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New Sonic Figures!


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Hey guys! I'm back again! Boy did I miss this place!


I'm SO excited that the Classic Amy pack is finally popping up. I found the Egg Robo and Egg Fighter packs a few weeks back (and Classic Super Sonic and the badnik packs before that) so I've had no reason to go to TRU for awhile. It's left a hole in my life. Now I have something new to hunt for. I hope the paint is fixed on Sonic as well. And that he doesn't have as many mold lines. And (not gonna happen) he has a peg hole. Still really unhappy with my current Classic Sonic. But luckily they get a second chance to please with this pack.


While I didn't plan on it, I ended up buying the Shadow/Silver comic pack. The glossy paint does look really cool and I figured why not. I got two Egg Robo packs (really disappointed in their lack of articulation, or ability to hold their guns, or their ability to stand) and one Egg Fighter pack (VERY surprised that they have six points of articulation! And in that tiny HEAD!) Howz every one else doing on their figure hunts?


I made my first custom figure last week. Turned my old modern Eggman into Nega. Came out okay. I bought two Knuckles, so I could have two Egg Pawns and I was gonna turn one into Julie-Su from the comics (cuz she'll never get a figure, unfortunately). I was wondering if anyone who makes customs could give me a pointer or two. Since Julie doesn't have spikes on her hands, I was thinking of popping off the hands on Knux and swapping them out with the hands of my extra Tails. I'm kind of afraid to break it though (cuz then I won't have any more extra Knux to customize). Does anyone know if it's possible to do that, or what the safest way to swap those out would be?


That's the red angry bird. I thought that was cool but made me wonder why that angry bird was there. Is Sega close with Angry Birds company or what? It surprised me when I was reading it today. Thoughts? O:


Beebop and Rocksteady from the old 90s Ninja Turtles cartoon popped up in Sonic Universe a few issues back as well. I don't think there's any meaning behind the cameos besides the artist and writer slipping in little easter eggs of other things they're into. Spaz used to do that all the time on the old covers he did for the series in the late 90s. Cool to see the Red Angry bird though. I haven't gotten that issue yet. Hopefully this coming week ^_^

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Wow, nice find. I guess I'll go end up getting extra Classic Sonic... LOL oh well. XD So worth it, it's not like I'm getting another Sonic figure at least.



Howz every one else doing on their figure hunts?


For me, when it comes to 20th anniversary stuff, not so good. I only got Classic Sonic + Moto bug, and Shadow + GUN Beetle, I'm not satisifed. lol My Toys R US is never good in getting new figures soon as they are released. That used to happen with Big the Cat pack, didn't appear for two months after the release, same with Super Hedgehogs pack and Vector + Espio pack. Toys R US here had no badnik packs, I got mine from Game Stop before they suddenly stopped selling them for no reason. They finally have Eggman + Unleashed robots but I don't want it. There's some 5" Sonic stuff like classic Sonic, Sonic (updated), Tails and Knuckles (Re-released Super poser model in 20th packs) and uh, there's also 12 inches Sonic plush... Luckily, I found what I looked for on Toys R US site, and will try and get:-Dr. Robotnik + Eggrobos pack

-Classic Tails + Grabber pack

-Classic Super Sonic + badass box pack


Later on, Classic Sonic + Classic Amy Rose comic pack.


And I'm avoiding:

-Tails + Sandworm (Already have Tails, and I still don't want half model of that badnik)

-Knuckles + Egg Pawn (Already have Knuckles, I'll wait for single pack of Egg Pawn, hopefully it happens later on.)

-Silver + Iblis Eater (Already have Silver and other one looked really stupid.)

-Eggman + Unleashed Robots (Already have Eggman, and never liked those robot designs.)

-Silver + Shadow + comic (Never seen their special paint, so I don't really know for sure, but I already own the comic and both of those.)

-All of other 5"/10" stuff, I'm sticking with 3" series only.


Oh and I was shopping at Game Stop other day, they had "Buy two, get one GBA game free" thing there, and I brought Sonic Advance 2 (I already have that, but having extra one can be handy, meaning two players, back-up, and extra Tiny Chao Garden!), Dr. Mario + Puzzle League and Over the Hedge (free, can't find other better game for that.)

Beebop and Rocksteady from the old 90s Ninja Turtles cartoon popped up in Sonic Universe a few issues back as well. I don't think there's any meaning behind the cameos besides the artist and writer slipping in little easter eggs of other things they're into. Spaz used to do that all the time on the old covers he did for the series in the late 90s.


