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WWE Monday Night RAW Results! (05/03)!


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Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, May 3rd, 2010 (USA Network)

Location: The Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Fla.

Results by 411 Mania


“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”


Recap of last week's triple threat match between Batista, Sheamus and Randy Orton to determine the #1 Contender to John Cena's WWE Championship. Edge cost Orton the match and Batista won the match.


Nickelback plays us in. Pyro, etc. We're in Jacksonville, Florida. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler are your vintage hosts.


Batista comes down to the ring. He has a mic and the spotlight. Batista is the #1 Contender...again. He should be the WWE Champ...again. He asks if any of us know what a Last Man Standing Match is. He'll explain it real slow for us; you have to beat your beat your opponent so brutally and so decisively that they can't stand. Cena did not do that, since he used duct tape. Hmm...fair point. Big Cena chants. Batista calls it by far the most embarrassing moment of John Cena's career. He apologizes and says it was the most embarrassing moment of his life. He says duct tape, really, duct tape. We have a Beat the Clock challenge to see who picks the stipulation. Batista has no problem because his opponent is The Miz.


Sheamus makes his way to the ring. Sheamus says Batista lost, but he won at Extreme Rules. He took Triple HAITCH out. He says since he took on "the son in law" he doesn't have a title match. Or maybe Cena's afraid. He wants to face Batista for the right to face Cena at Over the Limit. Batista says Sheamus had his chance and he blew it. They both talk about how they lost on technicalities. Batista wants Sheamus out of his ring. Sheamus says it isn't over and it will continue sooner than Batista thinks. Up next is Batista vs. The Miz.


The Miz is out with a mic and his United States Championship. He says that there's nothing he'd like more than to fight Batista right now, but the trauma suffered from being hit by The Big Show has left him unable to. He has a Doctor's Note (literally a piece of paper with "Docter's Note" on it) to excuse himself and brings out Daniel Bryan in his place. He tells Bryan to embarrass himself, but Bryan says he will make Batista tap out!


Beat the Clock Match: Batista vs. The Miz Daniel Bryan

Kick to the gut Batista Bomb, sunset flip, ANKLE LOCK BY BRYAN! Batista shoves him off and goes outside! He is tentative about coming in, Batista puts him in the corner, shoulders and a foot choke. Corner whip, Bryan leaps up, sleeper hold! Batista snaps him over and hits a kick to the face for 2. Another hard corner whip and another. A third one and he runs into a kick, guillotine choke by Bryan and Batista throws him off for two. He throws him outside, slams him into the ring. CLOTHESLINE sends Bryan 360 degrees but Daniel kicks out. Bryan starts fighting and hits a kick to the face, Batista hits a big boot. Bryan with kicks, brings Batista down, omoplata crossface! He kicks Batista but the Animal throws him off, SPEAR! Batista Bomb! Batista wins in 5:06.

Winner: Batista


Another powerbomb after the match. He's back in, another Batista Bomb.


John Cena's Beat The Clock opponent is Chris Jericho.


Another replay of Edge costing Orton his title match to set up The Cutting Edge.


Eve is posing with the Diva Belt and BRADY is here. Wayne says he loves wrestling and Jillian Hall is here to offer to sing his theme song. Brady dances her out of the room, tactifully. Maryse jacks Eve in the face with his title.


Edge is here talking about Tables, Ladders and Chairs before Josh Matthews asks him if he expects Orton to act. Edge buries the PG Rating by talking about how he is Rated R and it is time for an era of controversy to return to WWE. Sweet.


Ted DiBiase and The Million Dollar Belt are out here. They show his conversation with R-Truth last week. DiBiase says that R-Truth should relish the chance to never worry about money again. What's he going to do after wrestling. He only has one song and it's awful and mocks "What's up?" The fans go with it and he says we would like it. He says he will hire an associate and he will take out the wannabe rapper. MORRISON!


John Morrison vs. Ted DiBiase

DiBiase gets the jump on Johnny and Morrison slips between the legs and hits a leaping heel kick. Running Forearm. He sends him outside and SPRINGBOARD 450 OUTSIDE! "That was awesome!" chants are in and DiBiase takes the count-out. Boo!

Winner: John Morrison, No Rating


Morrison says that is not how he will debut on RAW. He wants DiBiase to forget about the count-out and restart the match right now, but DiBiase declines. Morrison says he will be DiBiase's virgil if DiBiase beats him. DiBiase comes back.


