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My G.I.Joe 2013 con item reviews


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Hey guys, I'm mirrioring everything i'll review on my site here in this thread, I won't post everything quickly, so your welcome to hit up my joecon2013 tag to get it faster, but I will post everything here.

Mirrored below:


I'm starting off my con reviews with the most pleasant surprise from con. Remember to check back often, and specifically the joecon2013 tag. Steeler was one of the con attendee exclusives this year, meaning even if you got a home front heroes package (ordering the con set by mail) you couldn't buy this guy unless you came to the show (or hit up ebay!)



Cyclops wishes he was this Bad A

Steeler comes with an impressive night force flak cannon. Action Force Expert and WOJM UK correspondent Dave Tree said it was similar to a Z-force edition of the flak cannon.


Steeler was one of the original thirteen (013) ARAH G.I.Joes but his inclusion was surprising as he wasn't previously a member of night force.




He is a fairly plain looking figure, yet that only makes him more aesthetically pleasing. The drab green, black and earth town brown makes him fit in with night force, but the lack of teal helps him fit in with the regular joes as well. While simply, he isn't overly simply, his buttons are painted as is holster which makes him pop more.


The parts including Retaliation Firefly's torso, POC shock trooper arms and POC wave 3 Snake-Eyes Legs with 25th Steeler head. The Holster is a tight fit for him and I'll probably place that and the cool but somewhat dated helmet aside.




There is not really a lot of additional information or pictures necessary, he is what is, and thankfully that is a good update of one of the original and often neglected ARAH Joes.




The flak cannon he comes with is surprisingly nice. It's mostly black with shades of green, both G.I.Joe and the Night Force team logos, a single star, as well as 4 Cobra's that have be slashed out to display his kills/vehicles destroyed.




My only real complaint about the cannon is the green pant here, that appears to be a a scope or camera, is not painted well at the seem of the plastic and it is very noticeable.


Scoring these two together i'd give them an 9 out of 10.


Remember to check back often, I hope to have at least one other review up tonight.

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Chuckles and the con attendee exclusive free vehicle are next up for my continuing series of reviews for Joe con 2013 review items (all will be on the page joecon2013 for easy and grouped viewing.)First up is Chuckles, who is no longer sports a silly bright shirt, and goofy pop eye arms (as he did in the 25th era release.)




Chuckles now comes with a 25 th viper torso, renegade duke arms, upper poc wave 3 legs and lower legs used in various places like DG shipwreck but I am unsure of their first usage. Some of these parts have become nearly uniform with their re-use, and that's okay because it's only near uniform, things are still changed up and colored differently, and we still get unique looking characters, and the fact it helps Hasbro or in this case the club keep costs down only helps us get more of the new and unusual tooling.



I apologize for the washed out look of this pic, please keep in mind I took it in a hotel room the night I received the figure.His shirt his still flowered helping him be easily identified as chuckles but with a much more believable look. The best is a nice tactical touch, and it's good to have the optional hoslter but they two do not work well together. Without the vest his lack of belt is obvious, but it's not that troublesome. some are not a fans of this head, but i feel it's a good head, and it's not necessary to match the old version exactly and I appreciate the consistency. I actually think this will replace the current normal chuckles on my shelf.


I'd score this figure a 9/10


as a transition photo it's worth noting that chuckles comes with a helmet which lead me to connect him with...trans.gif



This vehicle is really hard to get someone to set on and look natural and sense i was in a rush, i just gave up. The legs of the new figures are just to long for them to fit well in a proper sitting position.



The club attendee exclusive freebie has often in the past been small alpha scale vehicles that haven't got me excited. This one is no exception. Its not terrible, and it's an extra thrown in, and matches the night force look of the figures well. It was originally set to come we a blue seat, but thankfully was changed t a muted green. it may have a large red firing missile, but the colors on this thing are great. It reminds me of what Sgt. Stone drove up in the Rise of Cobra movie.

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I feel it's flaws are in the mold, it was designed originally for oler figures, and it has a boxyy look. You can't blame that on the club, they use what they can, and I feel this is the best they could have done with it, so not my score on the product, but on the club's effort here and paint, 10/10


the product itself with the sculpt? well





The rocket didn't really need to be red, it could have been glow in the dark, but at least it comes off as a nice standing piece so it's one of the most acceptable missile launchers in the line.







and it even has good detail underneath.


