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New Sonic Figures!


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  • 2 weeks later...

Happy Independence Day everyone! I've been watching my brother play Sonic Adventure 2 Battle a lot recently. He's trying to make a Chaos Chao. Why do we still not have Chao figures from jazwares?



Also, I have to update my signature again, seeing as Zach Parise, the Devils' former captain, has moved on.

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I got the Eggman with Egg Fighters pack yesterday along with the Amigo Mini-Racer, so now all I need is the Sonic and Silver with Badniks and Classic Amy and then I have all of the figures in the Sonic Through Time Line.

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You my friend are lucky then. XD


Today I noticed that one of my Knuckles figures had an upside down tail. Has anyone else noticed this? I have 3 of them, so it's a non-issue, but I found it funny.


I have 3 as well (one from the comic pack, another one from All-Stars Racing, last one from the Egg Pawn pack) none of mine have upside down tails, though my All-Stars Racing Knuckles has loose waist joint (which I already fixed with some Krazy Glue.

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Hey Alex! Yeah, it was really cool actually! I was a little worried, cuz I brought my girlfriend and I thought she'd have a nerd overload :P


But they had free food and alcohol and Crush40's performance was awesome and it was actually a really cool set up all around. Lots of free stuff too. Shirts and hats and Chao keychains ^_^


I also met Jun Senoue and when I told him he inspired me to teach myself guitar 11 years ago, he reached into his pocket and gave me his guitar pic! :D


I'll upload some pictures when I get back to NY next week, but there were some cool announcements too. They showed a clip of Sonic himself appearing in Disney's new "Wreck-It Ralph" movie (and he actually spoke, in what sounded like his real voice actor). Also, Wreck-It Ralph is going to be a playable racer in "Transformed". They showed clips of NiGHTS and Reala gameplay for Transformed as well ^_^


I have videos of all that, but I'm sure Sonic Stadium will have theirs uploaded long before I get back to the east coast :P


Anyways, hope everyone's doing well. It's been quiet around here, but I'm sure we'll start seeing some new stuff in August. Later guys! :D

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Just felt like pointing this out since I'm probably the only one who has noticed this but anyways:


Notice how Jazwares is sorta doing the ol' "switcher-roo" on the legs on some figures, so far the only ones I seen with it are the newer releases of the Modern Eggman figures and the Clear Purple Espio (along with the normal Espio, the one that comes in the Knuckles pack at least, I don't own that pack but I saw the problem on all of the ones that were in TRU). I did take some snapshots (sorry if it's crappy quality though).


post-39700-0-92790100-1342316275_thumb.jpg post-39700-0-05189800-1342316296_thumb.jpg post-39700-0-57942300-1342316320_thumb.jpg



As you can see in the first photo, Espio has a problem standing due to this, in the second photo you can see that Espio's feet are switched (this again only applies to 2011 and then on releases of Espio figures, both Painted and Translucent), and in the 3rd photo you can see I compared the Eggman from the Metal Sonic pack that I got in 2010 and the new one from the 20th Anniversary line (2010 one on the left, 2011 one on the right).


Just felt like sharing this, since I'm the only one who has noticed this.

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I love sharing stories of me finding figures, so I will share one right now :B


Out of all of my figures, the one I had most trouble finding (also trouble finding one that is not messed up) was the 3-inch Shadow, the first time I got him was a pretty lucky find which was in late November 3 years ago, my TRU was packed with Series 2, I got Shadow and Silver only, the Werehog I saved for later (I got him for Christmas along with 10 inch Metal Sonic that same year) because I was already getting "Werehog fever" by seeing a crapload of them in the store shelves, my first Shadow had a broken arm joint, it wasn't much of a big deal but then the joint fell off while posing him for my shelves, then his head fell off. Early 2010 was a terrible time to find Sonic figures, TRU didn't carry nothing but the "used to be thought to be ugly" Sonic plushies (they looked worse when Jazwares "improved them") and the the Clear Blue Sonic & Knux pack, and as always (still the same story now), Mario was really a Shelfhog, then sometime after the Amy figure was released, my TRU finally picked up more Shadow figures, I got one, but then I returned it due to loose joints (this was before I found out all of the 3-inchers had loose joints) and picked another one up, same "loose" story as well but then I saw a few weeks later that it had 2 left arms, so I returned it again as well. Early 2011 was also a bad time for Sonic figures, they never had any single card figures until March, and I got another Shadow, he had the same issue that my first Shadow had as well, but I didn't bother to return him because I didn't want to return him again and I also didn't care, then in August, his knee fell off, those joints are usually re -attachable but this one wasn't, luckly, the Mono Beetle pack came out around the time that happened and for once, I finally have a Shadow that doesn't have any problems, but I am still really careful with him just in-case the you know what happens again.



