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New Sonic Figures!


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Awesome. I'll be Jazhead too. >:]


And for Joe, I'd like to know what happened with Blaze, Charmy, Mighty, and Rouge, since we don't really hear much about them. O: And yeah, G.U.N. robots aren't badniks, as someone explained, it should be labeled as G.U.N. robot. =]


Again as someone said, I'd love to see more of G.U.N robots, since it's from my number 1 favorite Sonic game; Sonic Adventure 2 Battle! G.U.N. robots are just so awesome... I still am hoping to see Omega & Gamma, as well.


By the way, i like rings idea! How about a pack of any character, with 25 rings in it? Or is that too many? lol. It's just that they are simple and can be easily created if they have a small factory that creates rings. =]


EDIT: OH yeah, and PLEASE get Soap Shoes Sonic from Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, he's also my number 1 favorite design on Sonic.

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I did like "Sonic Boomers" too, but it may sound a bit too like "Baby Boomers"


I'm going to venture a guess and say none of us here are THAT old.



By the way, I'm sorry if I came off as rude when I was talking about the "Freedom Fighters" name.


And yes, "Jazhead" most likely applies to all of use here.


EDIT: HAHA! I was just looking at my Photobucket pictures, and I found some cool and some funny stuff:




ddddddd.jpg(I colored the prototype, poorly)


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well SC2585JAZHEADPINGASMASTOR iam 27. Is that to old.......?

eep hope not, I was 7 years old when I went to my mums friends house and they had Sonic on the TV and I played it and immeddiatly loved it (Blue is my favourite colour, hence the reason I loved him more so)

I remember walkin with mum to the newspaper shop here in devon and on the bottom shelf was FLEETWAY's Issue 1 of SONIC THE COMIC, and from May 1993 - Jan 2002 I collected all 223 Issues (unlike Archie the Fleetway came out every 2 weeks rather than monthly)

I remember SONIC 3 came out on my Birthday 2/2/1994 I went to plymouth with my family I was 10 then.

I remembered when on the way to college looking in woolworths and seeing the Sega Saturn magazine having the first exclusive of SONIC ADVENTURE and the image thats on the DREAMCAST boxand thinking to myself AWESOME! that was in september 1998 (still got the issue) and remember the Gamesmaster x-mas 1999 issue that had Metal Gear Solid walkthrough and the reviews of Sonic Adventure/Crash Bandicoot 2/3.

Remembering the big 2001 10th anniversary announcement of SONIC ADVENTURE 2 seeing Shadow for the first time in that Matrix slow-mo cutscene. Of course after that reading that SEGA had to bow out of the console race.

Being phscyced for SONIC HEROES at E3 when the pics of the billboard showing Sonic, Cream, Omega and Charmy and going nuts when the chaotix were announced (but no mighty :( ) . Reading in 2005's Nintendo mag of SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG with its kinda dark edgy angle, and me commenting that its kinda the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK of the Sonic Games. Then playin all of the Advance games & Battle on Gameboy (something id never thought I do ever do let alone Sonic on Nintendo) Then of course the 15th Anniversary which was okish nothing big mind you (sonic 06) but dispite all its flaws I still angrilly enjoy it.. Then seeing that leaked footage of SONIC UNLEASHED thinking WOW until the WEREHOG came but again I still love it and finally Sonic Colours. Then that trailer of SONIC 4 and went gaga over, amoungst all that I collected Archie in 2003and still d, and I still wait like that 7 year old inside me whenever a new Sonic game comes out and on 23/06/11 I will sit down in the afternoon and load up SONIC THE HEDGEHOG and play it again just as I did 20 years ago, and will continue playing them forever more, reading the comics until they end, and collect the toys until they end.

By the way heads up to all the JAZHeads out there ;)

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Wow. This was amazing. Thanks for replaying my life. Also glad to see I'm not the oldest one here babbling on about Sonic Toys and Sonic Comics (I'm 25, so my story is the same, except mine started when I was 5).


I remember how amazing it was when Sonic Adventure was announced. My mom let me go in late to school on 9/9/99 so I could buy the Dreamcast and SA the minute it was released. I couldn't affort a VMU on my weekly allowance and you couldn't skip the cutscenes, so I rewatched Sonic jumping across Station Square 3 times a day, with a huge smile on my face.


