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TNA Slammiversary Pay-Per-View Results!


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Event: TNA Slammiversary Pay-Per-View

Airdate: Sunday, June 10th, 2012 (Pay-Per-View)

Location: The College Park Center in Arlington, Texas

Results by TNAWrestlingNews.com


TNA Slammiversary Opener:


We open the show with a video package highlighting important moments in TNA’s ten year history, and the culmination at tonight’s show.


No pyro, but we get some crowd shots and the crowd does look pretty impressive. Definitely the best looking crowd TNA’s had since their England shows.


Hulk Hogan’s music hits, and the Hulkster makes his way out to a big pop to start off the show.


Hogan postures and poses in the ring, soaking in the adulation of the crowd. It’s not like we have a bunch of matches to get to or anything.


Hogan has the mic and he welcomes the crowd to Slammiversary. He says tonight is a celebration. It’s ten years of TNA/Impact Wrestling. He says he hopes the crowd is bolted down because the next ten years will be twice as awesome. He tells the crowd he’s been around the block a few times, and this company is shooting to the moon, and as the GM of Impact Wrestling, he loves pushing people’s buttons. He’s going to do it in the first match by going old school. The first match will be Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries, but the button Hogan is going to push, is that the match will be for Aries’ title. Hogan makes his way to the back to another big pop from the crowd.


X Division Championship

Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries


Tenay says that even though Joe exceeds the X Division weight limit, if you think to ‘old school’ like Hogan said, then it makes sense.


The bell rings and we’re ready to go. Aries works his way out of an arm bar and hits Joe with a weak forearm that’s shrugged off. Aries locks in a head lock but it sent into the ropes and he eats a shoulderblock from Joe. Both men circle each other before Aries kicks at Joe’s legs and sneaks in a couple of strikes. Joe responds with a huge slap and some big kicks to the chest of his own. Aries hits a big open hand chop to Joe’s chest and hits the hurricanrana to send the big man to the outside. Aries goes for the heat seeking missile, but Joe stops him with a stiff forearm. Joe heads into the ring and blasts Aries with a chop in the corner before hitting a big splash, pele kick combo in the corner. Joe chokes Aries with his boot before face washing him and hitting a big kick to the side of the face.


Joe goes for a quick pin for two. Aries tries to come back, but Joe hits a snap slam to take the champ down for another two count. Joe beats on Aries in the corner before sending him across the ring and running into a big boot. Aries comes off the middle rope into an atomic drop and he eats a running boot. Aries comes back with some strikes, but Joe blocks an Irish whip with a big forearm that sends Aries to the outside. Joe teases a dive, but Aries heads into the ring when Joe goes out, and Aries hits the heat seeking missile. Aries sends Joe back into the ring and heads up to the apron, hitting a neckbreaker on the middle rope. Aries goes to the top and hits a missile dropkick, but when he goes for the corner dropkick, he’s caught by Joe, and slammed to the mat for a two count.


Aries hits Joe with a couple of quick strikes and Joe responds with some of his own. Joe fights off a brainbuster and a hurricanrana, countering with a powerbomb. Aries kicks out of a pin attempt, but Joe floats over into a Boston crab, then an STF. Aries won’t tap, so Joe locks in the rings of Saturn, then rolls Aries into a pin for two.


Aries and Joe fight in the corner with Joe hitting some wicked chops and head butts. Joe picks Aries up and seats him on the top turnbuckle. Joe tries for the muscle buster but Aries fights it off. Joe hits a big kick to the shoulder and goes up after Aries. Joe goes to the middle rope, but Aries fights him off. Aries pushes Joe to the mat and hits the 450 splash. Aries goes for the pin, but Joe kicks out at two.


Both men are slow to get to their feet. They trade rights on their knees, then their feet. Aries hits the ropes, but Joe punches him in the face and locks in the rear naked choke. Aries fights toward the ropes, but Joe falls to the mat. Aries rolls into a pin to counter and Joe breaks the hold. Aries avoids a splash in the corner, but eats a big urunage. Joe seats Aries on the top turnbuckle and chops him. Joe tries for the muscle buster, but Aries drops down, goes into a crucifix, and slams Joe back to the mat. Aries blasts Joe with a kick, a roaring elbow and the corner dropkick. Aries hits the brainbuster and pins Joe for the three count.


Winner and STILL TNA X Division Champion: Austin Aries


Aries celebrates with his title while Joe struggles to get to his feet. Aries and Joe stare each other down before Joe offers his fist to Aries. Aries bumps fists with Joe, and both men head to the back.


