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two pack ideas


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how about...


Havok and Polaris 2pack

They could reuse the Havok Giantman Series figure body and give him a different head. Polaris could be a Spiderwoman/Wasp body repaint with Storm's cape and new head sculpt. or she could be the more recent Invisible Woman's body.


Cyclops and Emma

Cyclops could be a repaint of Xorn with a different torso and head sculpt. Emma could use Invisible Woman's body and a new head sculpt. They could both be wearing their costumes from New X-Men.


X-23 and Hellion

X-23 could be Psylocke's body with claws, and Hellion could be Havok's body with a different head. He could even reuse a Peter Parker head (the one that came with the Stan Lee figure).


Stature and Kate Bishop Hawkeye

Kate Bishop could be an Emma frost body (as much as i hate to admit it) with a new head. Stature could be new Invisible Woman body and new head.


...and i cant think of anything else.

any ideas?

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Aurora and Northstar

FA Colossus and FA Shadowcat

FA Blade and Deacon Frost

FA Wonder Man and Grim Reaper

Mastermind and Toad

Ka-zar and Zabu/Shanna the She Devil

Forge and Morlock Storm

The Strucker Twins

Aunt May and Uncle Ben

Titanium Man and Crimson Dynamo

Kang and Immortus

Jarvis the Butler and Wong

Baron Mordo and Hellstrom

Jocosta and Crystal

Marvel Boy and Firestar

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Let's not forget a comic accurate MJ and Gwen Stacey here... reuse that marvel girl body for the cheap route.

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A few spring to mind:


Rogue & Gambit

Black Panther & Storm

Captain Britain & Meggan

Iceman (or Justice) & Firestar

Crystal & Medusa

Misty Knight & Coleen Wing

Absorbing Man & Titania

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Stature and Kate wouldn't work. no toy company is ever going to release 2 females together in a 2 pack. I would replace Stature with Speed and then have the Icons line come out with a Stature.


also, honestly I don't care HOW we get the rest of the YA, I just want to finish this team!!

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Havok (the unused prototype from the Wal-Mart line) and Polaris (the only good female sculpt is the Phoenix/Ms. Marvel one)


Northstar and Aurora would be easy except that I seem to recall they used that sub-standard Invisible Woman sculpt for Aurora.


A new Rogue and Gambit would be excellent. They could use the Gambit from the web poll. All they need to do with the original Rogue is fix the ##$%$# legs, the head, and no cloth jackets!


Marvel Boy (or Justice) and Firestar would be cool. Justice could be made from any general male sculpt and for some diversity, I suppose the Wasp sculpt wasn't too bad for Firestar.


Despite their unrecognizability, I would love a Wrecking Crew set.

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I just thought of this, the real people to bug about a Wrecking Crew box set (or any other obscure fan favorite) is not Hasbro, but rather Marvel Comics. If they write the Wrecking Crew into a major storyline in a title with significant sales (appearing in their classic outfits) Hasbro would have some support in releasing a box set, or two packs. So lets go Diamond Joe!

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Medusa and Crystal

Havok (modern) and Polaris

Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy (or an updated blackcat)

Justice and Firestar

Speedball and Squirrel Girl!

Night Nurse and Wong

Misty Knight and Colleen Wing

Rogue and Mystique

Aurora and Northstar

Lillandra and Deathbird

Vulcan and Gladiator

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spider-man and mary jane watson

black suited spider-man and Gwen Stacey

iron spider and aunt may

scarlet spider and uncle ben

spider-man II (ben reilly) and j. jonah jameson


venom and carnage

green goblin and doc ock

kraven and electro

mysterio and morbius

scorpion and shocker

beetle and chameleon


the best part is most fo these could be retools. blk. spidey could be a retool of mcfarlane spidey without webbing (similar to jin's custom). MJ and gwen could use the psylocke body with new heads. iron spidey, scrlet spdier and spider-ben could be retools of the urban legends spider-man body. aunt may and uncle ben would have to be new, but JJJ could just be prof. X with a new jacket and head.


venom could be a scale down of the icons figure, and carnage a repaint of the fearsome foes figure witha darker red and symbiote tendrils. kraven should just be the sinister six body and paint apps, with the SMC "not getting kicked in the groin" head. electro could be a repaint silver surfer, much like the prototype. mysterio, morbius, scorpion and shocker could lose the action feature, with added articulation for all except scorpion. i dont know about beetle, he may have to be new, but chameleon could use the prof. X body with a new head.

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Polaris and havok I want but i want new sculpts of both

Aurora and Northstar from the Wizard poll


well, i'd like new sculpts too - but i was trying to have everyone come up with ideas based on the way hasbro has done the 2packs....which is use old sculpts and repaint them and give them new heads to make them a new character.


i think Aurora uses the Invisible Woman body, and i'm sure Northstar's body is a repaint. But they'd both make great 2packs.

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Hows about

1.) Scarlet Spider (new sculpt) & Jackal

2.) Crystal & Human Torch (same as FFL but clear)

3.) Thor (new chain-mail costume) & Beta Ray Bill (as in Omega Flight or Stormbreaker)

4.) Aruora & Northstar (toyfare poll)

5.) Nova (modern) & Gamora

6.) Black Widow & Ares

7.) Cloud 9 & M.V.P.

8.) Cyclops & Jean Grey (both as Jim Lee versions)

9.) Ultimate Kitty Pryde & Spider-Man

10.) Ultimate Green Goblin & Ultimate Hob Goblin

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Can I go next?!


Agent 13 & Nick Fury

Hand Ninja & Elektra (new sculpt!)

Helmut Zemo & AIM Soldier

Hellfire Guard & Sebastian Shaw

Peter Parker & Matt Murdoch

Patch & Ogun

Polaris & Strong Guy

Deadpool & T-Ray

Vaults Guardsman & Iron Man (Classic Armor!)

Battle Damaged Spiderman & Kraven the Hunter (new sculpt!)

Ben Urich & Sally Ford

Police Officer & Firefighter (what...The Call was a good title! Plus, who doesn't want the real good guys in ML form?)

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