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25th Figures You're Dying To See


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Hey guys,


I was looking over the 2008-2009 offerings we have to look forward to, and while I'm happy to see so much merchandise, I realise the bulk of it is stuff we've already seen. Serpentor, Cobra Commander, Stalker and so on. Now, with most of the O13 and 82-83 wrapped up, we have the golden years of 84-87 to look forward to.

However, that also dissapoints me to a certain extent. They can milk those years for... well, years. I know I'll buy any variety of the mid-80s characters they can throw at me. I am the market for unmasked Beachhead, Wetsuit and Airtight. I'm the guy who will buy Flint without beret, or Duke with desert fatigues. I am the chump they'll sell "Malibu Stacy with a New Hat" to.


Basically, my point is I think the line is going to focus on those years for now until the 25th line ends. So, what are the figures you'd love to see but have no chance of seein the light of day?



For me, it's got to be Cesspool and the Toxo-Vipers. I was always a fan of the NBC themed guys, since Airtight was my childhood hero. It always struck me as odd since those characters never got more attention, as the threat of terrorism involved nuclear, biological or chemical attacks. But maybe it's that realism they didn't want to delve into.


Slice and Dice are a huge favorite of mine. They reminded me of the Tex Avery cartoon bears: one is a big ##$%$# and the other in a sly yet arrogant jerk.


And, the longest shot of all, the no-chance-whatsoever... Skymate. Enough said. X D


And you?



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Well, I am crossing my fingers that they continue chronologically as they mostly have been, in which case we can look forward to everyone. However, I stopped collecting and lost interest when things started to go neon, so I guess that's where I can draw the line of happiness (completion). So for me, I'd be happy if they got everyone in up to 1986, and whatever comes after that is a bonus.


I would, however, like them to divert some attention to vehicles and accessories at some point, as I missed out on alot of them when I was a kid. Specifically, the headquarters, the WHALE, FLAGG, and Terrordome, etc. Now that I'm 'grown up', I have the money to blow, and would appreciate the production to these long-missed goodies!

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Salvo and Bullhorn are big faves of mine. They are the first two Joes I ever picked out in the store by myself, back when I was a wee lad.


Countdown is the first Joe I remember getting for Xmas. I know I had other Joes before that, and I'm sure some of them were MOC (as opposed to thrift store buys and the like), but he was the first one I remember ripping the wrapping paper off of... shortly followed by ripping him off the card.


The Mega-Marines are my favorite sub-group. The Play-Doh armor was silly, and the neon was completely overkill, but the idea that Cobra would make these crazy-powerful genetic monsters and throw them onto the battlefield actually makes a lot of sense to me, as does the idea that the Joes would create a small, heavily-armed team to track down the labs creating the monsters and turn them into craters. I love some of the crazy sci-fi things that sometimes ended up in the line, and I figure that if you can swallow Serpentor, this is really just the next step down that road.


Not a single one of these guys is likely to be made... well, we already have Gung-Ho and Clutch, but nothing like the Mega-Marines versions.


Since Gung-Ho is about as close to an absolute favorite Joe as I get, I wouldn't mind seeing a new Dress Blues version... actually, I'm surprised we haven't seen one already. Seems like a natural to me, as it wouldn't take any real amount of work to get any other 'suited' figure like General Flagg or Headman out of that.


Speaking of Headman, I wouldn't mind seeing some of the DEF guys, especially the ones that were basically Kenner's COPS put into GI Joe. If we can get Matt Trakker, we can get Bullet-Proof, blast it!

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I don't think we will ever get Muskrat and Pathfinder, two of my all-time favorites.



Why? well.. Im kinda thinking that whatever we get up until the movie is what we are gonna get as far as classics go.


I think stores will order a ton of movie stuff thinking "the 25th line is flying off the shelves, the Transformers movie stuff did very well... so let's order a ton"


and then, because they don't realize that Joe fans aren't like Transformers or Starwars fans, it won't move. Look at all the Joe stuff that was a total failure since they relaunched in 2002 or whatever.... Joe fans aren't afraid to walk away from stuff that doesn't seem very GiJoe-ish to them.


The movie line stuff will initially do well because of the hype and scalpers... but then it will die. It will get stuck on the pegs.. and retailers will again fail to realize that it was just the movie stuff that sucks, not GiJoe, and they will think the Joe trend has died off.... and let their orders of Joes dwindle down to nothing...



scary possibility isnt it

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I'm with you, Clam - I am furious with the direction the film is taking.


However, I also disliked the Transformers movie... and despite it's complete and utter disregard for actual TRANSFORMERS (who recieve the focus of the film's attention for about a total of eight minutes) the movie did wonders for the toyline. G1 enthusiasts have the movie to thank for Universe 2.0, some of the coolest figures ever made, and the Transformers equivilent of the 25th Anniversary.


I will hate the movie. I can feel it. I WANT to love it, believe me... but I know it will fail me personally as a GI Joe fan. BUT... I can only hope it's potential box office success will bring us renewed interest in GI Joe itself, and manage to get us some more classic themed figures.


Plus, if they keep the design specs exactly as-is for the movie line, I will definitely pick up most of what they offer. As toys, most of those Joes and Cobras are gonna look pretty damn neat, I gotta say.



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For me, it's Hit & Run and a few others from 1988-89. Especially the COBRA Troops from that time period like HEAT Viper, Alley Viper, Frag Viper, Night Viper, etc....I know a lot of you guys hated the brightly colored stuff, but for COBRA I'm willing to let it slide a bit because of the visual impact.