And the Chaotix return in Sonic Heroes. How happy I was. Too bad about Mighty and the shitty voice acting, but we've been forced to deal with the latter since SA anyway.


I was an Archie collector since Sonic #13 (and hunted down most but not all of the ones before that). Got autographs from Penders and Spaz and hung out with Gallagher and Manak at a comic convention (we drew Sonic doodles for each other). I started hunting down the Fleetway books, but the cost of those things from oversees has made that a very slow process :)




My only disagreement would be about Shadow's game. While it may be the "Empire Strikes Back" of the series as far as dark undertones, ESB was also the BEST of the two Star Wars Trilogies and that can hardly be said about the overly convoluted plot and clunky controls of Shadow the Hedgehog.


But yes, thank you for the walk down memory lane. AND THANK JAZWARES FOR BRINGING IT BACK WITH CHAOTIX TOYS!


On a side note, does anyone think we wouldn't have minded the Werehog levels of Unleashed if they had been playable as Knuckles, instead of the gimicky werehog? The gameplay would have suited Rad Red pretty well, I think. With a few adjustments of course ^_^

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I meant the Baby Boomers are old. I don't think there are any Baby Boomers who talk to us here.


I'm on the younger side here at 16, but I've been with Sonic since I was born. I was practically gaming in the womb.


I remember my dad got a Dreamcast for Christmas in like 1999/2000? It had Sonic Adventure, Rayman 2, and maybe another game. I'd play Sonic Adventure a lot. My best memory was probably when I FINALLY got a (bootlegged) copy of Sonic Adventure 2. I was so happy. (I'm not sure if there was something better, gotta think.)


I've had a total of probably 2 comics over the years.


Another good memory actually was when I learned how to draw Sonic. I got a hand-me-down pair of Sonic underwear from my half brother. I looked at them and thought (I'm gonna draw him) I did and he's what I've been able to draw best since then. Every few months I see some of my old pictures (even from the past year) and say "Wow, this sucks, what was I thinking? In fourth grade I had a drawing Sonic drawing contest with this girl named Kathleen. She, my friend Patirkc, and I would always draw pictures of Sonic and Sonic related concept stuff. Patrick and I had this idea for a video games, we'd play it out every day at recess. It was incredible. Still working on the story though lol.


I also remember, I had Sonic Advance, but no G.B.A., and it was like that for about a year. I finally got one and played it all the time lol.


Recently I finished Green Hill Zone in 25 seconds on the Genesis (the record is 24 I believe.


Lots of Sonic memories, I could go on and on.

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Oh yeah, I didn't think you were calling us old, I just automatically assumed I was on the older side of the forum :P


But yeah, I feel like the comics were more essential to the older crowd for two reasons.


One is, the old games didn't have dialogue, so the comics sort of fleshed out things that could nowadays be covered by a cutscene.


The second is that there was a good couple of years where there really just were no NEW sonic games. I mean yeah, we got Sonic Jam (compilation) and Sonic R (racing) but there was really no ACTUAL Sonic platformers on the Sega Saturn and the comics were there to fill that void for the kids from the early 90s who were dying for some new material.


After that, I think the comic sort of grew with it's audience. And while the art definitely influenced Sonic's new look in the games, the storylines of the newer games tended towards the younger crowds and there slowly became a divide between the comics and the games.


Archie seems to have been actively trying to bridge that gap lately and a part of me hopes that works so all this debate about which version is better can finally cease. Though I hope its not at the expense of some great Archie concepts and characters, since in the end, Sega is gonna make the call o_0


Rant ended :P

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I got my start on the Genesis, and that was the only console we had 'til I was about 6 or 7. About half of my life I played exclusively SEGA consoles. I started playing when I was 1 or younger lol. So I'm not one of those fans who became one because of the "younger" storylines you mentioned. I was born right as the gap between Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles and Sonic Adventure began... Did they not make Game Gear games during this time, I never actually had one. As for the comics, I just dislike what happens in them, and the characters. My favorite Sonic show when I was younger was the original one. And it didn't ave the comic characters. I think that's the main reason I don't read the comics, I just strongly dislike the characters. They feel artificial to me compared to the games. Of course if they appear in any games (not Spinball), I'd have to deal with them, but I don't see that happening (though Mighty may be good to have back at some point)

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Hey to each their own, man :) I have the "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" on DVD as well and watched it before school, as a kid. But SatAM was my jam ^_^ I would wake up at like 6am on a weekend to watch that show. While I would never wake up that early for a show today, it is the one that holds up the most for me as an adult.


