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This story begins way back on page 34, last post was a couple of pages ago.



Darkseid- Now that I have captured your entire team I'll deal with each of you at my leisure. These krytonite powered stasis feilds will neutralize your powers.

PowerGirl- You've just thought of everything huh?

DS- We'll see how smart you are once I'm done with you.



Darkseid- Ahhh Kal-El, in my clutches again. Time and time again I have beat you. Humbled you, one day you'll learn you won't ever defeat me.

Sups- Where's Wonder Woman?!?!

Darkseid- Don't worry about her, she's serving her purpose.



DS- The rest of your team is in another room. I've taken the Bats little toy belt and they're in stasis fields also, so there's no chance of escape.



Kalibak- Shall I increase the krytonite frequency father?

DS- Yess,... I want to see him suffer.



Darkseid- This one I will enjoy taking apart, it's taking a considerable amount of energy to keep this one contained. Your power will be mine also!


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DS- All of you will bend to my will....



DS- Your power levels are remarkable, where have you been hiding this one Kal-El?



Kalibak- Everything is complete Father.

DS- We must return to the pod immediately.



Firestorm- I thought he would never leave.

Atom- We must hurry and get Superman out of that chamber.



Atom- We'll do a surprise attack on those parademons.


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Atom- Sometimes I love the direct approach.



Firestorm- I can't unlock the chamber, there's a fail safe on it. If I try to open it the frequency gets stronger.



Atom- I'l have you out in a momment ladies. I'll be over there in a second Firestorm.

Supergirl- You've been in Bat's belt the whole time? I love Batman, he thinks of everything.




Atom- Go destroy Captain Marvel's stasis generators.



SuperGirl- Don't worry cousin we'll get you out of there. Hurry Ray, I can feel the Krytonite out here.


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Firestorm- Hold on Captain I'll have you out in a sec.



Firestorm- This alloy is partially organic, incredible. I can still get through it though, it's just going to take me a minute. Cooome ooon,.....



Firestorm- Got it!



Atom- Are you ok Superman?

Superman- Yeah, it'll just take me few minutes for my strength to comeback. ugh....

Supergirl- Come on, I gotcha.



Captain M- I'm glad Batman packed you guys for the trip. I didn't like the idea of being one of Darkseid's lab rats.

Firestorm- No problem, I can't wait to get Wonder Woman back and get of this rock.

PowerGirl- Hmmm,...we need to confine these parademons before they wake up. Lets see how they like that stupid chamber.?


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Superman- Hey, Darkseid doesn't know you're here so let's keep it that way. We could use you guys again to catch him off guard.

Atom- Way ahead of ya Sups, be careful guys.



Superman- Now let's see if I can find Batman and the others. There!,.. two rooms over, we'll get them and fight our way to the main palace. I know that's where he will have Diana.






(Meanwhile, Orion has found Darkseid and his little creation)



Orion- Darkseid!!!

Ds- Oh look, it's my long lost son come to meet his new little sibling!

I hope you don't get jealous!

Orion- Wha? You are mad Darkseid and I'm here to end you!




MORE LATER,...............

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Orion- Release WW and stop this madness right now!



Darkseid- Too late, I'm activating the final sequnces now. Join me or be destroyed,..boy!



Orion- I said STOP! NOW!




Darkseid- I see that you're wanting to do this the hard way boooy.



Orion- I will never stop, the league will never stop to put an end to you and your evil plans Darkseid!

Darkseid- I see High Father has done nothing but teach you how to be a fool and soft.


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Orion- I am anything but soft Darkseid! Everyday of my life I hate the fact that I'm you're son and I hate what you are but you can't deny that I'm just as tough as you or better. So let's do this Darkseid, once and for all!

Darkseid- Hmph!,....



Orion- I'll lead the armies of New Genesis to erase Apokolips from existence. No one shall have to endure your evil any longer.



Orion- What's wrong Darkseid? Nothing to say?



Darkseid- Quite the opposite child,.. I unlike you can finish what I start. While you were wasting time using me as a punching bag, the pod was opening. I was also too busy laughing inside at your futile attempt to threaten me. Now let me show you what real power is BOY!



Darkseid- I will teach the vital lesson I teach all of my enemies, resistance is pointless!


