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POC Wave 3 Snake Eyes--first impressions


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So.....yet another Snake Eyes, eh?


I like to think this one is different, and truth to tell, this one is very different. Sure, he's all black-got that before. Comes with a sword and a Uzi- got that before too.

But this one has that touted wrist articulation, and little extras like added silencers ( aka suppressors) for his pistol AND Uzi sub-gun. And.....texturally speaking, this figure has more sculpted detail than any Snake Eyes figure........heck, more than 99% of the GIJOE figures that have come out. The wooley-pully sweater is loaded with fabric detail, as are the various straps on the harness/web gear over top.

Its become a cliche'--the phrase " a work of art", but really the artistry and workmanship that's gone into this figure is exceptional.

Look, I AM a Snake Eyes mark......I shamelessly admit it. I'm biased right out of the gate--I love the character just about seven ways to Sunday. Hasbro has taken more steps forward with this character than they have back, and it seems like every time they make a serious depiction of the character they hit a new benchmark.


I tellya, the benchmark is set pretty high now. Tornado Kicks and Ninja Forces notwithstanding here, okay...the serious interpretation of Snake-Eyes always seems to be the "ninja-commando"--and that is this one to a tee.

The other famous cliche' saying is that "this is the last....the only Snake Eyes figure you'll ever need to own".......and in many ways this can be true for a lot of people.

If this is Hasbro's penultimate depiction of the character, then really the only way to top it is possibly by other incarnations or interpretations of the character. I doubt they can leap much further ahead, but there is room to move laterally in creating new figures that are just as nice.

In terms of sculpt, details, articulation, and accessories................phew......I think this figure has it over ALL the others versions we've seen to date.

If it has any flaws, it one that it shares in the same breath with one its biggest attributes: a lot of TINY parts. The suppressors, knives and pistols are going to be easy to lose. If you have the misfortune of a shelf-dive and the figure lands on a smooth floor, well..........the various bits and pieces attached to the figure will easily scatter to the four winds.

The upside of this is that the figure poses so well, that you can find multiple sweet-spots to hit and stay in, that the figure should stay balanced for display.


If you like the character, as I do........this figure will not dissappoint. If you are ambivilant or indifferent to the character, do take the time to look it over and consider it, because again I think it offers alot.

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Okay, you can tell I get excited about a toy because I get long-winded as a writer. @loll@


The thing about this benchmark here has me wondering where do they go from here?

Sure, they are going to keep making Snake Eyes figures, and maybe even some better versions of him, as well as some turds-but I'm wondering how they are going to top this one.


And of course, the answer is right in front of us: maybe they don't need to......at least for a while.

Instead, maybe they can put the TLC into other characters, like Duke, or CC or Storm Shadow or Destro etc.....and work their way down the list over time.

I'm not saying an actual dedicated "definitive class" series of figures, but just salting the lines with figures that are this good.

The new Alley Viper is definitive, I think--with the fixed back pack and gear.

I think the B.A.T.s are as good as we'll ever get, but there's lots of room for others.


Admittedly, Duke is one that desperately needs an upgrade. Jungle Duke from POC1, is nice.......is a GREAT figure......but he's not "Duke". I'm not thinking of an even more deluxe version of the first 25th Duke.......as that outfit is....well, dated.

I AM thinking of a hyper-detailed, current upgrade to what Duke would look like as the First Sergeant of a near-future top secret Specwar team. The POC3 ain't it......I cannot think of any incarnation of Duke that really fits, though maybe the '93 Battle Corps version veers closest in concept.

POC1 Beachhead is a good example..........he's about 75% of the way there--even though he's a different interpretation of the "normal" Beachhead (basically a guy in a balaclava and combat gear)he's ALMOST definitive, in a sense.


Snake Eyes is probably the easiest one to get a "definitive" detailed treatment because............well, he's a black-clad mysterious commando/ninja type.

Fit him with some high-speed gear, the requisite swords and an Uzi and you got it.

Adding the knives and suppressors sweetens it.........BUT........has anyone noticed that we've NEVER gotten a single spike-knuckled trench knife with Snake Eyes??

Its something he supposedly collects and has an affinity for.

Bottom line is you put some pouches and gear on the character and "cool" just seems to fall into place.


Duke needs some .....clever interpretation that still says "Duke" ( and not something like Solid Snake, ahem)but also says modern soldier.

Someone like Destro......needs an even harder re-think. His classic uniform is...........sorry, folks......its gay.

He belongs on a float in a gay pride parade in that get-up.

Just add feather boa and Dr. Mindbender fawning over him (cough).

He's supposed to be a weapons supplier, but he's also a military futurist too...


I dunno what direction to go.......maybe the armoured look in POC4 is the ticket.....not sure until I have the figure in hand.

A business suit is too mundane, because one of the constants has been the (gay) flamboyance of the character's look.

