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A New 13

Crimson Twins

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I was thinking of something to get my customizing juices flowing again. I came up with an idea that would have the Joes story wiped clean and starting from scratch. I was never a big fan of the original 13 that Hasbro came up with. I was wondering if you had it to do all over, what would be your 13 that you would pick? They could be Hasbro characters, or some of your own creation. Who knows, I might just make some customs to go with whatever 13 I come up with, but even if I don't I think it would be fun to see everyone else's ideas.

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I was never a big fan of the original 13 that Hasbro came up with. I was wondering if you had it to do all over, what would be your 13 that you would pick?



Probably won't help with your custom project, but for a few years now, I've had the desire to see an Ultimate type GIJoe story told. Reloaded had a good premise, but blew it all out far too quickly. Before the first issue, they had already included far too many characters, and were basically running "RAH" lite, with different uniforms.


As is, was, and always will be, my core Joe team consistes of Duke, Snakes, Scarlett, Roadblock, Gung-Ho, Shipwreck and Stalker. I don't feel the need to hold to some Gospel-number of 13 Joes. They're soldiers, not Apostles. Hawk would still be in charge, but he's start off more as a rigid desk Colonel. Stalker would also take the role of the veteran advisor, not really getting into battle unless the team is caught by surprise.


A little later, I'd bring up Flint (as Duke's psuedo-replacement), Lady Jaye, Beachhead, Spirit, and Tunnel Rat. That'd actually make a solid 13 (including Hawk), so I guess you could call it at that.


Still, I'd keep going, with Clutch, Rock'n Roll, Wild Bill, Ripcord, Cover Girl, Dodger, and Ace as the vehicle support crew. I'd also bring in Firewall and Barrel Roll after a long while, as the new recruits among the old hands.


So yeah, I'm no help. I just feel if you distill GIJoe down the the characters with the most character potential... this is a pretty good team to work with.

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Man! This is tough with a capital T! :wacko:


This is the kind of question that I have no INSTANT answer for, and practically frazzles my brain with the burst of imagination it gets filled up with, and ALL the possibilities!


I could answer this question 10 different ways if asked 10 different times. There's an awful lot of great characters in G.I.Joes ARAH line all by itself, but take into consideration characters from outside of that even, or characters we've made up in our head, and....













5...Commando SNAKE EYES w/TIMBER




9...COVER GIRL (more sexy than Scarlett, and more appropriately dressed for my liking. Scarlett looks ready for aerobics class via 1980 circuit) ;) Plus CG comes with the WOLVERINE!


11..THUNDER (cool uniform and comes with a great tank)


13..LADY JAYE (can't break up the couple and LJ is cool anyway)



Geezus! That doesn't cut it man! Too many left out that I'd love on my team!


I'd incorporate the likes of the Sgt. Fury comics, Sgt. Rock, Sgt. Savage line. Borrow some dudes from the ALIENS movie, nab up some key characters from the movie the DIRTY DOZEN (imagine having Lee Marvin & Charles Bronson on the team, or a young Jim Brown? #mrsauve# ) Clint Eastwood BABY??? KELLY'S HERO'S...whadda movie!! Donald Sutherland as my tank commander.....WOOT!! How about Henry Fonda (per his role in Battle of the Bulge) as my Commander in place of Hawk? Can't even imagine a team without ARNOLD, and some of his crew from Predators, taking of course the ventura character, and that badass indian character. Bruce Willis and his group from Tears of the Sun???


agrabsheadxz4.gif ei yi yi!!


That doesn't even cover any I just might have MADE UP! :o


Nope! There's no solid list on this for a new original 13...not from me anyway. ^_^

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hmmm good topic. Let's see if I were going to create a special forces military themed unit I would probably break it down into sections really. I would want a mulititude of people to handle various situations at first since it is a small team


Team Leader:



Overall second in command



Silent weapons and hand to hand combat instructor

Snake eyes (who didn't see that one comming)


Heavy weapons


Rock N Roll


Espionage and counter intelligence



Underwater UDT and SEAL

Wetsuit (I just think he could be so much cooler than shipwreck if they did him correctly)


computer technology and communications



Scouting and land surveliance



Military personnel

Gung Hoe =marines

Stalker=rangers (Samuel L Jackson in basic anyone?)

Grunt= army

Low light= sniper


yeah I think in the beggining that would make for a well adjusted team that would be able to handle a variety of situations

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Well, I figured I might chime in with my ideas as well.


