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Could They Do It?


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I'm pretty sure it's a question we've all thought of. You really can't help but think about it everytime you turn the last page in a comic, watch the last minute of a cartoon, or see that first Cobra trooper open his chute over the Statue of Liberty... could Cobra really take over the world??


Naturally, their first target is the U.S. Whether it's a symbolic victory or a strategic one, if you can topple the U.S. while maintaining it's resources (the entire idea behind Cobra's brand of terrorism) it is entirely possible to use the power therein to disable and dominate the globe. But could they do it? Could they take over the U.S. without incurring retaliatory strikes from around the world as soon as Cobra Commander entered the Oval Office?


Then, there's G.I. Joe. They never really defeat Cobra, they just stop whatever scheme they're up to that week. Even in the comic, Cobra was safe to establish bases, factories and even nations. It got so bad tthat ultimately, as Cobra and GI Joe grew to nearly ridiculous levels, it took a combined military effort (according to the comic) to ultimately 'finish off' Cobra. That's equal to going to war with a small country, really. It's almost as if GI Joe was designed to fail, or at least locked in place with Cobra.


Ultimately I think Cobra has the greatest chance of winning. They have the resources, the personnel (both militarily and intellectually) the motivation and the viciousness to take over the world. It's only their own selfishness and self-destructive natures that keep them from truly overcoming the teamwork and professionalism of GI Joe.





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I don't think they could.


If they really went all out I think there would be more than just the little GI Joe team trying to stop them. If Cobra tried a worldwide attack I could see WWIII and Cobra vs. The World. I just don't think Cobra could take on the world and win.

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I actually want to make a dio where Cobra does take the world. I was going to kill off all the Joes, and bring back Clutch, Zap and Breaker from the alternate demention they where in. In which they proceed to re-establish the Joes and try to fight Cobra, but in they end but still lose.

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Nope, because for all his rhetoric, COBRA Commander is just another despot. COBRA talks big, but they do not offer anything the whole world would be willing to swallow. COBRA's ideology is a bit too "American"-- for lack of a better term--to sit well with other nations.

The other problem with COBRA is their main appeal is to the disaffected--which is, demographically, just too small in numbers to form a proper power-base.

COBRA has lots of "chiefs"--but next to none of them can be trusted........and no-one puts any trust into the "indians" so delegating authority for government would be a problem. All those egos in play.....


The other thing about COBRA is that its built along the lines of a pyramid scheme. The top guy, or very few, very top guys benefit most of it all ( as despots do). They might dangle financial incentives to their lieutenants , and their legions.......but they are not building leaders because............let's face it.........better leaders are a threat to the guys already leading the organization--Serpentor and the Freds saw to that.


The only reason the GIJOE team cannot just whump the whole of COBRA at any one time, is simply because the group is too dispersed to attack en masse at one time. That is ultimately how COBRA survives, they are broken up into cells.

The counterpoint to GIJOE never being able to decisively take them down is that COBRA never really had enough appeal to install themselves as anything but the government of some piddly-squat country.

Anything larger than a small island and they just don't have what it takes.


The thing is though......take out the COBRA leadership--and based on how they have been portrayed--you'd probably pretty much take out COBRA as a threat. COBRA, as a global "threat", logistically, is pretty much just a nuisance threat. Western governments and ideologies still offer far more than COBRA ever could

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Well... are we talking about the cartoon-Cobra or the comic-book-Cobra? The cartoon version could not. Why? Because they always shoot in the air right above GI Joe. They never make an attempt of killing anyone so world domination will never happen.


Comic book version... hmmmm. Maybe. Especially in Devils Due where it seems like every other Joe gets killed or ends up insane in a wheelchair. So children of the world ends up with bloody noses and not knowing what to do with downed power lines. Cobra wins!!!



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Naturally, their first target is the U.S. Whether it's a symbolic victory or a strategic one, if you can topple the U.S. while maintaining it's resources (the entire idea behind Cobra's brand of terrorism) it is entirely possible to use the power therein to disable and dominate the globe. But could they do it? Could they take over the U.S. without incurring retaliatory strikes from around the world as soon as Cobra Commander entered the Oval Office?


This merits its own response.


The USA is diverse enough its in points of view that a usurper like COBRA Commander would have to enter into the Oval Office via the popular vote. Anything else and the mass population would see it as a coup-d'etat, and would simply not stand for it. Because of his background....there's no way to effectively legitimize CC, so he'd not be able to gain the leadership of the armed forces, or the police without incredible manipulations like mind-control or some fanciful thing like that.

