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Week 1 GIJoe Question & Answer Section For Hasbro


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will there be a storm shadow action figure as cobra based on the DDP gijoe comic book series?


I would like to see a scarlett made as figure based on the gijoe america's elite series.


what about airtight from DDP gijoe comics?


jinx, hawk in wheelchair, general rey, firewall, mayday, vorona and many others from the gijoe comic book series?


I hope I see blowtorch, ripcord, spirit and freedom, airborne, tripwire, grand slam, mutt and junkyard, deep six and many others from the 1982-1987 made as figures!

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Will stuff be AVAILABLE. Considering, for example, I have never even SEEN the Plague Trooper 6-pack.


One word: Vehicles.


And, to elaborate, if new vehicles are planned will they be "retro" like the figures?


What about reissue vehicles? H.I.S.S. II and Stun, for example were available not too long ago.


How about a "fan choice" on a figure or two (or three)?


What are the chances of seeing "dead" characters like Doc or Quick Kick? If the line does not follow any specific continuity (ie. comic), then any character would be "available". But if it does follow a specific continuity (ie. comic), then Lady Jaye is rumored to be in the first 25 and the character is dead according to Devil's Due comics.



Is there a chance of seeing Transformer vs G.I. Joe toys? Especially given the upcoming Transfomers movie (granted, it will be a year later). Take Energon Snow Cat for example. Just make him big enough to hold Joes.


Accessory Packs.



You can use my name.

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- Being a military-themed line, its hard to imagines the Joes without some vehicles. Is the focus more on actual figures themselves, or we can we hope to see some new vehicles rolling out as well?
Will ALL original characters be optional in the new line, even if written off in the comics (as in killed off)?


Once and for all, are the new figures 3.75" or 4"?
Will there be any 25 anniversary Army Builder packs?


Since all those questions were on my list of things to be asked, I'll have to dig deep to get one.



When can we expect to the see the last 10 of the first 25 figures?



I don't care if you use my name.

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(feel free to use my name: Sam Sears)


I want to Echo the question: Are these 3 3/4 or 4" If they are 4" have you considered making future figures closer to 3 3/4 " so that they would fit better with the previous lines and be in scale for the past vehicles.


Will the Cobra solider included in the 5 pack see an exact release in single packs and/or army builder packs? I love army builders and will some variations are nice, i want to have a collection that really looks like a uniform army unless its a single back or in an army builder pack (featuring all army builder action figures) it isn't likely i will be able to afford to buy my self a squad.


In your recent acquisition of the Marvel license of you found any super hero showdown pieces reusable for joe such as their 3 3/4 motorcycle that came packed with Wolverine?


A few later super hero showdown figures (and possibly other lines as well) featured wrists that were on mobile ball joints that created the perfect natural movement of a wrist. Is there a chance we will see these in use for the new line?


If this line continues past this anniversary year will we begin to see DDP or marvel comic Characters and Characters that were introduced in the jvc/vvv/spytroops era?


In this anniversary line is their any plans for early comic characters like Kwin and Dr. Venom?


I would be thankful for any number of these questions to be answered!

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Of course if you pick me you can use my name. Now on to my question:


Any chance we'll see more Unmasked figures like the mail-in Storm Shadow figure?


Ditto to this


also will we be seeing any of the new Devils Due characters like Mayday and Mariner etc within this line

or atleast eventually in plastic form?


use my name if u want

John Knuth

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Use my name: Swan, Cam Swan


Who's your daddy?


No seriously though my question is:


Will the Viper troop, or any variation of the Viper (ex, Range Viper, Night Viper) be updated for the 25th line, or future releases after the initial 25?


sort of goes along with the "Are all characters eligible to be made in the 25th line, but in specific regards to the Viper troops (single carded or part of an army builder pack).

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1. Will there be three packs which will include dvd episodes?


2. Which company has the distribution rights to the DIC and Sunbow Cartoons?


3. Will "overseas" characters like Quarrel and Red Laser from UK's Action Man series be included in the 2008 offerings.


4. Do you expect to have any distribution problems like the 30th Anniversary Star Wars figures are (still only seeing one box per truck when I unload the Toys R Us trucks--yes I have already asked you--but now the management is having a hard time selling the air off of all the EMPTY PEGS, feed us already!!!)?


5. Will the Dreadnoks be sold as a multipack, single pack, or as a vehicle and driver set?


6. Have you heard about a live action film being planned and who would you like to play as whom?


(use either my name or handle--just don't send four guys to kick my butt at FOUR in the morning in front of Toys R Us, I still gotta deliver the mail at EIGHT)

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As many here have said "THANK YOU" for all of the efforts to produce a great line.


