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TNI Contest: Win A Set Of MOC G.I.Joe Hall Of Heroes Figs


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What G.I. Joe means to me.


I will never forget being 9 years old and watching my favorite cartoon. Opening my first figure (Duke). Pretending to be a member of the Joe squad while playing in the woods behind my house. It never failed that everytime I was about to capture Cobra Commander I was foiled by my mothers call for dinner. Stupid Mac n' Cheese. Anyway, times were so much more fun then. No worries of REAL Wars or Swine flu. And who can forget the best PA's of all time NOW YOU KNOW AND KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE.

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Gi Joe means a lot to my. Seeing particular figires brings back memories of that point in time.


Breaker was my first, along with the RAM and Collectors case. The Child World they came from is gone, but I remember it. I got those on a trip with my mom, when we saw Trail of the Pink Panther.

Grunt is a noteworthy member. He was the only one of the original thirteen I was missing. My father told his mother not to get me any GI Joes, I already had too many. Little did he know of the future.

I remember flying my Viper glider, at my older sisters apartment, the day my younger sister was born.

I remeber getting Snow Job for graduation. Then later getting his Battle Bear and Airborne from my fathers sister that christmas.


On a trip to see my mothers mother, my mom surprised me with mail away Duke. I never knew she ordered it. Funny how no one believes he came with a flag sticker, until the internet.


Later at a christmas on Long Island, I got the massive Headquarters from my mothers mother, which was quite a large and expensive gift from a woman that was handicapped and had to take the bus. Again from that Child World. My mothers brothers gave me a Rattler and a MOBAT. I was ecstatic.


Once, I remember getting a Whirlwind from my fathers brother for my birthday. Later we went up Mount Washington. The only time I've gone.

My older sister gave me 2x CLAWs, a SNAKE and a missile PAC/RAT.


Every trip to Keene, New Hampshire I remember going to Bradlees or the drug store across the way and getting something. One trip, I got the JUMP with Grand Slam. I thought it was awesome, but little did I know what a rarity it was. On another trip, I got Dusty and Lady Jaye. The only one I've ever seen before the 1990's.


Again at christmas on Long Island my mothers brother got me a Snow Cat. Exactly what I asked for! Later that day I saw the VAMP & HAL set at KB in the Nassau mall. The art was kool, but I was denied, as I already had a VAMP.


Once I saw Airtights card, I was stunned. Not only was he from my state, but my town, and collected plastic dinosaurs like me. He became my favorite joe.


On my next birthday, Grandma bought me Dr. Mindbender, Beachhead, Iceberg, Monkeywrench, and a Viper. I got them early and hid them under my bed.


Once I even smuggled a Wolf, Law, and Techno Viper back from a trip to the mall. I was ashamed to let the other eigth graders see. I claimed they were for my nephew, but they were not. Non-collectors just don't get it.


Approaching the seventh series, my father told me to get whatever I wanted, but those going to be the last toys he ever bought me. He thought I was too old to play with toys. I chose Falcon, Shockwave and a Swampmasher. At the time, I was pissed because Shockwave didn't fit in it.


Now the tables have turned, his tune changed when people started coming by to buy my stuff using hundred dollar bills. We jointly built a display table in the basement, and he got me artificial grass for my Cobra Island. Now he gives what he finds at flea markets and tag sales to me.


I've collected Star Wars, Transformers, and Starcom, but never as in depth as my beloved GI Joes.



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Well, G.I.JOE is the same age as me... having all the figures brings back some FOND memories when the came out in the 60's with KUNG FU grip and fuzzed hair and Beards... I was around when the Little G.I.Joe 3 3/4 figures came out i can say that G.I.JOE has made a very lucretive wave of figures over the years and it's still going strong...


That's what G.I.Joe means to me

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GI Joe to me is my childhood. Playing in the backyard with my friends, or lugging as much of my stuff as a could carry in a back pack to their house. As an adult it is my hobby and something that not only keeps me sane, but gives me something to share with my kids. It is my online friends on different Toy sites. Its going to a store and finding a character I had as a kid, redone, looking better then ever. That's what GI Joe is to me, its an excitement I only had as a kid running to the toy aisle.