As a personality, he simply could not lead a country, much less the whole world......certainly not without some cockamamie contrivance behind him--that would typically be so flimsy, it'd be busted up by a GIJOE hand grenade.


I mean, he could put everyone under the thrall of some device.........but where the heck is the fun of leading a bunch of walking vegetables?? Nah, the real glory in ruling the world is doing it so that THEY put you there and they love you for it.

CC just ain't nowhere near that lovable.

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My fault- by 'enter the Oval Office' I meant he's kidnapped/done away with the President and has nominated himself for the position. I didn't mean to imply that he ran in elections... though, as we've seen, the campaign would be interesting! XD


Arrow, you raise so many good points. That Cobra is not appealing to a world wide audience, an inability to establish anything more menacing that a small group, or that maintaining control for them would be harder than acquiring it. It's something to consider, that's for sure.


But, if Cobra is anything, it's manipulative and resourceful. Where there is a lack of interest in Cobra's agenda, it could easily be provoked. Where long term, quality leadership is a question, there will always be those people who will do unspeakable things for the most insignificant of reasons. Granted, no tyranny outlasts it's founder for long (those who pick up after the boss is gone tend not to have the 'right stuff') Even if Cobra could be defeated in a military strike, there is still the Crimson Guard congressman, the Extensive Enterprise lender and the Arb Co. baron. Those who aren't openly caught in the action can still do more damage than all the Vipers, HISS tanks and Terrordromes available.



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What do you mean "could COBRA take over the world?" They're already doing it:


G.i. Joe Has Been Slacking On The Job !!!, Proof that COBRA really is taking over


I have proof that COBRA is succeeding in taking over the world, or at least the U.S., and here it is:


COBRA Family of Product and Services {Committed to the Defeat of Terrorism ???} (funded by Department of Homeland Security)




COBRA Electronics Corporation website


COBRA Golf website


COBRA USA Motorcycle/ATV specialized parts (perfect for Dreadnoks)


COBRA BEER (also, perfect for Dreadnoks)


COBRA Insurance (COBRA does care enough to supply health insurance for their soldiers)


COBRA Health


Shelby COBRA Autos


Creator of the Ford COBRA and the Dodge VIPER, Carrol Shelby (he is the real COBRA Commander)


Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) {They've already got a foot hold in the government}


COBRA Kayaks website


COBRA Vehicle Security


VIPER Car Alarms


VIPER Security Enforcement




COBRA Museum of Modern Art


COBRA in Germany


COBRA in other Deutsch Speaking countries


COBRA Inter-University Research Institute on Communication Technology

Basic Research and Applications


COBRA Verde (rock band, probably have hidden messages in their music, to hypnotize the youth of the world, to follow COBRA)


N'COBRA (National Coalition Of Blacks for Reparations in America) {Whoever thought COBRA was a racist organization has now been proven wrong}


COBRA Archery


COBRA Volleyball Equipment




AH-1W Super COBRA Marine Helicopter (They're even supplying the U.S.'s military with equipment)


Acronyms of C.O.B.R.A.


I could go on, and on, and on. There are tons of COBRA businesses. Here's a direct link to google.com with its finds for COBRA from where I left off:


Google.com search for COBRA

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If done right,I think so. If they have enough CGs in place in various government positions,why not? If there's enough dissatisfaction with the way the government is being run,I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard for Cobra Commander to convince people he'd be better in charge.Heck,other despots have done it the past,why not him?

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Depends how close to real-world plausibility you're postulating as the context of your question. Any sort of a single world government, regardless of how it comes to power (whether it's election or coercion) is just logistically unsustainable. Coming to power by force just means exponentially more troops and manpower than even the largest economic powers in the world can muster in order to even maintain that position.


Actually succeeding, however briefly it may last, requires the ability to carry out some key threat. The other issue is that, even if any political group or entity could do so it's really disadvantageous to do it publicly -- it invites open hostility and rebellion by even the lowest denominator of masses. Cobra has always been a kid's storybook conception of "bad guys" with the world domination stuff. Any talk about world domination from actual terrorist organizations is largely just rhetoric. From a practical standpoint, terrorism is largely about trying to destabilize and topple existing political structures by deliberately attacking non-combatants, and not really about creating sustainable political orders of a larger scale (although the delusion that it could be done may certainly exist).

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Agreed the Biggest change would be slowly, where no one would matter. Kinda like whats going on today. Perfect example, You are in a Room with lights and someone slowly dims the light. You get use to it till there is total darkness. And that is when they come Crashes Through the NIGHT!!!

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