Hernandez vs. Kid Kash


The bell rings and Kash lays in with right hands and a big kick to the chest. Kash uses his speed, but he eats a huge shoulder block that sends him to the outside. Hernandez teases a dive, but Kash moves. Kash heads up to the apron and he’s brough into the ring the hard way. Hernandez hits a huge beale toss. Kash is able to drop to hold Hernandez into the ring ropes and he blasts him with a couple of kicks to the chest before wrapping his arm around the top rope.


Kash beats on Hernandez in the corner with a couple of nasty chops before hitting a snap mare and locking in an arm bar, the working on an arm breaker. Kash breaks the hold and continues to work on Super Mex with repeated chops and kicks. Hernandez responds with a big chop of his own. Kash hits a stiff forearm, ducks a clothesline, and goes up top for a very sloppy hurricanrana. Kash follows it up with a huge tornado DDT that sends Hernandez to the apron. Hernandez brings himself back into the ring with a huge shoulder block and both men are down.


Hernandez hits a couple of clotheslines and a big splash the sends Kash to the outside. Hernandez launches himself over the top rope and wipes out Kash with a huge plancha. Hernandez rolls Kash back into the ring and tries for the border toss, but Kash fights out and hits a dropkick. Hernandez goes up in the corner but Kash stops him. Hernandez fights Kash off and hits a huge top rope splash for a three count.


Winner: Hernandez


- The #3 top moment in TNA history is AJ Styles defeating Jerry Lynn to become the first ever X Division Champion.


Devon & Garett Bischoff vs. Robbie E & Robbie T


Garrett and Robbie E. kick things off for their teams. Robbie punches and kicks Garrett into the corner, and Garrett responds by turning things right around with some rights of his own, back to back clothesline, and a big slam. Robbie retreats into his own corner and tags out to Terry. Terry comes in and Garrett hits him with a couple of kicks and punches. Terry catches him around the throat, but Bischoff counters and hits a low dropkick, then a clothesline, but he’s tripped and pulled to the outside by Robbie. Robbie pushes Garrett into the apron. Madison Rayne is shown on the ring apron. Terry throws Bischoff into the corner and tags out to Robbie.


Garrett tries to fight back, but Robbie puts him down to the mat for a quick two count before tagging back out to Terry. Terry buries his shoulder in Garrett’s midsection, then picks him up before tagging out to Robbie. Terry plants Garret with a side slam and Robbie comes down with an elbow drop. Devon breaks up the pin attempts. Robbie locks in a rear chin lock, but Bischoff is able to fight up to his feet and out of the hold, planting Robbie with a big face buster.


Devon makes the tag and he comes in takes out both Robbie E. and Terry. Devon takes out Robbie with a Thesz press, then a huge urunage. Devon stalks Terry and hits him with a big splash in the corner and follows it up with a shoulder block. Devon goes for the pin but it’s broken up by Terry. Terry hits the ropes but he’s low bridges by Bischoff. Garrett takes out Terry with a dive to the outside. Devon plants Robbie with a spinebuster and pins him for three.


Winners: Devon and Garrett Bischoff


Following the match, we get some terrible dancing in the middle of the ring before both men pose for the fans.




JB is backstage. He says as someone who’s been there since before the first show, it’s an honor to be at the tenth anniversary here tonight. JB introduces Kaz and Christopher Daniels. Kaz says he’s had some great matches. Being in the first ever Ultimate X match, and steel asylum match, and you always remember your first. Daniels says they’ll continue to tell the truth about AJ Styles and Dixie Carter, and they’ll win tonight, and we have permission to worship them now.


Three Way Match to Determine the #1 Contender for the TNA Championship

Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam


The bell rings and we’re ready to kick things off. Hardy flips a coin, then attacks RVD. Anderson attacks Hardy and eats a running forearm for his troubles. Hardy takes on both men, but Anderson is able to catch him with a low knee. Anderson sends RVD into one corner and tries to whip Hardy into him, but it’s reversed. Hardy splashed both his opponents, then uses Anderson as a springboard to dropkick RVD. Hardy takes Anderson over with a headscissors, but Anderson comes back with a neck breaker for two. Anderson tries for a neckbreaker on RVD, but it’s countered and RVD buries his shoulder in Anderson’s midsection, then catches Hardy with a huge kick.


