I am just checking this thread to see if the show has gotten any better...

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I've seen most of the episodes and most of the things I like about shield are totally absent!

So here's a list of complaints (why not, its the internet)


1) No Shield flying cars- I only saw it for a tiny bit in the first episode and never again

2) Way too many shield agents- there seems to be thousands of shield agents all over the place. It just looks like a huge bloated beaurocratic organization.

3) No Hellicarrier- The hellicarier is THE shield base of operations...that's it! None of these other "Hub" or whatever.

4) Shield logos EVERYWHERE- I understand branding, but this is ridiculous! The logo is huge on the side of their vehicles. Whatever happened to SHIELD as a "Secret Spy organization"

5) No recognizable SHIELD characters- We go a cameo by the Sam Jackson fury in one episode, Where are any of the other shield agents from the comics?

6) No Marvel Superheroes- No familiar Marvel Superhero cameos! They have people with superpowers but they won't use a familiar marvel character or have costumes. There most be hundreds of C and D list marvel characters they could throw in just for fun easter eggs and to also build up interest in the show.

7) Piss poor storylines- The longterm story arches are uninspired overused cliche's, the only one everyone is interested in (Coulson's) is barely touched


BUT The Main reason is...

8) NO familiar villains!!- Where is Baron Strucker, Viper, Aim, MODOK or freaking HYDRA??!! Centipede WTF is that??


On a better note, I do like the dick tracy watch cameo and the 3D hologram science thing.


Honestly, It feels like a C list X-Files w/ very poor relation to an overarching plot. They really should take a look at Mission Impossible 60's TV show... even GET Smart was more interesting than this!

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What it IS is a show in the finest tradition of Mission Impossible (the show not that movie crap), Man from Uncle, or I Spy.


Except that SHIELD sucks. I mean, really? not even in the same ballpark. Lazy comparison...glad you didn't bring the real "Avengers" into this, or I'd really lose it.



the moaning has nothing to do with the fact that it isn't a superhero show... and people aren't losing interest because it lacks epic "eye candy".... you are insulting people with good taste.



the show simply isn't a good show. it's boring, has bland characters, STUPID and annoying characters, is poorly written and planned, has a terrible premise and storyline etc..


and it is NOT a spy show.. Disney/Marvel promised a spy show set in the Marvel Universe spun off from the movies where they have already done a pretty good job establishing SHIELD. But the show is nothing like the SHIELD from the movies.


in fact, the show betrays SHIELD in every way... they make SHIELD seem more like an afterschool crime-fighting club... and nothing at all like the world's greatest spy agency.



They need to keep Coulsen and the older Asian Chick and kill off the rest of the team. Ward could have been an okay character, but not in a role where he is kinda the only real Agent on the team and in the starring role. He is more of a background character because he is too one dimensional.


The only reason I watch this show is because it is in the Marvel Universe. That is the only redeeming quality of the show. Without that fact, it wouldn't be able to stand on it's own... so if they were smart, they would take advantage of that and actually start to utilize the wealth of characters and stories available to them.


I gave the show a good 6 episodes and couldn't take any more. I am in total agreement...total agreement with CLAM?! Has the world gone mad?! :) Oh wait...no I wouldn't cry if Coulsen died and was gone for good. Not a fan.

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People have to remember this show is severely handcuffed. They can only do so much because of the spilt with the Marvel movies. I realized that when they can't use the term "mutant". Plus we have no idea who or what will show up in the movies. So that hampers them there.


then I guess there is no merit in doing it if they cant do it right, or anything at all...all part of the big cashgrab, er, I mean plan.

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last night's episode was pretty crappy again. This "centipede" extremis thing isn't interesting at all. I just can't understand what the writers were thinking when they planned these storylines or created the characters. It's just a really simple and boring show. There isn't anything good about it... and there could be sooo much GREAT about it. it's just dumb.


and the big "mysteries" that they have been alluding to all season have completely failed to generate any intrigue. They are finally going to "reveal" what happened to Colsen after he died. I think we all already know.. and at this point, who cares?....


And the "who are Skye's parents?" storyline... ugh. Who the hell cares about who the parents are of the lamest character on the show. This show is sooo bad that they are probably going to say her parents are Agent May and Colsen.




I was excited when I heard they were going to make this show. the Marvel Universe SHIELD stuff is pretty cool and would make for an excellent show. The movie universe stuff is decent enough to carry a show. But THIS is nothing at all like SHIELD, or Marvel. it's a bad mix of Firefly and Smallville. I loved Firefly and I liked Smallville.. but this show sucks

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