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It means alot Hasbro, so please stop Shatting on it with your horrible Storys and revamps. Didn't the 25th series prove to you all you need is the original stuff again? and For the love of god if ROC flops at the movies We will all hold you in charge personally responsible.

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Gi joe means standing up for what you belive in and fighting for what is right.gi joe perservers me to do stuff im afraid to do.Stand up.reach for the stars.tell the truth even if it gets you in trouble.Always do what is right.And most important take down cobra.Yo Joe!!!And stop making up storys hasbro we know the real joes

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GI Joe means something very simple for me, it holds a memory of an amazing child hood I had, and growing up with such an awesome toy was one of the highlights of that childhood.


Now as an adult that is almost turning 30, GI Joe always brings a smile to my face as I remember those amazing years gone by.


Thank you GI joe

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What G.I. Joe means to me:


It's the innocence of youth. It's the carefree days of a child playing war.

It's the loss of youth. It's the unattainable desires of a child whose father lost his job.

It's the recapturing of youth. It's the gaining of a childhood you missed out on as a kid.

It's the sharing of youth. It's giving your children the childhood you wished you had.


Even though they were in different branches of the military, I pretended Mutt was my father, because they looked so much dang alike.



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G.I. Joe:


When it was not considered politically incorrect to use the term "terrorist organization" as something that our military would fight. The one line of figures that were small enough and cheap enough that my parents were able to get my brother and me a whole heap of them. I also only have about 1.5 of my original figures left because of bb guns and firecrackers. I love the 80's cartoon, even today I think they're still very fun to watch. G.I. Joe will also always have special place in my heart because it was with the purchase of a sigma 6 snake eyes that I began collecting, not just buying a figure once or twice a year, but actually wanting to collect.

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G.I.Joe is the REAL AMERICAN HERO because it represents what America is all about; staying true to the values of justice in the face of oppression, courage in the face of danger, and unity in the face of diversity. Each member of the Joe team makes their own unique contribution to the effort to protect freedom, with no consideration for race, creed, or gender. In this regard, the 80's incarnation of G.I.Joe was a bit ahead of its time, as it unobtrusively suggested these values to a generation of children who in the process of having fun with one of the most complete and extensive toy collections of all time, learned what it means to be a REAL AMERICAN HERO!

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What does GI Joe mean to me? It means childhood, youth, a time when I didn't have to worry about bills. A time when the world was so huge and I was just a little kid. A time when all I did was paly with my Joes when no one else was around. Making my own adventures. Waking up for my birthday to my mom and my brother showering me with GI Joes. GI Joe will always make me feel like akid again and take me bacl to simpler times.

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What G.I.JOE means to me, well, growing up we never had much, my Mom didnt work, because she was an alcoholic and a drug user, we were on welfare and food stamps, the only G.I.JOEs I got were from my aunt Sherril, which I treasured above all else, you see since my Mother was into all those other things, she was also very abusive, after she would hit me, I would always have my Joes to get me thru it, I had to hide them because she usually threw out my toys when she was mad, (I used to hide them in the heat vent in the floor as most homes in New England had them like that) at that age I thought that since the joes always won, that someday i would also win, my freedom from my mom, My aunt knew this was going on but DCF(department of children and families) where Im from, back then didnt do much, then one day when I was 12 in 1986, my aunt won custody of me, as i accidentally fell 3 stories, and broke both legs arms collar bone and numerous fingers and toes, I spent 4 months in the hospital, but when I got out and was brought home, My Aunt had a G.I.JOE party for me, Still to this dayits my most special childhood memory, but it was just like I imagined as a kid, the Joes set me free , I do try and forget about my mom, but I never forget about my aunt and the Joes she bought for me, and I lived with my aunt until, I joined the Army, at the age of 17, now Im 35 and still collect Joes, but I do it with my 3 boys, and after you read this, if you do consider me for the HoH, dont give them to me, give thenm to someone who never got Joes as a kid, make them feel special, just like my aunt did for me.



