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Marvel Universe PICK FIVE


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So it seems that there will be a fan vote for Hasbro's Marvel Universe line (at least that is what it appears to be at this point).


They show a poster featuring 70 different characters. I believe that this is the list that fans will have to vote from.


Now, let's just assume that this list will be your choices. We won't know for sure until the poll goes up. From this list, what would be your 5 votes?


What about off the list?


The list is:


1- Vance Astro

2- White Tiger

3- Tiger Shark

4- Gwen Stacy

5- Peter Bag Spidey

6- Medusa

7- Archangel

8- Mercury

9- Lilandra

10- Gladiator

11- Stepford Cuckoos

12- Multiple Man

13- Lady Bullseye

14- Fantomex

15- Crystal

16- Captain Marvel

17- Starlord

18- Snowbird

19- Havok

20- Mary Jane

21- Constrictor

22- Domino

23- Luke Cage

24- Mystique

25- Aurora

26- Northstar

27- X-23

28- Shaman

29- Hellcat

30- Thunderbird

31- Batroc

32- Beast

33- Iron Man 2020

34- Dazzler

35- Cloak

36- Dagger

37- Hellfire soldier

38- Cannonball

39- Wonder Man

40- Moonstone

41- Hela

42- Hyperion

43- Quasar

44- Red Guardian

45- Polaris

46- Captain Britain

47- Karnak

48- Dormamu

49- Winter Soldier

50- Binary

51- Grim Reaper

52- Magik

53- Firelord

54- Baron Von Strucker

55- The Hood

56- Storm

57- Nighthawk

58- Spot

59- Psylocke

60- Beyonder

61- Drax the Destroyer

62- Phantom Rider

63- Silver Sable

64- Speed Demon

65- Cosmic Spier-Man

66- Madame Hydra

67- Brother Vodoo

68- Vindicator (Heather Hudson)

69- Blizzard

70- Jocasta


Here is the poster 149.jpg

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from the list, my top 5 choices would be:





Drax the Destroyer



(there were some other characters that I really dig, but not in those costumes - Vance Astro (I prefer Marvel boy from New Warriors), Havok, Cannonball, Wonderman, Captain Britai.


Off the list, I would choose (the first 3 because I don't know if they would get made any other way)


Namor - but not in the speedos, we already have a good one from Superhero Showdown


Shatterstar - original gear

Colossus (did we see him already, I don't recall. If so, replace him with Nightcrawler)

Ghost Rider (dan ketch)

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Man that's a long list. If they are going to go with the costumes shown, I have a list of 19 that would be no brainers for me to buy.


So, only 5 huh?.....




1) Galdiator. Just love this character for some reason, and not a change in look all these years.


2) Archangel. A great look, with PROPERLY done wings please!


3) Iron Man 2020. I can't get enough IMs. So many armors to make!!!!


4) Hela. Great look for a character, but I can't see her being made any time soon.


5) Red Guardian. We are getting Cap, so let's give him his Russian counterpart.



Only 5 is a tough choice. It also isn't a very fair list. The bigger names are probably already going to get more votes just from recognition. Also, some on this list are probably givens for being made (Archangel, Havok, Mystique, Beast, etc.)Others need a more update-to-date costume (Wonderman).


Here were my other 14 "automatic" buys:


Vance Astro. Loved Guardians of the Galaxy as a kid.

Tigershark. I always thought he was a great villain, especially his new incarnation in Deadpool.

Gwen Stacy. Spidey's first love! I think she is a given.

Mary Jane. Again, another given in my books.

Havok. Great character and I love the modern costume.

Constrictor. Has come into his own finally thanks to the Initiative.

Batroc. Purple & Orange?? French?? He leaps?? What can I say, I really love this character.

Quasar. Another favourite from my childhood.

Grim Reaper. Probably one of the dumbest costumes, but really great stories over the years.

Firelord. Galactus' redheaded stepchild who done good!

Beyonder. C'mon, Secret Wars? He has to be done in my book.

Nighthawk. Ahh the funky 70s.

Brother Voodoo. Thank you once again 70s.

Cosmic Spiderman. Spidey with the Captain Universe power punching a Tri-Sentinel in Acts of Vengence!!! If you know what I'm talking about then you know why this is an inspired choice.


This line has great potential to rival ML for sheer numbers. Especially since the body types are going to be more reused than in ML.

