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New Sonic Figures!


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Oh my gosh.... Those Sonic figure photos looked awesome!!! I'm unsure if they were supposed to be classic Sonic figures, because classic Sonic doesn't have green eyes but I don't mind, they looked really good.


Like someone explained about Asperger's, it does affect the way you behave, as you tend to act more differently from "normal people" that doesn't have Asperger's. Yeah, such as tests were taken and I already knew I do have it, When I was a teenager, mom explained what it is about, to me, and I didn't know what it is, until that time. lol


Yes, people with Asperger's often get a few special talents (and usually high IQ too), which is true. I'm skilled in being creative, drawing cartoons (you probably can see that from my avatar), being really good at playing video games (not GOOD as some intense godly player, but just above average) and yeaaah. lol OH RIGHT, I'm also good at acting, and I can easily act and do almost exactly same poses from games I like. Most of time, I act to get myself out of trouble, ha ha. XD My young brother have something called ADD too, and one of my sisters have ADHD. Pretty crazy, isn't it?


And you weren't being rude at all, I can easily tell, JHedgehog! =] But yeah, I agree, most of you guys are really awesome, and I feel like I fit in here, that we all share some of similar traits and such that make us get along just perfectly fine (well, almost perfectly, but we never act like spoiled morons that cause silly arguments, right?)


I think that people with Asperger's also take longer time to be mature, as their age goes like everyone else, but they don't act like their age until much later.

EDIT: Oh sorry, I forgot to answer your question, JHedgehog!! I actually got asked with that question a LOT. XD Well, for your question about how I communicate with people, I use sign language only, I can't read lips at all, (Except for few letters like "m", "o", "a", "h" and it usually depends on how person say it, with face expressions and such, so I usually understand "yes" or "no" but that's it.) and to communicate with people who aren't deaf, I usually use the keyboard thingy (it's like a big keyboard with small screen above keyboard buttons, as you type on it, words appear on small screen, you could type words, pass it to someone else, and someone type back. I often used that when I was in school, but now I barely use it, but I still have it just in case if I go to grandma's, thanksgiving party, etc with cousins or something. I also use notebook and pencil, as I write words, pass it to someone, and he/she write back, back and forth. I often succeed in communicating with people with my gestures whenever I don't have keyboard thingy, I don't have the notebook/pencil, or they can't understand sign language. Gestures, like you act as if you were kind of cartoon character that does actions and such, and people always understand me, it's pretty awesome and fun to do. Whenever people speak to me, I could put my hand on my ear as if "I try to hear" and then I put my hand down, and shrugs, as if it shows that I can't hear, and they always get it. If I need to communicate with them, I could hold my hand out as 'flat surface', and act like I write on my hand with invisible writing tool, and usually, they look for paper and pencil, so it helps. I never had trouble trying to communicate once so far... =)


Sorry for the long answer! lol

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Wow you made that? I've been looking all over online trying to figure out where it was from since you joined the forum XD


I'd like to think that I'm good at drawing, but I've lost what little self confidence I had recently (it's a teen thing, I'm confident all you older folks went through it)

A few hours ago I introduced my 5 (maybe 6) and 3 (maybe 2) year old cousins to the SEGA Genesis (sorry Lee, not enough overseas folk for me to refer to it as "Master System" or even "Genesis/Master System" like we do with Eggman/Robotnik or Fang/Nack) and their first Sonic games. They had a blast. I love spawning new Sonic fans =D

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I was just about to post about Nendo sonic, definitely picking up 2 of him. Can't wait, this is great since I lean more towards the Japanese side of things and I found it so funny that Nendo released Sonic. It's definitely a "lulwhut?!, Insta-buy" type scenario.

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O,o LC said there were problems in. 10th. I had problems in 10th. Now Alex has had problems in 10th. IT MUST BE 10TH GRADE THAT'S THE PROBLEM! WE SHOULD PETITION FOR ITS ELIMINATION!



To all my fellow Mythbusters/Spirited Away Fans, take a look at what Adam strolled into SDCC wearing:




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Wow you made that? I've been looking all over online trying to figure out where it was from since you joined the forum XD


Really? I never knew that... You should have asked me where I found it, so you get faster answer. lol


Yeah, that's a pretty cool avatar, LittleComet. I can totally see that character being in a children's book, or a very well made online flash or something. XD It looks very "clean", I wanna say, in that all the outlines are completely smooth.


