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DCU Parts Thread


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Hal/Abin Sur 2 pack $20+ shipping (part of the upper right corner ripped)

Medophyll/Naut Kei Li $15


Young Justice 6 in

Artemis $15

Aqualad $15


Loose: Prices negotiable and do not include shipping


Hawk $8

Dove $8

Magog $8

Cpt Boomerang $7

Toyman $7

Dr. Midnite $7

G'hu $5

Creeper $7

Mercury w/scissors and hand $6

Eclipso $7

Jemm $6



Will sell for $5/piece+ shipping (will make discount for multiple pieces)


Anti Monitor


Right arm


Apache Chief

Right Arm




left leg






right arm



Left leg



Right Leg



Right Arm

Right Leg




DCD Blackest Night Arisia


Loose DCUC:

Booster Gold

Harley (any version DCUC blue/white face, Legacy)

Batman (any version other than Azrael Batman and SC Batman)

Red Tornado



Maybe others. PM me with what you have.


C n C


Apache Chief

Right leg

Left leg



Left Leg

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Chemo lower torso

Imperiex right leg

Imperiex left arm

Validus head and lower torso

Despero right leg

Trigon right leg

Darkseid left leg and right arm with glove

Bane head and lower torso


All loose sans CnC:


Superman black suit

Superman red eyes that came with Braniac

Riddler in suit




Dr. Midnight



Jonah Hex

Captain Boomerang

Bronze Tiger





Grundy left leg

Grundy left arm





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Kilowog -- Head/Crotch, Left leg

Atom Smasher -- Right arm

Giganta -- Right arm, Left arm

Imperiex -- Head/Crotch, Right leg, Left leg

Metallo -- Head/Torso, Right leg

Gorilla Grodd -- Right arm

Apache Chief -- Head/Crotch, Right leg

Arkillo -- Upper Torso, Left leg

Stel -- Right arm

Kalibak -- Left leg, Left arm w/ mace

Ultrahumanite -- Left arm

Stripe -- Left leg

Validus -- Head/crotch, Upper Torso

Darkseid -- Left arm, Right leg




Antimonitor -- Right arm, Left leg

Stripe -- Right leg

Darkseid -- Head/Crotch

Stel -- Head/Crotch, Torso, Right leg

Validus -- Left arm, Right arm

Trigon -- Left arm, Left leg

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If you want a deal, email me. If you want to wait a month and not trade, PM me.




Feel free to make cash offers. I have a haves list and a want list with around 1000 other items as well on each.




C&C (constructed):

Wave 1:

Metamorpho - mint & compl.

Grodd - missing right arm

Wave :

Solomon Grundy - missing right leg

Wave :

Despero - mint & compl.

Wave :

Metallo - mint & compl.

Wave :

Atom Smasher - mint & compl.

Wave :

Chemo - mint & compl.

Wave :

Imperiex - mint & compl.

Wave :

Darkseid - mint & compl.


C&C (separate):

Arkillo - left leg (Low/Maash)

Atom Smasher - left leg (Booster Gold)

Brimstone - pelvis (Batman)

Brimstone - left leg (Icicle)

Chemo - torso (Wildcat)

Chemo - right arm (Deadshot)

Chemo - left arm (Mantis)

Chemo - pelvis (Black Canary)

Darkseid - torso (Mary Marvel)

Darkseid - right arm (The Spectre)

Darkseid - right leg (Eclipso)

Despero - right arm (Cyborg)

Despero - left arm (Batman Beyond)

Despero - right leg (Artemis/WW)

Giganta - torso (Commander Steel)

Giganta - right arm (Dr. Fate)

Giganta - left arm (Parademon)

Giganta - left leg (Vigilante)

Grodd - left arm (Superman)

Imperiex - head & pelvis (Forager)

Imperiex - right leg (Joker)

Kalibak - right leg (Mr. Miracle/Dr. Impossible)

Kilowog - right leg (Shark)

Metallo - torso (Riddler)

Metallo - right arm (Atom)

Metallo - left arm (Eradicator)

Metallo - right leg (Amazo)

Metamorpho - left arm & hammer (Etrigan)

Metamorpho - hammer (Etrigan)

Solomon Grundy - right arm (Deathstroke)

Solomon Grundy - left leg (Green Lantern)

Stel - right arm (G'Hu)

Stel - right leg (Medphyll/NautKeLoi)