My main question is:


Will the initial 10 figures from the Joe and Cobra Anniversary 5 Packs (i.e. Duke, Helmeted Cobra Commander, Destro...etc.) be re-released on single pack figure cards/packages? I mean straight re-releases and NOT repaints. I was very disappointed when I found out that we wouldn't get single card versions of these figures.



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...two more questions:


1) Will there be a San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) Exclusive figure this year? If so, when will the details of it be revealed?


2) There are rumors that there will be Chase Variants incorporated into the line? I HOPE that this is FALSE as Chase Variants are nothing but headaches for collectors and ONLY help the Scalpers/Dealers. Can you provide further info on this?


thanks again!

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1. Will we ever get all the sunbow episodes of the cartoon on DVD?


2. Is there a chance for a new cartoon based on the 80's joes in the future?


3. Any possiblity that we could ever see a new video game based on the 80's G.I. Joe?


4. Will we ever see a playset the likes of the FLAGG again?

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Thanks for giving us this opportunity:

Question 1) Fans have been asking for years to make such memorable comic characters like, Dr. Venom, Hard Master, Soft Master, Billy etc. We realize some may not be legally possible due to copyright issues with other companies. Is there a way to address each of these fan favorite characters and at least give a definitive yes or never response?


Question 2) G.I. Joe has been done in so many different sizes. 12" (original), 4.5" (Sgt. Savage), 5" (Extreme), 8" (Sigma), 2.5" (Sigma). It's crazy to the average collector trying to identify with your products changing size (not to mention construction styles). Can you please keep the 3-3/4" your main standard size? It has been the most successful and the most economical over the past 25 years.


Question 3) Other than the strong fan support, I also believe part of your decision for continuing the toy line into 2008 is to keep alive the fan base for when the G.I. Joe live action movie is released by producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura. It is only good business sense to keep the G.I. Joe brand awareness as high as possible. Can you please describe any aspect of the upcoming movie, as it pertains to the future of the toy line?


Question 4) Is Di Bonaventura (GI Joe movie producer) correct when he says in this interview ( http://latinoreview.com/news.php?id=1566 ) "...it would be very difficult to release a movie called 'G.I. Joe'... ? He goes on to describe the movie more as a buddy film with Duke and Action Man. It appears the title will be called something other than G.I. Joe. Not having G.I. Joe in the title is counter productive when promoting this 43 year old brand name. A movie is the largest opportunity to re-invigorate the entire G.I. Joe fan base that has been growing since 1964. Is political correctness even an issue when promoting the proud name of G.I. Joe?


(you may use my name)

Ron Conner

G.I. Joe Author of 3 Books @ http://www.backinthedaytoys.com/bitdt.htm

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Any chance of more real people as Joes, like R. Lee Ermy?

Could a previously mail order only characters like Starduster be released mainstream?

Will Fan Choice be a part of the new line?

Would something like Steel brigade or create a Cobra be considered?

Will Toys R Us get exclusives? If so, will they be ARAH, 2000 Joes or a mix?

Are you going to do theme waves (Python Patrol, Tiger Force)?

Any chance of a GIJoe/Transformers crossover subline?

If you offer a SDCC exclusive, is there a chance that it will be offered in an altered form for an extended run on HTS?


I know that's more than 5, but I figure some are repeats, so at least 1 or 2 will be original.

You can use my name (Bryan Allen) or screen name.

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First off, thanks for a GREAT line!


I'd like to echo the earlier sentiments of will the Zartan figure turn blue in sunlight like the original?


As an aside: Doesn't matter is my name is used or not, you may NOT want to use my name as it appears to contain the word "anus." In reality it's two Armenian words Anush=Sweet, Sadana=Devil. So my name is really just sweet devil, but it looks filthy in English. :)

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Some collectors have not been happy about the use of repaints and swapping old body parts to create new characters. However, this technique has been in practice since 1982 when Grand Slam was created by swapping a Grunt head to a Flash body. Since this practice is a fact of doing business, is there a way to create a contest by giving these disgruntled collectors a chance at improving the outcome of this repaint process? Perhaps hold a custom figure contest where the winning design(s) will get professionally released in an upcoming Hasbro wave. Custom figure websites (like http://www.joecustoms.com/ ) are very popular and there is a ton of creative talent that can be utilized in a contest.


(you may use my name)

Ron Conner

G.I. Joe Author of 3 Books @ http://www.backinthedaytoys.com/bitdt.htm

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Will there be figures like Zartan and Serpentor that come with mini-vehicles?


Will the front of the Cards feature the original art from the 1980's package art?


Since the re-birth of the kung-fu grip/adventure team sets, will we see adventure sets from specific adventures the Gi Joe/Cobra teams had in the 1980's cartoon? Example: A Mass Device adventure set or a Weather Dominator adventure set or Snake Eyes and Flint's sneak in the Cubes of Darkness Factory adventure set, with them in Cobra gear?

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Will there be a NEED for week TWO of questions? @lol@

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