Wow, I didn't know that, that's cool! Weresonic appeared again in Off Panel comic in Sonic Universe issue 32, it was hilarious. XD


And yeah, I agree, Adventure and Heroes sets come first to me for now, then the rest of others. =]

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During my hunts I've managed to find everything except the Classic Sonic/Amy comic pack. I bought everything from the 3 inch line except for the classic Sonic tin and the Shadow/Silver comic pack. I would like to see the heroes, adventure and rush cast of characters being made for the 3 inch line.



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I hope it never ends. Or the next company could do BETTER, if possible XD


You'd think the contract would be about 5 years, right?


Likely 5 years, or possibly longer, as Jazwares could regain the permission to continue selling them as long they are popular, and make any character that wasn't made before. Even if we get all of character, they can still try and get Fang, Bean, Bark, Mighty, Ray, Metal Knuckles, Tails Doll at some point, and possibly stage items, along with Chao, Hero Chao, and Dark Chao.


I don't think it's possible that other company could do better than Jazwares, honestly, unless they have better quality and doesn't break at all, is the only way that can be better than Jazwares but this is the best company we get, and I don't think anyone will beat Jazwares at this point. =]



Wow... You are very talented, I remember your Young Link model, it was decent, nice work on this new one!

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As long as jazwares doesn't resort to making Sonic wear space armor or anything, I'll probably be happy.


Good lord, let's not go there. XD


The great user a person over at SEGA forums posted this!


All 4 figures are 3 inch! Gonna be a great pack, Imma buy this after I buy the comic pack of Amy and Sonic, and Collectors tin so that I can keep this one boxed.


Wow, nice find... I might have to skip this, though. D: I'm going to get comic pack of classic amy, classic tails, etc. lol

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Haha, I was wondering where you went! Clover has been gone for a bit as well, but I've spoken to him XD


Congratulations on the successful figure hunting my friend! Do you know yet if you're going to the NYCC?


Yeah I just wrapped on a show that was working us to death! If I could get 5 hours of sleep a night, it was a lot, so my free time was insanely limited. I peeked in here from time to time, but I never had a chance to write. I wonder where Clover's been off to.


As far as NYCC, I was about to order the tickets and than me and my girlfriend decided we were gonna skip it and save up for next years San Diego Comic Con, which is supposedly even bigger. Plus we've wanted to check out Cali together for awhile. So that's our current plan. No NYCC for us this year :P


I hadn't thought about Jazwares' license expiring. That's a horrible thought. Although I imagine, since they seem to be selling better than any company prior, that Sega would very likely consider extending the license as long as it's profitable. I personally hope Jazwares hangs onto this line for as long as it takes to make everybody (except Space Armor Sonic).


As far as that Classic Collectors set: very cool indeed. I'll obviously pass since I have 3 of the 4 (and I'm sure the Amy comic pack will be cheaper). Hopefully they make a similar pack for the badniks that were originally packaged with these figures. THAT I would definitely pick up. But this is cool for anyone who hasn't gotten these figs yet.


I hope it doesn't mean this is all we'll be seeing from the Classic line. Jazwares did say on their facebook that they would be making a Classic Metal Sonic, which suggests there could be others beyond this. Hopefully Knuckles is among them (I'd like a Classic Knux vs an Egg Robo on my counter).


But moving on back to producing the modern cast of Adventure, Heroes, and Rush would also make me quite happy ^_^


EDIT: Also, do you guys think they'll ever make a flocked version of the new 10" classic Sonic? I was very glad I held off on the 10" modern, and I might just wait on the classic as well in hopes of getting a fuzzy one down the road :D

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WOW, I have not been paying attention! I didn't know Generations was gona include so much classic content! Geeze, I'm freakin' out now! ('Course that was two pages ago, but allow me to catch up...)


Anyway, it's funny the separation of side-scrolling and behind-the-back in terms of fans. Like you sad, Lalam, you thought the side-scrolling was too repetitive, and personally I though the behind-the-back was too repetitive! All boils down to tastes, I guess. Seems like the 3D style just...well, you're pushing forward, bascially. Sometimes not even that. With the side-scrolling ones it felt like I could stop and explore any time I liked, and I did! I didn't really see much to explore in Sonic Adventure besides the open world map kinda areas. Like the jungle! I loved running around and finding things in the jungle. Beyond that, though...the levels were mostly for show. I didn't feel like I was really playing anything. Then again, from what it sounds like on your end, you're of a similar opinion about the side-scrolling style! Either way, I am looking forward to playing the newly made levels in both styles to really get the full experience.


Next: Good to see Amy, finally! She's annoying in any form, but I'll probably end up getting that pack and finding someone that wants that extra Sonic. Now, though...I may want the new style Amy. Just didn't like her gorilla arms...

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