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New Sonic Figures!


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Not gonna lie... I had no idea about that second one... XD


Kinda weird, seeing as it's such an old game, too =P


EDIT: Hahaha, the sig is even more of a win now!

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HAHAHA, You think you get hard-core Jersey Shore joked? My name is Vinny. One of the main guys in that show is also Vinny, apparently. Nearly everyone I know calls me a Guido and tells me to fist pump. Hahhaha If we get an Egg-Pod toy for Eggman, it should come with a tiny Dreamcast and Eggman Adventure!

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Well if we're gonna chat about owining consoles well here goes, (iam practically like Techaspike except I bought the PS consoles, (Ya cant cant say no to GTA)


1.Spectrum (ahhhh remember the cassete Tapes as games DIZZY! haha that Egg was awesome)


2. Nintendo (Dad loved DUCK HUNT he'd purposlly miss so that he can see the laughing dog, I loved Mario 3 and STAR WARS hehe I always had the call my bro when the astroid field level came up)


3. Game Boy (ahhhhhhhh old days Dad goin JAPAN and bringing back 'SUPER 30 IN ONE' had ROBOCOP-BATMAN RETURN OF THE JOKER-TERMINATOR 2-TETRIS etc) Had 2 of them though.


4. Sega MegaDrive (My love for the Blue Boomer begins.... SONIC TRILOGY + KNUCKLES also ROAD RASH (where's the re-boot game????) STREETS OF RAGE, GOLDEN AXE, MICROMACHINES, FOOTBALL MANAGER, NHL HOCKEY,FIFA94-97, RISTAR (3INCH JAZWARE :D).


5.32X (Only because it had Knuckles: Chaotix on it. )




7. Dreamcast (Hands down top 2 or joint top with MEGADRIVE as best console) Had SONIC ADVENTURE 1 & 2 plus SONIC SHUFFLE. but had FUR FIGHTERS (LOVED THAT GAME :D ) CHU CHU ROCKET, BLUE STINGER, RESIDENT EVIL: CODE VERONICA, POWERSTONE 1&2 (why oh why no PS3 re-release!) SPAWN: IN THE DEMONDS HAND, CRAZY TAXI, MARVEL VS CAPCOM 1&2 and many more god it was an awesome console to behld, ahead of its time maybe, EA sucks as to not put FIFA on it, but could say no DREAMCAST! no ONLINE CONSOLE PLAY!


8. Playstation (the METAL GEAR SOLID love begins.... and the GTA phenomenom there was so many good games that I feel in love with DIE HARD TRILOGY, DEAD BALL ZONE, FIFA 99-2000, Mortal Kombat 4 in 3D haha the blood STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 3, TIME CRISIS, SPIDER-MAN 1&2 (loved the password screen type the word s**t and spidey comes up to smack it haha, and the WATCHER cheat where it was an alternate take on the story), and SYPHON FILTER 1-3 haha loved the tazer hehe and who didnt love that level where it was Phagen's men vs Rhoamer's men and you were in the middle of it pure JOHN WOO style hehe


9. Playstation2 GTA 3,VICE CITY, SAN ANDREAS ahhhh memories MGS 2&3 were masterpeices, MEDAL OF HONOR: FRONTLINE that D-DAY level nuff said, RED DEAD REVOLVER ( yes peeps remember there was a 1st game although nothin like REDEMPTION) MASHED, TIMESPLITTERS 1&2, HITMAN (AVA MARIA) ENTER THE MATRIX (remember the hype :P ) FREEDOM FIGHTERS (UNDERRATED BEYOUND BELIEF) SPARTA: TOTAL WARRIOR wow just wow, STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT hehe AT-AT hoth battle hehehehehehehehe, and of course SONIC HEROES, SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG, SONIC RIDERS 1&2.


10. Gamecube ( only bought this coz SA1 & 2 came out on it, but I did get MGS: Twin Snakes heheand Mario Sunshine i loved.


11. Game Boy Advance ( oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Sonic Advance Trilogy and Soonic Battle was soooooooooooooooooooooo good anyone remember the controversy of the JAPANESE version when ROUGE called EGGMAN a BASTARD lol love it, and Mummsy bought me MARIO KART on it as well :).