RVD tries for a monkey flip on Anderson, but it’s blocked, and Anderson gets a two count. Hardy heads to the top, but he’s stopped by Anderson. Anderson heads up after him, but it’s all broken up by RVD. Anderson tosses RVD to the outside and tries again, connecting with a superplex. RVD tries for the frog splash, but both men move and he eats canvas.


RVD tries for a monkey flip on Anderson, but it’s blocked, and Anderson gets a two count. Hardy heads to the top, but he’s stopped by Anderson. Anderson heads up after him, but it’s all broken up by RVD. Anderson tosses RVD to the outside and tries again, connecting with a superplex. RVD tries for the frog splash, but both men move and he eats canvas. Everybody is slow to get up, but they all trade rights on their knees, then up to their feet. Anderson eats a kick from RVD, then RVD rolls up Hardy for two. RVD hits a big single leg dropkick from the top to Hardy for another two count.


RVD hits Anderson with a split legged moonsault for two, but the cover it broken up by Hardy. RVD spin kicks Hardy, then monkey flips Anderson into Hardy. Van Dam picks up Hardy and kicks him in the face. Anderson catches RVD with a boot to the gut. Both Anderson and Hardy have RVD rolled up, but RVD still kicks out.


Anderson hits a standing roll through before sending RVD to the floor and pinning Hardy for two. Hardy sends Anderson into the ropes and he’s pulled to the outside by RVD. Anderson and RVD trade blows and Hardy heads to the top, leaping out on top of both of his opponents.


Hardy sends Anderson into the ring steps before taking himself and RVD back into the ring. Hardy hits the whisper in the wind, but it’s still not enough to end the match. RVD tries for an enzugiri, but Hardy ducks it. Hardy hits the twist of fate, then heads to the top. He hits Anderson with a kick through the ropes, then goes up. Hardy hits the swanton, but Anderson pulls the ref away to break the count. Anderson tosses Hardy to the outside hard.


RVD tries for rolling thunder, but Anderson catches him and plants him with the mic check to put him down for a three count.


Winner and NEW #1 Contender: Mr. Anderson




Crimson is backstage with JB. He says it doesn’t matter who accepted his challenge, he’s been undefeated for over 470 days. He’s been perfect for that long, and no one will ever beat him.


Crimson’s Open Challenge


Crimson makes his way out to the ring, walking cockily the whole way down. Crimson grabs the mic and reiterates that he’s been undefeated for a long time. He says everything is bigger in Texas, he’s looking at the biggest group of losers he’s seen in his life. He came here tonight to fight, and he knows no one in the back wants to fight. He doesn’t care if it’s one of the crappy Mavericks, or the Rangers, even one of the Cowboys if he has to. He’s going to wait until someone accepts the challenge. He waits in the ring. The crowd is chanting for Goldberg. He asks the referee to begin counting. James Storm’s music hits, and it looks like the cowboy has returned.


Crimson vs. James Storm


Storm attacks right away, clotheslining Crimson over the top rope before he can even get his gear off. He blasts Storm with a kick to the chest before suplexing him back into the ring. Storm mounts Crimson and blasts him with punches. Storm beats on Crimson in the corner and hits a big chop, then another. Crimson is able to take Storm out with a chop from behind. He rips his ring jacket off and uses it to choke Storm. Crimson hits a couple of elbows in the corner to the side of the head before running into a big clothesline. Storm hits a running elbow, an inverted atomic drop, and a big code breaker.


Storm hits the superkick and pins Crimson for three, ending the streak.


Winner: James Storm


Storm celebrates after the match, spraying the crowd with beer.




JB is backstage with Austin Aries. Aries says what’s next for him. In less that a years time he’s become the most dominant wrestler here. He passes tests every month. There’s only one AA level talent here. He wants to be the man here. He wants to set the bar, and he wants to be the main event, and he’ll do anything he has to, to get there.


In the Arena:


Dixie Carter makes her way out to the ring to a pretty dead reaction from the crowd. It gets a bit better when she gets to the ring.


Dixie thanks the fans and says this is the largest crowd they’ve ever had in the US. Dixie thanks her parents, the Jarrett’s, and Spike TV. Dixie says they’re proud of their wrestling. She thanks every wrestler who’s ever been in the ring. She asks the roster to come out to join her. The roster make their way out to the stage.


Even the agents and Hogan make their way out as well. Dixie says she’s proud to be associated with them. She says she’s like to introduce the first inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame. We get a video package of Sting, and it looks like the Stinger will be the first man to get the nod to go into the TNA Hall of Fame.


