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Kambei's 1:18 scale Marvel Customs


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Start off with some of my latest offerings:


Marvel Universe Captain Britain Version 1:


I do prefer Captain Britain's original costume, and I was always reasonably happy with the first Captain Britain custom I did. When I completed my Excalibur CB, I decided that I would redo the original. I started casting around for a figure as a base, and saw the MU/FF Daredevil. The dark red would be perfect for the base, and the head would work with just a little bit of modification. I cut the nose down slightly, applied a decal to the forehead and sculpted the hair and mask.It was using the buff shade for the hair that convinced me to repaint my Ka-Zar figure's hair. I used a vermilion shade of red to repaint the figure to make it lighter. The lion on his chest is printed onto t-shirt transfer paper and glued on. I left a small amount of black around the image to reflect how it usually looked in the comics; there was always a variable amount of shadow around it. Personally, I think it works. The Star Sceptre is a Cantina Band instrument cut down with the end off a gun on the end. The Amulet of Right is just a piece of chain with epoxy for the amulet itself.


Okay, I know that Cap is on the voting list for a place in next years line-up of figures, but I don't believe that we will be seeing him for some time.




Version 1 and 2:



Comparison pic of the old and the new:


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I have always had a sneaking liking for this character. He reminds me of a very twisted version of Mt Roarke, and his plots seemed like a cross between The Prisoner and Fantasy Island.


I have been thinking about doing this guy since I used the same recipe to put together a suited figure. Just seemed to be a natural progression.




Head: Star wars Comic Pack Cade Skywalker

Body: Patronus Harry Potter

Coat: OotP Sirius Black

Arcade machines: wayoftherodent.com



To forestall any questions, the arcade machines in teh background are ones I found on the net, printed out and assembled. The direct link is:




They are free. Just click on the machine you want, right click and 'Save picture as'. I printed them out onto a good quality gloss photocard at 75% of scale. That brought them to about 1:18. No instructions, but the are quite easy to assemble. I would recommend printing black onto the back of teh card so any white doesn't show up.

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When I started planning my Arcade figure, I read a few of the comics that he appeared in to get a feel for the character. After reading the Wolverine/Black Cat crossover, I was intrigued by The White Rabbit. I tracked down her few appearances and found myself really liking her. After buying a couple of Invisible Girl SHS figures from ebay, I decided t5o use one as the base. With a little bit of modification, the Harry Potter OotP Sirius Black coat fit very nicely. I sculpted the waistcoat and watch. The figure was still too tall, so I removed the feet and sculpted the boots over the ankles. The tail on the rear of the coat was added at my Father's insistence. He was watching me make the figure and kept badgering me until I added it. I didn't want to use the Sue Storm head because it looks just wrong. I cast about in my parts box and eventually settled on the comic pack Cover Girl head, partly because it looked right, partly because I didn't have to sculpt the hair. I sculpted a couple of ears and inserted them into drilled out holes. I cast a two umbrellas from the one that came with Henry Jones, Sr in the Last Crusade range. The 'razor tipped carrot' that one is 'firing' was sculpted from green stuff.

The White Rabbit has only appeared in Marvel Comics four times as far as I can find: Marvel Team-Up 131, Spectacular Spiderman 185 and 256 and the Wolverine/Black cat crossover where she teamed up with Arcade. She reminds me a little of Harley Quinn. Because of this lack of character development, I found myself re-imagining her character as part of the Captain Britain universe.

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This guy may or may not be coming out soon as part of the MU range, but I have been planning it and working on it on and off for about six months. I finally got around to finishing it. had been wondering how to do the chair, then I found a pic of Chief's Orcale custom while I was browsing through the JCA voting categories. I had thought about it initially, but I thought it might be a bit too small. Just needed a bit of modification and repainting. The head is a JFAK shrunken Bullseye with the target removed, the coat is from Sirius Black and the body is a patronus Harry Potter.









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I was so happy when Hasbro announced they were doing a 25th Quick Kick :-D . I was never a great fan of the character, but I knew that it would be the perfect base to make a Shang Chi custom. Been a fan of Shang Chi since the 1970's. I wanted a figure, but couldn't see Hasbro making one in the new MU/FF range. Had Killuminati at Urban Rev Toys do me a red lab coat without collar or pockets. I cut it down and added gold ribbon, and blue ribbon as a sash and a yin/yang on the back. I pulled the hands off and replaced them with some from a Microman figure. The head I left alone except for adding some very thin green stuff to the back to extend the headband.