12. PSP (Well I won this however before I entered the competition from a PS2 mag I bought one on EBAY and then a few weeks later a package came i opened it and boom a PSP for me as a winner, of course I was pissed outta my mind, so I gave it to my bro, But SONIC RIVALS 1&2 yey, and the GTA's .


13. Nintendo DS ( Sonic Rush man and Rush Adventure and Colours kinda a Rush Trilogy tbh and one of my fave SONIC games..... THE DARK BROTHERHOOD


14 XBOX360 only reason I bought this was because 2 things... 1. Couldnt wait for PS3 release anylonger and 2 SONIC 06 came out earlier But CRACKDOWN and DEAD RISING were awesome and as backward compatable with XoboX I played the HALO TRILOGY and that rocked!


15 Nintendo Wii Ah SONIC's supposed new comfy home at Nintendo who'd have thought it huh?


16. Playstation 3 And so the MGS saga ends..... nigh on 10 long years of Snakes Story spanned across 3 consoles (Standout moment.... The return to SHADOW MOSES tears of joy yet scary how much in graphical echeivement we've accomplished) But with old heroes retiring we get new one, al la Natahn Drake UNCHARTED RULES!!!!! man never have we been this close to being just like INDIANA JONES , BATAMAN finally got the game he deserved LEGO GAMES were out in force, ALIENS VS PREDATOR managed to be better than the 2 films combined and SONIC was UNLEASHED on PS3.


Now we await the propossed ANNIVERSAY GAME I hope it rules.


soz for rambling i dont usually go on like this so sorry :( but hope some of ya enjoyed a trip down memory lane :)

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Systems owned/were in my household:


*edit* can't see the bottom of this post to put this edit there, but I totally forgot the N64 *edit*


Atari (yeah, I'm that oldschool)

Sega Master System

Sega Genesis

Sets Gamegear

Nintendo Gameboy

Super Nintendo

Nintendo Gamecube

Nintendo Gameboy Color

Nintendo Gameboy Advance

Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP

Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS Lite

Nintendo DSi

Nintendo Wii


xBox 360


Playstation 2


I think that's pretty much it. I started to put them in order, but I forgot one and I'm typing this on my phone so I can't go back to the top.


On a side note, does anyone remember Sega Channel? That thing was awesome!

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LeeSeymore, your breakdown rocks.


I ALSO bought a 32x JUST for "Knuckles Chaotix". I didn't know about it at the time though (no internet, as you mentioned) but got it years later (probably during the Dreamcast era). Chaotix is actually the ONLY game I own for it.


Fighter's Megamix was awesome. It's funny that you mentioned Bean and Bark because I can't remember how I discovered that they were Sonic characters either. Although I know I did because every time I ended up in an arcade I would search for a "Sonic Fighters" machine in hopes of expanding on the little sample I got from Fighters Megamix.


How excited I was when they included it on "Gems Collection." I borrowed my sisters Gamecube the day that game came out to finally take it for a spin ^_^


Sonic R totally dominated my Saturn era as well. I feel like that game gets a bad rap nowadays, but I thought it was great. That and NiGHTS. And Burning Rangers. That game blew my mind. Probably jump started by sci-fi obsession actually :)


And I had all those Dreamcast games too! Still do actually. I still have all my systems and all their games lined up chronologically on one side of my room. My own personal arcade :D Sad that Dreamcast didn't get enough attention. It had a really great library of games.


I had a Game Boy back in the day and loved that too. The original Pokemon and Link's Awakening. Oh man. I never got a GBA so I've unfortunately missed out on the Sonic Advance series. But I never knew about the "bastard" uproar. Whether it's her bouncing breasts or her sassy attitude, leave it to Rouge to cause controversey in the Sonic-verse. She's awesome :P


I did however borrow my sister's DS so that I could play Dark Brotherhood. I LOVE Mass Effect so when I heard bioware was working on Sonic I was sold! And I normally hate turn-based fighting games, but that game was one of the best Sonic games I ever played (especially in recent years). The story was out of this world (literally). Absolutely amazing and totally underrated.


And on the XBOX front, Halo did rock. Though if you were into Halo for the story and haven't tried out it's sci-fi brethren MASS EFFECT 1 & 2, I would highly recomend it. Arguably the best 2 games I've ever played. It'll change your life ;)


And no worries LeeSeymore. Always love a walk dowm memory lane ;)

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Oh and in reagards to Jersey Shore (another "small world" instance) that character "Vinny" that SuperVintendo mentioned actually went to my college, which was 10 minutes away from SuperChaos' hometown.




