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Marvel Universe PICK FIVE


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If Havok made #3, I'm betting Polaris is in that #6 or #7 spot, because I'm betting a lot of folks voted for both of them. Maybe Gladiator as well, as he seems a favorite around here.


If 6 and 7 are Gladiator and Polaris that'll be four out of my 5, and I'll be a happy camper. Heck, I'm happy enough already so even one more would just be icing on the cake. Archangel is a cool choice even if I didn't vote for him. Mystique is OK, and I'll probably skip MJ but those folks that want her are more than welcome to her.

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From the way everyone in here was voting I knew Archangel would make the list, but I'm surprised Gladiator didn't make the top five. He was picked among the voters in here almost as much as Archangel.

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I'm a little disappointed. I was hoping for some variety, and not a list of "already shortlisted" characters.


The fact is that the 3 "X" universe characters (Archangel, Havok, Mystique) are pretty much shoe-ins without being on this list. So I feel they are 3 wasted spots. Granted I am happy about Archangel since I voted for him, but with time now I am a little less enthused about him being on the list.


As for the other 2 spots. I am glad MJ made it, she is an example of expanding the line outside of just costumed characters. It gives the "universe" subtitle a little more validity. Winter Soldier is an ok choice since he is being represented in the Invaders box set as Bucky and as the "new" Captain America, why not finish out the James Barnes figs early?


I would also like to put in my two cents for finding out who made the #5-#10 spots.

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If I remember correctly:


Winter Soldier



Mary Jane


I have no problem with the first 3 but I don't see why people want ANOTHER Mystique wearing the same outfit in a smaller scale when we could have gotten a new fig. Mary Jane is the waste of another slot as well.....wow a red head civilian.......I know we all have our favs but I would have rather MJ been a HTS exclusive or something. I will bet my ML Deadpool that she will be the pegwarmer out of whatever wave she comes in.



Who the Hell voted for this?


Archangel: Here you have Walt Simonson's worst idea ever. This is a classic case of someone taking a perfectly good character that they have no idea what to do with and twisting it and perverting it into something they do feel like writing. In this case, the classic Angel, who had one of Marvel's best costume designs as created by Neal Adams, was flushed in favor of this gaudy light blue and pink monstrosity with wings that fired what look like bladed cake knives!


Winter Soldier: I don't hate this guy and given his popularity, it was inevitable that we would get him sooner or later, but there are just sooo many other characters whose only shot at a figure lay in a contest like this that I'd rather see.


Havok: I'd rather have him in his classic costume with the weird but distinctive head ornaments. I think Adams may have esigned this one too but it may have also been Steranko.


Mystique: Okay. I'd like a Mystique, but again, this is a case where we'd probably get her anyway.


Mary Jane: Ugh! What a waste! If they don't make this one some sort of under-produced rare figure, I can see this one easily warming pegs. These figures are almost NINE BUCKS for God's sake! I'm going to waste that dough on a figure of some girl? Kiss it, Hasbro!


Overall, I'm completely under-whelmed by this!

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Yes I'd much rather they doa modern havok and polaris as a female if they( hasbro) feel the need to throw in one ... As stated before my only goals for this line will be to complete team/outfit based sets I'm not going to be buying much till I start seeing some team based action going on here :S



Mysitque & mary jane just feel like BS to me what with the movies... I suppose I "can" see people voting for her but really... not that many! & Winter soldier as batman27 said as if we were not going to get him anyways this year or next :S Seems like he should not have even been on the list... havok & archangel seem frankly like the only honest characters that got voted in

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I think people are forgetting the nature and purpose of a "poll."


Yeah, there are probably a few characters on that 70-person chart that might never get made.


Likewise there are characters that probably "eventually" would get made, but that's about 3/4s of the list (unless you're talking specific outfits).


Of the remainder...why is Hasbro going to devote time and resources to making Bag-Head Spidey and Batroc the Leaper if only (for example) a couple dozen people care enough about them to vote for them?


I know there's this cry of outrage every time Hasbro does one of these polls, but they also don't take into account the behind-the-scenes aspect (ie that Hasbro now has a good gauge of where these characters lie in relation to each other by popularity), nor the fact that it's a freakin' popularity contest to begin with.


Hasbro managed to make most of the top 25 characters from their Star Wars fan poll a couple years back (and continue to crank out the remainder over time)...this will likely be no different.


Anyone saying this was "rigged" needs a cold splash of reality. The Stepford Cuckoos or Batroc were never going to win this poll, unless it was a poll of "pick 5" and there were only 5 choices.

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I don't really understand why people are so upset. This is waht we get w/ democracy what is popular, not what seems logical, that's just part of the system. You also need to remember that 1/18 people could have voted on here that are typically marvel fans (ME! that's right i did it, marvel as comics have been ruined for me for awhile, but i'd still try to get some good figs out of the deal)


The ones i voted for that one and why:


Mary Jane: I wanted a good civilian. I doubt she would have been made otherwise. It seems funny to me that is both the reason many of you wanted others to win (they wouldn't have been made other wise) and why some of you hate this figure. Those wouldn't be made elsewhere stand just as much risk as being pegwarmers. This will probably come in a comic pack or special something if i had my guess, and i'll buy whatever it is packaged w/ just to get her as long as she doesn't look like crap.


Winter Solider: Don't like that they brought bucky back, but he looks like someone who could possibly fit with my joes. I also doubted we would get him otherwise as this character no longer exists (he is cap now)


Mystique: Yeah i thought we would probably get her anyways but aside from Winter Solider i voted all females as they are only going to put so many of those out a year. I could really see a custom Dr. Knox out of her so that's the one i wanted more than the others.


(I also voted for x-23, real sham we didn't get her, and i can't remember the fifth choice for sure but i think it was gwen stacy)


Archangel: I agree with the idea we probably would have gotten him anyways. Not really a fan, i would have prefered an angel version.


Havok: Not a fan but i'm not sure how we quick we would have got him. He isn't very cool imo. Never liked him or his brother cyc.


There is 2 more coming, this may have been a nice gesture from Hasbro because 2 that one were already going to come anyways, or maybe the 2 that were on the list and didn't win were going to come anyways.




Mary Jane:

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One thing interesting about this line is there aren't any army builders.


On that list there was only ONE (the Hellfire Soldier) and wave 3 included the Hand Ninja, but that's it.


Well unless you include Multiple Man and the Stepford Cuckoos :D



If we are going to go with "civilians" like Mary Jane, how about some 'civilian' criminals like a bank robber or street thug or something.

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