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New Sonic Figures!


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Hey guys! I briefly interrupt this conversation to bring you a nerdgasm :D





I saw that! They look so amazing! That video also makes me slightly dislike the 5" normal Sonic...

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I have a feeling that they are starting to throw a knee twist in to newer classic Sonic characters before they appear in Toys R US for some locations... I also have a feeling that Joe or any Jazware worker is watching our every word and move... Gasp. lol


They're watching our every word? O_o Holy crap, that's impressive.

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That's okay, and also...


Sonic Colors Wii, Sonic Unleashed, and Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity supports Gamecube controllers. Why didn't anyone mention that!? I just found out about that. It's a huge deal to me whenever Wii games support Gamecube controllers getting a HUGE bonus in becoming great game. I always hate using Wii remotes for most of games that aren't meant to be played by Wii Remotes naturally. Like New Super Mario Bros Wii or Super Mario Galaxy games should have gotten Gamecube controllers, that'd be great. However, I do love using Wii remotes for Sonic & The Secret of Rings, Sonic & The Black Knight, Elebits (One of best Wii games ever.), and de Blob.




See? Sonic & The Secret of Rings supports Gamecube controllers on party mode only, I never know that either!

Guys, I am going back to Toys R US today and grab Sonic Unleashed just for that. (:

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At super ending part after Classic Tails being shown in that video, there's also re-designed Eggrobo, and he looks awful comparing to original Eggrobos, that broke my heart. D: (Well, it could be one of Robotnik's bosses, I really don't know, but if that was really Eggrobo, that sucks.)


And I noticed Classic Tails was... yellow. I get that Sega is trying to make Tails and Classic Tails look different with different color, but that isn't really necessary. Sonic and Classic Sonic ARE however different in shade of blue. I kinda wish that we get more of screentime on Tails and Classic Tails, but it was like literally one second for Classic Tails to appear on screen. I knew Tails was never yellow, I've played Tails' Adventure, Tails' Sky P, Sonic 3, Sonic R, etc and they showed that classic Tails was present as orange.




Just in case if anyone want to see it.


I thought that was common knowledge. I was just playing Unleashed on the Wii actually (with GC controller) and it feels so broken next to Colors and Generations. These new ones are so smooth compared to it.


Well, smooth or not, I prefer Gamecube controllers, I'm really good at using that. Oh, but I really didn't know that they supported GC controller, since they weren't mentioned anywhere on internet or in real life, unless you check the list of games that support Gamecube controllers, at least for me, I really never see info saying that they can be playable with GC controllers, I did know about Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros Brawl, since they were mentioned to be playable with GC controllers on sites like IGN or brawl site, you know?

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First of all, give it up, cause now I'm back. And I found something new at Toysrus today! Looks like they repackaged the Super Posers in 20th Anniversary packaging. They had Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles. This means that Jazwares hasn't completely abandoned the Super Posers, and they'll hopefully make some more! I also found the Classic/Modern Super Sonic pack and I can post some pictures of 'em if anyone wants me to.


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I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Modern Super Sonic is a completely new mold, with elbow and knee swivels, making for one totally awesome figure. Classic Super Sonic is pretty much the same mold as regular Classic Sonic, just with a different head.

FINAL VERDICT: Buy this set. Now. It's perfect. Plus it's not overpriced, 20 bucks for the pair. What a deal!







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Yup, regular old 5 inch Sonic is going the way of Green Eyes, Rooftrees, Next-Gen, Yellow Tails, and Sonic 4 physics =P GIGANTIC TURTLES WITH CANNONS AND STUFF ON THEIR BACKS?!?! OBVIOUSLY A BLASTOISE RIPOFF!!!!! SEASIDE HILL AND SONIC GENERATIONS WILL BE GARBAGE!!!!!!


ANYWAY, looks like Mushroom Hill Zone has snuck its way to the 3DS version of Generations. Seaside Hill will have underwater platforming.