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From this list I'd most like to see the following:


Wonder Man (in either his first costume or black turtleneck/red jacket combo)




Grim Reaper


It does seem strange that characters like Storm, Beast, Psylocke, Cannonball and most of the X-Universe characters on this list older than 20 years were included at all. One would think they have a much better chance of being made than many of the characters already scheduled for release.


Seriously... Does anyone really expect this line or the companion Wolverine line to go on for a long time without some version of Mystique regardless of how fans vote? If so, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to show you that I just know you'll be dying to buy from me.


Firelord seems such a logical repaint for the lame "Kinda flamed off Johnny Storm" figures in this line and the ML FF wave that it's kind of crazy that it hasn't happened yet.


Strange list.

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I want me a Vance Astro. I'm a big old school Guardians of the Galaxy fan. And Cosmic Spidey is a must as well, but they have to do those atom styled energy things around his hands to make it truly worthwhile. Paper Bag Spidey is fascinating, but I'd have to think about this.


Or Hasbro could just put all out of them out since they're not doing anything with the six inch line yet. Hint hint. ;)

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The Hasbro rep did say this is the fan list and they will make which ever five figures win. They also said that didn't preclude Hasbro from making any of the other characters down the line. Obviously Hasbro plans to make all the main stream characters so this list does intentionally include "d-list" or more obscure/eclectic characters that management would be otherwise reluctant to approve for production.



My choices, because I'm losing hope on seeing them in 6 inch form:







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Obviously Hasbro plans to make all the main stream characters so this list does intentionally include "d-list" or more obscure/eclectic characters that management would be otherwise reluctant to approve for production.


I dunno, pretty much all of the characters on that posters are looking pretty toyetic. I'm thinking Hasbro ran down the list themselves and pre-picked out characters they think would be viable. I think this list is a roster of characters that we could see produced over time, if Marvel Universe has legs for a few years.

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That list is really weak. Those are mostly d list characters. Where the hell is all the villans? At the rate they are making villains in MU we'll never get to the good ones.


Let's see:


A and B list characters are likely pretty much on the "all but guaranteed to get made" docket. Not much point in putting them on here if that's the case. Why are they going to make people vote for a character that's almost certain to get made anyhow? That'd be a waste.




Tiger Shark

Gladiator (Serves a villain/antagonist role far more often than a hero role)

Lady Bullseye




Hellfire Soldier



Hyperion (A villain/antagonist about as often as he's a hero)

Red Guardian (As above)


Grim Reaper

Baron Von Strucker

The Hood



Speed Demon

Madame Hydra



It's not quite half the list, but there seems to be plenty of villains on there. Most of the A-List villains are probably already in the pipeline or already getting made.


My "top five" in no particular order:




Modern Luke Cage

Winter Soldier



But I'd be happy with all but a handful of those characters being made eventually.

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1) Gladiator- I can't believe he was never made into a Marvel Legends figure

2) Northstar-one of my favorite characters

3) Polaris-love her and her current modern costume

4) Havok-can't have Polaris w/o Havok

5) Archangel- I hope he comes with proportionate wings that allow him to stand up



Why one Earth would you want to have Storm or Psylocke in the standard X-men costume when MU versions of their signiature costumes haven't even been made yet? I would much rather see a FA Storm, Mohawk Storm, or a Jim Lee Storm and a Jim Lee era Psylocke before even thinking of getting them in the standard X-men duds....

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Again, I'd imagine that "classic" outfits for Storm and/or Psylocke are already in the "likely to be made" category. If Hasbro's running this line like they run Star Wars, they've probably got every wave for the next two-three years tentatively planned out.

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Only five? That's tough because there's quite a few characters I like on the list. Here's my five:


1. Starlord (in his Annihilation Conquest duds with removable face mask)

2. Gladiator

3. Grim Reaper

4. Madame Hydra

5. Dormammu


I would've put Fantomex as #5, but I think I'm the only guy that likes that character...



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I WANT THEM ALL !!! Since I can only pick five, here is my very tough decision:


10- Gladiator

24- Mystique

27- X-23

59- Psylocke

66- Madame Hydra

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honestly ... none of them as I don't care about this line... But if I had too pick what I would to is go with current or past teams/outfits/members in order to suck people in... They are more likely to get me to buy stuff if they put in entire teams at once type thing ... IE they did modern xforce wolvie ... they do the rest of that team & I will buy each and every single one for display ... As is I already have a bunch of unfinished teams & members missing from the other line which I am not happy about :S

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these three arent very popular but id like to see them made, stilt-man and speed freak, man-wolf.


whoa, what about a young apocalypse?

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