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Darkseid- Defiance is unacceptable!



Darkseid- Disobediance is FATAL!



Darkseid- After I finish with you and the League, I'll takeover New Genesis and destroy all who oppose me!

Orion- You....will.....be...stopped.....ugh..

Darkseid- Still defiant huh? You weren't listening were you?




(Batman whisper) My God Diana, what has he done to you? I knew I could depend on Orion to be a major distraction. He hates Darkseid more that Clark. I'll have you out in a momment...

(Wonder Woman) Bruce I'm glad to see you, now get me out of this contraption so I can kill Darkseid...


Darkseid- DEFIANCE IS,....UNACCEPTABLE!! This will hold you until I can deal with you later.


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Wonder Woman- I also have to destroy that abomination that Darkseid has created.

Batman- Diana,...did he?...

Wonder Woman- Bruce, if you mean did he have his way with me no, that's why I'm in this contraption I fought with every ounce of strength I had. He did take DNA material from me to make that thing over there about to come out of that pod.



*blurp blurp ssssss blurp goop*



Batman- I slipped through Darkseid's guards while the others were fighting his forces. They should be here in momments but we need to do something about Darkseid now. You're origins are of the Gods, no telling what Darkseid has created.

Wonder Woman- That machine kept me weak, but my strength is returning.



Darkseid- Ahh yes, the birthing process is complete. Come,...come,..meet your father my child.



Darkseid- I shall teach you everything you need to know to crush all who will oppose you.


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Wonder Woman- Great Hera, the child actually looks human at least on the outside. We can't let him keep that child.



Wonder Woman- When we get that child, you know what must be done Bruce.


Darkseid- I have such great plans for you and your wonderful powers.... I shall name you Kaldarus (Kall dairus )



Batman- Well,...I hate to interupt this Halmark momment but Darkseid must be stopped! (Click)








Darkseid- Wha?! AAARRGHHHH!


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Darkseid- Well, if it isn't the Bat. I have what I want and since you have no powers to speak of human, you're no use to me and this will be your last time playing hero.


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Wonder Woman- By the Gods, I will stop you.

Batman- If we hit'em hard and fast we can buy time for the others to get here.



Darkseid- You've been mine for months, do you think all of a sudden you have the strength to defeat me? I think not...

Wonder Woman- AAAAHHH!



Darkseid- It seems you're still too weak from Granny's treatments.




Batman- HuuuuHHH!



Darkseid- You fight bravely but do you really think you can best me when your Krytonian friends can't even defeat me?

Batman- I'm not trying to beat you,..I just needed to get close to you,..


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Wonder Woman- Give me the child or I'll break your neck!



Batman- That's from Diana with love,..hmph.







DARKSEID- I'm going to enjoy killing you,...human. *cough, cough*


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Batman- Damn,.... cough, cough, I didn't get far enough away from that blast. Head's swimming, ears ringin',... Atom, Firestorm, I think I'm going to need your assistance, now! That Blast's not going to keep Darkseid down for long.



Darkseid- Ah, I see you still have more tricks in your belt. Well they'll be your last.



Firestorm- How about an atomic punch big boy!? (Wow this guy's tough, he's taking everything I've got)



Darkseid- Pitiful! Right now I want the Bat, I'll deal with you in a momment child.

Firestorm- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,...

Atom- I think you've really pissed him off. Where are the others?

Batman- They're coming. cough cough



Darkseid- Be gone.


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Darkseid- You shall share the same fate as the Batman!

Batman- Ray, MOVE!, NOW!



Darkseid- Hmph!... You're still agile for a deadman!



Darkseid- You should be proud of yourself human, you've actually been the only human to be a problem for me. A problem I'm about to solve. Any last words?...

Batman- Yeah, cough, cough,... you will be stopped!



Darkseid- Too bad it won't be by you....





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Darkseid- Now, for the rest of the league. Then the rest of the universe shall fall just as the Bat did.


sssssssss sss ss......



Sups- DARKSEID!! Wha? Is that?....

Darkseid- He chose to go up against ultimate power,..and lost.




Hyppolita- By the Gods, is, is that Batman?!

Darkseid- Who's next?...




More Later,........ The next panels will be the chilling conclusion to "legacy Crisis"

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