I'd score it right down the middle at 5/10 because of the boxy mold and the seat issues.



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Good stuff so far. Looking forward to your views on the Night Boomer.


Actually I didn't get one. I have no space for vehicles and a pricy newborn so i skipped it, sorry to disappoint :(


Thanks for reading and commenting though guys!

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Iceberg is the club "free" incentive figure for joining the collector's club. Each member of the club, who joined by a certain date this year, (march 15th i believe) will receive a free bagged version in the mail. At the con there was (and i saw was cause they sold out) a carded version available. Many MOC collectors grabbed this version, as well as folks who desired to have one to sell. There were also loose versions available but I did not get one, and will wait for my free loose version later.





I think i should start off by saying, I'm not a club hater, or an apologist. I said great things about Jaye, and i have more great things to say about other figures, but not so much with this guy.


To quickly point out a couple of pros, he is an early figure in the line, he completes a whole in many collections for those who want all of the original ARAH figs in modern form, Hasbro won't make the character (or we wouldn't be getting him) and he comes with some cancelled weapons and gear from the unreleased ROC arctic Duke.


The bad? one fo the most obvious things is the headsculpt is just a real mold of the very dated 80's figure. At one point we were told this head was just a mock-up and would be changed for the final version, it clearly wasn't. I want to be understanding, and think that maybe they just didn't have time, but regardless of whose to blame, i'm reviewing the figure not the people involved in the process of making him, and i feel this was simply unacceptable. It's lack of detail makes him look reminiscent of Odo from DS9 with unnaturally smooth and crease-less ears etc. This figure is also very top heavy. The legs are from 25th spirit and do not match those from the snow serpent torso. The legs weren't good to begin with but when paired with a bulky torso make this guy look like he is going to flop over, and those pants don't look thick enough to provide him with warmth in the arctic.


Score: 1/10


Yes, I bought one, for a friend, but i can only see this appeal of this figure for an MOC completest.


It has occurred to me even while carded i need to take a shot of the back of this package for the filecard. I'll update this, and the Lady Jaye as i can.

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My carded Lady Jaye is SIGNED by HAMA and Bozigian, and soon by Lady J herself! okay, now after that fan boy moment, I know most Joe fans have already seen the figures but I wanted to put a shot of each (these aren't getting taken out of the package) and give a small breakdown of the figures. (please keep in mind the pics are from prior to having LJ signed.)





<br data-mce-bogus="1">


When the voice actor Mary McDonald Lewis was announced for con many correctly guessed we would get a figure of LJ for her to sign, I'm glad they were right. Unfortunately as of this writing they have sold out and I was limited one, and no bagged versions were available !


Even without taking her out of the card I can tell you that it's not exactly the concept case figure from last year. The torso here is from the 25th version which differs from the concept case. The legs are baggy in look, and originate from the POC shock trooper, arms appear to be from the 25th 2nd two pack Lady Jaye.


It's worth noting her that the head is new, doesn't have a removable hat but still looks great. Her gold eagle is unpainted, and the card art differs in look by removing the knee pads, showing the emblem painted, and showing tighter pants. Her gray is a very green gray which would almost make her work as a standard LJ but the NF logo on the hat makes it clear she is representing her sub unit here.


I'd rate it 7 out of 10 and if it was at retail I'd buy two.



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Saw-Viper will be the first I review from the main set, so he can be ready to go for the contest, (which closing April 15th!)

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I like the LJ on second look. Hopefully the real version intended makes it out. The concept vault colors look great! :) Iceberg I have a love hate reltionship with. I wanted the character but man he looks bad.


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That NF Steeler is way better than I expected, very cool. Was disappointed in Iceberg as well this year, really pales in comparison to the last couple years' figs (Footloose, Dial-Tone and o-ring Big Lob).

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there is a pic floating around of a different head for iceberg via the club slide, my pic of the club slide was not nearly clear enough to tell, but it looks much better! Savage mentioned being rushed in several areas, at one point after he couldn't get mortal's head chromed, he wanted to get it to glow in the dark, but a lot of the glow in the dark stuff had to be cut to get it there in time. I don't know where the blame lies, the credit card fiasco was easy to assign blame, for some of the registration stuff was as well, but i'm also confident in some of this set stuff hasbro had a hand in screwing with (it's been strongly rumored hasbro was the one that wouldn't let them put camo face paint on hit n run for example)

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I believe I have a pic of the slide, of looks like a clonetrooper head with a mocked up hat. They said they sent that figure(the one from the slide) and a vintage head so they had an idea what to sculpt in China. Their thought was the sculptor in China would use those head as references, not convert the vintage head and call it a day. By the time they saw the product, it was too late for them to change it.

