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Hasbro will be doing a monthly Q&A for marvel stuff


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Hasbro is gonna start doing a monthly Q&A for marvel products were we can send in 5 questions a month and they will be presented to the Hasbro brand team members who work on the Marvel line to be answered. Many of you into Star Wars and GIJoe may be familiar with the process.


I need to get the first batch of questions in by Tuesday the 12th. So lmk what you want to see asked. Now I would advise asking things like who is gonna be in wave 5 and such as I don't think they will provide that kind on answer. So start posting your questions and I will pick 5 to send in. The first batch of responses will be posted on Tues July 19th.


Again the cutoff to get the first set of questions in is this Tuesday.

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i would like to know if they


1. are planning to increase the articualtion (esp. in the hands and fingers) in the future legends sets?


2. are they planning on doing more reissuing of older toybiz legends, either as metallics or repaints?


3. are there any plans to expand the icons series past 2 figures each?


4. are there any plans to do artist specific waves, like dc direct does?


5. are they planning on doing any 6" movie figures, if so, as a seperate line, or will they be mixed into the normal legends lines like the first 3 series are?

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Will we be seeing the stan lee figure sold on the direct market?.. Not as it is not but as a single figure with out switchable heads and outfits and the likes?..




Why must all or most of the marvel heroes be " happy" looking?.. It has wrecked the look of quite a few toys of late ...


What characters base & outfits will you be sticking with in general if any?.. Or will it all just be a nice mix of new and old characters / outfits a like?.. Are you working with marvel in some cases trying to help with the hype of there comics or just get in on the hype of the new comics?..


Example, hulk is the current planet hulk version... & cyclops is the astonishing version both in ml & icons... Nova is another one ... will you be going off the hype with the current ANN look or be going with the more original/fa type?..


Are we going to be seeing a decent mix of new comic guys like gravity/new-xmen kids ,arena hulks warbound or will you focus more on ones that have been around longer like say gladiator ?..


I could go on but I should most likely save some for others & other q&A thanks I'll be happy if even one of mine gets in :)


PS its about DANG time :D this is pretty sweet jayc I have to ask did you set this up with them or ?.. Will they be doing this with other sites as well like they do starwars & such?..

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I would ask Hasbro:


1. What's the meaning of life, and why do I feel empty inside?


2. Are you going to increase the articulation?


3. What are your plans for character choosing? past, present, alternate reality, movie? wolverine, iron man and hulk in all shades and colors? characters that remain unmade? In what ratios?


4. paint applications? USE SOME!


5. build a figures? LARGE ONES? FING FANG FOOM?

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1. Why did they eliminate the bicep swivel, trying to not affect the sculpt? It didn´t affect the sculpt!! It makes the figure´s arm weird looking!


2. Will they inlcude flying stands/bases for future figures?


3. Will the Stan Lee figure be available for everyone who DIDN´T attend the con?


4. Any two packs or boxsets planned in the future??


5. scarecrow´s number 5 question.

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I'd also like the answer to the movie figure question. I know a lot of people here love them, but a lot of us don't and aren't happy about having to buy them to get the BAF. What are the odds of keeping movie figures separate in the future? Make the movie lovers and haters both happy.


And seriously, the paints apps on the new figures have been severely lacking. I know money is an issue, but you've already cut costs by yanking the comics and shrinking the BAFs and at the same time jacked up the price a couple bucks from what Toybiz was charging. It's kind of frustrating to pay more for figures that don't look as good. Throw us a bone here. Heck, I'll pay $11 a figure without complaining if it buys us some paint washes.

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Honestly, I think the articulation on the new Legends is fine. It's not quite what it used to be, but some of the old Legends almost had too many joints to the point where they could barely stand. I think the current level is maybe not as high as it could be but it's enough.


The only real complaint I have is the paint. Some of them are a little underpainted. Luckily, that's much easier to correct manually than joints or scuplting.

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Will Sam Greenwell, Dave Cortez, and Phil Raminez be continuing working on the Marvel Legends series?


Will there be Face off series?



