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If you could only keep 12 of your Marvel Legends, who


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12) Black Queen/Jean Grey- I just got this one for my birthday. I am not a huge fan of the Emma Frost body, but the face sculpt is dead- on for Dark Phoenix in her BQ persona, and the rose on the cape was just the needed touch to make this figure one of my favorites.


11) Ultimate F4 Johnny Storm- One of my favorite characters.


10) Captain Marvel-Another of my favorite characters.


9) Mr. Sinister- My second favorite villain, I am just amazed at his sculpt and the way the color application was done.


8) Ultimate X-men Ice-man: A much improved version than ML8 ICE-MAN, the grin on his face is very Bobby drake- This is one of my favorite characters. Plus I like beret.


7) Asgardian Thor: This is my favorite costume on Thor. The beard suits him, and has more detail than his other costumes. I also love his size. I wish the paint application was more detailed, but otherwise a great sculpt.



6) CAPTAIN AMERICA/face off series: I love this sculpt. to me it is the best representation of CAP to date!



5) Astonishing Cyclops: I am actually in the minority here, but I really like this figure. This is my favorite Cyclops uniform because it reflects Scott's serious nature, and it is a modern take on his original costume. I only wish he was taller in scale, and that Hasbro used gold paint instead of primary yellow for the piping. Cyclops is one of my favorite X-males.


4) Marvelgirl/Rachel Grey- say what you will, but I really love this sculpt. Even though the paint application is not the best, Rachel is one of my favorite characters, and this legend was one that was much anticipated.


3) ML8 Storm- One of my favorite characters, this sculpt is amazing in detail. I love the wrinkles, although I think the figure overall is too skinny, and Storm's head is too small. I would quickly replace this figure with a FA Storm, which would better compliment Dave Cockrum's design for Phoenix.


2) Phoenix/Jean Grey- This is my favorite Marvel character, and my favorite female legend. There are parts of the figure I don't like such as the duck feet and the fact that her boots are not sculpted on, just painted. I also hate the neck joint and the waist is too square, but overall it is still my favorite female figure.


1) Dark Phoenix- This figure is the most important to me because my partner gave this to me for Christmas 2 years ago, and because it was the hardest figure to find. He ended up having to order it on Ebay, and its my most treasured legend.

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hard choices really...



I'd say


face off cap masked

galactus baf

sentinal baf

dr strange


stanlee/spiderman exclusive


dragon man if I had him

nazi red skull if I had em

Brown outfit wolvie or maybe unmasked ml ?12? axm wolvie?

ms marvel






12 is not enough :P

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Twelve? Better than ten i guess. In no particular order


12. Movie Spiderman

11. Apacolypse series Wolverine

10. FO captain america

9. Mcfarlane Spiderman

8. FO Hulk

7. Modern Armor Iron Man

6. Deadpool

5. Daredevil (one coming out soon)

4. Sinister Six Venom

3. FF series Dr Doom

2. ML Green Goblin

1. Movie New Goblin

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Wow. I've collected so many. If I must choose....


12. Magneto

11. Gambit (ML 4)

10. Rachel Grey

9. Deadpool

8. Wolverine (Brown Costume)

7. X-23 (Black Outfit)

6. Punisher (ML6 Thomas Jane)

5. Hawkeye

4. Ms. Marvel

3. Cannonball

2. Modern Iron Man

1. Nightcrawler


Man, that was tough.

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As I started buying ML because of the muties, I think taht all my choices are gonna be mutants:


ML Beast & ML Magneto, because they where my first two figs.


ML Storm because she's damn cool.


ML Pyro, it's a neat figure, I really like it.


ML Longshot, he's one of my favourites characters.


ML Psylocke, I wish she was taller, but it's a good scupt.


XMC Angel, I always liked Archangel much more.


HML Banshee, an average body, but I can't resist.


ML Nightcrawler, ML Colossus & ML Brown Wolverine to complete the Giant Sized set.


And the BAF Sentinel, it's just awesome!


Altough I'd miss very much Mr. Sinister, Cyclops, Phoenix...

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this is such a good thread. 12 is a really weird number - but i'm sure almost all of us have over a ton of ML figures...so here's my list....



12) Invisible Woman (from FF Ronan line)- i love this figure. even if it does suffer from boring Hasbro paint application.

11) X-Treme Rogue - i don't love this figure too much but it's good and i wouldn't want my collection to be without a Rogue.

10) Cannonball - he's got one of the best looking faces, and even though it's a repaint it works SO WELL.

9) Hawkeye - i love this figure. shut up. He's awesome.

8) Rachel Grey - this sculpt is awesome, AND it's modeled after one of my favorite issues of x-men.

