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New Sonic Figures!


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Haha nice. I also have a controller with screen on it, and that is DS! (Really, it's like a controller itself with screen on it, yes?)


And I hated Wii's gimmicks, or any gimmicks in general. One thing I hate about the current generation is that they kept focusing on newest stuff, it doesn't necessary had to be new to be good, though.


Plus, what's with Kinect, PS3 Move, Wii remotes? I seriously don't like those at all. =/ And movies in 3D isn't really such a huge deal, I hate seeing movie commercials that show bold words of "IN 3D!" at end. Kind of annoying. I've seen Toy Story + Toy Story 2 in 3D, in one sitting, it was very boring because I seem them already but my family wanted to go watch them and forced me to go anyway. 3D looked cool at first, but after few minutes, you'll forget 3D effect is even there. I have a feeling that I won't use 3D once I tried it out on 3DS. lol


And why does companies always choose game discs over game paks? Like SNES, N-64, GBA, etc uses Game Paks and I think they are better than game discs. Because if your Wii started becoming less stable in scanning game discs, you'll have to get new Wii, and the problem is that you'd have to start again on every Wii game, since it doesn't have "Wii memory card" that you can remove and carry. Pretty dumb... ): Game paks allow game load and save instantly, from my experience, they seem to do. Game discs always have loading screens, I think? And even if one of game paks became damaged or broken (never happened to me though), you can still get only one game to replace it and you only have to start over on one game pak, instead of all of your games. I believe that game paks lasts MUUUUUCH longer than game discs in my opinions. Hell, my dad's Atari games and my SNES games still works! I've met fate of few games (game discs) that stopped working (sometimes they just stop working if being played too long). =/ SA2B and Animal Crossing were first, during gameplay, if disc start failing, screen comes up saying stuff that your disc game can't be read and read your manual book. D: That never happens with game paks, they just stay inside your system, nothing will happen unless you pull them out on purpose. And I'm thinking about getting extra Animal Crossing and SA2B from Game Stop in future, still undecided. lol But at least Gamecube memory cards are there, so I don't have to start over on them at all! =]


See? Wii does have a lot of flaws. =/ Oh but that's just a few. lol




Sonic Generations for 3DS looks like puke.


Well, not to me, I never cared much about graphics. As long game is amazing in gameplay and controls, I'll love it. Graphics is just a bonus if it looks good. =]

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Toy Story boring????? BLASPHEMY!!!!!


Cartridges are too expensive to make compared to CDs/topic


Whoa. That I didn't know. I guess that is understandable. D: And well, I meant like, it's just boring to watch the movie you already seen, you know? I do love Toy Story movie, though.


There's 5" Super pack, but will there be 3" Classic Super Sonic as well? He looked amazing as 5" and reminds me of Super Sonic from Sonic R, so nostalgia!

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Sonic Generations for 3DS looks like puke.


If you dont mind could you relay to me why? Ive read some fans are a bit skeptical, but I cant imagine why, I still fail to see what problems will break it.


I have read though that Stubby sonic (classic sonic, I call him stubby sonic. Because he is stubby and awesome.) is just like Sonic 4, not back to basics Genesis physics, but instead hes the exact same as sonic 4, the thing every one hated so very much. MINUS the homing attack of course. Sonic 4 was basically sonic rush, minus the rush, the physics were the same, they somehow thought that half ass crap would do it and they could sell it fast, but yeah, fans caught on.


If thats true, it'll still have the fantastic Rush gameplay, and stubby sonic will play alright, but not like he should, I expect it to be good at the very least.

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I have read though that Stubby sonic (classic sonic, I call him stubby sonic. Because he is stubby and awesome.) is just like Sonic 4, not back to basics Genesis physics, but instead hes the exact same as sonic 4, the thing every one hated so very much. MINUS the homing attack of course. Sonic 4 was basically sonic rush, minus the rush, the physics were the same, they somehow thought that half ass crap would do it and they could sell it fast, but yeah, fans caught on.


If thats true, it'll still have the fantastic Rush gameplay, and stubby sonic will play alright, but not like he should, I expect it to be good at the very least.