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Freestyle is an excellent codename. I have to start by saying that right off the bat, so many figures have been hindered by terrible names over the years, and in recent years we have seen very few new characters introduced, so i'm very pleased we get a new character, that's female, an immigrant,minority, a new pilot, and she even has a name so cool and Joe esque it feels like a Joe should have already taken it.freestylefilecard.jpg



Today at the history of G.I.Joe panel Larry Hama said, "without moral and ethical cores you don't have characters and without characters you don't have a story." (Larry Hama) I thought the first interesting thing I could do would be to stack this new Joe up against that quote. Freestyle comes from a diverse lower income background that by itself points to a resolute spirit that allowed to attain her spot with the Joes. There seems to be potential hinted at here, that she is serious and don't unwind often and is more guarded individual. Her ethical code might be one of hardwork, and no nonsense. Hama's quote plays out best when looking at a story arc, not a file card, and I think i'd like to see Freestyle get incorporated into future stories to further flesh her out. Her filecad isn't spectacular like SE, or Hit n Run, but there is a spark of potential there.


freestyle1.jpg<br data-mce-bogus="1">


On to the review. She makes use of the ROC covergirl/ 25th v 2 lady Jaye body parts except for 25th wild bills lower legs (which is unfortunate in my opinion) and a Quarrel/Glenda Scarlet head. Her helmets original came with 30th ace(as pictured above) or 25th lift ticket. I've been told her vest is new, but it looks very similar to the canceled comic pack arctic scarlet to me.trans.gif





It even doesn't fit in the chest area properly as this one does. When it was rumored we would see a new female character who was a pilot it was expected she would look similar to the scarlet above, but thankful she looks much more original than that, tossing scarlet's iconic gloves and adding some black and a new skin tone went a long way in making her visually distinct.

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above is leaked artwork that was passed around via the forms. Credit to "Jimbo" whomever is (great job if you happen to ever read this!) Its easy to see she translated well into plastic form.








Her weapons are unnecessarily copper colored, but i have plenty to replace them with, and she is a pilot, she really shouldn't be needing them unless something is very wrong. freestyle3.jpg


<br data-mce-bogus="1">


with the american flag, and NYC on her sleeves she is deeply rooted as a real american hero, but the flag on her helmet gives a callback to her heritage.




<br data-mce-bogus="1">


The two helmets also give a great variety in looks. The club also put a lot of effort into the paint apps, which makes the more military look (which i prefer) also pop to give her a unique, but thankfully non neon or silly look.

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freestyle4.jpg<br data-mce-bogus="1">





It wasn't until doing this review did I realize that her head was actually just the Glenda/Quarrel head, the new skin tone does wonder in hiding the lack of original parts.


freestyle6.jpg<br data-mce-bogus="1">


There is an odd shadow painted above her left glove, I am unsure if this a common error or just on mine.







If you remove the chest gear (which wouldn't be easy) she does have a peg for where ROC covergirl had a name badge inserted. I don't really see a reason to.


The only sculpting weakness i can see is Wild Bill's lower legs, i've never liked that deep grove in them, and without straps that would go in that spot, it only accentuates that further, but given the other strengths, it's easy to overlook.


This, along with Chuckles, and Steeler were the highlights of this years con figures for me. I'm sure a factor was the surprise, but i felt the lack of teal and overall more dark and streamlined military look was the main appeal.


score: 9/10




I'll be out this weekend, but I still have the actual box set to get too! and loads of pictures too!

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I was caught by surprise when I saw the Freestyle character. A female fighter pilot in the real world has not happened until recently and I think most people still believe women are not allowed to fly fighters. I think this was a nice move to reflect changes in the military and also to give the line another strong female character. Hopefully this can garner some attention.


I just wish they would get a naval fighter pilot. The entire line is exclusively Air Force pilots/astronauts when the Navy has many of the most elite in the world. The whole premise of Top Gun was Navy pilots.

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