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It's Official: Hasbro's Indiana Jones action figures kick MAJOR ASS!!!


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Ok, so much like many people on these boards and elsewhere I have been wanting movie based toys off of "Indiana Jones" and his 3 movies.


I FINALLLLLY get my rear to Toys R Us and lo and behold they have a small albeit beautiful Indiana Jones action figure display! I rifle through all the figures picking the best paint job (which is prolly my only complaint to be honest, the paint on the faces looks like smashed dick in a lot of cases...quite maddening to be honest, more care should have been put into that.....ANNND I wouldn't mind if they were a TAD bigger but, BUT they are still a-friggin'-mazing! :D)


Now, I musta looked like quite the nutbag cuz I friggin' went OFF! Save for the Indiana Jones/Ark, German Soldiers, Marion Cairo Henchman 2-Packs I got everything else from "Raiders of the Lost Ark" :D :D :D


The packaging on these figures is fantastic! SO much fun to look at. Love the fact they have movie stills on the packages and I love the bio/write up each figure/vehicle has...Hasbro seems to have put a lot of work into this line.


It's so awesome that not only do they come with 'Army Intel' Military boxes that contain an artifact for Indy to search, but if you collect 6 stickers that show what artifact you get...you mail them bad boys off to Hasbro and they send you a cool Crystal Skeleton action figure on throne from the brand spakin' new "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"...awesome.


The figures, ahhh the figures! SO SO SO SO SOOOOO much fun! The vehicles are flipping wicked--Cargo Truck and German Troop car and German Trooper with Motorcycle are just awesome...the motorcycle blows apart and the detailing on the soldier is the tits man! Dude has a machine gun and Luger you can put at his side in the holster, and his helment comes off. The German Troop car has a cool bazooka/machine gun mount and great detailing. The Cargo Truck..ahhh that great Cargo Truck....BAD....ASS....!!! :) This beaut has a removable back canopy, comes with a cardboard cut out box to put the Ark in (which kinda sucks cuz it's not the best quality..a plastic crate would have been much more appreciated, but I do appreciate Hasbro wanted to do something fun...or...maybe save money perhaps...heyyy...waaaitaminute! Ah well, I digress) The grill comes down and the doors open on either side of the truck...it's fun to have Indy beatin' on German Soldiers hangin' off the thing, or havin' Indy ride his horse beside it shootin' at the thing with his pistol!


All of the figures are so much fun and durable--Love the Cairo Indy--I get the action feature, but it doesn't take away from the figure, if anything I'd just Super Glue his whip arm into a pose I want...love his leg pose, it's cool. Belloq-awesome, Cairo Swordsman-awesome, German Soldier-awesome, Sallah-awesome, Monkey Man-awesome. The Deluxe Indy with Idol Trap, and Indy with Horse were the other two Deluxe figures I got.


Now, the Indy with Fertility Statue Trap I thought was the best Indy.....UNTIL I opened up the Indiana Jones figure with the Horse, this guy is damn near perfect!!! His leg articulation, his satchel, his gloved hands, his wrist articulation (which is something the Idol Statue Trap Indy didn't have) His gun fits great in his hand (finger actually goes into the trigger) has a nice worn/dusty look on parts of the figure--just all around a truly awesome cool bitchin' Indiana Jones figure, highly HIGHLY recommend this one. OH and his horse is really sweet too!


I don't think I'm missing anything but yeah, just wanted to get that off my chest LoL! Hopefully the stores get the rest of the Deluxe and KOTCS figures in soon, cuz to be honest, I'm 'Jonesin' for these guys! ....yeah...that was weak..sorry.


ANYWAYS--Indiana Jones movie action figures BUY THEM!!!!!

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I personally haven't been this excited over action figures in a long time. I LOVE these!! I was eagerly anticipating these for some time now; actually I've wanted Indiana Jones toys ever since POTF2 came out back in '95. I thought it was a no-brainer. But I guess it took the push of the multi-media onslaught we're currently witnessing for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to get a good toyline rolling.


I found the new figures last Thursday evening at Wal-Mart after hoping I just might stumble upon them. Now I had limited money so I had to be selective as to which ones I would get. I couldn't resist getting each of the four new Indys they had. I wish I could have gotten the others, but I was thrilled to just have Indiana Jones himself.


As others have said I LOVE the packaging. They really went all-out for it it and it shows. If your a MOMC collector like I am they display beautifully. But you know, since this was the first Indiana Jones figure line in some twenty-odd years (!) I just had to buy one to open...


I went to another local Wal-Mart to see if I could find one of the Indiana Jones figures to open. I decided on the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull one, the one that comes with a crystal skull and removeable hat. I was hoping that these were of the same high-quality that the current Star Wars figures are. I was not disappointed! I opened it up and I was just grinning like a big ol' kid. The details are amazing, and the articulation is exactly what I was expecting from the folks at Hasbro that do the Star Wars figures. It's exactly what I've been longing for all of these years; extremely cool Indiana Jones figures on par with the Star Wars ones I already collect.