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Nightcrawler is my second favourite X-Man, just behind Wolvie. Always liked him. Managed to get some spare SHS Mister Fantastic figures and went to town. I cut off two fingers on easch hand and extended the remaining and teh thumbs, cut off half the foot and extended two toes forward and teh heel behind while still keeping all the articulation on the hands and feet. I always trim down the torso as i feel the figure is just a tad too tall. The head is one I got in a trade with Dark Horse. The ears are sculpted. I managed to hollow out the neck and fit it on the existing peg to keep the movement. The tail is a piece of electrical wire with the end made from epoxy.

I decided to add the priest's dog collar as a nod to his chosen vocation and to break up the rather solid colours.











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I had a spare SHS Captain America knocking around that i bought loose from a toy fair a couple of years back. Kept wondering what to do with him, then the other day the name US Agent came to me during a custom brainstorm session while making Shang Chi. Not much work needed. Made a custom cast of Cap's shield and made the front of Agent's costume with green stuff, added a few pouches from PTE figures and painted him black:







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Don't often see a lot of love for J. Jonah Jameson. I was playing around with this format for figures in a suit to see how well it worked.








Head: 25th Anniversary Duke

Body: OotP Harry Potter

Coat: OotP Sirius Black

Cigar: Toothpick

Daily Bugle: Produced in Microsoft Digital Image Suite

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I had this figure sitting around in a box for a couple of years before I posted it. Don't know why, because I am very happy with it.






Head: Lanard CORPS! Orcas

Body: SHS Human Torch

Wings: Digimon Warp Digivolving Gallantmon: Chaos Mode

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I wanted to add a Rhino custom to my collection. I remembered seeing one that Dark Horse did a while back and decided to go a similar route. Used a MLS Thing with all the ridges covered with filler and a cast of a MLS Hulk's head, Sculpted the horns and the feet:





"Stupid Rhino-man steal Hulks head! HULK SMASH!"





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Green Goblin:


This figure went on teh drawing board as soon as I had an extra SHS Wolverine. The SHS version was almost impossible to get in this country when it came out, and there was no way I was paying the extortionate prices being asked on ebay, plus $25 for postage. I used a Lanard Corps head for the open mouth, and sculpted the eyes, ears, chin and hood over teh top of it. All in all, it felt far more satisfying than just opening a packaged figure.




Figure: SHS Wolverine

Head: Lanard, severely modded.

Glider: Superhero Squad, modded

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  • 7 months later...

Thanks to unknownsoldier13 at JoeCustoms for the inspiration for my Sandman. I saw the one he made and immediately thought of using a Mutt Williams figure, or Mutt's torso on Indiana Jones's legs. Went out looking for a MW, but couldn't find one. Plenty of RPG and Skull Indys, though. Go figure! :roll: Went to Tesco and found a couple of BnB wrestling figures cheap. Took one look at the Deuce figure and decided I had found the base for my Sandman, head included:






I sculpted some weapons over the hands and coated them with actual sand, then just did a repaint of the figure.

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I bought a Finlay BnB figure about this time last year with the express intention of making a Razor Fist custom to go with my Shang Chi. Took the hands off and replaced them with casts from an ROC missile and added plasticard blades. Just had to add some tops to his boots, a Pit Viper head and do a repaint:






One thing I have always wanted to know about Razor Fist (just like Johnny Scissorhands!): How the hell does he go to the toilet? :monocle:

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Okay, I readily admit it. When I saw that Chief over at JoeCustoms had done an armoured Black Knight custom, I sulked. I had a Trigate head and SHS Green Goblin body all ready to do the figure and the parts for the horse.


So I thought long and hard. Do I make something similar, or go down a different route? In the end, I decided to go with the MI13 look. I really enjoyed that run of comics.


I was originally going to just use the Mutt Williams that came with the bike, but I didn't like the way the legs sat on Strider. I went with the legs from a spare SHS Berserker Logan figure I had in the fodder box, and the upper body and jacket from the Mutt figure with the Trigate head. The Ebony Blade and scabbard were from a Prince Caspian figure I got cheap especially for that purpose.


I wish I had taken a shot of the horse before I worked on it. It was bought for £1 from a stall on the market. Cheap vinyl and was a dark red all over. It did not have a mane, just some armour over the head, but I liked the saddle. The wings are from a cheap My Little Pony-style knock off. Bought some 10mm clear acrylic rod and made a mound from filler putty and model railway scenic grass.









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