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BBTS Exclusive 7 packs


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Holy CRAP! A Dreadnok 7 pack?!!! That's awesomely insane! I can't believe they've negated my Zanya custom so quickly! :D:(:D The only one I didn't see in the possibly illegally snapped photos is Zandar (unless he's the utterly washed out pic), otherwise there's Road Pig, Gnawhyde and Thrasher.


I'm pretty pumped, myself. I only hope that these are either new molds, or really well frankensteined figures. These characters deserve no less, we've been waiting for them for a long time. #US1#

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Who's the 7th in the Marauders set?? Falcon? If so that was an awesome opportunity to give people another shot at Sarge.....


Yeah it is Falcon, Hasbro loss the copyright to Sarge, so they cant make him anymore

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wow.. these sets are pretty nice. I'll definitely be getting them both.


I like the Noks better because they are all characters we need. And for the most part they are really done very well. The new parts they made for guys like Roadpig and Zandar are cool. And all the new head sculpts rock. Some of the lower body choices are a little disappointing, but I think I might be able to find other parts I already have for some of them. overall I like them plenty.


The "Marauders" don't really feel like the old set at all very much. they simply went with camo on them with some blue highlights. But to me, that is a plus because the Slaughter's Marauders was one of the original RAH teams I didn't like very much. I always thought the blue/green bands were weird on them. But they had awesome vehicles! I like the camo much better. But I would have preferred if they skipped the blue highlights altogether. The Renegades (Mercer, Taurus, and Red Dog) are pretty cool. I don't really like Taurus' legs, but I will swap them and he will be kickass.



one thing I find odd about both sets is that they only used ROC/POC parts for these figures. I don't really think I can see any parts from the 25th line, even though I know 25th parts that would have worked well for some of these figures.


anyhow.. good job on these sets. I'll buy them

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I like the Dreadnoks set, a LOT! And I'm not even a huge Dreadnoks fan. But Zandar, Road PIg, Thrasher, etc. all look really good.


The Marauder's set is probably a pass. I like my vinatage Marauders but when it comes to new figures, buying the same ones over just for the blue highlights and different camo is not a necessity for me. Red Dog, Mercer, and Tarus might have tempted me if they weren't such obvious kit bashers.

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I'm interested to see what all accessories both packs will have. I don't think Zandar has a gun in any of the pics, so there's gotta be some stuff missing. The Marauders set I'll get, mostly because of the Renegades. The 'Noks, oh hell yeah I'm getting them! Now if I could just get my hands on a Zarana I'd be able to have the ultimate Dreadnok group photo. I'm loving the fact that Road Pig's actually using a street sign as his forearm guard/shield thingy.

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Dreadnoks set is awesome! To me Zandar, Roadpig, Zanya, & Gnawgahide are the ones I really want.


Marauders: I just want Taurus, Mercer, and Spirit. Low light I already have and prefer his original grey/black. Barbque meh, Mutt would have been a better choice IMO. Falcon & Red Dog don't have my interest.

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Mercer is now Mercenary?

These have some strange name changes. Taurus is now Bull, and Thrasher is Thunder. Why not use GIJoe Mercer, GIJoe Taurus, and Dreadnok Thrasher to preserve the original names? Still, at least we're getting them.


It doesn't always work that way. Sometimes they can get away with tagging Joe or Cobra (like Autobot or Decepticon) onto the front of a name, but not every time. That being said it is weird they couldn't get just "Thunder" for Thunderblast a year or so ago, but now they can.


That being said, where did you see Thrasher's name change? BBTS still lists him as Thrasher.


*edit - nevermind, I see it's on his figure stand.


I personally can not wait to see these in the final production. I am hoping the preorder goes up today or this week. I am really excited about the Dreadnoks Set. I may have to do some mods to Zanzibar, but I am pretty excited about these.


Yeah, Zanzibar is the oddest to me - he's so completely different than the original, even his eyepatch is on the other eye! I can imagine a rooted top-knot would be way out of budget, but he's different enough, I'm considering making him someone new all together.


Oh and - They're up for preorder now!

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The Dread set is a must have!......Without a Sgt Slaughter (SDCC) to back up the Marauders all may be lost for them, I just looked up one on Ebay. The price is just lil more than a set of Marauder's jeez. At least for now I could snag up a Zarana before her prices skyrocket, man I wished they woulda just included her in the set but who am I to make sense. Other than that both sets look kewwwl.....goot stuff

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The Slaughter's Marauders set needed to include Sgt. Slaughter. If ever there was a time to do right by the fans, this was it. Only 3 of the 7 are previously unreleased characters...no thanks.


The Dreadnoks set is amazing and I will be getting one, definitely.

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You can tell that someone at Hasbro loves G.I. Joe and the fans.


Overall, you really have to say that about Hasbro ever since they started the 25th figures. If you take a step back and look at what we've got in the last 5 or 6 years, Hasbro has done very well by GI Joe.

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PREORDERED! I haven't been this excited about Joes in a long time. It's about time Thrasher and Zandar got new figures! Road Pig looks incredible! ZANYA!!!!!!! I never had the Renegades as a kid and the Joe set is amazing. Like the Marauders color scheme on Low-Light and Falcon. Never thought I'd see the day when Zanzibar got a new fig.


And apparently in the Spring we're getting Lifeline, Airtight, Law/Order, Sci-Fi and Techno-Viper??? All I can say is... YO F'N JOE!!!

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I have to admit I'm torn here. Overall I am disapointed but I appreciate the call back to the classic Joe, and I see several things I do like.


Falcon's removable beret is great and something I've hoped to see in flint for a long time, and gives me hope that come movie time maybe it will happen. I can imagine taking an extra helmet from somewhere so he can switch out for battle.

Roadpig's sign/sheild is a great little dio piece.

Sevederal of the weapons and gear are really detailed.

The new head sculpts are almost all great, especially in the joe pack.

Gnawgahyde is amazing. I never really saw him fitting to the noks or cobra, just a lone guy Recondo could encounter and for that he works perfectly.


The bad:

THE COLORS, oh my the colors. That light blue doesn't look right. Marauders never interested me because of this and I would have hoped they would have toned it down more. Even the Joes that are sculpted well (like falcon) would need some repainting. Why Couldn't Tauraus be Tan instead of yellow etc? Nostalgia glasses make that seem nice but it would be really out of place with the rest of my Joes on the shelves.

The name changes are odd, and laughable. Not a biggie but still noticeable.

As much as I loved the idea of Zanya, she is a kid! remember? Zartan's Teenage/younger 20's daugher, she looks older than her aunt with that headsculpt and her body is too well defined. I think if I find an MU x-23 a more teen like custom could be made.

The noks just haven't aged well. They were bizarre looking in the80's and now they look like mad max rejects. I would have prefered some updating.

No shirt? No buy! I don't see the logical of anyone having no shirt on. Even with Gung-Ho i put a vest of some sort on the guy. It leaves them so exposed.

BBQ may be the ugliest toy i've ever seen in camo.

"Thunder" appears to have a chicken neck that juts his head to far forward.

Roadpig's hair may be a bit too tall, but that is probably a little nitpicky. Again, I would have prefered a little more udpate here.

The price is the big deal here, if i picked this up, most would need some work, maybe only a little and maybe that would produce some great results, but I am not sure it's worth it.

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