The only downside I've discovered is the fact that with the way the cardbacks are designed and cut, it's very difficult to find mint cards. I searched through racks and racks of them to find just four that were good. And also like others have said, sometimes the paint apps on the faces leave something to be desired. Incidentally I found a Marion Ravenwood that had an ugly head-sculpt, but then I came across another one in the same bunch that had a good one, oddly enough, as if they had done a running change on her head-sculpt. Looking back I wish I had grabbed it...


But I'm on Cloud 9 right now. I've waited years for Kenner/Hasbro to come out with these, and now it's finally happening, and I am extremely thrilled. Now if I could just find the Last Crusade figures...

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Too bad it wasn't like this back in the day when the origional Indy figures came out for Raiders


It didn't sell and because of i9t there were no figures for the Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade


I'm hoping for some Temple of Doom figures because I would like a Short Round and Willie Scott figures

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I hate to play devils advocate but I am not to happy with the head sculpts particularly on Indy.I know this has been covered already.I like the figures too but I just don't like the way Indy looks.In my opinion the only Indy that looks good is the Deluxe one with the hoers.I picked that one up as well as the german Motorcycle soldier.

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I hate to play devils advocate but I am not to happy with the head sculpts particularly on Indy.I know this has been covered already.I like the figures too but I just don't like the way Indy looks.In my opinion the only Indy that looks good is the Deluxe one with the hoers.I picked that one up as well as the german Motorcycle soldier.


Well, I'll refer to the Marion figure I found. Also, I found a Cairo Swordsman that was cross-eyed, and a "Raiders" Indy that looks like a man I go to church with instead of Harrison Ford. (lol) They do have flaws, I'll admit. But I think the "Kingdom" Indys look pretty good. I think the one that comes with the rocket launcher looks alot like Harrison Ford, for a 3-3/4" figure. (That just reads funny, doesn't it? "Indiana Jones w/Rocket Launcher") (lol)


But yeah, I'd love to have some of the Deluxe figures.

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Funny to see an Indy Crystal Skull figure with a rocket launcher


Indy had a rocket launcher too in Raiders Why wasn't that one used as a figure?


All they have to do is change his hair coloring


That's right he did! And now that I think about it, I had to do a double-take when I saw pics of this figure; at first I thought it was the "Raiders" version, but then I remembered in the movie he still had on the German uniform instead of just his white shirt. Huh. I guess they could easily do the "Raiders" version, couldn't they.

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Man, I love these things. I got quite the haul today:


Raiders of the Lost Ark:


Cairo Indy


Monkey Man

Cairo Swordsman



German Soldier (2)

Cargo Truck

Troop Car


Kingdom of the Crystal Skull:


Indy with jacket

Mutt with jacket


I immediately grabbed the truck and car when I saw them at K-Mart, along with the Raiders figures. Picked up some of the others at a Super Wal-Mart. Kinda wish Target would put them out so I can use my discount...sigh, I'll have to wait till June to pick up anymore anyway. ($90 at K-Mart really hurt my monthly funds.)


So now I have an Indy display ontop of one of my cabinets now. The truck and car come with these cool cardboard dioramas. Very nice for a background display.


I have Marion driving the truck with Mutt screaming like a girl at a soldier pointing a gun at him as he hangs from the window. Idol Indy is on top of the truck and is about to get punched by the other soldier. These things are so friggin' awesome.


I just wish Sallah's clothes were bendable enough to let him sit down though. I need someone to drive the jeep. My least favorite figure of the ones I have is either Cairo Indy or Cairo Swordsman. Both have lame articulation...though the Swordsman doesn't really need articulation, as his only purpose is to get shot. @loll@


All in all, I'm totally on board for this. I can't wait to finish getting the Crystal Skull figures.

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I was looking forward to the figures too, but with collecting Joe's & Star Wars, I had planned on only getting Indy w/jacket. Well that didn't work, as I got both vehicles, Indy & horse, German Soldier & cycle, Cemetary Warrior, German Soldier single card x2 & the 2-pack, Russian Soldier & Colonel, Crystal Skull Indy, and Raisders Indy w/jacket. Man I'm gonna be broke between Indy, Joe's & Star Wars.

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I just bought a "Raiders" Indy, and I just figured out what's been bugging me about it; they painted his eyebrows too high! THAT'S why he looks so weird. He looks passive and/or moderately suprised (lol) instead of ticked-off/haggard like Indy should look. The Rocket Launcher and Crystal Skull Indys look alot better to me.


I got a Disney Indy a few years back, and that's what bothered me about it as well. His eyebrows look like when those older women shave their eyebrows and then paint them back on and they look ridiculous. (lol) "Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Eyebrows" That'll be the title to the fifth one... (lol)


But otherwise I love these and couldn't be happier that they modeled them after Star Wars figures in terms of detail, sculpting, and articulation. They just need to work on the eyes. Every Cairo Swordsman I've seen looks like Indy shot him between the eyes, making him cross-eyed. Marion looks like Wynona Ryder, and Belloque looks like Regis Philbin. (lol) Seriously, I love these and consider the paint problems very minor. I'm sure they'll release more accurate sculpts on down the line, at least in Indy's case.

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