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DIFFERENT Q&A Hasbro session-Belloq white suit/Dietrich info!!!


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K first off, I'm hoping this thread isn't deleted or modified...we are all Indiana Jones figure fans alike in here and we have to share the news as it comes...everyone has a right to know. Each website that devotes time to getting the fans the info they want deserves a pat on the back, toynewsi is definately one of those sites. I stumbled upon a site called Indianajonescollectors.com that had a Q&A session and this was what I found:




IndianaJonesCollectors: First a quick follow up to the one of our questions from last session if we can. The question was asked about a Marcus Brody action figure. The response was "It is unlikely we will do a Marcus Brody figure". Did you mean for next year or did you mean ever? And if so, is there a "list" of the characters that won't be made?

Hasbro: We can't really say never, as we hope there will be another Indy film, and if it comes to pass there will almost certainly be a Marcus Brody figure.

IJC: Can we expect a 3.75" Belloq in white suit and Panama hat or a 3.75" Toht and German Mechanic in 2009?

H: We did show images of a couple of these figures at Comic Con, which are planned for early Spring 2009. This is depending on retail support for IJ continuing through Spring 2009, something that we will be evaluating with our retail partners in the coming months.

IJC: Weeks ago you confirmed you confirmed that an Ark Ghost was coming in a deluxe set next year. Last Q&A session you changed your answer to no Ark Ghost was planned. Can you please clarify?

H: We did have plans for an Ark ghost, but now it is no longer in the plans.

IJC: What is the status of the Dietrich figure that was confirmed months ago in a Q&A? He was missing from the new Raiders wave announced at Comic Con.

H: He was planned to be in a later wave in 2009, not in the wave that was shown.


So there you have it......$#@@!!!! It looks like Hasbro IS pulling the plug on this line slowly but surely :( :( :(


I guess even if there is a mild support which would warrant another wave or two we still wont be seeing Belloq in white suit :( ...sucks.

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I am going to go out and buy five Indy figures today and buy one every week with my paycheck. I know it will not help much, but I am will to do what I can to keep this line running for bit longer. At least the extras have I can give out for Christmas to needy familes and cousins.


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That's dedication and Chop! Good man :) I was honestly thinking of doing the same thing but I figured I'd wouldn't even be making even a minor DENT in the situation and end up having like $700 dollars worth of Indiana Jones with Bazookas and Mutt Williams figures :(


Sigh...I really hope they don't cancel this line :(

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I think it's a good thing that there may be only a few more waves. It's a great series of figures but I don't want it to get out of hand like the Star Wars series has. I like that the series has all the major characters and is a nice set easy to complete.

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Well, it sounds like the line could live or sink at this point. They're probably depending on the DVD release to move some of the figures off the pegs, but that'd still only make a dent. If the line continues in 2009, which is still up in the air at this point, if we get at least four more waves in 2009 we'll pretty much have all the core characters we could want. They also restated their "It's unlikely we'll get to Marcus Brody" answer into a "We'll see" type of answer. Meaning they're seeing how sales go in the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2008.


If Hasbro pulls the plug on this line after 2008, they could make the Indiana Jones figures a collector exclusive series on HTS similar to how Mattel revived the MOTU line and made it exclusive to Mattycollector. But knowing Hasbro, it's highly doubtful they'd do that...

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I have found more


From Well of Souls

Q: Since the Indiana Jones Temple of Doom wave of figures should be hitting retail around the time that the mail-away offer for the Crystal Skeleton figure expires, will the mail-away offer be extended to allow for the lateness of that wave relative to the offer? Many of us plan to army-build from this wave and would like more crystal skeletons!



A: The mail-in offers (all three of them) have been extended until Dec. 31st so fans should have plenty of time to take advantage using the stickers from the Temple wave. Please pass the word on, as it's likely that the stickers on the figures coming out of Asia will not be updated in time to reflect the extended date.



From Cool Toy Review

Cool Toy Review: Hasbro, the overabundance of figures on the pegs (especially Mutt Williams, either version,) and your relatively small display of figures at Comic Con, fears have popped up that the line is dying, and dying fast. We know that there is another Club Obi-Wan themed wave coming, could you maybe reveal that wave or at least not an Indy figure from it? Anything you can do to quell fears of premature death for the line.


Hasbro: While the size of the IJ collector base may not be as large as other brands, no doubt IJ fans make up for it in passion, and without that passion we could never have built out the line as broadly as we have. For that we are deeply appreciative.


Continuation of the IJ line into 2009 depends on several factors, including kid interest and support in IJ through the DVD/holiday period and willing support for retailers to extend the line into a second year. One question is how far we can get without entertainment support for a second year. As such, we do not want to show any figures beyond what we have already shown.



Cool Toy Review: If, hypothetically, you were to make the Rocket Sled from KOTCS, what price point would you place it in and what figures or features would it include? I would love to see this "vehicle" in the 20 dollar assortment with some track and maybe some spring loaded ejecting seats!


Hasbro: That would be the logical price point at which to do it. We did look at the vehicle but decided that it was not the most interesting one to pursue, and went with the Jungle Cutter instead, which turned out to be a great choice.


Cool Toy Review: With all the deluxe figure sets we've had for the first two waves (Raiders and Crystal Skull), why are there no deluxe figure assortments to accompany the Last Crusade and Temple of Doom waves? Sure, we have the German motorcycle and rider, which is a STUNNING set at that, but the Indy/Henry Jones Sr. motorcycle and sidecar sets are sorely missing to complete that great action sequence. Also, Indy on the stallion seems like a given since the horse tooling already exists.


For the Temple of Doom wave, fans have been clamoring for the mine cars for years. Not only is the tooling minimal, but it could also be used twice to cover both the hero and villain deluxe figure sets. A Thuggee sacrificial pit cage with Willie Scott also seems like a natural fit for this assortment.


Hasbro: Those are all natural fits for the Deluxe assortment, and were all considered at one point. However, it's unlikely that we'll be getting to these farther-out concepts next year.

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yep, thats Typical Hasbro for ya. Indiana Jones isn't as big a line with kids like Star Wars or Transformers or even Doctor Who. I mean, I was in TRU the other day and the only people on the Indy section were adult collectors. All the kids were down in the Wrestling, DW and Transformers.


I wouldn't be surpised of the line dies out around the 18 month mark.

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It doesnt look good for this line. the answers from the Q&A's are in past tense. They confirmed a Ark spirit to just take it back and say it is no longer being made, they said never to marcus and not they dont want to show any more pics past the 2009 ROTLA wave (which we may not get)

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I really really really would be surprised if it lasts 2 years. I hope it does, but the fact its only collectors buying them and not so much the kids, its gonna be the death of the line. I know its an old quote and probably overused by many, but its a grim realisation.


Indiana Jones is only really a franchise for those that remember it. Sure, the new comic Indiana Jones Adventures has helped bring in a younger generation to the Indy Franchise and got em to have a look at the older films, but its just not up there on the schoolyard, unlike Star Wars, Transformers and Doctor Who. Even GI Joe has become a product for the adults now instead of the kids, sure they had Sigma 6 and it was popular, but it was primaroily the kids.


However, I really do hope that Hasbro and stores get their fingers out and really push the line now to make sure it lasts. Put up some better marketing for the toys

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I saw that other interview over at Cooltoyreview as well but decided not to post it here LoL, by that time I was just waaay too depressed...didn't want to depress anyone else in here further :(


I really am kinda sad this line is coming to an end....it really blows to think the Toht and Belloq in White Suit won't be coming out...OHHH or my German Mechanic figure i've wanted for like..ever :(

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