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Hasbro will be doing a monthly Q&A for marvel stuff


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There are new collectors popping up all the time. Would you consider a supplemental line that would rerelease old figures from Toy Biz's run? Just a simple blister card with minimal accessories, no base or BAF. The price could be kept low as no additional sculpting/tooling would be needed.

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There are new collectors popping up all the time. Would you consider a supplemental line that would rerelease old figures from Toy Biz's run? Just a simple blister card with minimal accessories, no base or BAF. The price could be kept low as no additional sculpting/tooling would be needed.


that is a great question, but i know what hasbro thinks. why would they put out a superior product that makes their sculpts look like crap? that is why you won't see them except for a stupid silver repaint here & there.

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1. Why was the bicep swivel replaced by a joint that -a- has a smaller range of motion and -b- looks odd?


2. Will we ever see finger articulation again?


3. What is the reason behind the lack of paint apps?


4. Will we see any other of Hasbro's toy line produced i Legends style and scale?


5. Do reprinted comics really drive up the cost that much?


6. Will we ever get a comic accurate Magneto that doesn't reuse another character's mold?

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that is a great question, but i know what hasbro thinks. why would they put out a superior product that makes their sculpts look like crap? that is why you won't see them except for a stupid silver repaint here & there.


I doubt Hasbro thinks that. One, ToyBiz did put out a heck of a lot crap. Let's not pretend the company was Golden. Two, several figures use Toybiz molds. And three, I doubt anyone at Hasbro or ToyBiz (that is to say Marvel Toys) thinks of Legends as a chance to show the other up. I'm pretty sure they see it as a vehicle to produce profit. They have access to all the old Legends stuff, and if they think it'll make them money, we'll see it.

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First off why does everybody wan't more articulation?? I say the less the better.Thats the one reason I didn't buy the toybiz marvel legends, they had so much articulation that they were to loose to stand.


On to the questions:

1-will hasbro go back to the 6inch scale

2-will hasbro make figures of characters that have seldom or not been made before

3-can hasbro stick to original character costumes

4-will there be an electro figure in the signature series


@Spidey@ @gambit@ @doom@

The less the better? Really???

It depends on the figure actually.Hasbro can make the cut at the gloves, boots, shirts and it doesn´t affect sculpt (unlike wolvie´s, thor´s, emma´s bicep weird articulation) and with the new plastic, they joints are quite tight. Mattel´s DCSH almost has the perfect amount of art; they just need double knee and elbow joints, and head swivel.

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1. What is the likelihood that in 2008 Hasbro will include ToyBiz-style flight-stands with figures for characters who fly - or - will make the flight-stands available for purchase separately, say on hasbrotoyshop.com in the near future?


2. What are the chances that, moving forward, Hasbro will refrain from using the GI Joe swivel-elbow and the Star Wars ball-jointed elbow/knee articulation schemes for Legends, and return to the double-hinge construction for elbows and knees as introduced by ToyBiz?


3. Will future ML convention exclusives (i.e. ML Stan Lee and ML Jennifer Walters - a.k.a. She-Hulk) be available for purchase via hasbrotoyshop.com, a la the Celebration IV exclusive McQuarrie Luke Skywalker figure?


4. Are there any plans/considerations for multi-figure packaging formats for 6" Marvel Legends (i.e. boxsets or 2-packs?)


5. What is the likelihood that in the near future, Hasbro will be repainting/rereleasing new/different versions of characters rendered in previously-used ToyBiz molds - say in a Marvel Legends sub-line (i.e. Marvel Heroes, as mentioned at SDCC last year) or in afore-mentioned multi-pack formats?

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OK, here is my list of questions / suggestions for Hasbro:


1. Is there a possibility that you could stop including the movie figures in with the standard Marvel Legends line or that you could do the movie figures as a totally seperate line of figures? We shouldn't be forced to buy toys that we don't want in order to complete a BAF figure. Haven't your people noticed all the movie based figures just sitting on store shelves (X3 - Beast, X3 - Juggernaut, ALL SPIDEY 3 FIGURES, etc...). I personally don’t like the movie figures but you could make the comic book fans and the movie fans both happy by separating the lines.


2. Could you vary the figure selection through more teams than what we have been seeing? A run of Thunderbolts from when the comic first started with a BAF Atlas figure, more Alpha Flight, the Inhumans, the Wrecking Crew, X-Force, Runaways, etc... You could even do a Citizen V with a variant Helmet Zemo figure (in modern costume). Hey, I just created a marketing device for you! Limiting the line to X-MEN, Avengers, and FF disappoints your core market groups (comic book fans and collectors).


3. Could you give us realistic designs so that the figures actually look like the comic book characters? This includes paint work, sculpt design, costume, weapons, etc... Have someone who reads the comics on staff to look at the sculpts before they go into mass production.


