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New Sonic Figures!


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Jazwares is currently on a commenting spree on their Facebook page. Things of note:


*We are currently NOT getting Wave and Storm

*The "invisible" Espio is purple, which makes it another "Boost Mode" figure

*3" Sonic and 3" Jet are sold separately and will come with the Free Riders style boards.

*The Sonic with Wisps is 5" and the Wisps are about 2.5" each

*Big and Froggy are STILL slated to come out this year

*The Chaos Emeralds are the smallest they could possibly be in order to prevent a choking hazard. Nothing on in color inaccuracy..yet.


Hopefully Wave and Storm will come further down the road if Sonic and Jet sell well. Perhaps they want to get the main cast done first (although they are just about done with them).

I think a straight clear Espio would have been better. If it is a light purple, it may still look alright, but it would have to be a VERY light purple.

I'm fine with the size of the emeralds. I figured there were as big as they are to avoid choking hazards, but really, their size seems to change depending on which game you're playing.


Does anyone have a link to Jazwares facebook page? I tried looking it up once before and didn't have much luck.



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Accuracy? Yeah, but personally, I prefer durability. Metal sonic is a perfect example of this. ANYWHO I got me an eggman and metal pack. Wow, the metal sonic was......not anybetter. His hands still feel like their attached to a freaking tooth pick. Pff scratch that, a tooth pick has higher ahem, breaking tension (hopefully someone gets what I was attempting to say, because I dont...) anyways there WAS one postive aspect, his paint job was 2 times better than my first metal sonic or my replacement. But he'll just stay in the box.


Eggman was perfect, but...his hands were SO stiff. I actually pulled and twisted very hard, and pretty much knew itd break, I did that ice trick Lalam I believe mentioned. AND...IT WORKED. His hand made a loud ass pop noise though, but it didnt break! Crazy, and I found a werehog. CANNOT wait to find that super pack and vector and espio!

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I get why the size of the emeralds are that size now but I think it's kinda bull. They're big but they're small enough to still be a choking hazard so making them smaller would just make them accurate. Still I did read in a comment that the size of the emeralds wasn't up to Jazwares so I guess there's really not much we could do about it. Aside from the emeralds, I hate to say this but...Man do I hate the super pack! Every joint is loose! Shadow's arm popped off right when I tried moving it and when I tried to take the peg out of his arm to put it back in the socket, the peg broke in half! Silver's waist is extremely loose as well as Sonic's. Silver has 2 left legs, Sonic's waist was also loose, his arms were not completely assembled into the body, his right fist easily pops out of his arm, one eye has a thin black ridge but the other looks like Sonic put on too much mascara, the eyes on everyone except Shadow looks very ugly! And WHAT IS WITH THIS PLASTIC? I remember someone mentioning how bad the plastic has become and the type of plastic started with Amy. I totally agree and maybe this is just my personal opinion but I think the plastic is much more flimsy and weak than the other figures that came out lately. It felt like cheap hard rubber. I feel bad for my nephew too. I promised him I would buy him the super pack. I got him hyped up to have it too. It's okay though, I got him the Eggman/Metal pack which is in my opinion the only recent figures that are worth having with little to no complaints right now. Thank God Jazwares is fixing the QC cuz what a waste of 20 bucks I spent!

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And now for another failed attempt to get some discussion started again.


I think Super Sonic was probably THE most requested figure, and he's out now. So the question begs:


Now what?


I think it is safe to say that we have all of the main characters now, so it's Sonic variants and secondary characters from here on out. Who tops your list? For the record, the following dudes have been announced:


Big and Froggy





Comic and classic characters aside, I think I'll finally join the crowd that wants Rouge out for the line. Simply because looking at who I have here (everyone minus Sonic and Caliburn, plus a custom Sonia), an addition of Rouge would give me the complete playable cast of both Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Rivals 2. Both of those are the best 3D and handheld games of the modern era IMO, so it'd be nice to have that completion.


I think after Rouge, I'd definitely want Omega, just to have the completed Team Dark. After that, I'll probably push harder for comic and classic characters, because after reading the comic that came with Espio and Vector, I totally want ALL of the Chaotix there. Which would mean Mighty, Ray, Julie Su and Saffron. Mighty and Julie Su probably stand the best chance of getting made, and I think it's those two I'd want the most.

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I still think Gamma would be a lot more of a proper addition to the set, as opposed to Omega.


You wouldn't want both? :P I would. In fact, they would work pretty well as a 2-pack.


I think that once all of the more recent modern characters have been released (Blaze, Jet, etc.), I would like to have some of the less recent but still modern characters from the Adventure era, like Chaos 0, Tikal, and Gamma. Big was from that era and we're getting a figure of him AND Froggy, so why not the other characters too?


Actually, what I REALLY want is at least a figure of every character from the official list on the Sonic Channel website. That includes characters like Marine, Chip, Cream & Cheese, and Omega. Everyone from that list is from the modern games and has the best chance of getting a figure, and I hope Jazwares follows that route.

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Yea it would be cool of SEGA to confirm MIGHTY.

Good news for ya Supersonic1497 I hope ure pack was a good one :D


hmmm so






are deffo certs and a month or 2 ago Joe managed (or jazwares) said on thier Facebook page that Omega, Rouge and Mighty would be sent for approval to commence concept stages so may get an update near nov/dec on them where I think in oct we'll see what Charmy and Blaze will look like.


after these guys lets see





are the requested ones at the moment so who'd be next


I'd predict

CHAOS 0 (Lets face it joe dropped hints when I asked him the question that he loved clear figures and that CHAOS 0 was so wanting to be made) prehaps bundle him in a 2 pack with the master emerald and TIKAL?


GAMMA ( the last peice of the SA game)

MARINE & THE COCONUT CREW PACK (just a thought as joe revealed he wanted 100's in the line hey include NORMAN haha)















Then i'd say the comic characters

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So, I got the 10 inch Sonic today. I'll tell ya, even before I opened it, I loved this thing. I was ready to consider this to be my all time favorite figure of Sonic ever. The only problem? One of his hands was broken in the package. It fell off right as I opened him up. Seriously, Jazwares? Come on. First the super pack, now this. I really hope they step it up. Aside from that, it's still an amazing figure, and I can now consider it to be my favorite Sonic figure. I like it that much. I just have to find one that's NOT broken. =P


And to those who were wondering, he's not totally in scale with Metal Sonic. He's a little bigger, but not enough to make him look weird next to Metal

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We have confirmed Big&Froggy, Blaze, Charmy, Jet, and Rider Sonic, yes? We've also disconfirmed Wave and Storm? I think we've also gotten word that it's hard for them to do comic-only characters.

I want (and think they will make) Mighty, Ray, Chaos 0, Gamma, Omega, Tikal, Marine, Nack(Fang) and an Egg Pawn. I'd also like "the Neggman" Eggman Nega, Johnny, and Whisker, but I won't hold my breath.

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