I would try to split the team into two squads of six each. I'm not going to have Hawk on my team because I picture him doing what most generals do and work the battles from a main headquarters control center somewhere away from the action (regardless of what his filecard says). So, with that said:


Commanding Officer: MAJ Barrage - He's got the rank to demand respect from his senior NCO's and the brawn to put guys back in line should they challenge his authority. He's also not so high up in rank that he thinks he shouldn't be getting his hands dirty. He'll usually stay with the support team, though.


Squad 1: Scouts - these are the infiltrators, the forward observers, those that can get as close as possible to do their dirty work without being seen.


Stalker - Squad leader. His ranger training makes him one bad dude, and his rank bring a lot of experience along with it. He is a natural leader that can lead by example if needed.


Snake Eyes - Commando. Pretty much speaks for himself (no pun intended). Another senior NCO with a wealth of knowledge and combat experience. The perfect infiltrator.


Torpedo - SEAL. His SEAL training enables him to act as team leader on special insertion missions. His input and experience is a valuable asset to the team.


Spirit - Tracker. He has the ability to track moving targets without being seen. Also good with hand to hand combat and silent weapons.


Low Light - Night Spotter. Needless to say, this squad will be conducting countless night missions. In order to be successfull, they're going to need someone that is one with the night. His expert marksmanship also helps to secure himself a spot on this squad.


Barrel Roll - Sniper/Infiltrator. Has the uncanny ability to get behind enemy lines undetected with his glider or on foot. Couple that with the fact that there isn't a better sniper available anywhere, and he is a natural fit.


Squad 2: Support - With the Scouts doing the majority of the dirty work, they're still going to need some support. That's where these guys come in.


Flint - Squad leader / Helecopter pilot. Flint is a natural born leader. He is also the team's helicopter pilot. He commands the respect of his squad, and they will follow him to their last breath.


Lady Jaye - Intelligence. Someone has to be able to give the Scouts the info they need to be more effecient at taking out key enemy target. Lady Jaye delivers.


Clutch - Driver / Mechanic. If it has wheels, Clutch can drive it. If it breaks down, he can fix it. Whether he's transporting troops or supplies, or picking up the team for a fast get away, Clutch is the best at what he does.


Rock n Roll - Weapons. He is the subject matter expert when it comes to weapons. He makes sure the team has the right 'tools' for the right job. He can also lay down heavy cover fire as the team's machine gunner.


Mainframe & Dialtone - Commo team. These last two work hand in hand. In today's modern computer age, Mainframe makes sure there are secure email accounts set up wherever the team may be. He can also infiltrate enemy computer systems to gather intel. Dialtone will ensure that secure land lines are available. He also handles all radio traffic with the Scouts team. Both of these are crosstrained so that they know each other's jobs as well as they do their own.


And that's how my team would have started off.

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Viper Hunter got me thinkin.....add "the fonz" to my list please!





Two big thumbs up on that one. @hmmm@



NAH! Just ONE thumb...








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1. Hawk


2. Duke

3. Crankcase

4. Rock n Roll

5. Bazooka

6. Spirit

7. Grunt

8. Footloose

9.Lady Jaye

10. Flint

11. Breaker



12. Stalker

13. Clutch

14. Roadblock

15. Zap

16. Gung Ho

17. Recondo

18. Snake Eyes

19. Scarlett

20. Wild Bill

21. Dial Tone


I couldn't decide on a 13 to re-do them.. so I went with what I'd do, have two 10 man teams with their commanding officer, lol...

and for my Cobras


1. Cobra Commander


2. Major Blood

3. Stinger Driver

4. Saw Viper

5. Scrap Iron

6. Cobra Officer

7. Cobra Soldier

8. Cobra Viper

9. Firefly

10. Wild Weasel

11. Tele-Viper

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i thought this post was done not to long ago... but anyways, here is the same group i had before:


hawk-team leader

duke-2nd in command

flint-battlefield tactics


stalker-ranger, and flat out bad a$$


roadblock-machine gunner

rock & roll-machine gunner #2

gung ho-marine

lady jaye-inteligence

storm shadow-ninja/infiltration/assassin (somebody has to be willing to execute, and in the old marvel run was a joe more than a cobra)

clutch-land transportation/land assault vehicle driver

wild bill-air transportation/air assault vehicle operator


others that could fill in in a pinch:


doc-medical doctor


shipwreck-naval/sea vehicle operator

mutt-k9 handler and trainer


reaches(in no particular order):














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