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thug* heres the file, johnny. word on the street is that you hired some heavy muscle, and it aint do you no good.



JP* let me tell you somethin!...johnny p. dont get taken out by two bit super chumps! i run this!...me! you do this....run back and tell pooda dont think for a second that its over for me, boy! he aint gettin none of this uptown cash! johnny p. writes law here, b*tch!...remember that!



JP* look, take that file over to you know who. tell'em that, thats a look-out from me to him. only thing that i need is some extra muscle. tell'em that the guy he was talkin about the other day sounds good, so...make it happen.



JP* sammie, sammie, sammie.....my sh*t for brains lawyer! what in the hell do i pay you for?...huh?

sam* well..um..to keep you out of jail.

JP* yeah, thats the thing....i never go to jail! dont worry, im not firin ya! as a matter of fact....i need you more than ever!


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BC* why are we here again?

WC* were wainting for sam yoshami....johnny's lawyer.



BC*...and we care about him, whhhy?...

WC* because john perelli hasnt seen the inside of a jail cell in 4 years...but he still hangs tough with yoshami.

BC* yeah, but his lawyer's probably just a regular joe...

WC* im counting on it!



sam* why in the hell is this always happening to me? how did i ever get mixed up with johnny?..damn, sam!...you really are sh*t for brains!



WC* gaurd the door.

BC* what are you going to do?..wildcat?..damnit!


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sam* he's just my client!...i just go over cases with him!





sam* wait!..ill tell you...ill tell you! he's at pooda's!

wildcat* errrrr...

WC* thats where he said he'd be!...i swear!



WC* lets get to poodas!

BC* so...you still hit'em anyway...

WC* yup....its what i do.



BC* what a dump! i wouldnt be caught dead in this place!


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thug* and where do ya think ta goin?..





BC*...inside. hope you dont mind.



WC* i know that johnny p's in here somewhere!

shucky* shhh!...he's hiding in the basement! ill take you to'em!


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shucky* its been fun, but i gotta go!



WC* get up!...black canary, get up!



BC* wheres that big lug?...

WC* who knows, but we need to get out of here...and fast!

BC* stand back..





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Cool stuff pooda, I like the Canary effect....



*my last post was on page 47*



Metron- Darkseid you must stop, you're setting events into motion that'll destroy you and all of creation.


Darkseid- Leave me, or I'll even find a way to odtain your power.




Metron- You have no idea what you've created. You must cease your actions or be consumed by them.

Darkseid- Stop being cryptic, if you have nothing to offer leave now.




Metron- You're a power mad despot that will never obtain the anti-life equation through these course of actions.

Darkseid- This is my legacy and the anti-life equation will be mine. Now go back to your little corner of the universe and watch me bring order to this chaotic existence.



Darkseid- It's all most ready and I'll teach the child all it'll need to know to rule the universe.



Wonder Woman- Darkseid you have violated me and for that you'll die by my hands and that thing will never take a breath.

Darkseid- That is why you shall stay bond until Granny and I teach you that I am your lord and master now. You will learn, they all learn sooner or later.


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Wonder Woman- Hera will give me strength to destroy you.

Darkseid- I'm the only God on this planet....



Kalibak-Did you think you could come to Apokolips and we not find you fools. Now I shall take you all to Father but first.....

Superman- Stand aside, we're here for Wonder Woman! Where is she!

Kalibak- Father has her and now he has you because you'll never leave here alive.

Batman- I was hoping you would say that. Get'em!



Kalibak- You'll be sory you came here!



Hippolyta- Hera give me strength, these demons shall fall this day.



SuperGirl-We're gonna have to do this the hard way huh?

Orion- No doubt my Father will have Wonder Woman close to him, I'll scout ahead while you guys handle the parademons and my dimwitted brother.


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SuperGirl- Hurry as soon as one goes down 2 more take their place. Ugh!!



Hippolyta- Hands off! Ya!



Batman- HuH! It looks like Darkseid was ready for us! Keep fighting we have to find Diana!



Hippolyta- Die foul demon!



Kalibak- Father has thought of everything you would think of, you don't stand a chance. My mace is laced with your favorite Superman, kryptonite! hahahaaaaa

Sups- Unh!


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Sups- (I need to take Kalibak down fast that krytonite is doing a number on me)

Kalibak- Is that all you've got man of steel! HA!



PowerGirl- ungh! Kryptonite nets Darkseid thinks of everything huh?

Capt.- I'll get that off of you PowerGirl!



Captain M- What tha!?! These Parathings are everywhere!

Martian- I can't even sense their minds! Look out uunnh!



Captain M- These little traps can't hold me, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!



J'onn- Let's see how these things like a little squeeze play! hsssssss!


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J'onn- Hsss! Aaahhh!



Hippolyta- I'll help you,...aaahhh!

Batman- We're being over run!



Kalibak-What's wrong Superman?



J'onn- uuuuunnnnh.....



Kalibak- Father will be pleased, parademons take them to Father so he can have the pleasure of destroying them. Muhahahahaaaaaaa!




more later,......

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GA*...and i too am pleased to run into you....homosapien. (smerks)



WC* look at his eyes...

BC* the hell with his eyes!....where do i know that voice from?






WC* i dont know whats gotten into you, arrow, but...



WC* cough!..cough!




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BC* yah!



BC* what the hell do you want?!



grodd* oh, my dear...my wants are none of your concern. now as for johnny p's....



GA* thats a totally different matter...



BC* ugh!


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GA* hahaha...



GA* you can never hurt me!..



GA* the real me, that is...



grodd* this bores me. johnny wants you to back-off...



GA*..i suggest that you try implementing some obedience...i hope that i have made myself very clear...have a nice day!(smerks)


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BC* we need to get him out of here!....im calling the league!

WC* this aint league business!

BC* ollie's hurt!....and youre still worried about perelli?! damn perelli!!

WC* look...i know someone that can help, without putting this on the league radar...you just gotta trust me!


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This is gettin' great.

Did you ever finish the Captain Marvel story thread? Or is there one large over-arching story?


EDIT: You should disable signatures in this thread. The constant appearance of Vigilante confuses and infuriates my simple brain.

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