Trigon - head & pelvis (Donna Troy)

Trigon - torso w/no cape (Blue Devil)

Trigon - left arm (Superboy)

Trigon - right leg (Cheetah)

Ultra-Humanite - right leg (Alan Scott)

Ultra-Humanite - left leg (Gold)

Validus - right arm (Omac)




TBML Galactus - head (Professor X)

TBML Galactus - right arm (Dr. Strange)

TBML Galactus - left leg (Bullseye)

TBML Apocalypse - blue right arm (Sasquatch)

TBML Apocalypse - blue left leg (Wolverine)

TBML Onslaught - left arm (Abomination)

TBML Mojo - belly (Falcon)

TBML Mojo - back (Psylocke)

TBML Mojo - left legs (Luke Cage)

TBML Modok - head (Spider Woman)

TBML Modok - control panel w/handle (Captain Marvel)

TBMLGM Giant Man - left elbow (Sentry)

HML1 Annihilus - pink right arm & right leg (Emma Frost)

HML Blob - head (Thor)

HML Blob - upper torso (She-Hulk)

HML Blob - left arm (Quicksilver)

HML Brood Queen - left front arm (Hydra Soldier)

HML Holocaust - left arm (Punisher)

HFFL Ronan - right leg (Silver Surfer)

HHL Fin Fang Foom - upper torso (Skaar)

HSMT Sandman - torso (Mary Jane)





Wave 1:

Metamorpho - torso (or just head)

Metamorpho - right arm & claw

Metamorpho - left arm & hammer

Metamorpho - right leg & stand

Metamorpho - left leg

Wave 2:

Gorilla Grodd - torso

Gorilla Grodd - right arm

Gorilla Grodd - left arm

Gorilla Grodd - right leg

Gorilla Grodd - left leg

Wave 3:

Solomon Grundy - torso

Solomon Grundy - left arm

Solomon Grundy - right leg

Wave 5:

Metallo - torso

Metallo - right arm

Metallo - left arm

Metallo - right leg

Metallo - left leg

Wave 6:

Kalibak - torso

Kalibak - right arm

Kalibak - left arm

Kalibak - right leg

Kalibak - left leg

Wave 8:

Giganta - head & pelvis

Wave 9:

Chemo - right leg

Chemo - left leg

Wave 11:

Kilowog - torso

Kilowog - right arm

Kilowog - left arm

Kilowog - right leg

Kilowog - left leg

Wave 15:

Validus - left arm (or just hand)

Wave 16:

Bane - head

Bane - left arm

Wave 18:

Apache Chief - left leg

Wave 19:

S.T.R.I.P.E. - head & pelvis

S.T.R.I.P.E. - torso

S.T.R.I.P.E. - right arm

S.T.R.I.P.E. - left arm

S.T.R.I.P.E. - right leg

S.T.R.I.P.E. - left leg

Wave 20:

Nekron - right leg


Movie Masters:

The Dark Knight Rises:

Bat-Signal (all parts)

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Gorilla Grodd Left Arm

Kalibak right leg

Bane Head/Pelvis

Despero Right Arm

Despero Right Leg

Ultra Humanite Right Arm

Validus Head/Pelvis

Arkillo Left Arm

Kilowog Left Leg

Trigon Left Leg


I also have a ML Puck head I would trade



Marvel Legends

Rocket Raccoon everything but his arms

Arnim Zola Everything but his right leg

Iron Monger everything but his left leg


email me at rapitrone@yahoo.com

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Mandroid - R arm

Rocket Raccoon - head/gun

Arnim Zola - Red Skull torso

Iron Monger - head

Red Hulk - L arm and L leg

Ares - torso and L leg

Apocalypse - L Leg and R arm

Sentinel - torso

Galactus - L arm

Ronin the Accuser - L and R arms

Giant Man - L elbow

Brood Queen - 2 front legs (hydra soldier)

Nemesis - lower torso

Mojo - head/upper torso

Fin Fang Foom - L leg, R leg





Gorilla Grodd - L arm

Despero - R leg, R arm, L arm

Atom Smasher - torso, R arm, L leg

Giganta - 2 L arms, L leg

Kalibak - L arm



Looking to trade for figures: Hawk, Dove, Creeper, Jonah Hex, Black Cat, Thorbuster Iron Man, MODOK, Annihilus or pieces to complete Arnim Zola and Rocket raccoon above

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