Sting makes his way down to the ring, and he looks a bit emotional. The fans chant ‘Thank you, Sting’. Dixie says that’s the same response he gets everywhere. When TNA was a small struggling company, Sting stepped up. They couldn’t have gotten anyone more special. Every year Sting has come back, and he’s helped them be where they are today. She knows he has an important match tonight, but at Bound for Glory, they’ll have the formal induction ceremony, and she hopes everyone can tune in. Sting says he’s not prepared for this. He thanks Dixie, all the wrestlers standing on the stage, and all the fans. Sting says when he first got here he tried to entertain, and tonight, it’ll be showtime.


TNA Knockouts Championship

Gail Kim © vs. Miss Tessmacher


The bell rings and we get a lock up. Kim takes Brooke to the mat. Brook shoves Kim. Kim rolls up Brooke for two, then hits a big dropkick. Brooke responds with an arm drag. Gail bails to the outside. Brooke tries for a baseball slide, but Gail avoids it and slams Brooke into the apron. Kim brings things back into the ring and slams Brooke face first into the corner. Brooke comes out of the corner with a big clothesline from the middle rope, then a big hurricanrana. Kim hangs her up on the top rope to kill her momentum before choking her with her boot, and hitting her with a couple of forearms. Kim hits a shoulderbreaker, putting Brooke down across her knee.


Kim locks in a submission. Brooke fights out, only to be sent right back down to the mat. Kim locks in a head scissors and wrenches back. Kim breaks the hold and goes for a pin, but only gets two. She blasts Brooke with a big forearm before choking her against the bottom rope. Brooke comes up with a neckbreaker out of nowhere.


Kim and Brooke trade forearms. Brooke hits a couple of clotheslines, and then a big dropkick. Brooke tries for a suplex, but something goes wrong and it doesn’t happen. Kim hits a necktie neckbreaker, and Brooke rolls to the apron. Kim hits a spear that sends Brooke falling to the floor.


Kim heads out and sends Brooke back into the ring. Kim tries for eat defeat, but it’s blocked by Brooke. Kim tries for a suplex, but she’s rolled up by Brooke, and this time it’s for three.


Winner and NEW TNA Knockouts Champion: Miss Tessmacher


Christy Hemme interviews Brooke, who cries and says she never expected this. She says God bless Texas, and gets a huge pop, of course.




JB is backstage, and he’s interrupted by Bully Ray. Ray asks if he knows who he is and where he’s from. He says he’s from God’s country, New York City. He says he’s got Joseph Park right where he wants him, in a wrestling ring. He says there’s no wrestling tonight, it’ll be an all-out assault. He says he’s got the contract Park signed, and basically Ray won’t be responsible because anything goes. As far as Abyss is concerned, maybe he didn’t leave him for dead, but if he shows up tonight, Ray won’t be wrong twice. We get a video package that shows the history leading up to this match, as ridiculous as it may be.


Anything Goes Match

Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park


Park is wearing an Underarmor warm-up tracksuit. Park doesn’t have any music, and he looks nervous as he heads down to the ring.


Park is slow to get into the ring, but when he does, the bell rings. Ray asks for Park to take the first shot. Park takes off his glasses, then takes a shot, but Ray ducks it. Ray talks a bit of trash, asking is Park is serious. Ray slaps Park. Park goes for a couple more shots, but Ray avoids them and slaps Park’s head. Ray puts his hands behind his back. He slaps and spits at Park. Another slap, and another. Ray continues to talk trash through the whole thing. Park avoids a splash, and slaps Ray across the face. Ray attacks and takes Park down to the mat.


Ray stomps at Park before choking him with his boot. Ray kicks at Park’s ribs. Ray heads to the outside and grabs a chair. He goes for a chair shot, but Park moves and Ray connects with the top rope, hitting himself with the chair. Parkl grabs the chair, and Ray begs off. Park allows the crowd to distract him, which allows Ray to get in a cheap shot from behind. Ray blasts Park with a chair shot across the back, and then another. Park bails to the outside and Ray follows. Ray slams Park’s head into the announcer’s table.


Ray hits a series of punches before sending Park beck into the ring and heading to the middle rope. Ray goes for a senton, but Park moves. Park gets up to his feet and psychs himself up. He hits Ray with a series of lefts and rights, beating on him in the corner before shoving him down to the mat. Park turns right around into a big boot to the face that stops his momentum.


