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New Sonic Figures!


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The reason they don't make these packs is because the characters have no modern design (in the games at least), and as we know, jazwares isn't doing older style, or comic book figures. I'd expect to see Lumina Flowlight before any of these guys, unless they make an appearence in a newer game.

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Ray's design had an update in the comics. He wears blue shoes and a blue jean jacket. He also has little hair spikies like Tails.

He's basically yellow Tails with more and different clothes.


EDIT: To be fair, Bean and Bark have been slightly redesigned also. Basically every character has a modern design.

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I think its just wishful thinking honestly. I've said it several times last year that Jazwares would only make stuff to tie into to current games.


I wouldn't count some of these characters out of appearing in some modern games though, I think a super smash bros style game is quite possible with the sega all stars series.

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I know that guys! I'm just sayin' I'd like Ray, is all!

However, Mighty isn't in any current games and they HAVE expressed interest in doing Mighty.

EDIT: Also, unrelated, there seems to be a new variant to the Chaotix pack. The paint apps have been changed/improved and the loose torso on Vector has been replaced with switched legs.

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... I still don't know why some of you are acting like figures of these characters will happen. =P Jazwares has the license to make CURRENT VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS that Sega of Japan created. That means no classic characters, and no comic characters. So until Jazwares makes an announcement that they are able to do classic or comic characters, chances are, non of these characters will be made. Sorry for sounding so negative, but that's the way it is.



I do believe everyone knows this and is waiting for Jazwares to acquire the license for them, since they never outright said "no, not ever".


The likelihood was already small, but it has gone up a fair bit with both Sega of America AND Sega of Japan deciding to promote the Who's Who.

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So with Sonic 4 being out for a while, I think I can give a bit of my opinion. I liked it. It was good. The physics were well, that's a topic for another time. They music was nice the game felt awkward at first but I was able to adjust rather quickly. I am still having trouble getting the dang 7th emerald :P and the final boss had a strange difficulty spike which somewhat felt out of place. (The difficulty level I mean).


Now on to the topic of figures. That photo of the Sonic Colors themed figure to go along with the others kinda annoys me. I would have liked some variation in sculpt to fit the theme but I can't be picky. I am kind of confused why they didn't add maybe another wisp or two. I would have liked to just buy a wisp pack so I won't have yet another 5 inch Sonic. I may keep it MIB and hang it on the wall in my room, depending on the box's appearance. Also October is nearing it's end. It's the 22nd of it probably when I post this or just about and November is coming closer. Sonic Color's release date coming closer by the day, I think the Sonic figure may be out in the coming weeks. Big is supposedly out but the Figure Finding Masters......scalpers we call tbhouse hasn't found him yet I am not searching avidly myself right now. When are those new plushes coming out? (Silver, Tails, and Knuckles) I would assume XMAS because the seem like good stocking stuffers to me :) Also when is Free Riders coming out? Gonna assume the same time as Colors, I haven't followed it at all really. It's not worth it plus I don't feel like wasting money on Kinect...just yet. So those figures should be out soon. No word on Omega, Rouge, and Mighty yet. Charmy is pushed back as we know, is the Invisible Espio pushed back too? How are they being packaged? Questions I hope to have answered pretty soon.

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Wow! -_____- Toywiz is listing a gamma figure for +$300. Wow just wow. -___-

.....good god. Well I got one for 24 bucks last year. I mean, good god man.


And about the figures, well I mean sheesh, its true that they havent ruled out comic characters yet. But you know, aside from making every current canon sonic character into a figure in every scale (3 inch 5inch 10 inch) what else can they do? Also aside from doing promotions for games. Oh wait, sonic has about 20 games out every year (ok not really, BUT CLOSE AMIRITE?....no. not really.) so they'll be kept busy..


Id really like to see them branch out though. Even if it just meant doing figures of only the more popular comic characters. Sally, Bunnie, antoine, etc etc. And heck, it may only be certain characters. I assume sega owns all of the characters in the comic right? (Im always look out for sonic articles, and im aware of the whole ken penders stupidity.) So it could happen. Not that I actually personally want figures of anyone in the comic series (anyone that originates from the comics that is.) but again, I dont see why not, and they'll run out of characters to make eventually. I mean, I assume.

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You're exaggerating, and by a great deal. Especially when they've been cutting back on adding characters and have instead been cycling the ones they have. Not only are they going to run out, but at the rate they're making new molds, they'll run out at around a year from now.


Just sticking with who's featured on Sonic Channel, we have remaining:















That there is twelve characters, which is about how many were put into production this year. Also with Unleashed long behind us, chances are Chip WON'T be getting a figure, so you can knock that on down to eleven. Now granted, Eggman Nega's not on that list, but he's a pretty big player, so you can go on and add him. In addition, Burning Blaze, Super Tails, Super Knuckles, Darkspine Sonic, and Excalibur Sonic are all missing as well, but those are basically four remolds and an Armor Pack; so they're pretty low priority.


That said, they're already said that they won't be taking the Hasbro route and making endless repaints, so unless we somehow get 12 new characters next year (which would actually be suicide on Sonic Team's part), if they want to keep making toys, they'll have no choice but to dig into classic/comic characters.


Again, this is all at least a year away, but it's a bridge that'll have to be crossed.

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Honestly...I'm not sure, because that place is certifiably terrible, and Sonic Gear has posted this link to show why. Lots of people on that page have frequently claimed to either receive items extremely late, receive the wrong item, or not receive the items at all. Customer service is also terrible; it can take a week or even longer for them to respond to a single e-mail. Sorry, man. :(


The site is not completely bad, though; there have been good reviews stating that their service was quick and efficient. I really do hope your Sonic plush arrives that way.

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Thanks, and also I am assuming that if it was that bad as people say, it would have been shut down by now right?.....I hope.


I found it's facebook page. The store seems somewhat organized. Hopefully they pull through:


Photos of the store.

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That was supposed to be taken lightly, it was just a joke! XD (except the part about assuming)


My sarcasm detector was destroyed in combat and I'm to poor to get it fixed. XD


In other news, Dr. Finitevus has been answering fan mail in the Archie blogs all this week. Man, he is one SICK lookin dude. I just might have to look into getting a custom made of him or something.

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YES! I've been scouring eBay for days now looking for this pack. As always, they look great, and will make a fine addition to my collection. (Don't worry Clover, I'll be sure to pick him up XD) Hopefully the QC will be good as well.


The funny thing is, though, ever since they announced Big and Froggy, I always imagined the background picture on the packaging resembling his house from Sonic Adventure, or at least a forest environment. Turns out my visions were correct. :)

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Vector Sigma, he's HUGE! ANd hey, TRU is only 5 minutes away now. In fact, I have to go out there tomorrow to pay on my Kinect. I'll have a look, but I went earlier this week and all they had were Sonics and a few Silvers.


That's right. SONIC was SHELFWARMING. Never thought I'd see that!

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