Ted Dibiase vs. John Morrison II

During the break DiBiase hit a front suplex on the ribs. Morrison is trapped in a bodyscissors and escapes a gutwrench, but DiBiase hits a knee to the gut for two. Front suplex on the ropes by Jr. gets two more. He punts Morrison in the gut for two. John's selling is good here. DiBiase hits a punch to the face and takes his time taunting. Morrison ducks a punch and hits a flying enzugiri (not quite a Pele Kick). Morrison hits a few clotheslines and whips DiBiase to the corner, but DiBiase blocks the Chuck Kick and covers for two. He tries for Dream Street but Morrison escapes with an armdrag, powerslam by DiBiase gets two. Morrison throws some more punches, but DiBiase follows him off the ropes and hits a lariat for two. Dream Street but Morrison uses the Bret counter, climbing up the ropes to get the win!

Winner: John Morrison, Rating: **3/4


DiBiase attacks him after the match with right hands and a kick to the gut, but R-Truth is down make the save.


They show a replay of Batista beating Daniel Bryan. Up next is Cena vs. Jericho. Hopefully they get time to work.


We see Chris Jericho on Smackdown! Saying that the show is nothing without him before Big Show takes him out. Cena is out and Jericho isn't ready to fight. He won't use the same stupid excuse that The Miz used, because he's beaten Cena so many times it's pointless to beat him again. But he has found an opponent to face Cena, someone who wants to embarrass him. He brings out Wade Barrett and says that Wade is a future WWE Superstar, and Barrett has the mic and says Cena won't beat him, period.


Beat the Clock Challenge: John Cena vs. Chris JerichoWade Barrett

Lock-up and a headlock takeover by Cena, front facelock and an armdrag for two. Facelock by Cena again and pulls him down for two. Another a headlock by Cena, full nelson into a snapmare for two, goes for the F-U but Jericho gets in the way, and Cena just tosses Barrett into Jericho. Cena throws him in and Jericho distracts Cena and Barrett throws him into the table. He beats him down into the ring and Jericho tells Michael to talk up Wade. Barrett whips him to the ropes and hits a big clothesline for two. Surfboard stretch buys some time, which is a smart strategy in this match. Cena gets to his feet and escapes, but runs into a boot, which gets two for Barrett. Corner whip and a backbreaker gets two for Barrett. He drives a knee into the back of Cena, but Cena pulls him down, STF-U! Barrett taps and Cena gets to pick the stip.

Winner: John Cena, Rating: *3/4


Cena goes to announce the stipulation but Sheamus is out and attacks Cena and hits the pump kick.


Maryse vs. Nikki Bella w/Brie Bella

Dear. Lock-up. Slap by Maryse. Elbows by Bella and an awkward flying mare. Turnbuckle headsmashes. Maryse tries to escape but is trapped by the Twins. Nikki heads up top but Maryse pulls her down, French Kiss, it's over.

Winner: Maryse, Rating: DUD


French promo and Maryse introduces her new photoshoot where she is over Eve. That's great. Eve is out. Wow. WORSE. RUN IN. EVER! That referee is lucky though. This was really pointless.


Alicia and Gail Kim are out of the ring. Zach Ryder is in the ring saying that he is still on RAW, he's single and ready to mingle. He is going to beat Primo Colon again. Wayne Brady changes his opponent to Mark Henry.


Mark Henry vs. Zach Ryder

Henry prevents a double leg takedown. Scoop slam. Scoop slam. Another one. Dropkick to the knee by Zack, and now a missile dropkick for two. Rough Ryder gets two. He be clubbering, but Henry picks him up and then hits a headbutt. Henry hits a clothesline, goes for a powerslam, catches Ryder's fist and hits the World Strongest Slam. Wig splittin' complete.

Winner: Mark Henry, Rating: 1/2*


Henry leaves with the chicks. Sexual Chocolate makes it's return.


Jericho is here with The Miz and they talk about Big Show punching them in. Miz asks Jericho what it's like for people not to hear him talk. Jericho: "Torture." They talk a bunch of crap. Jericho says they carried him for sixteen months. Miz says there's nothing they can do, but Jericho has a strategy, and they are headed out.