Also, while I DID know that Zeta was made of Dreamcasts, I DIDN'T know that Robotnik kept one in his Unleashed Egg-pod. Awesome stuff :)

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My console list was not quite as extensive as Ninians :P I got:


Atari (sadly, this one has passed on)

Nintendo Entertainment System (also passed on)

Sega Genesis (a little sick, but still good)

Sega 32x (also a little sick)

---------------And the rest are running strong!---------------

Sega Saturn

Sega Dreamcast



Game Boy Color


NeoGeo Pocket Color


---------------And my sister frequently lets me borrow her---------------

Nintendo Gamecube

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo DS


And they all still put a smile on my face :)

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I've had:


SEGA Genesis: (versions 1, 2, and 3 I believe, I've been through multiples of each. My current one is 2.) Favorite games growing up were the Sonic games, World of Illusion (veery fun game, just wish I could play as Goofy lol), Tom& Jerry, The Lion King, Toy Story, the Jungle Book (pretty much every Disney game, Pigskin Footbrawl,and Evander Holyfield's "Real Deal" Boxing. Man, there wasn't a game I didn't love for it! Now my repertoire consists of Sonics 1, 2 , 3 & Knuckles, Spinball, 3D Blast, Classics 3 in 1, Toy Story, Footbrawl, NHL 96, and not much else. I miss my old games...


SEGA Saturn: I had Nights and Sonic 3D, my dad gave it to some guys for helping us move to a new town in NJ, I was really upset. I also had the weird circle controller.


Sony PlayStation: Probably least used, I had some games.... Madden... Rugrats.


SEGA Dreamcast: Ah! The Dreamcast, solidifier of my Sonic Fandom. I'd play this all the time. It broke and devastated. My parents bought one or had another for some reason so all was good. I burned through a few copies of Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2. I even had the Trial Version. I also had a games. I wanted to get Sonic Shuffle, but my mom bought Crazy Taxi. My dad got obsessed and would play it all the time. I wanted Adventure 2, and my mom got Crazy Taxi 2... I had a few Football, Basketball, and Hockey games (best part was that Sonic cameoed in all of them.) I recently got another (well, a couple years ago) With Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Shuffle, Crazy Taxi, Crazy Taxi 2, and a few others.


Nintendo 64: The Stadium, Stadium 2, Mario Party, Mario Party 3, Diddy Kong Racing, Mario Party 2, TONIC TROUBLE FTW!, maybe a few more, and South Park. Very fun, I wish I could find the cords for it.


Nintendo Game Boy Color: (It has Pikachu and Pichu on it.) I had a Powerpuff Girls game, a Shrek wrestling game, and some horse game. Maybe others.


Nintendo GameCube: Easily one of my favorite consoles. I was surprised by it one day when I got home from school. I owned Animal Crossing,several copies of Adventure 2 Battle, several copies of DX, Gems, Mega Collection, The Simpsons Road Rage, Hit and Run, Lights Camera Pants, Mario Party 4, Pikmin, many more... My first Cube was the Indigo one, then I a Silver one (I think it broke too), now I use my Wii (funny thing is, the Silver Controller broke, but I still Indigo one.) Also a Wavebird one. First game I played was either Spiderman 2 or Melee I think. Both rented.


Nintendo Game Boy Advance: Sonic Advance only for the longest time. Chain of Memories... I don't even know what else I have lol. A Cartoon Network game and MAYBE a couple others. Also have some of those TV show things. Translucent Bluish Color, Metallic Red SP


Sony PlayStation 2: Took a long while, but another amazing console. Last Gen was one of my favorites, PS2, GC, DC, Xbox, all good consoles.

Anyway, I have so many games. Most notable are the Kingdom Hearts Series, my second favorite only to Sonic, Crazy Taxi port, The Sims (playing those games now, GTA San Andreas, and a Plethora more. I had 2 or 3 of the old ones, then I got a Slim White one which I use now. We have about 10 controllers for PS and PS2 combined, most of which don't work. A favorite game of mine for it (which was rented) was Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure. Disney has one heck of a game department.


