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With Devil's Due's hold on the GIJoe comic book license coming to a end within the next year, what company would you like to see get it?

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I want Marvel just so I can actually get the comics. We have no coimic store here and the few places that still carry comics only carry Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse. Out of those three...I'd rather Marvel have it as I was always a Marvel Man.

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I'm happy with Joe being at DD, so I say leave it there. I don't think Marvel would really want a Joe comics right now. It's not the sure fire money maker it once was and from what I've heard the fee that Hasbro wants for Joe almost makes it unprofitable to publish. That being said I think everyone it not looking at the larger picture and the fact that Hasbro already has a working relationship with a publisher who will pay their outragous licensing fee, IDW. They seem to being doing ok with the Transformers books (I'm not reading them, but much like Joe fans want Hama IDW gave the TF fans Furman). So I wouldn't be surprised if the Joe comic went to IDW and like Transformers we got a complete overhaul starting at day 1.

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I went with IDW


They already have a solid working relationship with the Transformers brand, and have shown themselves to be quite receptive to fan desires (UK reprints, Dreamwave Trades, etc). They've also shown they aren't willing to abandon older projects either (Beast Wars still came out, unchanged, from what DW was going to print). Maybe we might finally see those classic Trades people have been clamoring for...


At this point, I think a fresh revamp wouldn't be a bad thing. ONe of things I've come to dislike about Joe is the 25 years of backstory, including some less than worthwhile elements (Firefly and Zartan as ninjas, nuff said). A revamp akin to what G1 Transformers got (being unhindered by Hasbro this time around) has made some solid stories. And GI Joe Reloaded got halfway decent when Chuck Dixon came on board, and could have become a decent revamp had DDP not canned it and pushed it under the rug.


I really don't see much of a reason for Marvel to get this property, outside of POSSIBLE greater exposure the company might provide. I don't see a reason why Larry Hama couldn't work with IDW on Joe as he is with Hasbro.

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I vote Devil's Due. That's not an endorsement, mind you, but I'm waying some negatives:


1. IDW gets the license and starts over from the beginning. Just look at Transformers. Garbage. DW's take was bad enough, IDW's is revolting. Especially the Beast Wars waste of paper.

2. Marvel gets the license and returns continuity to the end of the Marvel series. Don't know about you, but there are certain aspects of DD's continuity I've grown to like. As much as I hate the pointless deaths, just scrapping it seems drastic.

3. Marvel puts Hama back in charge. I love Hama's work on the original Joe run, but feel most of what he's done after that doesn't measure up. Case in point: his Frontline series made no sense, and the Storm Shadow series is terrible. Unreadable. Nonsense.


Let DD keep it. It's crap, but it could be worse.



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They are rocking the heck out of the Star Wars titles they're putting out right now and I think they'd take GI Joe to new heights. They've got the marketing and production values to really take off with GI Joe.



Devil's Due just hasn't been panning out with me for a couple of years now. I find that I'm buying the comics just so I don't miss any issues rather than out of excitement to read them. Jerwa effectively killed almost all enjoyment from Joe comics IMO. The series just never recovered from that. The writers and artists they've had on these books have been pretty bad. Hama's Storm Shadow came too late I think.


Dynamite, Top Cow, and IDW would all either charge too much and/or have 15 different covers.


DC and Marvel are both focused on their own properties. I just don't seem either one being interested in something like Joe right now. As much as I like Quesada, he's just got enough going on without having to think about Joe. Didio - I don't trust him with something like Joe.


Image Comics? I don't know who they'd get to write that or how they'd go about doing that since they're truly more of just a publisher rather than a collective production house. I mean individiuals bring their own creator-owned properties to Image.

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I have to express shock at the poster who said IDW's Transformers were no good! Granted, there's a lot of dead weight, with the reprints, Beast Wars, the failed attempt at Alternate realities, and the Movie comics... but the main series (Infiltration, Escalation, Devestation, Stormfront, and the Spotlights) is easily the best Transformers fiction in years! It's popular with the fans, and it's selling well. Compared to the recent cartoons, the foolishness of the Movie, and the Dreamwave clusterfudge from a few years back, IDW's kicking mucho aftplate with this series.


So it should come as no surprise that I think they should take on the GIJoe license. Reprinting the Marvel book, above anything else, would be a coup! And while I love continuity, DDP has severely changed a lot of the greatest moments in the Marvel Run, and maybe, just maybe, it's time to put that dog down.


A streamlined, bare bones, 25th Anniversary-minded GIJoe book by a proven up-and-comer (IDW also handles Joss Whedon's Angel property, Peter David's Fallen Angel and Star Trek)... it might be the only way to expand readership. DDP has alienated fans, and nothing they're doing (even improving quality 100-fold) is bringing them back. IDW has a rep with the comic community, and they're trustworthy.


Marvel and DC have both expressed disinterest with doing licensed properties, and as someone else said, IDW already have a successful relationship with Hasbro, especially in the run up to the Movie (EG: they included Arcee, a non-movie toy based on a rejected movie design in the Movie prequel comic, and issues of the Movie Adaptation were being given away at theaters). Hasbro should be jumping on this, and milking IDW's desire to create property-wide synergy through their books.


I'll be crossing my fingers for it.

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The best Devil's Due issues are those where Devil's Due simply retells a Marvel story.


Ha ha ha, and I agree with the next reply, but I cant quote it, stupid Library computer. Anyhow they should disregard any of that dribble DD put out, including the nationwide Dreadnoks gang, Zartan turning into a mushy pile of mess, having a stinking daughter, Duke in the CIA, but most importantly, the killing off of all those characters!!!


In fact, they should retcon what happened to alot of the guys they killed off!!


While I respect the hell out of Hama and what he did, he lost my confidence when everyone and their mama was a Ninja!!

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