7) Asgardian - i love this character and i LOVE this figure.

6) Spiderwoman - Jessica Drew. This figure is just real great. i love it.

5) Havok - my favorite male sculpt and one of the coolest characters.

4) Dr Doom (from the FF Ronan line) - my favorite villain, it's an awesome sculpt even IF the paint application isn't the best.

3) Ms Marvel - i really like that sculpt, the body just works real well.

2) Phoenix - one of my favorite characters and favorite figures.

1) Astonishing Wolverine - my favorite ML figure. my favorite Marvel character. Best sculpt, articulation, etc.


ugh, this list was so hard for me to complete! i wasn't happy with my final decision - but i think i wouldn't be happy unless i could keep like....one figure of every character. other figures i'd want to keep are: Astonishing Cyclops, She-Hulk, Cable (yellow & blue version), Vision, Wasp, Dr. Strange, Ant-Man....ugh....i could revise this list over and over again. i think if i thought about it long enough, haha, i'd maybe decide to keep only X-men (since they're my favorite comic).

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My favorites (including some BAFs) are as follows:


12. Galactus

11. Daredevil (Face-Off)

10. Iron Fist

9. Hulk (Face-Off)

8. Captain America (Face-Off)

7. Iron Man (Classic Series 1)

6. Green Goblin

5. Hobgoblin

4. Spiderman (the Super-Articulated McFarlane version)

3. Blob

2. Juggernaut

1. Wolverine (Brown Series 6)

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I don't know if I should participate... it obvious that some of you guys are making a mockery of this thread, even going so far to include Rachel Grey/Marvelgirl in your top 12... thats just not funny @lol@


anyhow.. for some actual good figures, I'd keep (not including BAFs):


ML2 Namor

ML1 Ironman

ML3 Ghost Rider

ML5 Colossus

ML6 Juggernaut

ML6 Deadpool

ML13 Green Goblin

ML13 Abomination

ML15 Genis

Face Off Captain America

Face Off Hulk

Face Off Sabertooth

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01) Deadpool - Fav comic character and an awesome figure.

02) Astonishing Wolverine

03) FO Captain America - Best looking Cap. He's just waiting to kick so ass.

04) Modern Iron Man - Best looking Iron Man and a favorite character of mine

05) War Machine - I'm an IM nut and this is one of my favorite armors

06) Bearded Sentry - Until we get a longer haired version this one is key

07) FO Daredevil - By far the current best version of the man without fear

08) FO Hulk variant -A gigantic and pissed off jade giant

09) Stan Lee Exclusive

10) Bullseye

11) Taskmaster

12) Kingpin

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@grumpy@ I can't do it. Just twelve, I can't do it. I love them all even the ugly ones. @loll@



I can't do it either. I really like more than just 12 and there's been almost 200 different figures now, if I got the numbers right.

I cannot narrow it down to just 12...

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This post made me laugh because I went through this tonight. I just listed most of my Marvel Legends on Ebay tonight.

For BAFs I kept

1. Sentinel

2. Blob


3. Sabertooth

4. Wolverine (Brown matches sabertooth)

5. Colossus

6. Deadpool

7. Hawkeye

8. Taskmaster

9. Captain America (series 1)

10. Iron Man (series 1)

11. Thor (Giant Man)

12. Fantastic 4


Also kept some other X-Men and Spider Man Figures Dr. Strange. I'm selling the rest of the Build a figures and figures I just ran out of space.

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1. variant sentry (he was not locally available here, got him through ebay for a stiff price)

2. hawkeye (he's hawkeye, nuff said)

3. black knight (one of my all time fave MLs, just so damn fine)

4. HML thor (the best looking ML thor for me)

5. goliath (i bought him for an equivalent of 25 USD)

6. hulk buster iron man (the best ML iron man ever)

7. ant man (i don't know, i just like it, maybe because it's from the giant man series)

8. vision (can't find another vision fig at the hobbyshops)

9. ultimate captain america (he's special to me, he's my 1st captain america fig)

10. ms. marvel (it's from the giant man series)

11. wonder man (i really like this fig, just looking at it makes me glad)

12. hercules (i think he looks nice)


aaaahhhh.. my fave avengers.

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Man that was hard! Anyway, here's my top 12:

1.) Green Goblin (Unmasked)

2.) Deadpool

3.) Doctor Doom (Hasbro FF series)

4.) Galactus

5.) Giant Man

6.) Stan Lee/Peter Parker/1st Appearance Spider-Man exclusive

7.) Doc Ock

8.) Stealth Iron Man

9.) Captain America (Face-Off)

10.) Juggernaut (Series 6)

11.) Thor (Wal*Mart series)

12.) MODOK

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