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Are there any ML figures left that you REALLY want to see?

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So, after reading the thread about ML possibly being canceled, that got me thinking...if ML were canceled right now I don't think there's really much I would be disappointed about. We've pretty much been given all the major characters in the ML universe. Sure, there's a few figures I'd still like to see, but none that I can't live without.


Just curious if anyone else feels the same way, and if there are figures you would still really want included in the ML line, which ones would they be?

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I still want to get a lot of the spidey villains that havent been made yet puma, prowler, tombstone ect...


Along with the new Cap, Winter Solider, Wrecking Crew would be nice, More Iron man villians like Iron Monger (comic style) theres kinda lots left just not MAJOR charactors left but than again there still some heavey hitters out there that collectors/fans would love!

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i want that black suit spidey from series five, its from the recent back in black comic arch and his suit was really cool, plus we havent had a decent one since about 2004 with the spiderman classics line

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i still want the following:




drax the destroyer


silver sable


adam warlock

high evolutionary

cloak and dagger

night thrasher




crimson dynamo

titanium man-comic style

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There's hundreds of characters I'd love to see done. Even if the line continues I doubt I'd see half the characters I want.


New Cap

Winter Soldier



Daredevil (Armored)


Dum Dum Dugan


Venom (Mac Gargan)


Citizen V

Mach (I, II, III, or IV)


Hand Ninja builder (much like the Hydra Agents)

New/Young X-Men (I'd even settle for a box set or 2)

Great Lakes Initiative (If Hasbro ever made any of them, I'd be surprised)

Ultimates (we've got Ironman & Cap, we need the rest)

Ultimate X-Men (Wolvie & Iceman have been done)

X-Force Classic (We've got Cannonball, Domino & Cable I want Shatterstar & Warpath at least)

X-Force New (They could just do a box set with a repainted Wolvie, Warpath, X-23 & new casted Raine)

X-Factor (Multipleman, Siryn, M, Rictor, Layla Miller, Strong Guy B-A-F?)

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I was thinking about this today, and even though I don't think the line will be canceled, if it was, I'm thinking I'd probably be okay, as the vast majority of characters I still want are Spiderman-based, and I would assume that they would still be releasing the new Spiderman Classics line...so I would still have a chance to see them. Or do you think they would cancel this line as well?



I think there are only 4 non-Spidey characters I want-Crossbones, Gladiator, Erik the Red and Morph from the X-men TV series (yeah, I know.......I don't want to hear it! :P ). But I could probably live without them (which is probably a good thing since I'm pretty sure the latter two will never see the light of day even if the line continues).


I would feel bad for the people who still have long wantlists though.

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Id love to see the following made:

Wrecking Crew

Awesome Android



Atlas from Thunderbolts


Blackout from Masters of Evil

Aquon the man fish (old hulk villian)





High Evolutionary



some Asgardians, Odin comes to mind.

and many others. Theres no reason why Hasbro cant make a larger figure without making it a BAF. They make the large icons series so why not make a large figure as is?

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I want to see an Odin and Surftur two pack, a new X-Force box set, a Wrecking Crew box set, Illuminati #5 Super Skrulls, a Red Hulk, Inhumans box set, Gladiator and the Imperial Guard, O.N.E Squad Sentinels, Prowler, Mac Gargon Venom, Modern Luke Cage, and Heralds of Galactus Box set.

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I still want to see lots more figures


ultimate marvel characters

x-force figures

age of apocalypse figures

I would love to see mimic as a villain

and Blink


i am a big fan of all x-men anything


I actually really enjoyed the xforce series with caliban the whole team was decked out in kind of a yellow purple, i enjoyed their edgy looks,

New mutants box set

original xmen box set


hand ninjas


I could go on and on

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What I still really want:


The rest of Alpha flight

The rest of Omega Flight



Strong Guy

Any new Venom figure

Everything from the Ultimate universe

Winter Soldier


Messiah Complex X-23

Green and white costume Rogue


First Appearance Storm

A decent Emma Frost

A decent Banshee

Multiple Man

A humongous Sandman

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i think we need a...................


storm (new costume prefer fa with long material cape, or ultimate storm with short hair varient)

dreathstrike (new costume)

mystique (black costume and guns)

rogue (new costume)

apocalypse (less fat more armour)

pyro (cooler costume)

toad (modern costume)







erik the red









m'kran crystal


moira mctaggard


silver samurai











all the x men team in ultimate costume

all the x men team in aoa costume

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Jim Lee Jean Grey

Jubilation Lee

Sauron (Since we are getting that Savage Land Boxed Set)



Nimrod (B-A-F?)

Morph (I too want the version from the animated series, Evil Variant)





90's X-Factor

Hellfire Club White Queen (We are getting another Elektra and Maybe another Phoenix, so why not?)

Hellfire Club Goons (Army Builder) (This doesn't necessarily have to be Marvel Legends, Marvel Select could release them in 2 pack)

Imperial Guard

Rest of Alpha Flight

Nasty Boys

Apocalypse's Four Horsemen







Ummm ok, I'm definitely not prepared for this line to end.

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Wolverine in a dress.


"No-whining allowed" Spiderman ("Oh, woe is me...Poor Aunt May...Why does JJJ hate me? Why doesn't MJ understand?? Waaaaaaahhhh!!!!")


REALLY Dead Jean Grey: With an actual coroner's report and special toe-tag confirming that she's DEAD!!!


Patriotic Captain America (One who protects his country, kick's ass and takes names...Not the whiny, cringing, left-wing, conflicted, peacenik weasel we've had to endure since 9-11. I'm so glad he's dead...And he was wrong in CIVIL WAR.)


President Tony Stark: One of the few real men left in the Marvel Universe...He'd make a great President. Maybe even better than Bush..?


Polka-Dot Hulk: The variants could be real rare! Think of the possibilities.

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