Good questions I loved the face offs :)

& they would be perfect for army builders ... patch vs hand

ect or just aim vs hydra ect heheh

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1) As we've seen with both the Star Wars and G.I. Joe lines, can we expect to see Fan's Choice Polls from time to time?


2) While a large part of the collecting community seems bitter towards the 5" scale, I'm actually quite fond of it for reasons that would be too long-winded to explain. However, figures that aren't included in actual movie lines (eg: Black Cat, Scorpion, Rhino, etc) almost have a "Happy Meal" quality to them. Will we see improved sculpting, or is that dependent upon sales, or is the detail aimed solely towards movie figures and the ML line?


3) BAF had some deal of popularity during the ToyBiz run, and you've been consistent with their inclusion since taking the license. Is this something you plan on sticking with, or are there other ideas in the workshop?

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1- Why limit the amount of articulation when the high level of articulation has been a key point to the success of the Marvel Legends line?


2- Are there any plans down the road at any time to bring back two-packs and/or box sets?


3- Are there any plans to continue the Marvel Legends styled Spider-man and/or Fantastic Four lines?




That's all I got.

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1) Will we ever get a Jim Lee Jean Grey and a Green Trunks Namor?

2) 2 packs or Boxsets?

3) Female Icons?

4) Will Hasbro start Marvel Studios akin to DC's 13" cloth line?

5) Signiature Series Females, like Spider Woman, Ms Marvel, Storm, Phoenix, and Rogue?

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Can we see box sets of famous covers or a Star Wars Evolution style set for various characters like Iron Man, Cable, Apocolypse? Also can we see a BAF Armored Onslaught or War Machine Sentinel?

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My questions are strictly regarding the Marvel Legends line (since I will not even consider buying a 5" movie figure):


1: Will there be any Marvel Legends team sets? If so, would they consider Thunderbolts, Runaways, and the New Warriors (original)?


2: Will there be an all-villain series? If so, would they consider classic villains like Titanium Man, the Wrecker, Crimson Dynamo, the Stilt Man, Ultron, the Executioner, and Whirlwind? Maybe a BAF Ultimo or Living Monolith?


3: If they could take any Marvel character that already got a Marvel Legends treatment from Toybiz and re-do it to make it better, which one and what improvements would be made?

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Can't believe I forgot this...


Hasbro's had incredible success in the 3 3/4" scale with Star Wars and G.I. Joe, something ToyBiz tried their hand at with the Superhero Showdown figures. Now that you've taken over the license, are there any plans on giving this line another go, using similar articulation in the aforementioned brands or even scaled down versions of the new ML line? If anyone can improve on the attempt ToyBiz made, its "The Big H."

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1: Why are you charging a higher price than Toybiz was, but giving us no comic/bases?


2: Why are you charging a higher price than Toybiz was, but giving us no decent paint apps?


3: Why are you charging a higher price than Toybiz was, but giving us less articulation? (Most notably on X3 Jean and She Hulk. Last I checked, Marvel Legends figures could actually bend their arms like actual people do, and not just at a 90 degree angle.)


4: Will we see reissues of old hard to find figures, including variants, such as Black Widow, Spider-Woman, Genis-Vell (thats right, isn't it?), Destroyer, etc...?


5: Why are you charging a higher price than Toybiz was?? (what? Like you didn't expect me to ask that?)

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My Questions:


(1.) Why is Venom in your Spider-man 3 toys purple instead of black? Was that something you guys decided to do or were you told by Sony or Marvel that he had to be purple?


(2.) Will we see some larger BAF's in the near future?


(3.) How long do you guys have plans on doing the BAF's?


(4.) Will you be re-releasing some of the past Toy Biz's toys?


(5.) Could you give us a good and proper explination as to why both Spider-man 3 and Fantastic 4: Rise Of The Silver Surfer toys are in 5" scale?


