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Transformers Toys You've Never Seen In Person


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List the Transformers toys you've NEVER seen in person before but have always wanted to get.


I'll start :) These are guys I've always wanted but I've never seen them other then in pictures on the internet. I've never even seen them in stores or at conventions or anywhere.


- G1 -

Dinobots Snarl, Swoop, and Sludge. I've had junkers of grimlock and slag at one time, but I've never seen the other 3 in any form ever. I'd love to get a set of all 5 someday.

-Skids and Sunstreaker

-All the G1 cassettes minus Ravage and Eject. I've had those two at one point, but the rest, never see em.

-Deluxe Insecticons (minus Chop Shop, my cousin had one MIB)

-Broadside, Sandstorm, Octane Nor Springer.

-NONE of the computron bots, nor computron, nor combined Defensor for that matter. (though I have seen a few of defensors limbs)

-Scourge, nor Cyclonus

-basically none of the Target Masters (except Quake and needlenose), nor Head Masters (except Scorponok), Nor Pretenders (except bumblebee)

-never seen sixshot

and basically nothing japaneseG1 :P


- Masterpiece Megatron. I've seen all the others at LamerCon in Toronto, but never seen a Masterpiece Megatron before.


I havn't ever seen BW Rhinox, or Scorponok.


And up untill last year I hadn't seen Fortress Maximus, but I did see one at LamerCon missing everything including his head lolSo that was pretty cool. But the rest? nope. Never had a chance to play with any of those, and havn't even seen them in person but I would love to some day.

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hmm there's been alot for me I have never saw before Like.


All the Targetmaster exsept Hot Rod and Kup

Headmasters,Scorponot [ms],Sunstreaker even though a friend got him for me I personly had never seen him in stores. Like I said alot. Here are the only ones I remember seening in stores.


Red Bumblebee I use to have him until I let my bestfriend take him home and his little brother thew him out of the car onto the freeway.

Ratchet,Ironhide,Hoist,Skids,Chopshop, all at the same time. Only Ratchet and Skids I own.

Wreck-gar though I had him in my hand but when I got up to the checkstand I found out I had Rodimus Prime and well I didn't want to put him back because I didn't have the Autobot learder so I kept him.

Fort. Max

Constucons,Terrorcons,Motormaster,Wildrider,Ultra Mangus,Glavatron,Metroplex,Shraplen,Cosmos,Gears but he had a brogen leg in the packit.Repqunus [ms], Double header I think that was the other Monsterbot's name and the wolf that when with the other two.

Brawn,Outback,Seacons,Bluestreak who was my very first G1 Transformer I ever got for Christmas when Transformers first came out.


That is about all that I can remember from the G1 Transformers that I saw.

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Wow Mike an Nguyen I feel for you guys I own most of what you guys never seen


But I do have some I never had


G1 Fort Max and Omega Supreme I have seen there boxes but not them out of it


99% of all Botcon toys


Thats why I am hoping the ones on my list will eventually be reissued in the Encore line... But from what I been hearing it is very unlikely except for maybe Fort Max... I should have bought BT Mirage when I had the chance... He is now in the 200 dollar range..

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Wow, hard to answer this one.


Most of my experiences with g1 toys were not my own figures. I only got to play with the figures the friends I had owned.


Luckily one of them got most of the first couple of season toys and another got some of the other biggies like Jetfire.

Anything from the original movie on I had never seen or handled in person. Even now, I've only managed to ever acquire a small group of figures from that era. Never seen most of the g2 line or early BW figs.


Like many, the vast majority of convention exclusives will only be pics on the net for me.


A little bit from Armada and the Preds from RID save Megs is really the only areas I mostly skipped on.

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g1-fortress maximus,galvatron,megatron,ratbat,sixshot,scorponok,bludgeon,metroplex,powerglide,thrust,every micromaster except nightflight and flattop(i found and bought them at a thrift store)

g2-starscream,all the gobots, dreadwing,every lazerrod excluding electro,megatron,the autobot cyberjets,the orange constructicons,slag,snarl,sideswipe,jazz

machine wars-I never saw any of those

beastmachines-strika,spystreak,motor cycle drone,primal prime

RID-cryotek,air attack optimus primal,obsidian,scourge

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fort max




liger convoy

that blue & red beast wars optimal optimus or whatever its called...

several of the tapes


all I can think of at the moment

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Yes I think 99% of us can leave the exclusives off this list :S

yeah I guess so but there are collectors that are lucky to get exclusives they must have some horseshoes somewhere
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Before the age of reissue and ebay, I have never seen about 98% of the G1 TF in person.


Back in the 80's, I only owned:

Umagnus, Metroplex, Aerialbots, Technobots, Dirge,First Aid, Streetwise, Sandstorm.


Now, I owned about 30% of the G1 figures with 10% original and 20% reissue.

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Mostly the G1 Japanese series ones:




Black Zarak

Victory Crossformers/Pretenders


Dia Atlus

Star Convoy (even with the reissue)


And I think most of the Beast Wars including Neo, Second, and Machines. I had just gotten back into the hobby around 2001 when Robots in Disguise was released in the U.S. and missed the Beast generation completely.

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I use to sell Transformers back in the 90's so I have seen just about all of the G1 & G2 ones at one point or another. The Japanese and Bot Con ones, I have zero knowledge on, other than a few scattered ones from the Beast wars line. After that I have only bought a few Masterpieces, classics, Movie and altenators. I had Fortress as a kid so I was a lucky otherwise I would have never seen a loose one complete.

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