Ray heads to the outside and grabs a table and a kendo stick. He brings both back into the ring and sets up the table in the middle of the ring. Ray goes for a kendo stick shot, but Park hits Ray with a low blow, and grabs the stick. Park blasts Ray with a kendo stick shot to the head, and goes for the pin, but he only gets two. Ray crawls into the corner, and Park runs into a back elbow, which sends him to the outside.


Park rolls under the ring, and Abyss rolls out another side after a brief wait. Abyss chokeslams Ray through the table, then heads out and under the ring. Park rolls out the other side and looks over into the carnage in the ring. Park rolls into the ring and pins Ray for a three count.


Winner: Joseph Park




JB is backstage with Bobby Roode, and he asks him about his match with Sting. Roode says tonight everyone wants to celebrate, the ten years of TNA’s existence, and the Hall of Fame, but the only thing they should be celebrating is Roode, because without him there’d be no Impact Wrestling. He’s the longest reigning champion in history for a reason. He also doesn’t care about Sting’s induction. He says the only thing people will remember is when he ends Sting’s career and walks out with his title.


In the Arena:


Hogan comes out and asks everyone to give it up for Joseph Park and Slammiversary. He says he’s got one more surprise for everyone, and he wants everyone to give it up for Christian Cage. Christian makes his way out to the ring. Tenay and Taz don’t seem to treat this like it’s a big deal at all.


Christian has a mic. He asks if people can guess the question he’s been asked the most this week. Will he be appearing at Slammiversary. He tells everyone to drink it in. Who’da thunk it, huh? Christian Cage standing in a TNA ring. He looks around says the last time he was here the ring had a few more corners. He says even though the ring might change, the venues and faces might change, the fans don’t change. The fans have allowed TNA to be in existence for ten years and beyond. He tells everyone to give themselves a round of applause.


Christian says the fans voted for the top ten moments in TNA history and Christian is here to present the #1 moment inTNA history. The #1 moment ends up being Sting’s returns to TNA in 2006.


- This leads us into a video package for Styles and Angle vs. Kazarian and Daniels.


TNA Tag Team Championship Match

Christopher Daniels & Kazarian © vs. AJ Styles & Kurt Angle


Kaz works over AJ with a head lock and roll up, but he’s taken out with a nice dropkick. Kaz bails to the outside. Styles follows. Kaz tries to whip AJ into the barricade, but Styles goes under the barricade, then springboards off the barricade with a big forearm. Styles takes Kaz back into the ring and slams him down before hitting a knee drop and tagging out to Angle. Styles and Kaz hit a double suplex that puts Kaz down for two. Angle blasts Kaz with a big right hand before kicking away at him in the corner.


Daniels is able to tag in and he stops Angle with a big kick to the face. Daniels hits Angle with another forearm, but falls to a back body drop. Styles tags in and he beats on Daniels in the corner before hitting a big backbreaker. Styles teases the Styles clash, but Daniels fights it off and tags out to Kaz. Kaz comes in and works over AJ in the corner, but then runs into a big boot. Styles goes up in the corner, but Daniels distracts him and Styles falls with his leg wrapped in between the ropes. Daniels and Kaz take advantage. Quick tags between Kaz and Daniels allow each of them to get in a couple of shots. Daniels hits a huge stomp, taking Styles to the mat.


A double team moves gets Kaz a two count, but another double team maneuver leads to Angle breaking up the pin. Kaz tries for a suplex, but Styles fights it off. Styles suplexes Kaz over into a neckbreaker. Both men make the tag and Angle comes in as a house of fire, taking it to Daniels with a huge belly to belly suplex, then a German for Kaz and one for Daniels too. Angle hits the Angle slam, but a pin is broken up by Kaz. Angle hits Kaz with a big German, then a second, and when Kaz grabs on to Daniels, Angle German suplexes both. Angle pulls down the straps and locks on the ankle lock on Daniels. It’s broken up by Kaz.


Daniels tries for angel’s wings, but Angle counters. Styles comes in with a springboard forearm. Styles hits a moonsault into a reverse DDT on Kaz and regular DDT on Daniels. A kick from Kaz catches Styles off guard and allows Daniels to hit a DDT. Daniels and Kaz catch Angle, but Styles comes back, planting Kaz with a big facebuster for a two count. AJ takes Kaz into the corner and seats him on the top turnbuckle. Styles goes for a superplex, but Kaz pushes him off into the ref. Angle leaps into the corner for a belly to belly superplex, but he walks into an STO from Daniels. Daniels and Styles trade blows.