Sure it's got its essential cheesy kid parts like any cartoon, but the political turmoil and strong female characters seemed so ahead of its time. Obviously I didn't take note of this as a 6-year old, but I must have been attracted to that kind of storytelling on some level even then.


And in comparison, from the opinion of someone who's near the age that I could have a daughter of my own soon (though not too soon, I hope), whiney lovesick puppy-dog Amy who will only fight for the heart of her man, is such a poor role model for young girls and I do wish they'd make her grow up into a stronger character like Sally had been. I mean there was Sonic and there was his intelligent ass-kicking girlfriend who led a small army against an evil dictator JUST BCEAUSE SHE CAN. That's badass no matter how you look at it :D


Sonic doesn't have to be just for boys after all :)


And while I have no problem with you considering Archie's characters artificial upon a thorough analysis of them, the fact that you only own two issues means you may not have had the chance to see all their depth. Having played nearly every game and read nearly every comic, I feel like its the comic characters I'll be able to relate to decades down the road.


But that's just me. What the hell do I know :P

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I think part of it may be that playing the game, you get a feel for the characters, you know them and use them. They're more physically fleshed out because they move and do things. While the comics are just pictures, no interaction whatsoever. The human mind is very mysterious in how it works subconsciously.


EDIT: Also, ya gotta remember, Amy is 12 in the games. A lot of 12 year old girls these days are like that unfortunately. Sally seems to me like one of the older characters, and thats 'cause she's strong.

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Ya' know, I think you might have hit the nail on the head there. There's nothing like actually BEING a character, as you can in a video game. And comics in general are hardly a mainstream medium anyway. So that's probably a huge part of the divide.


Sonic Comics were my gateway drug as a kid, but I've grown into an all around comics geek and I never realized that, say Spider-Man, definitely has the same division of movie fans and comic fans.


And the comic fans tend to be the smaller but more rabid group, because with comics it might take 6 months to get a complete story arc, so there's a lot of dedication involved.


Interesting stuff. I like your thinking. :D Can you tell I majored in film with a concentration in media analysis? :P lolz


But yes, I appreciate Amy's youth in the games. I just think it stinks that she's their prime representation of the female role. Rouge is 18, and arguably independent, but she's also walking sex-appeal and that's not the best role model for girls either.


Blaze is a pretty good female role model, but unfortunately she barely ever makes a prominent appearance o_0

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Unrelated side-note:


The accountant at my job just showed me that he downloaded Sonic 2 to his blackberry after hearing me talk about the series so much. He's a bit older (late 30s) and hasn't quite gotten used to the controls yet.


But he says he'll practice, cuz he wants to be a "Sonic-head" like me.


Perhaps a bit simple and ripe with the potential to be twisted into an insult. But it had a nice ring to it when he said it :)

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Exactly, he was witty, cocky, edgy, always on the move yet still cool heroic in Colors. I'm really enjoying Roger's take on him.

I think a bit of that showed at times in Sonic Adventure 2 as well. Like in one of my favorite lines from that game, "You've turned into a BIG TIME villain Doctor" He know's there's serious risk of himself being harmed, yet he still shows a bit of egdyness like he's supposed to have. Or when he's with Shadow "What can I say? I die hard" Edgy.

I like running better" On the move.

"Tails...Amy... take care of yourselves" heroic and serious when it's called for.

I love that game so so much. I can't even explain it.


Also, thanks Clover and SuperSonic, I had some trouble getting it to look how I wanted, and it still doesn't, but it's presentable!

I hope Joe likes it lol

(You can still call me Superchaos, like Clover, so you don't need to copy paste the name lol.)

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I have a feeling JazHeads would catch on to fans of Jazwares that don't buy Sonic stuff. But, I think it's good! I think Sonic Boomers would have caught on too, though...


Also, Cloverdox, I like your sig, so I made something that was inspired by that. I think there are hundreds of these already, but I wanted to make one myself.


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