Hey, that reminds me, I'm a HUGE fan of Sonic Rush games, I really loved all of them; Sonic Rush, Sonic Adventure Rush, and Sonic Colors DS, I really do!!

Also, from what I heard, Sonic Generations 3DS is only 2d gameplay based which I prefer more, and modern Sonic will be similar to Sonic Rush series, while Classic Sonic will probably stay same like he was for different systems.


Also, i really think that Classic Super Sonic will have black eyes. I figured since they did make 5" Classic Super Sonic having black eyes, he will as 3" figure. lol

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Apparently someone mentioned on another forum that the supers are being released on single cards??


Nope, no confusion here.

I'm living in a little dibblet of a town in Central FL, USA.

At the local target here, they have those very Super Sonic Figures for $8.99 Although they are separate, not bundled.

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Sonic Generations for 3DS looks like puke.


It's mainly that reason for a lot of people, yeah. The game will most likely play like Sonic 4... but there's also the fact that the classic level layouts are exactly like the original levels they're based on. What I mean is, Classic Sonic's Green Hill is EXACTLY the same as Green Hill Act 1 from Sonic 1. Down to layout, and item and enemy placement. It's exactly the same, which is kinda lame. It also seems this version may be rushed, because in an interview with Sonic Team head, Takashi Iizuka, they said that they were "considering using stages from GBA and DS games". At that point, the game was 6 months away from release, yet they were only considering what stages to put in at that point?


And I know graphics aren't everything... but come on. This is the 3DS. So far, I know we've only seen screens mainly (which apparently don't really do justice to the actual game), but they look like that of a regular DS game. 3DS is a lot more powerful, so they definitely could have given Modern Sonic 3D levels. Maybe not Unleashed-style "modern gameplay", but even Sonic Adventure-type gameplay. What we're ending up with here is one Sonic without a boost and homing attack, and one Sonic WITH a boost and homing attack. Overall, this version just seems like a quick cash in to make a few extra bucks. It just looks slapped together, lazy, and uninspired. Not to mention, I think I read somewhere that the guy that was in charge of Sonic and the Black Knight is in charge of this. Black Knight is one of my most hated Sonic games...

Hmm I figured as such, classic layout? As for that, Im personally fine with it. It differentiates it from the console games, Im glad, for example, that they arent just minimized versions of the console games, yet their own thing, classic levels remade in 3D graphics. I like that aspect of it, I wont claim to know alot about game development, but I believe 6 months is plenty of time, considering most games take 2 years to make in full, portable games even less time. Consider a few things, one, they are basically porting and remaking levels, much in the same fashion Nintendo does with mario kart games, they remake levels based on preexisting designs, its much easier as a result,

Another, development time. The average handheld video game doesnt take long to develop, hence why we see them so soon, Golden sun on the GBA took 12 months to develop, yet that is considered a good deal longer than an average handhelds development time, but wait? It was 16 bit right? Well that was over 10 years ago, making a side scrolling 3D platformer for the 3ds is no different now, in comparison.


Graphics? Well Id consider watching a video, it seems to look alright to me, if you havent seen gameplay I'll hook yah up http://www.youtube.c...h?v=5kYnAm_2mpY it actually kinda looks like they used the Wii engine, sonic moves the exact same way as Colors style sonic, in that sense, it does look like a simple, hopefully effective cost saving technique. Either way, it looks alright to me, but I'll hand it to you in saying the 3ds is capable of more than that. Now if it was a colors style platformer, thatd need more refinement, actually im certain especially after seeing gameplay video, that a unleashed style game, maybe even a colors port would work on the 3ds.


THAT has me concerned, It could be a good game, but only good? Why should we have to see so much potential be wasted by a halfass move like sonic 4? It very possible that will change, but perhaps unlikely. As for the black knight producer, hmm, all I know is DIMPS has a hand yet again in this new handheld game. We'll see how it plays out, I love my 3ds, but I just want some GAYMES for it, sheesh, and the first sonic game on it turning out to suck? Man thatd be a bummer.


Btw, cant reply on here via my 3DS internet, wut?




EDIT: Holy SH** guys, check out this new trailer, I'll never get sick of that techno beat, thats getting downloaded ASAP.