Daniels hits Styles with the urunage, but misses the BME and falls victim to a German suplex rom Angle. Styles hits Kaz with the Pele kick. Angle tags in and hits the frog splash, but Daniels pulls the ref out of the ring. Styles hits a springboard shooting star press to the outside, wiping out Daniels. Kaz tries for the fade to black, but Angle counters into the ankle lock, grape-vining the leg. Kaz is forced to tap.


Winners and NEW TNA World Tag Team Champions: Kurt Angle and AJ Styles


TNA Championship Match

Bobby Roode © vs. Sting


We get a video package looking at the two men, and the recent history between these two men that led to this match, and a recap of what happened the last time the two men met in the ring. We also get a look at what varying members of the roster think about this match.


After the Tale of the Tape and the formal introductions, we are finally ready to go!


Roode avoids Sting, heading to the outside to take his time removing his ring gear. He heads back into the ring with his title, and finally hands it over to the ref. Roode heads into the ring, but heads right back out when Sting charges in. Roode heads in, and the bell rings. Roode bails right back to the outside. Roode heads right back in and out of the ring.


Roode heads into the ring and catches Sting heading in, stomping him. Sting comes back, teasing the Scorpion death lock, but Roode rolls to the outside. Sting follows and sends Roode into the barricade. Sting takes Roode around the ring and throws him into the barricade again before sending Roode back into the ring. Sting follows, and Roode begs off. Sting kicks at Roode, hitting him with repeated right hands before hitting a big hip toss out of the corner. Sting tries for the death lock again, but Roode bails to the outside. Roode heads up toward the back, but Sting catches him and stops him in his tracks, sending him into the barricade.


Sting tries to bring Roode back into the ring, but he’s hung up on the top rope by Bobby. Roode stomps away at Sting before choking him on the middle rope. Roode stomps away at Sting, stomping at him before heading to the outside and hitting him with elbows to the chest. Roode slams Sting head first into the turnbuckle before hitting a huge chop to Sting’s chest. Roode hits a snap mare before snapping Sting’s head and neck.


Sting takes Roode into the corner, but he’s caught with a big boot that’s good for a near fall. Roode sends Sting into the ropes and locks in a sleeper hold. Sting’s fading, dropping down to one knee. Sting fights up and out of the hold, locking in a sleeper of his own. Roode back drops Sting to break the hold.


Roode heads to the top, but he’s stopped by Sting and hit with a superplex. Sting locks in the Scorpion death lock. Roode struggles, teasing tapping. Roode is able to reach the ropes to force Sting to break the hold. Roode bails to the outside and Sting follows, sending him into the barricade again. Roode continues to run from the ring and Sting continues to give chase, sending Roode into the guard rail repeatedly. Sting takes Roode back toward the ring. Sting sends Roode into the ring, and Roode bails to the other side, so Sting hits the Stinger splash against the guard rail. Roode climbs on the announce table, so Sting heads up after him and locks in the Scorpion death lock. Roode taps, but they’re outside of the ring.


Back in the ring, Roode has one of Storm’s beer bottles from earlier. Sting grabs one and it’s taken away by the ref. The distraction allows Roode to hit Sting with another and lay him out for a three count.


Winner and STILL TNA World Champion: Bobby Roode


Following the match, Sting sends Roode over the top rope and blasts the ref. Sting takes Roode up the ramp and lays him out with a suplex. He picks up Roode and takes him over, sending him face first into part of the set structure. Sting and Roode fight on top of some speakers, and Sting hits the Scorpion death drop, causing both men to crash down through a table. Sting pops up, and Roode is out. The PPV ends with Sting heading back to the ring while medics attend to Roode.

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This was a very good PPV, I enjoyed it very much. It was quite the sight to see Christian(Cage) actually show-up at the PPV, his appreciation to the fans was a cool gesture, the guy is a class act.

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OK, I fell really stupid, but did I miss something with Christian? I'm just surprised as heck that the mighty WWE would let one of their stars show up at a another companies PPV.


Apparently , it was part of a deal that was made between the two companies when TNA let Flair attend the WWE HOF ceremony (although most people feel that Flair would have shown up anyway).


I have to agree about the PPV as well . Halfway through I was shocked with myself at how much I was into it. IMO, the Samoa Joe/Austin

Aries match stole the show and set the tone for the rest of the night.

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Austin Aries is the best thing about wrestling today imo.


Agreed, this guy is a fantatic talent all around. The fans know this, I just hope TNA does. Aries has all the tools to be one of their biggest 'home-grown' stars.

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