(6.) I'm aware that part of the reason why both Spider-man 3 and F4: ROTSS are in 5" scale is so that you guys have the option to make vehicles and playsets for these toylines while still make them more affordable and not take up so much space. My question is, why 5" scale, when 4" might have been better, espeically since the figures would be smaller, and thus, can still make affordable playsets and vehicles? As well, the figures could be inscale with your 3.75" or 4" scale G.I. Joe and Star Wars figures, playsets, and vehicles.


(7.) Will you decide to re-release Toy Biz's 4" scale Marvel Legends/Superhero Showdown figures or not, and if you do, will you be making more(Again, having Marvel Superheroes in scale with G.I. Joe and Star Wars).


(8.) With Iron Man and The Incredable Hulk movies coming out in 2008, most likely you guys are currently at least in the design stage of creating toys based on this movie. Is there anything you guys can at least tell us about figures and toys based on either of these 2 movies? Will the figures be in 5", 6", 4", or will there be multiple scales of figures?


(9.) Is there anyway you guys can bring down the price of your Marvel toys, or at least add in some wash on some of your ML toys so that they look like they are worth the price? Marvel Legends, and your 5" figures do seem a bit higher in price. It really gets annoying when the prices of store exclusives are a bit too higher than they should be(From past store exclusives I've seen, they are either the same price as the regular toys, or just slight higher, but not higher enough that you feel like you are getting ripped off).


(10.) Will the Spider-man Orgins 6" toyline return after the movie line is done? What about doing some seperate 6" toylines for some other Marvel properties(Like X-Men, Hulk, and Fantastic Four), instead of putting them all in Marvel Legends?


(11.) Since it seems true that you guys are doing 6" Spider-man 3 figures and are apparently releasing them under the Marvel Legends line, I was wondering why aren't these 6" Spider-man 3 figures being released either as a seperate Spider-man 3 line or under the 6" Spider-man Orgins line? Same if there is a F4: ROTSS 6" figure line.


(12.) Will you guys consider at least adding a bit more articulation in some of your 6" Marvel Legends figures? I don't think you have to really go over board like Toy Biz, but maybe bringing it closer to between 30-40 points of articulation would be fine?


(13.) I'm assuming that the reason why there are no mulit-pack ML toys(2 packs, box sets, etc) is do to the fact that this is your 1st year with the Marvel lincense, however, will we in the near future see some mulit-pack toys, especially for the Marvel Legends line?


(14.) Would you guys consider doing large Rotocast verisons of some larger characters from the Marvel Universe? Maybe as a cheaper alternative for those who can't afford to buy all the figures in a BAF wave just to create this larger character. Maybe, you guys could just do the ones that already have been done in the BAF format(Galatics, Giant Man, etc), and any larger characters you come out in the BAF format in the near future, have a Rotocast verison of the same character come out later(Either a few months or a year later after the release of the BAF format verison of the same character)? Or if the Rotocast format doesn't interest you, how about releasing some of these larger characters done in Marvel Legends: Icons style(Not necessary under the same name, but done in the same style.


I think that will do for now. I have some more, but I guess I'll save those for next time.

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First off why does everybody wan't more articulation?? I say the less the better.Thats the one reason I didn't buy the toybiz marvel legends, they had so much articulation that they were to loose to stand.


On to the questions:

1-will hasbro go back to the 6inch scale

2-will hasbro make figures of characters that have seldom or not been made before

3-can hasbro stick to original character costumes

4-will there be an electro figure in the signature series


@Spidey@ @gambit@ @doom@

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1. What is the future of the spider-man toy line? aside from the 5 inch villains figs(black cat etc.)and the ML sm movie sandman BAF?


2. In the recent toyfare #117...one of the Hasbro designers mentioned they are considering the wrestler spidey, cosmic spidey and spider-man 2211...is there a high possibility we might see these figs a reality?


3. Is there a possibility we might see figures of the supporting cast of spider-man in either the movies or comics?


4. A new spider-man animated series is coming out on 2008...are you also making a toy line for this?


5. When will see new spidey villains or a re-issue of Black cat/Vulture? There are many popular villains out there like Puma and Molten Man(which looks good with your mettalic paint)

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