My current Shadow figure



Did anyone else but me have some trouble finding a perfect figure? I like to hear one of your stories. :)

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Perfect figure? I'm not sure many of those actually exist! I've had to combine parts to make my own 'perfect figures' for a few ones now. I've got duplicates of all the figures so I'll take the best parts from each and combine them to make my 'perfect figure' that goes on display.

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Perfect figure? I'm not sure many of those actually exist! I've had to combine parts to make my own 'perfect figures' for a few ones now. I've got duplicates of all the figures so I'll take the best parts from each and combine them to make my 'perfect figure' that goes on display.


No what I meant by "perfect" is that if any of you guys found a figure without problems like I did with Shadow.

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Perfect figure? I'm not sure many of those actually exist! I've had to combine parts to make my own 'perfect figures' for a few ones now. I've got duplicates of all the figures so I'll take the best parts from each and combine them to make my 'perfect figure' that goes on display.


No what I meant by "perfect" is that if any of you guys found a figure without problems like I did with Shadow.


I know exactly what you meant. Like I said, I've had to combine parts from multiple figures to get a figure without any problems.

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Jet the Hawk.....I've had 2 break on me. I have a 3rd one and the leg is a little crooked and loose. So I don't think there will be a perfect Jet figure for a very long time if ever. Jazwares needs to redesign him with the new style joints that Wave and Storm have. My perfect figures are Shadow the hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, Vector the Crocodile, Modern Robotnik and Big the cat. The others I've had to either switch parts, repaint some parts of the figure or replace altogether.

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On a side note, I haven't seen any news on new sonic toys. I check Toys R Us from time to time to see if something new pops up. So far nothing new for Sonic toys.

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So, wait... do you think this is finally... happening? Is Sonic Adventure 3 really coming?

I really do hope that it'll come out and be something what it should be similar to Sonic Adventure 2, with story modes, similar gameplay, Chao World with more features, camera being better, etc. Instead of just two players mode, how about FOUR? What if we have four racer characters speeding through stages to Goal ring or four shooter characters shooting around in a large stage? Maybe with four players mode, more character choices would be required, of course. lol What about world map with more stages? It would be really nice if there's at least 10 stages for every character, you know..

That would be really cool.


Heh. I'm sorry, I really do hope that Sonic Adventure 3 will be like Sonic Adventure 2 in gameplay wise but better with more features. We can only hope, right?


Also, August is almost here; I can't wait for Blaze figure and few other new figures including Charmy! : D

Just a reminder!


Get ready for August, there's a bunch of Sonic items coming. Just found these listings on another site. *If* these are legit, we have the following to look forward to:


3" Singles:

-Sonic w/ 2 rings

-Knuckles w/ Master Emerald

-Tails w/ PDA device

-Silver w/ Metal Box

-Shadow w/ Gun

-Amy w/ Hammer


3" Comic Packs:

-Sonic with Blaze

-Rouge with Shadow


3" Multi Pack:

-Team Chaotix - Charmy, Espio, Vector


5" Figures:

-Sonic - Excalibur

-Knuckles - Sir Gawain

-Silver - Sir Galahad

-Shadow - Sir Lancelot

-Jet - Sir Lamorak


6" Super Posers:



From : http://www.manofacti...lr_search/sonic


By the way, remember Sonic Generation statue thingy with Sonic and classic Sonic on ring base? Don't bother buying it. This is what mine looks like. http://i492.photobuc...ic/DSCN0803.jpg


It... bends a lot over time, even when it isn't really hot. I have no idea what to do with it myself. D: That have been reported before; http://www.sonicstad...-on-a-warm-day/


Also, I went shopping on yesterday, I went to a store named "Jay St. Video Games" (not very well known, I assume), it's like 1 hour and half away from where I live.


I found original guide book for Sonic Adventure in perfect condition for only 12 dollars.



I was so happy when I found that, it's really special... It got all of cool maps and stuff. : D

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