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Your Top 10 "Must Have" NEW Legends


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Ten characters who have not been done yet. Which ten must you have?


10. Machine Man - A B-list Avenger, but the A-list is complete.

9. Morph

8. Blink - Add these two with AoA Sabertooth, Longshot and Spider-man 2099, and we have a somewhat decent Exiles team.

7. Klaw - Someone posted this on my FF2 post, and I like it.

6. Hellcat

5. Nighthawk - Valkyrie is coming in the Hulk line, so she needs some fellow Defenders.

4. Multiple Man - Like the Hydra soldier, he could be released with two different heads.

3. Shang-Chi

2. Purple Man - Someone for Luke Cage to pound on.

1. Jack-of-Hearts - Yeah, another B-list Avenger, but I always liked this guy. I was more bummed when he died than when Hawkeye died.


I know, we've done these posts to death, but the boards are slow right now, with very little news, so hey, why not.

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Okay, in no particular order...








Hogun the Grim

Fandral the Dashing

Volstagg the Voluminous (possibly as a BAF)

Ulik the Rock Troll


Yes. All Thor-related characters. :D

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Jean Grey (Jim Lee)


Cyclops (Jim Lee)

Morph (Fox Xmen Cartoon)

Vindicator (want a box set with the rest of Alpha Flight)


Adam Warlock

Jack of Hearts

Kitty Pride (80s suit)


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Well heck, I guess I missed out on the actual 'voting' thread.


If it's not too late to add my two cents, I'd be happy as a clam if they'd make the three following characters (see, Hasbro? I'm easy, just three little figures and you'd have a fan for life):


1. my namesake, the High Evolutionary.

2. Arnim Zola.

3. Malekith the Accursed.


Not that I don't agree with many of the other choices other members have posted, but these are my very special three.

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Here's 10 random must haves:

1.) Chameleon (In suit w/ Peter Parker, JJJ, Capt. Stacy, Robbie Robertson interchangable heads and hands)

2.) "Kraven's Last Hunt" Kraven w/ rifle

3.) Medusa

4.) Lockjaw BAF

5.) Classic look Ultron (Secret Wars or Perez version)

6.) Thanos (If MS She-Hulk and Ult. Ironman get ML figs, so should he)

7.) Sebastion Shaw

8.) Wolverine as Patch (John Buscema style)

9.) AIM soldier (For my MODOK to lead into battle!)

10.) Red Skull w/ Cosmic Cube (In classic green jump suit or business suit)

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Saw some good ones in there, especially Whirlwind, US Agent, Adam Warlock w/Pip, Dazzler, and the Wrecking Crew members.


I'm more into the new characters than FA or Ultimate ones, just because this is really the first line where we can build a HUGE Marvel universe. So many lines have come and gone, and not even come close to the amount of different characters this one has produced. I want to see as many as possible.


Time to go look at that other list, to see what was hot a month ago. Always interested in seeing the ideas flow, especially if it results in these getting made.

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That's actually a pretty interesting list. I like the Top 5 Avengers, and such (wow, forgot about Quasar, who was a favorite there), but my Defenders and Exiles were not to be had (I guess the Exiles could fall under the X-banner, right there with Jubilee).

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For re-dos, I really want Rogue, Ultron, Classic Powerman, Emma Frost and Hobgoblin. I don't count Toad from ML1 as being an ML.

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Okay, so no one badly needs a High Evolutionary, Arnim Zola or Malekith the Accursed...fine! I won't share them with you when Hasbro makes them for me! ::sniff sniff::



Hey I like High Evolutionary. If you are the number 1 for him make me number 2.


Remember the Evolutionary Wars. Unfortunately they are quite expensive to collect since they span to every annuals back then. If they decide to make it a tradepaperback, why not?


High Evolutionary is one of the remaining high profile villains not yet made.

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With my list of "must haves" I've included a suggested mold that would facilitate Hasbro getting me (that is, us) a deep offering of figures while saving them some green, because hey, I want them to profit from making this line for a long time.


Tiger Stripe Wolverine- repaint of Brown Costume Wolverine with some shoulder pads.


Sunspot mid-nineties blue and red costume- the Captain Marvel figure was pretty close, would just need a new head.


Triathalon- is there any figure that couldn't be done well with the Bullseye mold? Versatile with satisfactory articulation.


Crystal- I think the Black Widow/Phoenix was the best female mold, although I've not seen the Icons Phoenix everyone is raving about.


Thunderstrike or Eric Masterson Thor- pretty simple, use the Giant-Man Thor with a new head and either a cape or a jacket. Hey I think I just came up with a variant!


Titania from the Secret Wars- could be done with some tweaking to the She-Hulk figure.


Citizen V- again, I think the Bullseye mold would work with this one. Just need to figure out how to do the cape/shoulder pads.


The Hornet from Identity Crisis- since it's just Spider-man with armor....


Gladiator- the Sentry figure would work, with the addition of a mohawk and some fists.


Night Thrasher- put a dirt bike helmet on Deadpool and it comes close.


I stopped reading Marvel when Joe Quesade took over so all my suggestions are a little dated.

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I like Thuderstrike. I'd get him if he were made.


How big/tall is High Evolutionary? I only remember him from a very early issue of What If?, and I'm curious if he's BAF material, or normal sized regular packaging.


We're getting a WW2 Cap & Bucky, and a green-trunked Namor (finally), so how's about a Human Torch & Toro? Union Jack & Spitfire? Baron Blood?

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1) Northstar: Black and White costume

2) Jean Grey: Orange and Metallic Blue Jim lee Costume

3) Gladiator: Imperial Guard

4) Polaris: modern green costume

5) AOA X-man: removable X-jacket and x tatoo on chest shirtless

6) Mohawk Storm in correct costume with removable vest

7) Firestar: modern classic costume

8) X-men TAS Morph

9) Exodus: Original Costume

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