Tomas- Not to worry on Cesspool, as I've got you covered. Working on one right now in the new body style.


I also second a 1991 Snake Eyes....to me that is iconic without being slavish as far as interpretations go.

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I might be the only one but I'd love to see Ninja Force but without the gimmick. Not sure if I'd want Zartan in that outfit from the line but I'd love to see Storm Shadow in his outfit from the line. Would also like it if they did Dojo,Nunchuk, and T'Jbang. Debating if I want anyone from the second wave other than Snake Eyes.

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Golobulus; Although with the comic pack Nemesis Enfo...ahem...Immortal and the Hasbro custom Golobulus and Royal Guard, maybe its a possibility.


Crimson Guard Immortal; Not that silver repaint we're getting in the exclusive pack, but a real honest-to-goodness CGI with the chest armor and distinguished helmet.


Crimson Guard Commander; While we're at it, a nice update on the CGC as well, just this time without the neon yellow.


Darklon; I used him as a heavy hitter back in my original Joe-verse, always scheming against Destro and coming quite close a few times. I'd love to see a new 25th version.


Overlord; Same as Darklon, I believe I even had my old orange-shirt Overlord take over Cobra at one point. Unfortunately, I'm not keen on the gold/orange/black with the receding hairline look anymore...I'd have to hope for a DDP Overlord.


Star Viper; Cool design, I always used this guy as an individual way back when. I could definitely see this working with a nice update, the overall look doesn't seem too 80's not to work these days.

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For me, it's Hit & Run and a few others from 1988-89. Especially the COBRA Troops from that time period like HEAT Viper...

I pointed out a while ago that one of the BATs (from the 'Arise, Serpentor, Arise' DVD pack) is carrying a FANG bazooka, the signature weapon of the HEAT-Viper... although it appears to be a functional missile launcher.




Obviously, this doesn't guarantee a thing, but I have to think our chances of seeing the HV just went up a LOT.

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#US1# i am hoping for them to come out with like a comic two-pack with Alexander Destro and Mistress Armada! it would be easy for them to make Alexander, just make a new head and put it on an iron grenadiers body! as for Armada they might be able to slap her together with some of the part they have made for other 25th anniversary figs. just mabye sculpt a new head, some legs and iron greander web gear and belt that will fit her frame!


i would also like to see Billy Kessler, Dr. Venom, Dr. Knox, Zanya and lot more characters that have never had a figure, like they did with the Wraith figure thats coming up!


and since they made nemisis enforcer i wouldn't mind seeing a three pack with Golobulus, Pythona, & the royal guard! just becuase it would be cool!...lol even DDP Overlord in a three pack with coil troops would be nice!


on to updated figures to 25th form...


for Cobra: Zandar, Zarana, Road Pig, Dr. Mindbinder, Darklon, Blackout


for G.I. Joe: Tunnel-rat is the only one that comes to mind at the moment, but will think of more eventually! i am just very satisfied with the direction they are talking things!


i hope also that when they make the 3 3/4 scale movie figures that they make a business suit destro with removable mask and tones of playsets and vehicles!

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Hasbro does keep throwing in surprises here and there (Red Star, Nemesis Enforcer), so it seems like anything's possible. Now that Cutter's been announced, the character I most want to see (but don't expect to see) is Mercer. I'm also hoping for more new (to figures) characters - Wraith is a promising start - and some redos of modern characters like Agent Faces and Black Out.

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My very first GI Joe was Captain Gridiron. I don't think he'll ever get made. Topside was my 3rd figure and 2nd Joe, and I don't think he'll get made either. Then there are my other 1990 wave favorites like Countdown and Freefall. That year doesnt get enough credit. It's the buffer between the great stuff and the neon stuff and it gets forgotten about.


But #1 on my list is Sgt. Slaughter. Don't think we'll ever see that one.

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i want a dang



ripcord original


a good scrap iron










You think these characters are unlikely to be made? Are you serious? They have a better chance than almost any other figure.


This isn't a discussion about what you'd like to have. It's about what you'd like to see that is almost 100% not gonna happen.



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Mercer would be really cool.....I'm talking original V. 1 Mercer......with old torn up Viper uniform with crossed out Cobra symbol. Basically "Movie" Mercer.......I never really liked the second version....the beard was too much IMO.


Alley Viper V. 1.......one of my all time favorite Cobra Troops....with orange and blue camo. Even though this figure was popular not one incarnation of this troop since the first one has done it justice. The Alley-Vipers have been watered down ever since. (also please have removable grapple gun from backpack......as a kid that was something I imagined every Joe adventure)



Honestly........Sgt. Slaughter....I just have a feeling that he isn't going to get made. I like the Sarge....I know not many of you do on here but I think he deserves his props.


Law and Order and Shockwave too.......



Up until Joe-Con Quick Kick would have been on the top of my list.......but we're getting him.

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Hasbro cancels each and every line too soon to ever DREAM of getting even half the cool characters available to remake. They shove the same top 5 down our throats at the start of every new style and when the line poops out because of it, they cancel it and go back to the drawing board to think of some OTHER way they can get kids and fans to buy the same top 5 crap characters all over again.


If the lines for "the kids" then what difference should it make WHO they make into an action figure? The "kids" don't know CC from Effects in the ARAH mythos. if it's in large part for the "fans" then they need to slow down on the repeats and repaints and take a risk on putting out some of these secondary characters. They sure crammed Heavy Duty (in place of Roadblock) enough times over, they just need to stay with the idea, but with OTHER great, underrated characters. If the design is good..the figures will sell.

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