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Fantastic Foes

Rollo Tomassi

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Looking at Wikipedia's list of Fantastic Four Nemeses got me thinking about who on the list needs to be made and who really doesn't. If somebody already has a Legend ( or a Marvel Select figure like Thanos, Mephisto, Uatu, etc), I won't bother commenting on them, even if they deserve a better figure down the road. I'll give 'em a 1-10 rating based on whether they deserve to be a plastic doll. Then I'll say why. Feel free to disagree and tell me why. This is all for fun after all.


Abraxas (1) Who? Never heard of this bozo, and he looks uninteresting to boot.


Air-Walker (7) A fairly uninteresting looking character, so not really needing to be immortalized in plastic. But he does have a rich history in the Marvel Universe. More for the old school collector. Although he does qualify as a "legend" more than many figures being put out (Danger??)


Android-Man (1) Who? If you're the one fan who wants this figure, I suggest you take a WWE figure and customize it.


Aron, The Rogue Watcher. (5) BAF candidate. We already have a great Uatu from Marvel Select. A redeco of that figure wouldn't hurt. Watchers are cool, though, and this one has a cool red/gold look.


Basilisk (3). Fairly interesting old school design, but since nobody has really ever heard of the guy, I don't see any reason to clamor for him.


Beyonder (4) Aside from the important part he played in the 80's, it's just a guy in a white jumpsuit with a 'fro. I suggest you raid you little sister's Barbie box and find a dark haired Ken. Although some have suggested this could be BAF. I like the idea of having two different sized Beyonders, but there are too many figures I would rather see than this guy.


Blastaar. (9) The Living Bomb-Burst! Resident of the Negative Zone and arch enemy of Annhilus. THis guy definitely needs to be made.


Burstaar (2) Son of Blastaar. Doesn't need to be made as much as his father does.


Constrictor (8) Hmmm...don't really think of him as a FF villain perse, but Frank Schlicting is an old school Marvel Villain with a cool gimmick and costume. So I definitely want to see him, but not neccassarily as a FF Foe. (Unless he was in the boxset..see below)


Crucible (1) Yawn. If they can't bother with a pic of the guy, how great can he be?


Darkoth (3) Other than looking visually original from the standard beefcake Legend, and therefore more interesting to whatever person is sculpting him, this guy looks like a laughable 70's villain.


Devos the Devastator (5) Again. An interesting design, but hardly a Legend.


Diablo (8) Sadly, this guy is not one of my favorite charactrs, but he is a mainstay, so that bumps his must make cred up above a lot of other characters.


Doctor Sun (1). Helloooo, Dr Stereotype. This guy will be in the LAST wave of Marvel Legends...if they end up making EVERYBODY.


Ego, the Living Planet (2) BAF? Just Kidding. Seriously, this guy is just way too big to consider. If you want one, I suggest chickenwire and paper mache in your backyard. It'll be a fun summer project.


Eliminator (1) One hit wonder fetishist costume? Why is he on the list?


Fasaud (4) Isn't this guy like a walking television image? That would be kinda cool to see in a 3D form..but not as a Legend. Maybe as a pack-in PVC figure ( although I have no idea who with).


Frightful Four (Boxset) Won't rate this other than to say, it would be a cool idea. I'll rate each character individually as they come up.


Giganto (8) Clearly a BAF or as something similar, but this is pretty much the first villain of the Marvel Age of comics. How can you NOT have him?


Haazareth (1) Boring. Boring. And boring.


Hate-Monger (3). I gave this guy higher than a one simply because of his long standing in Marvel Universe. But really, it's Hitler. And he's wearing a KKK cowl. No way in hell will that be a Legend.


Hydro-Man (5) Yeah, I know we already "got" a Hydro-Man, but it wasn't really. So I'm breaking my own rules and adding him by saying he would make a great addition to the above mentioned Boxset, as long as it wasn't there already released version that sucks.


Hyperstorm (4) Ugh. Alternate future tyrannical despot grandson of Reed and Sue? Pass. At least until A LOT of other figures get made first. And if your scraping the barrel for this guy, then maybe you should stop the line.


Klaw (9). Technically a Black Panther baddie, but this guy has been around forever and is a cool simple design. We should definitely have him before a lot of other garbage on this list.


Krang (8) Who wouldn't want a blue guy with a bubble on his head? C'mon!! Plus he's caused enough ruckus over the years to warrant a figure. And he's got that evil mustach and goatee thing going.


Kurrgo, Master of Planet X (1) No. and Livewire (2) Slightly less no, but no.