Nintendo DS: Nintendogs.... Chronicles.... uuhhh.... stuffs... Metallic Blue


Xbox 360: Very good gaming console, controller just feels right. Bought it for '06... ugh, mistake, but I love the system. I h '06, NHL 07, NHL 10, Madden 11, A couple of Burger King games. Not too many, but I like most of 'em. Oh, and Sonic 4.


Nintendo Wii: I likee. Brawl, Secret Rings, Jeopardy!, Mario and Sonic, Unleashed, Guitar Hero Aerosmith, Sonic Colors, The Simpsons Game, probably many more.


Not sure if I forgot anything, very possibly, but oh well. Hope you guys enjoy haha!

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Wow you have had alot of consoles.


Anyways I have a owned quite a few myself, but not as many some.



Sega Genesis Model 1 and I got the model 2 system after the first died.


Sega Dreamcast - Skipped the 32 bit era and went straight from Genesis to Dreamcast. I was totally blown away by the graphics.


Gameboy Color


Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Advance SP




PS2 slim


Xbox 360






I think the only console I regret not owning is the Sega Saturn. I'm pretty content with what I own now though. Although I will buy a 3DS when Megaman Legends 3 is released. I might buy another 360 if a Gears 3 Limited edition console comes out.

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Wow thanks for the compliments guys, nice to get to know each other abbit more right.


TechaSpike, I found Out about BEAN & BARK in a Official U.K Sega Saturn magazine, they were covering FIGHTERS MEGAMIX and the issue I had bought they saved BEAN till last as they forgot him, then right at the top of the paragraph it said something like 'BEAN the remaining Fighter from the arcade game SONIC THE FIGHTERS' I was just so blown away that he was there all that time.

I forgot to mention that I had the MASTER SYSTEM how could I forget SONIC CHAOS and the MASTER versions of SONIC 1 & 2.


I didnt have the re-intrest when SONIC ADVENTURE came out as FLEETWAYS SONIC THE COMIC kept the intrest strong with me, I used to write mini stories based in the FLEETWAY WORLD (hence my love for the comic) But with thanks to METAL GEAR SOLID I kinda felt that SONIC ADVENTURE was like an interactive film :).


Other games I have but didnt mention was THE THING for PS2 (man one of my fave games ever)

MAX PAYNE 1 & 2 (now MP 1 was great except for one thing.... those flashbacks on the bloodtrail mazes and the baby cryin in the background disturbing yet feckin annoying)

KILLZONE not really the HALO beater they claimed it to be but with each installement the better it gets, however I do stress that IF KILLZONE or HALO were to be made into a film, id say (as we all know how much development hell HALO has gone through to be made, KILLZONE would be the easier option and paving the way for HALO.

CALL OF DUTY, NAZI ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha

GOD OF WAR wow why couldnt CLASH OF THE TITANS (2010) have been like this?

DEAD RISING 2. hmmm 'I got ZOMBREX..... save Kaite????? or fight????????? katie??? or fight....... HELLO MACHINE GUN CHAIR!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH TAKE THAT AN THAT AN THAT HAHAHA WOOOO SO MUCH FUN Katie you gotta try this......... katie............. uh oh ah ... ill be over in paradise mall, you lay there eatin the sherrif now thats a good girl. epp!

Sonic Gems Collection was the first time I played SONIC FIGHTERS but SONIC CD as well, as I never got the MEGADRIVE CD or should Ii say GENISIS to my American brothers :) and dont worry dudes I aint gonna get bitchy with you guys so no need to say sorry or 'please dont hit me comments' were all dudes here:)


On PS3 I already mentioned that THE RETURN TO SHADOW MOSES was the PS3 highlight so far but close runner up has to be (for me) in RED DEAD REDEMPTION when you ride back to your home with that awesome pieice of music 'compass' playin. Plus and now iam really gonna get something out here that id never say,, was a game that made me sad almost cry when THAT ending shootout happens!


Ive also just recently bought MASS EFFECT 2 so ill have to see how long that'll take me. I hear alot of hours.... uh oh. reminds me of FINAL FANTASY 7 & 8.


Anyone ever created their own character?

I did back in 94 I had drawn 'STRIPES THE BADGER' hehe and Like SONIC i've evolved him since into a more cartoony version.

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That whole post by me was a joke, you can call it whaaateever you want lol (though you did misspell "Genesis") Just pushing your buttons =D.