For your consideration


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What GI Joe means to me:


Being a kid again. I never missed the cartoon, and I can't tell you how many 'cardboard' bases I constructed over the years. My friends and I would play for hours in my living room having massive battles from the fireplace to the hallway. GI Joe reminds me of a time when I wasn't afraid to take a toy out of the box! I couldn't wait to get home and put a new figure in the ranks and safely stow his filecard in the headquarters secret panel.


GI Joe reminds me of what a great childhood I had. I had more joe figures than any 10 year old should be able to own (and still do!!). It reminds me to be the parent that remembers how much fun it was to walk down the toy isle and hope that mom/dad wouldn't mind if I got 'one little figure'.


I've had more fun collecting the 25th anniversary line than I have had in a long time. The new line has gotten me involved with all the figures and vehicles I have stowed away over the years. GI Joe reminds me why toys are so much fun. I can't tell you how proud I was when I bought my son (he is almost 2) his first pack of Combat Heroes. He calls them yojoes.



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For me G.I.Joe means so many things. Its the culmination of soldier hero in the modern era, complete high tech weapons and sometimes outrageous costumes reminiscent from the superhero days. It's also icon of the 80's, when so many creative ideas for toys, comics, cartoons and movies exploded in american culture. But most importantly its a reminder of our childhood, a source of imagination and inspiration that helped make us all who we are today.

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What GI Joe means to me is a rememberance of the best time of my life: Childhood. Every time I pick up a new Joe figure at the store I'm transported back to that day in 1983 when I picked up my first.


GI Joe also means friendship. The best friends I've ever had were all formed because of those little plastic guys.


But most of all GI Joe for me means something from my childhood that I can share with my own children. And that's the most fun of all.



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Waking up on Christmas Eve morning as a 8 year old and unwrapping the HAL cannon and the Zap figure. Waking up another Christmas morning and unwrapping the WHALE. Unwrapping the Mobile Command Center on my birthday in Junior High. Taking one of the few Alien figures and Effects off the shelves at a Target while in college. Buying the Patriot Grizzly Tank for my son (and one for myself). Looking at the GI Joe Hall of Heroes alongside the originals in my collection... GI Joe defined my childhood, and it allows my childhood to carry on into my adulthood, and now into my kid's childhood. Yo Joe indeed!

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GI Joe isn't just a toy line to me, it's a connection to my past, present and future.


As a child I remember playing GI Joe. Both the toys and the mindset when playing out in the woods. GI Joe represented the good in all of us and Cobra embodied the clear cut bad guys that existed.


It was never enough to just read the file cards and the blueprints. I read the comics, talked to my father about what and how the real equipment worked. I looked up the airplanes at the local library, scoured the encyclopedias for anything military related. But the best times were when I would sit down with my Grandfather and he would share stories about the times in WWII when he would drop off Marine Recon teams onto small pacific islands that never had a real name.


As I grew up, I took the ideas of Duty, Honor and Country with me to military school. I thought about the years spent playing GI Joe in the woods with friends, and the years of playing with the toys late into the night or the battles in the basement that took an entire weekend to battle out against the forces of Cobra.


When I enlisted at the age of 17, I thought about the concepts I learned about as a kid. The teamwork involved, the spirit to conquer challenges, both physical and mental.


As I pushed myself I saw a bit of "Duke" grow in me. Leading the way, setting the standard. I watched as my brothers in arms met the challenges that our Drill Sgt (one that made Slaughter look like a little girl) presented us.


I continued to push myself, both in the military and academically.


I look back at the photos of Christmas's past, and of the excitement of knowing what battles lay ahead of me. The times spent with my Grandfather before his passing, and the pride in my families eyes when I returned as a soldier and not just their son.


Those days are long gone, but the idea of teamwork, duty, honor and country still remain. I carry on the spirit of the warriors before me and that of those still serving.

