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Strange find for DCUC toys


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I dont think it has anything to do with being stupid or not having common sense... We get worked up because we are in this hobby... But if I was a minimum wage worker with no ties to toys... Why should I care?...


because your employer is depending on you. because you have integrity. because you are getting paid to do your best.



LOL... The world is not that perfect man...


the world has to be perfect for a worker to do the job expected? Yeesh. I hope your resume never lands on my desk.


So part of their job is to know every single toy in the store?... They actually let you manage people?... LOL... I am pretty high up on the corporate ladder so I doubt I will ever work under you... So no fear of my resume landing on your desk...


wow, so not what I said. Again, they can compare the toy in the clear package to the toy on the packaging. It's not brain surgery.

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I see you cut out the part of my quote that would have helped immensely with answering your question.


If the package has an actual picture of the product and what is clearly visible thru the clear plastic packing does not match, then I'd say the employee isn't do his or her job (unless it's policy to just take whatever). I mean, it takes all of 1 second to look at the figure in the packaging and look at the picture on the packaging.


And the cop-out the swapper can use is on those very same packages:

" Contents may not be exactly as shown".

Really, what can the store do in that situation? A swapper can use his wife and kid to make the return for them...and most return counters would give that combo the benefit of the doubt.


Again, you'd be asking staff to be vigilant on products that are only 1% of 1% of the total numbers of products the store likely carries. That is asking them to keep track of a tiny fraction of all the possible items that can be returned, and yet the numbers of those items to be watched varies all the time.

The loss in dollar value is so little, probably less that $5000 a year, that its not worth the manpower to police, for the return they'd get.


Trust me, this is a lot harder to address than you might think....and it has been discussed here before.




Comparing a Jakks doll to a Mattel doll is like comparing something night and day.


Also, while they may not be exactly the same as on the package, they are pretty damn close. The paint might be slightly off color or messed up. That's what they are talking about.


And again, I said don't bother prosecuting. Just kick them out of the store.

But we are not just talking a Mattel doll and a Jakks doll here.

We are talking about a couple dozen action figure lines sold at these retailers, and EACH line has 20 or so characters per wave, usually 2-4 waves per year and each store is stocking a couple dozen of each of these. And you would expect someone to keep track of all that in addition to thousands of other returnable items at the store?

That is why if the store sees that the package APPEARS intact, with the "contents" present, it doesn't much matter to them if the contents have been swapped, because in their eyes its still considered a saleable item.

That why so many swaps end up back on the shelves.


Kicking them out of the store doesn't solve the problem either. If they do not prosecute the perp, what is to keep same from doing the same crime at another store in the same area? Even then, prosecuting the perp for a item valued under $10.........is it really worth the hassle in most jurisdictions?


1) compare the toy in the clear package to the picture of the toy on the package. takes 2 seconds. not brain surgery.


2) kicking them out of the store EVERY TIME you catch them, solves the problem enough. it sure as hell will teach them to not even bother.


3) again, again, again, don't prosecute. catch them up front. give them back the toy. kick them out.



I really don't get why people don't understand what I'm saying. If you really think it's hard to compare a product to the picture on the box, then I don't know what to tell you. And again (cause I've said it a bunch of times now), don't prosecute. catch them, give them the toy back, kick them out.



ETA: I also don't understand why anyone would be fighting me on this.

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Well I can tell you it cost us alot when we had to send the 18 swap figures back at a cost of $14.99 so lets see 14.99 x 18 that comes to.$269.82 that we had lost from these dumbings.

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I really don't get why people don't understand what I'm saying. If you really think it's hard to compare a product to the picture on the box, then I don't know what to tell you. And again (cause I've said it a bunch of times now), don't prosecute. catch them, give them the toy back, kick them out.


Its so simple it should work, right?

Its so simple that stores should be doing it, and swapping shouldn't be as big a problem as it is, right?


But its not.


And I can tell you its not because all those stores are full of incompetent staff--that would be much like assuming you are incompetent at your job, right?

No, it doesn't work because its not as easy as you think it is, and its NOT just "comparing the toys to the pictures on the back".

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We are not fighting you on wanting to get something done... Its the fact that you think its a simple fix... First of all you give the employees to much credit... You assume they care... You assume they have common sense... You assume they will do the right thing... You assume they are willing to go the extra step questioning customers... There is a thing called "realistic expectations"... You will be surprised how many people out their with jobs that lack common sense... The sad thing is you cant teach it... So if a package is "professionally" resealed... You think they will be able to spot this?... But for the sake of this debate lets say they do... Now you asking the employee to confront a customer and possibly create a scene in front of other customers over a toy... Keep in mind this whole time the customer can say that this is how it was bought... How do you think it will play out?... You are suggesting a ban... Are you serious?... Theft you can catch in the act... This is accusing... As for the loss... There is already an amount set... A case of toys is not going to take it to the next tier... That is why this is considered minor compared to other operational issues... People that does this annoy the hell out of me because I am in this hobby... I would actually call one out if I ever see it happening... But you throwing out simplistic solutions and demanding that it works...

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it doesn't work because management obviously doesn't care. And that's a problem.


anyway, i see the employee getting the manager (which in all likely hood will spook the scammer and cause them to leave). the manager could then ask the guy to please leave and get security if necessary.


if the person claims they bought the toy like that, then call BS (if it's one of the obvious ones; which that's all im expecting them to catch) cause the store (walmart, tru, target) doesn't put opened stuff back out on the shelves (which would have to be another policy change for at least tru, cause they do put that #$## back on the shelves).


When I said simple, I was referring to checking the item against the picture. obviously there'd need to be a change in procedures and attitude.


As for the ban, I said to just tell the person they were banned. Again, no actual enforcement.

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It's not that these employees aren't "on-the-ball", it's that they simply don't care.


Short of catching someone in-the-act of swapping out figures from one box to another, there's nothing they can do about it. The box is already damaged, so it's headed for the super-discount aisle, OR it's being sent back to the manufacturer.


Why waste time on something that can't be fixed? What should they do? Call the police? Send out an "all-points" bulletin for a guy in knee-length cut-off jeans, a Batman t-shirt an earring and a backwards hat??

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