Wayne Brady has run into Vladamir Kozlov who is glad he proper competition. Santino Marella shows up as part of the Brady Bunch. Hilarious. He asks why Vlad has a match but not him. William Regal says not to pay attention to him. Wayne says they got here first and he had no choice. LANDO! Santino wins. Everyone splits and Wayne says Regal is from the House of Slytherin. Goldust is there in an Alice suit. This was weird, but funny.


Replays of The Hart Dynasty winning the tag team championships last week. Jericho and the Miz are on commentary.


The Hart Dynasty w/Natalya vs. William Regal & Vladamir Kozlov

Kozlov and Regal get the jobber entrance. Kidd and Regal start and the lights act up. Armdrag and wristlock by Regal. Tyson fights off the heels in the corner but Kozlov pulls him down to the floor. Regal goes to work on the arm and tags out to Kozlov and drives his shoulder into Kidd and keeps beating him down. I can't keep up with the commentary. Kozlov hits a hammerlock fall-away slam. Regal tags in and stomps away at Kidd, but Kidd rolls through a sunset flip and hits a dropkick. Smith tags in and beats everyone down. Smith avoids the Knee Trembler and gets the Sharpshooter for the win. Sorry about that crappy recap.

Winner: The Hart Dynasty, Rating: **


Miz attacks and DH fights him off, but Jericho hits a Codebreaker. THIS is what they brought Jericho over to RAW for? REALLY? Skull Crushing Finale to DH Smith puts an exclamation point on it.


Edge's talk show is up to main event.


Back from commercial and out comes Edge. The ring is setup with a black cover and chairs for The Cutting Edge. Edge says like it or not, the most controversial Superstar in the history of WWE is back on RAW. Edge says people don't deserve an explanation as to why he attacked Randy Orton last week. Edge says he's kidding, he will give them one but it's fun to play with people's emotions. Edge talks about returning at the Royal Rumble and what's happened since, including getting drafted last week. Edge says he was a bit angry about having to star over fresh on a new show. Edge says spearing Orton was something he had to get off his chest. Edge says he was the most talked about star in WWE that night, even though he cost Orton the WWE Title shot. Edge brings out his guest for tonight... Wayne Brady's music hits and out he comes to the ring.


Edge tells Brady to have a seat and says Randy Orton can wait. Brady talks about being a big WWE fan. Brady wants to see what it feels like to walk in Edge's footsteps and be a WWE Superstar. Brady stands up and gets the crowd hype on the mic. Brady cuts a promo and says that any guest host who wants to come on RAW, you're not him. Brady names several celebrities who have hosted RAW before and says this is his house tonight. Randy Orton's music hits and out he comes to the ring.


Orton stares down Edge as he enters the ring. Brady goes to shake Orton's hand but Orton lays him out with a big RKO. Orton stalks Edge around the ring now. Edge says Orton must think he's about to RKO him and that's not going to happen. Edge says last week, Orton was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Edge says he had to make a statement. Edge says the last time Orton was a guest on The Cutting Edge was years ago and asks Orton if he remembers what happens. The crowd starts chanting RKO. Edge reminds Orton when they teamed up as Rated RKO. Edge says it can happen again, but this time bigger and better. Edge says they can pick the bones off Cena and Batista after they destroy each other at Over the Limit. Edge tells Orton that nobody can stop them two.


Orton doesn't say anything. Edge says Orton must be too big of a star now to share the spotlight. Edge says now he's glad he speared Orton last week. Edge says he's done everything - film commercials, give the fans a catchphrase and return from injury but they still won't accept him. Edge says Orton doesn't care about anybody but the fans still support him and chant for him. Edge says he doesn't get it. A RKO chant breaks out. Edge says it's not fair. Edge keeps crying about what's not fair to him. Edge says Orton is going to listen to him. Edge says Orton will join him and if he doesn't, he will spear him every week until Orton is an afterthought on RAW. Edge keeps yelling at Orton, telling him to say something. Orton just stares at Edge. Orton goes for an RKO but Edge counters it. Edge lays Orton out with a big boot and gets ready for a spear. Orton gets up holding his mouth. He turns around to Edge going for a spear. Orton counters it with a RKO and lays Edge out. Orton looks around as the crowd chants for him. Orton's music hits as we go to replays. Officials are checking on Brady and Edge on the mat. RAW goes off the air with Edge trying to get up and Orton staring out at the fans.

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