This might be the best year in gaming period. Well, maybe thats a bit much to say, but....maybe not.

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Something is telling me there is a full version of whole CG intro video for the actual game...


Like how there's few parts of Sonic and classic Sonic running together... But just imagine the whole thing, in the first trailer of Sonic Generations, in half-colored Green Hills, after all of that, they appear in City escape, showing some clips we haven't seen before, leading to another CG footage of double Sonics, with double Tails appearing, then double Knuckles, etc...? And don't forget Egg mech boss at end, maybe there will be boss CG cutscenes as well? All of that, without any gameplay clips included, I bet that will happen. lol

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Old video is old >=o






Yeah...take a looksee at Resident evil revelations

Thats honest tahgod, 360 level, perhaps a average 360 game, still, its impressive, and it shows the Vita and 3DS arent as far off power wise as some might think, seeing as how it already has two N64 ports. Graphics, I agree, I still look to it with hope, but, I dont buy crap, so if it sucks I'll opt out indefinitely. Heres hoping the gameplay makes up for it eh? Title? Yeah...I dont get this naming crap theyve started, its the same as the GG days, "sonic 2" for example (almost a completely different game) on the GG was nothing like the console "version" Im unsure why they insist on this...odd move. Still...at...least its kinda nostalgic I suppose. Even sonic generations "3d" would do fine, yeah as for KNUX, personally, Ive always considered Knux the tritagonist of the series, for Generations, at least feature him, surely they will.

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Ok so...... I went to Toys R Us and I was VERY pleasantly surprised.


I got the Sonic Free Riders figures, the classic Sonic and Tails small plushes, the ASR Tails figure, and the retro Super Pack. And I've gotta say, all of it is pretty sweet! Best TRU trip I've had all year!


For the first time ever, I saw ASR Tails and the Free Riders figures up close. For some reason my TRU's had never stocked them or something. Honestly, people say that the Tails has issues with his legs, but mine feels VERY sturdy. All the joints are perfectly put together and tight. He's still that shade of yellow.


Sonic and Jet were so-so. Sturdier than they looked on the outside but a little iffy construction wise. I love the design though. They're so cool looking! Now I just have to find a way to get Sonic's glasses on...


The retro Super Pack is really good! I just have some construction issues with modern Super Sonic. His elbow is kinda cracked. Sculpt wise though, they're both amazing! Must have! Especially for you articulation fans!


I can't stress how great all these figures are though! Aside from a few small construction issues, I don't regret having bought any of them!


The plushes are pretty good too. And I took a picture of the modern Sonic next to the classic one. They changed the color of modern Sonic to be more game accurate.


Also for anyone interested in exchanging figures: I emailed Jazwares today. The process is actually fairly simple. You go on their website to customer service/help and type in your problem along with your information and they will send you an email. Then you take a picture of the broken figure(s) along with the receipt and if the purchase wasn't too long ago they'll ship a replacement out to you at no cost! It's great! I'm expecting to get a new Tails and Espio in the mail soon. You guys should give it a shot! Or if not, there's always the good old 90 day return policy at the store.


Wow, this feels like the longest post I've ever written, at least on this account. :) Pat on the back for anyone who read this entire post.

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*waits for back pat*


Yah Omni, I was kidding too XD


I myself was pleasantly when I found stuffs at Target. I'm customizing them a bit now, so pictures later.


Why do all of these terrible German players get to play Sonic before us? =(


*EDIT* Near-final pictures.














So can anybody guess the things I did? I personally think they are much better now. Sorry for the quality of the before pictures.


Alex, where are you hearing all of these rumors that you're talking about? =P

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Sorry for the double post, editing the previous post I made was getting annoying, because my text kept changing back to purple and was underlined for some reason...


Anyways, apparently, there's a NEW 5" Modern Sonic sculpt. O_o And the 5" Classic Sonic is now in a lighter blue like the 3".


EDIT: My buddy Sean got it, and took some pics:





In the pictures he sent, the eyes look kinda... slanted. And a bit small. It looks a little weird. Knowing Jazwares, though, they'll fix it later on, instead of already having it fixed from the start. >_>

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