Ironically, I do want to make something like kids' book! But not something like really lame baby's book, you know? I aim for Disney/Nick cartoon level. (Maybe I'll change that to Cartoon Network level, because I don't want to be limited to certain violence and humor if they were awesome.) No cussing, but better cartoon violence and humor. Like Looney Tunes, is filled with crazy gags and explosions, and clever jokes. I'd like to make a video game or animated show with my own characters, or comic series, that I can do for now.


Have anyone seen Looney Tunes Show? (The new show on Cartoon Network)

That avatar, is a blue cat, named Comet. My own first character. =] Nothing related to Sonic, though, it was actually based off a "Toon" I made in a Disney's online game called Toontown, and it's my first MMORPG I've even played. 10 dollars a month, or less if you pick a year sub or something. And, my Toon was named Little Comet, which is because I love little cute animals; and I love going fast and things that goes fast, like racing cars, Sonic, comets... So, Little Comet became my internet signature name even since. After about 1-2 years of playing Toontown, "Comet" character of mine came from that, with my own drawing style, to avoid making him look like a Toon cat from Toontown.


Also, I have one comic series to work on, as one of my projects to do during the summer, called Speedy Gaming, which is about a black cat named Speedy and he's a gamer and Comet's brother, it's not the best or anything impressive, but it's a good comic series that explain stuff about video games and other stuff based on my opinions about things. It's also a good practice in making comic before I make bigger comic series with use of most/all of my characters.


If you want, you can check it out. currently there's 5 pages. And I add new one every Monday. I picked Monday, so everyone can enjoy something small that make them feel little better about Mondays. http://littlecometlm.deviantart.com/art/Speedy-Gaming-Page-1-215186556


Also, back then, Disney channel used to be awesome, filled with so many great Disney cartoons, especially Mickey Mouse ones... Actually, who am I kidding? All of Nick, Disney, and Cartoon Network were awesome back then...


Nick: Catdog, Angry Beavers, Doug, Rugarts, Rocket Power, Jimmy Neutron, Fairy Godparents, Hey Aronld......


Disney: Many different "Disney movie" shows like Aladdin, Buzz Lightyear, Tarzan, etc, there's also Goofy Troop, Lilo & Stitch (Didn't like that, but it was better than Disney trash today), Doug (disney version), Duck Tales, Quack Pack (Unsure about name), Recess, Darkwing Duck, Chip & Dale: RR........


Cartoon Network: Dexter's Lab (can't spell whole word), Cow & Chicken, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Johnny Bravo, Powerpuff Girls, Ed, Edd, n Eddy, Teen Titans, Codename: KND, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (didn't like that. lol) and so much more.


Wow... So many great classics. ):


Doesn't it make you wonder why that most of companies always focus on newer tech stuff, but results always seem more poorly. Most of 2d games I've played is much better than some 3d games I've played in my life, honestly.

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WOOOOW! Look like they will probably appear in Toys R US soon as date is August 1 or so...?


To be honest, I'll skip Tails and Sandworm pack, because it isn't something I expected, I thought it was going to be a full model of badnik, but noooooope.


I'll get Mono Beetle pack and Spinner ones! (Mostly because of Adventure game appearances) and although, what turns me off is that I see Shadow and Sonic involved with them, maybe I'll wait on them, honestly... What if there will be badnik packs, with no Sonic characters? I don't want ANOTHER Sonic or Shadow figure. I'll prefer waiting for ones to come in Toys R US, because they will be cheaper. Most of time, new Sonic figures tends to be higher price or rip-off on ebay when they come out.


Though, if it take forever, I'll just take Mono Beetle + Shadow pack, since I do want any enemy from SA2B, I loved their design!


Also, there's three new Mario "toys" that I saw in Toys R US... All of them were in red cubed packs, with green thick cubed stand under them, with white font of their name on front.