Living Monolith (4) Ha. A half naked black dude? This guy is primarily an X-Men villain. And primarily silly.


Mad Thinker (7) This guy has been a major thorn in the FF's side for decades. But when it comes down to it, it's a scruffy haired guy in a green jumpsuit. As far as toys go, that really works against him. I would want him, but he's just a pegwarmer waiting to happen.


Maximus the Mad (6) Again, he's a major baddie, but not a very interesting one visually ( ironic considering the iconic look of Blackbolt and the other Inhumans).


Mole Man (10) More than any other villain ( who hasn't been made yet) this guy deserves a figure. And a couple of Moloid pack-ins. Especially since he managed to make it into the Showdown line. Bring on the Mole Man!!!


Molecule Man (7). Here's another "important" character that should probably have a figure, but I just don't feel like we NEED. There are other characters that would benefit greater. Plus, he's kind of a wanker.


Namor, The Sub-Mariner (10). Again I break my rules, because Namor needs to show up in some Green Speedos. NOW.


Overmind (7) This is the big, burly guy with a beard in classic Kirby style armor right? A cool, classic looking villain and would make a good figure, but nobody really know or cares who he is, which hurts his chances.


PowerSkrull (7) I'm a big fan of Paibok, and want a figure of him eventually, but theres nothing unique about him that we didn't already get with Super-Skrull. Although the Collosus/Storm/Iceman aspect of his powers would make for some interesting variants.


Psycho-Man (8) The premier microverse villain and he looks cool to boot ( in that 60's style of classic costume look). Not my favorite FF villain, but surely cool enough and high enough on the list to rate a figure.


Puppet Master (6) *sigh* another important villain that's just...boring. It's a skinny little ugly bald guy. Who wants a figure of that?


Ronan The Accuser (10) Awwww yeah! Big, surly, mean, Kree ass kicker? Why hasn't this guy been made yet? I predict he will show up in the next three waves. Ronan kicks ass!


Red Ghost (4) A guy and his monkeys. A cool name. Too bad about the rest.


Shellshock (2) See Livewire above.


Terminus (8). Another candidate for BAF status. It's too bad Hasbro will never do "BIG" Baf figures like Sentinels and Galactus.


Terrax the Tamer. (9) A Herald of Galactus who looks awesome and wields a giant battle-ax? Sign me up!! Another figure who I am suprised hasn't been done yet.


Thundra (7) A good strong female villain. Not as important in lore as some characters, but the fact that are very few women on this list works in her favor. You should always have at least one chick per wave.


Trapster (8) Good ol' Paste Pot Pete. How can you NOT have this figure in your rogues gallery? The only decision is whether to do his old school costume, or the new one. I vote old. And he definitely deserves a spot in the Frighful Four Boxset.


Wizard (9) Wrapping up with another classic villain who needs to be made. Cool villain. Cool classic looking costume. Bring 'em on Hasbro!!

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An all Inhuman wave with a Lockjaw BAF


I also propose a FF w/sidekick wave

Moleman w/underground goon

Ronan w/Kree Soldier

Super Skrull w/regular Skrull

Adam Warlock w/Pip the Troll

Terrax w/rock


Those would wrap up my FF collection for all time

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Pretty much any character/villain from the great Lee/Kirby days of FF # 1 - FF # 100 would make great LEGEND figure, like...


All of the Inhumans...incluiding a Lockjaw BAF; Molecule Man; Mad Thinker; Mad Thinker's "Awesome Android" (FF # 70); Diablo; Rhama-Tut; Him (Adam Warlock from FF # 67); Psycho-Man; Blastaar; Doombots; Maximus; Klaw; Wizard; Sand-Man (in his "Frightful Four" costume); "Kurrgo, Master of Planet X" as a pack-in; Crusader (FF # 165-166); Brute; ...and most definitely, a Paste-Pot Pete!!!


...and the list goes on...



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I think Hasbro should make it a priority to go back and make as many of the figures from the old Toybiz waves into Marvel Legends.



A possible BAF similar to Ronan




One of Galactus' Heralds. A definite need





Would look really cool if he were redone


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And we can't forget the women!!


Ms. Marvel II

Sharon Ventura AKA She-Thing

would make a cool variant







You can't have Blackbolt with out his wife!






The Frankie Raye version this one still holds up

rather well, except for the lack of articulation


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And figures we haven't seen before...like the INHUMANS!



One of the major Inhumans left to make






Medusa's little sister. Quicksilver's wife.

I would give her a soft goods Avengers flight jacket for good measure




An obvious BAF!


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