As an civilian instructor on a military base I work with military students not old enough to have played with the 80's Joes, but they know the song and the faces.


So with that in mind, I still fight for freedom, wherever there's trouble, the spirit of GI Joe is there.


Yo Joe!!

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G I Joe is the epitome of who I was growing up. I remember playing in my backyard with my then paltry collection (compared to what I have today), of figures with the neighborhood kids. We used to build 'bases' out of cardboard boxes for our figures that had turrets, rec rooms, tv rooms, turrets that you pulled out the side, the bottoms would open to reveal the location where we kept the vehicles. It was great times, I have always loved G I Joe.

It is one of the most important things in my existence and fuels the creativity inside of me.

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This is what GI Joe means to me:


I was ten years old and laying in a hospital bed after my second open heart surgery, my Dad came in and asked me how I was, I told him like I always did "I'm great", and I was. I was just happy to be among the living. He then handed me my first GI Joe comic, issue #2, in it the story of Snake Eyes and Kwinn.


It really made an impact, I loved how Snake Eyes and the Joe team never gave up and kept going no matter what. How Snake Eyes always gave of himself, throughout the comic books. How the team lead by Hawk, then Duke continued to protect the American values that we have all grown to love. They never gave up and that was the message I needed as a child laying in that bed fighting and going through what I was.


GI Joe means to me being a real hero, and holding on to those values whether you where born in the good ol' US of A, Canada or abroad. It became a way of life to me, as I became a man, and even though I couldn't join the armed forces because of my heart I learned martial arts and taught weaponless defense classes to do my part, and through all of my troubles, and hardships and my successes, I took those lessons taught in a hospital room by a child's comic with me.


GI Joe now means being able to share the times that I spent in the backyard "saving the world one backyard at a time" with my three boys. Teaching them about truth, justice and the American Way. Because you see Snake Eyes was my Superman, and the Joe team my Justice League, they where just something that I latched onto as a child and seemed real to me if just for that thirty minutes under the tree in the backyard fighting Cobra and saving the day. But we all now know as adults that the message behind the toys is a real message and the dream a real dream. The dream of something bigger than ones self and fighting to keep the world free.


That's what GI Joe means to me!




Joe Fan : formerly Little Dragon

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G.I. Joe means TOYS, to me. Sure, there are tons of different figures out there, and I had a good stash while growing up. However, out of all of them, only Joes were the right size matched with the right articulation and amount of accessories to really be a toy.


With the size of a 3 3/4 G.I. Joe, you've got a huge world open to you. A back yard could be a jungle (depending on how often you mowed the lawn...) and the Christmas tree could be an abstract mountain. The couch is a base, the chairs are cliff sides, the shower is a horrible rainstorm...it doesn't end. Everything is huge and imposing to a G.I. Joe.


They can take it, though. They have grappling hooks, guns, knives, missile launchers, everything. Cobra even has a Viper for any situation, even Rock Vipers with those pencil thin moustaches that allow them to climb so well (or is it the training they go through...?). So anywhere Joe can go, you can be sure that Cobra will have some people waiting.


Above all else, however, is the fact that G.I. Joes are so versatile! What I means above about these being TOYS is that G.I. Joes were the toy I went to when I wanted to make my own story. TMNT figures played out their video games, He-Man kicked the crap out of Skeletor, and Transformers...well, back then they kinda broke and collapsed in a heap. That's my fault. Anyway, G.I. Joes not only fought the forces of Cobra, but they also had so many different figures that you could mix 'n match accessories, assign your own names, and go to town making up your own stuff! Any time I wanted to make my own story, I pulled out the Joes and started working.


So I guess, to me, G.I. Joe is imagination. They were my first shot at making up my own stories before I began to write, so they were there to spark the interest and lead me to create. I still think they can serve the same purpose for any kid, since they still keep up the standard of articulation, accessories, and awesome looking figures. They've gone and come back, and I think they'll continue to come back and be the Real American Hero, or the tiny actors that play in anyone's own movies, time and time again.

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