I picked up Bowser, because obviously, who wouldn't want a main villain in a nice size? It's slightly bigger than it should be, for my 2"-3" Mario toys, but I really love it. Those figures are like... size between 2"-3" and 6"-7" I think...? There's Mario and Luigi too but I didn't buy them, although I almost did, they looked so cool and nicely designed, I might get them eventually. =] All of them were 11.99 or 12.99, I think.

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And still in the U.K we havent seen any of them yet, not even the 1st wave of SONIC - TAILS - & - KNUCKLES.

Now I must recoup my money as i may get these but its the Classic's I want. Weird how Jazwares havent said a peep yet, not even on their website. sigh I must now prepare for the outlandish prices on ebay and amazon now....... :(

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My god you fellahs find the best stuff. Gotta have it all, well, most of it. Soo much sonic stuff to get, and mario swag also, I need to start selling blood.


Another pic of nendroid sonic, its the same as the above pic, but plus a release date, CHRISTMASSSSS.

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Honestly, being that the proportions are off on purpose, and the figure, itself, will be much better than the one Jazwares is going to be selling, I don't have a doubt in my mind that I'm going to simply pass the Jazwares one, and pick the Nendo up instead.

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Rey Mysterio wins.... then loses. But that's off topic.


I'm gonna try to got to Modell's tomorrow for some street hockey stuff (even though it's waaaaay too hot in NJ for it), maybe I'll be able to squeeze a trip to Toys Я Us along with that. I'll keep you folks updated.

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Hmm...until a few days ago, I had never heard of Nendoroid, let alone the types of figures they sell. Searching the name on Google Images tells me that their main focus is rendering characters from different anime series into detailed, chibi-style figurines. Actually, "detailed" would be an understatement: the figures look almost flawlessly polished, from what I've seen. Apparently they seem pretty popular, so I can see why a Sonic figure from them would be a pretty big deal.


That said, could anyone tell me any more information about Nendoroid that I should know? I mostly would like to know what other types of characters they make besides ones from anime (I noticed a Mickey Mouse, for example). It would be greatly appreciated. :) Although I am quite the Jazhead, this brand has also piqued my interest a bit.

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Oh hai there, 1991 Sonic. How's it been?


This is the 5" version. From what I've seen of this person on Jazwares' Facebook who supposedly has them, the "2011 Sonic" is just a re-issue of their current 5" Sonic like the Colors figure was. Bummer. :(


Another thing, guys: These are showing up at Target. That is where the person on Facebook had found them originally. What sucks, though, is that he said he lives in NC, and so do I. I was JUST in Target today and didn't even think to look in the toy section. Luckily I'll be going there again tomorrow, but still, what a great opportunity to be missed. :P


EDIT: I've also learned from the Facebook page that the new 3" figures do not include stands. At least the badniks make it worth it, I guess!

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Hey guys! Check this out:



Sorry for the poor quality, but it's the only one out right now. Apparently, 5 inch Classic Sonic DOES come with a badnik! Motobug! And he seems to be available at GameStop as well! This sucker is apparently selling for $9.99. Happy hunting!


I have to admit, when I first saw the eBay pic, this figure looked kinda iffy. But getting a closer look at him, he looks MUCH nicer. Hopefully I can pick him up soon.


EDIT: Oh, and sorry about your cat, SC. @sad@


SECOND EDIT: This might actually be the 3 inch Classic Sonic. I'm honestly not sure.

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Actually JS, that is most certainly the 3" version. :) He comes with a Motobug and the 5" version doesn't.


Speaking of 5" Classic Sonic, guess what I found in my local Target today? I bring you pics!




This was the Sonic display at my Target. They had the Classic and Modern 5" figures and the Modern Sonic and Tails 3" figures. No Classic 3" figures yet, sadly. They also had the Classic Sonic and Tails plushies, but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of those. And now, pics of the 5" 1991 Sonic.


Box back:




Front view, compared with the Sonic Colors figure (Modern Sonic):




Side view:




Back view:




Apologies if the lighting, quality, or size are insufficient. While the joints are a bit loose, the lack of knee joints honestly doesn't bother me that much. It's still a great-looking figure in person and I would definitely recommend it. It goes for $9.99 at Target.


Oh and yes, my condolences go out to you, Superchaos. I've lost two dogs in the past and I know what it can feel like. :/ It's definitely tough.

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