Maybe the Iron Grenadier look is the one to work off of for this?

Storm Shadow........how much more ninja can you go?

Dunno, will have to see.


Firefly....I think POC1 was very close, but they added on some weird stuff to veer the figure off a home-run.

The "predator" helmet and forearm armour aren't really Firefly, and if you swap the back pack for something smaller, add some goggles to the head gear, then you get very close, I think.




But for now, Snake Eyes has hit that benchmark, IMO, and rightly deserves his place on that pedestal.

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ARROW...you mentioned Destro as needing a new definitive version. I used to think the Valor vs. Venom Destro was very underrated and a huge step in the right direction. He almost had a German SS look or an almost European dictator-esque military look to him that I think suits him well. (no pun intended) (lol) I think the fact that his proportions were off was what hurt that figure, but I loved it. If they did a similar look but with a little more webgear, pouches and/or weaponry and gadgets, I think we'd have the perfect Destro on our hands. But I will admit I like the POC versions, where it looks as if he's taking on a more hands-on approach in testing his new weaponry in the field. For example, I absolutely love the new armored version coming up.


And y'know...while were talking about definitive Joes and Cobras, I also feel as if the POC Dusty is at least my personal new definitive version of the character. I would have said the same thing about Snow Job had they not simply used the ROC Snow Viper/Serpent (?) body sculpt for him, although it works very well.


I have to say, I'll echo alot of what ARROW is saying in that although I don't have very many of the figures, I've not been this excited about G.I. Joe in a really long time. It really does remind me of the glory days of RAH. I just feel like Hasbro is finally injecting the kind of effort and quality into the brand that they used to in the old days, and it's terribly fun and exciting. I still want to get my hands on Wave 2, along with a couple of the vehicles. I'd really like to have that Snow Wolf (?) vehicle. The Snow Cat was one of my all-time favorite Joe vehicles, and it just seems to fit the season, as silly as that may seem.


My daughter was born in September and I've kinda been busy being a new father, hence my recent absence in posting much here on the boards and from collecting in general lately. G.I. Joe and Star Wars figures have temporarily been replaced by Similac bottles and baby toys. (lol) I'm not complaining mind you. It's been a blast. But yeah...I'm really excited about POC, and I can't wait to get back into collecting hot and heavy.

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I agree with Arrow.. I think this is the best SE we have received in the 25th/ME group of figures... I don't have him yet, but the only thing I don't like from what I have seen is the big grey knee pads... I might switch them out with something else.. but other than that, he is pretty great. I love all the detail too



I also agree that there are plenty of other characters that desperately need to be redone. Most of the first 25th era figures need to be redone. If you put them side by side with the newer figures, they just look cheesy.


we could really use new (all in their original looks, but revamped with more detail and accessories):



Gung Ho


Cobra Commander




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I really do like this Snake Eyes. It's funny, I loved the POC1 version, but I found his gear made him hard to move and pose, so the City Strike version was still my definitive. Now, that is going to change.


Couldn't agree more with you about some of the other looks. While I love the POC1 version of Duke, and use it as my Duke, it really doesn't look anything like a natural progression of the character we all know.


As for Destro, I would like to see a revisiting of his look from SpyTroops. I really liked that look. I would like to see him get the POC treatment with that look as the base figure. But maybe that's just me.

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Oh my gosh...that my friends is a thing of absolute beauty. Snake-Eyes has always been my favorite G.I. Joe character, and in my opinion, this new version is a masterpiece. It is the ultimate Snake-Eyes action figure, and I must have it.

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Y'know...I thought I'd hate those web-gear straps hanging down between Snake-Eyes' legs, but...for some reason it looks really cool. I can't put my finger on why really. Maybe it looks like straps on a warriors robes, or the tunic on a Jedi's outfit. Whatever the reason, this figure just looks amazing to me.


I have to admit to a little pre-Christmas self-indulgence; I ordered two of these on hasbrotoyshop.com last night. Thought I'd take advantage of their free shipping offer. If I didn't get anything else G.I. Joe-related this Christmas season, I wanted to get this Snake-Eyes. I'd love to do a review when I get 'em in the mail, just for my own satisfaction more than anything else.


I guess maybe it's a little selfish or self-serving of me to buy myself something right before Christmas, but...I just had to have it. And I don't think Santa was gonna bring me one, so I took matters into my own hands. (lol)

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ok i got him in my hands and the only complaint i have is the holster it dosent hold the hand gun that uses the silencer. it falls out all the time other then that he is a great fig.



A tiny dab of poster putty and the pistol will hold fast.

And don't worry, you can remove the gun and peel off the putty with ease.

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Why's it always the last SE is the best SE? It's like they want you to buy 50 of them before finally giving you a good one, lol.


I suppose............maybe they learn from their past mistakes? guitar.gif



Maybe, but then they fudge it all up again on the next "first" SE for the next line, lol.

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