So far we have confirmed the following from that level/boss leak for the console version: *SPOILERS*


Green Hill Zone: Confirmed

Chemical Plant Zone: Confirmed

Sky Sanctuary Zone: Unconfirmed

Metal Sonic: Confirmed

Death Egg: Possibly Confirmed



Speed Highway: Unconfirmed

City Escape: Confirmed

Seaside Hill: Confirmed

Shadow: Unconfirmed

Perfect Chaos: Unconfirmed (though I've heard rumors that you will fight him with Modern Sonic, without Super form. Maybe with boosting and stuff?)



Crisis City: Unconfirmed

Rooftop Run: Confirmed

Planet Wisp: Unconfirmed

Silver: Unconfirmed (IT'S NO USE! TAKE THIS!!!!! IT'S NO USE! THIS WILL END IT!!!1!111one!)

Egg Dragoon: Unconfirmed



Time Eater: Unconfirmed



*END SPOILERS* Sounds spot-on to me so far. What do you folks think? A special prize to whoever figures out what all those colors mean first!

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Sorry for the double-post, but I figured I'd finally share my unfinished work:


Classic Sonic: (painted his eyes at an angle, paint has since been removed. In this picture it was starting to get messed up, as you can probably see in the picture)




Mono Beetle (a lot of work done, but more has been done since these pictures were taken. It looks much better now)











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Wow, nice repaint on GUN beetle and classic Sonic's eyes.


That isn't EggRobo, it's the mech from Sonic 2.


Thanks God. lol sorry, they really do look kind of similar and that confused me. Still, I hope they didn't change Eggrobos too much as they did with other badniks. =/


I think you misunderstood me. I meant the game itself and its physics. Not the GC controls. I actually always use it. So to recap Colors >>>>>>> Unleashed.


Oh stupid me. I was re-reading that post and I got it now. I did like playing Sonic Unleashed using Wii remote (it worked pretty well) when I once rented it, so I'd like to own that game and play it later. =] As for control and physics, comparing to Sonic Colors, Sonic Colors does work better, but Sonic Unleashed is still playable. At least it wasn't bad as Zero Gravity or Black Knight's control, right?

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Thanks. As far as controls go, I haven't ever played either of those two games =P so I don't know how bad the controls are. Unleashes is fine on its own but when you start comparing it to Colors and stuff it gets blown out of the water in my opinion. Did the Wii version of Colors use the Hedgehog Engine? I'm pretty sure that Wii Unleashed didn't, so maybe that's why. I haven't played the 360 version in years, so maybe it's smoother.

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Thanks. As far as controls go, I haven't ever played either of those two games =P so I don't know how bad the controls are. Unleashes is fine on its own but when you start comparing it to Colors and stuff it gets blown out of the water in my opinion. Did the Wii version of Colors use the Hedgehog Engine? I'm pretty sure that Wii Unleashed didn't, so maybe that's why. I haven't played the 360 version in years, so maybe it's smoother.


To be honest with you, I'm unsure of what games that use "Hedgehog engine" but I do remember hearing that Sonic Unleashed (unsure about which version), Sonic Colors Wii, and Sonic Generations (home system versions only) have that engine. I'm not sure if Sonic Unleashed Wii have same engine but it feels similar to Sonic Colors, just as more updated version, maybe? There's quick step mode, slide move, wall jumps, etc, just like Sonic Colors have, but it became more polished for Sonic Colors.


Also, I'm getting 3DS version of Sonic Generations in future. (Mostly because I only own Nintendo systems and I prefer 2-d based gameplay!)


Anyone's thoughts on Wii U? To me, I think it's kind of stupid honestly... It was told to be designed for causal players AND hardcore players, but I don't see anything hardcore about it, except for the controller with screen itself, but I noticed how the controller was used as new motion way of playing again, and that turned me off, I'll never buy Wii U. Wii have so many flaws in itself and I don't want to go through that again. On other hand, 3DS appealed a lot to me, the fact that 3D effect is only optional, and all of games are going to be amazing on there, although the game library is small and crappy right now, but in future, there will be so many great hardcore games, Mario games and Sonic Generations 3DS. Can't wait. I'm glad that I avoided buying 3DS. 250 dollars is just too expensive for me, and I'm glad it went down by 80 dollars. =] It's going to be my Christmas present, along with Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7 (I actually like that name), and Sonic Generations 3DS.

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