4. Give us characters that will complete the teams that long time buyers have been assembling? Jean Grey and Cyclops in their Jim Lee costumes, Beast with the more cat like sculpt in his Astonishing X-MEN costume, the FF in modern costumes, etc... Maybe you could do a fan pole of the characters people want in the costumes they want to see them in.


5. If you continue the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man lines do not design figures with water squirt hands, missile firing action, spring loaded waists, push button tail whip action, super strength throwing arm, etc... Just design straight forward basic figures like the Marvel Legends figures. Kids will still play with them and your core market group (comic fans and collectors) will stop being so aggravated.


Well, that’s my suggestions. I don't expect any of them to be used but that how I and about 5 or 6 other guys I know who read the comics and buy the figures feel. I was just selected to send this in.

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1. Can you make boxed sets? especially of teams that haven't had figures made especially the original Thunderbolts, original new warriors, x-force and x-factor.


2. Can we have some display stands for the figures instead of the baf?



3. How many series do you plan on releasing every year?


4. Why haven't we seen any more prototype images or lineups of any new figures?


5. Keep the movie figures out of the Marvel Legends line. Give the movie figures a line of their own they're not Legends!

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The ball elbow joint seems to have a very limited range of motion, especially when compared to the double hinged elbow joint. What plans does Hasbro have to restore the range of motion to the elbow joint?

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i want to ask of the rumored spidey 3 6 inch line.


me too, gimme venom!!!!!


i also wanna ask if they're gonna make the paint better.


make the people look like people!!! they're not fu**ing dols with doll colours!!!

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1- Are there any plans to create an "Official" Hasbro Forum for Marvel Action Figures? If not, Will you Please create one?

--It would be a great idea for Hasbro Officials to have the Opportunity to recieve constant feedback about their products -via their Own Forums.


2- Did Hasbro Intentionally make a Decision to change the overall Appearance/Articulation/Detail of Marvel Legends? If so, What were the reasons?

--There has been very Noticable differences in the Overall Appearance, Articulation, and Detail of the figures, since the Toy Biz days.


3- What is Hasbro's Reason for using the "Bicep Joint" less and less with their Legends figures? What is the Advantage of having No Bicep Joint?

--It does not look good with out the Bicep Joint, and it makes figures Less Poseable.


4- Will the Painting Process "Issue" be addressed with-in the next couple of Marvel Legends waves?

--It seems that one of the most criticized aspects of Hasbro's Marvel Legends is the Lack of Painting Detail.


5- Ive seen other ask this, but... Are there any plans for Artist Renditions for Marvel Legends Characters?

--Mainly Jim Lee Style X-Men or Greg Horn's "Realistic" Style of Marvel Heroes

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What do you guys at Hasbro think about a Heralds of Galactus Series? It could comprise of 6-8 characters.


1. Air-Walker

2. Firelord

3. Terrax the Tamer

4. Nova

5. Morg

6. Red Shift

7. Fallen One

8. Star Dust


The BAF could be of Tyrant who is a creation of Galactus that went rogue. I have enclosed a link for reference.


Image:Cosmic Heralds.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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1) Does Hasbro monitor Marvels boards or venues such as this one for customer response?


2) Why is there such a dramatic shift in the quality between you and Toy Biz, many would agree it was a major step back, why the lower quality? Examples include weak or non-existant paint washes, no peg holes on the feet, loss of articulation and poor sculpts, and that's not even counting the smaller BAF's, no comic, and a higher price point.


3) Why the 5" lines? You're makin us crazy!


4) Are the rumors of a Spider-man 3 & Fan 4:rotss 6" marvel Legends true? Are we gonna get 6" versions?


5) Is there Pre-planning going on right now for Iron Man & The Hulk movie toys? I assume Hasbro will have the license, But what scale are these Figures going to be in? 5" or 6"?



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Nice! We could do without another Surfer IMO!

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Honestly, I'd be surprised if three questions even made it to Hasbro. Its pretty damn embarrassing that the majority of these questions couldn't be phrased constructively, or even as questions for that matter. How many times do you think it'll take Hasbro reading through "your construction isn't nearly as good as ToyBiz's" or "why Do uR PaINT aPpS suKK!?" to decide that they don't care what the fan's response is?


You know, don't be afraid to butter it up a bit. This isn't the "#$#@# at Hasbro session," use a bit a of tact once in a while.

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Might be time to explain what a "buck is and how it relates to the figure's construction.

Sooooooo....what is a "buck", and why is that that some figures reportedly use a common buck?


Over the years, certain kinds of action figures had holes in their heels, and certain kinds of figures came with stands or pegs on other items that fit those holes......but not all figures have items to use the holes with.

What are those holes in the heels actually for?


There's often differences between prototype and production figures, sometimes radical differences.

Sometimes the changes are for the better, sometimes they appear to be worse.

What necessitates these changes, and in particular, when going from what may look be a more appealing looking product to a less appealing one?

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