Also, I despise Nazi Zombies for the sole fact that nobody here shuts up about it.


Speaking of Fan Characters, how many of us have made our own version of "Shadic"? Honestly?

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Yes the comics definitely kept me afloat through the pre-Sonic Adventure draught as well Lee, though for me it was Archie Sonic, since my 9-14 year old self had no idea how to buy comics from oversees. And I made my own little Sonic comics too, which had a bit or Archie influence. TECHA & SPiKE were actually two of the characters I created for the comic when I was in middle school. Haven't drawn them in about a decade now, but the names have stuck around :)


But its true, SA2 was like an interactive movie, which is what was so great about it. Getting to see the story from all those different perspectives too. That was some great stuff.


And if you are a fan of interactive movies, than I could not be happier for you that you now own Mass Effect 2. The characters are so amazing and the choices you have to make in the game are gut-wrenching. I really hope you enjoy it. But yes, it could last you 40-60 hours, depending on how much time you dedicate to mining planets for plutonium :P


Have fun with that though. I'm excited for you :D

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Wow, very interesting. (Just finished reading all of posts I missed)


Hmm! You know, I found out about Sonic when I was a kid, I never own anything but Nintendo systems; I got PC games of Sonic 3 + Knuckles (my first Sonic game), Sonic R, Sonic 3D Blast, and Sonic & Knuckles... Good times. I remembered I was stuck on certain part of carnival world... I didn't even know I was supposed to move up and down on the spinning object to get out. ._.


Even since, I started getting Sonic games after that. =]

I also own:







-Game Boy Color

-Game Boy Advance

-Original DS (I never brought any different versions of DS, because it isn't worth it)


Also, all of my old systems (not including Gamecube and Wii) still works almost perfectly. Why? Because of freaking awesome game paks. They probably last lifetime or something... They can't get damaged or broken so easily, either. And discs? Just touch shiny side, and it's already ruined by a tiny bit. I hate discs, by the way... My old Wii "died" because it couldn't scan discs anymore, so I had to get second Wii. *groan*


I mean really, with game paks, you can notice that everything during games could load and save instantly, since game paks are connected to systems, so no loading or anything needed. That, and you don't need to wait for game to load when you put the game pak in; you just put it in, turn the power on, and you are done.


Also, I got a bunch of used GBA games from e-bay and game spots, and they always work just fine. =)


Say, are anyone annoyed with something about today's era?

For me, I'm annoyed with how people always prefer:

-Tapes over discs for movies...

-Blu-ray over DVD

-Movies in 3-d over movies without 3-d effect

-Game discs over game paks

-Crappy cartoon shows over amazing animated cartoon shows


Plus, what's so great about movies in "3-d"? It's not even necessary, I seen a movie in 3-d, it wasn't something to be trilled over. I actually prefer movies without 3-d effect. >_<


Also, anyone with Wii, can you share what you actually dislike about Wii? I'd like to know. For me, I hate the idea of Wii remotes where you sometime have to shake or swing with it; which is very irritating for me... I hate the controller remote design, too. I dislike how Wii remotes always rely on batteries, and you have to switch for fresh batteries or buy more if you ran out of them... I also hate when you start Wii up, you see crappy health message, then move on to Wii channels, then you pick the game channel, then wait for it to be loaded, then play. It take a longer time to start a game up on Wii than Gamecube... That, and I personally HATE Miis so damn much, really. They are just ugly as hell. Again, my opinions. I feel annoyed whenever something confirm that "Oh, Miis will be in this game, or that game!" and I'd be like "Oh hell no, get Miis stay out of games, they don't belong in games... oh well." and well, thankfully, Miis are optional, but.. well, people will still use them if you are going to play in wifi with them on Mario Kart Wii, or something.


Seriously, I hope that next "Wii" system doesn't require me to use damned remotes, and swing or shake with it. I'd like to see next system with REAL GAME CONTROLLERS like N-64 and Gamecube had... That, and that could run with game paks... Oh man, that'd be really awesome. Nintendo is already capable of making super tiny game paks for DS and 3DS, and yet, games on 3DS looked good as Wii... Why can't Nintendo just make SNES-sized game pak with the power of 3DS memory? Think about a lot of space that Nintendo could use for every game...


Blah, sorry for the odd rant. XD

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