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T.N.W.'s first show

code red shockwave

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T.N.W. introduces itself as total non-stop wrestling to the crowd(which is you, basically). We promise you matches that will astonish you and set a new standard in the wrestling industry! The pyro and music go off to start off the show. I will also make sure that any characters with imaginary names will also have their identities revealed to you so you know which figure is which character. Also two more notes. First, I will start out with five matches instead of ten, and two, almost every character at the moment is considered a face unless they either taunt the crowd or is spefically stated to be a heel.


Promos for each of the main teams are shown:




-Anti S.W.A.T.


-L.A.M.E. Squad

-Brawler Squad


First match: Tunnel Rat and Stalker d. Whispers in the Wind(2000 and 2002 BJs Storm Shadow)

Tunnel Rat starts off the match by throwing both men into the ring, then giving them both a hip toss. White Whisper is the legal man, as he is taken down by an armdrag from Tunnel Rat. A short time later, as Tunnel Rat runs to the ropes, Red Whisper knees Tunnel Rat in the back, which gives White Whisper an opportunity to strike back with a dropkick. He launches a moonsault from the second rope, only to get a two count. A scoopslam and a tag is made to Red Whisper. Red Whisper delivers a slingshot guillotine legdrop from the ropes, but also gets only a two count. He drops Tunnel Rat with a snap suplex and gets a 2 and a half. He tags in is partner who stomps on him then taunts to the crowd which generates some boos. White Whisper puts TR into a sleeperhold as Stalker riles up the crowd to cheer. TR slowly gets up, delivers a few elbows to the breadbasket, and delivers a mid-air enzguri to knock him out. Both men crawl to their respective corners and make the tag. Stalker comes in and cleans house. Clotheslines and spinebusters delivered to gain a loud pop from the crowd. Stalker nails a Death Valley Driver on one of the Whispers, but after 2 the pin is broken up by the other Whisper. Tunnel Rat jumps in the air and nails both boots into his face, knocking him out of the ring. The Red Whisper slowly gets up, only to be finished off with the "Drop the Bombshell"(Dudley Boyz' 3-D move). After the 1-2-3, the two GIJOE members celebrate.


Winners: Tunnel Rat and Stalker


Second match: Copperhead d. Yan Lee(jobber)

Copperhead stands in the ring, scratching his head as he watches Yan Lee show off his skills with a nunchuk. Unfortunately, Yan manages to hit himself, much to the laughter of the crowd. Copperhead takes advantage and nails him with a hard punch. The bell rings and now the match has offically started. Copperhead takes down Yan with a suplex, then picks him up to throw him against the turnbuckle. Yan delivers a boot to the face of Copperhead as he charges towards him, then delivers a spinning heel kick. The moment Copperhead gets back up though, he picks up Yan, takes him off his feet, and catapults him into the turnbuckle. Yan is dizzy as Copperhead sets him up for a big backbreaker, then puts him into the Fujiwara armbar(that's an armbar when an opponent is face down). Yan quickly taps and it's over.


Winner by submission: Copperhead


Third match: Dreadnok Burn Out(heel, but likeable by Dreadnok fans) d. Law

Dreadnok Burn Out spits in the face of Law and starts punching and kicking him. Law seems defenseless until he retailates with a kick to the stomach and a DDT. Law picks up Burn Out and slams his head into the turnbuckle 10 times to the crowd's delight. Then he throws Burn Out into the ropes and nails him with a big back body drop. He tries to deliver a clothesline, but unfortunately nails the ref instead. Burn Out takes the opportunity by first knocking him down with a spinning heel kick. Second, he kneels down and delivers a low blow using the brass knuckles in his left hand. Finally, he knocks out Law with a knockout punch to the head and once the ref wakes up, Law is down and out.


Winner by TKO: Dreadnok Burn Out


Promo: Roadblock

Roadblock is interviewed by Scoop for the first interview of the day. He tells Scoop that this place is his jungle and he is ready to take out any prey out there, especially if it's a snake. He says he will deliver the POUNCEEEEEEEE, PERIOD and walks off.


Fourth match: Roadblock d. Viper

This was probably the shortest match for today. Roadblock dominated most of the match with clotheslines, punches, and beautiful belly-to-back suplexes. He shoots the Viper into the ropes, then tackles him like a football player using his patented finisher, the Pounce. In under four minutes, the match is over as he makes the easy pin 1-2-3.


Winner: Roadblock


Promo: Banana Head(heel)

Banana Head is interviewed by Scoop as well. He feels he is the best wrestler and that no wrestler can match his greatness. He says he will one day be the T.N.W. world heavyweight champion and walks away with much confidence.


Fifth match(the main event): Banana Head d. Footloose

Before the match starts, the general manager(which is me, lol) enters the ring and announces the main event.


Banana Head stood up to his opponent, trying to make himself look tough. Footloose would have none of it and got into an elbow tie-up. It was obvious Footloose was the stronger man, but Banana Head kicked him in the stomach and tried to roll him up with a schoolboy, only to get a 1 count. He attempted a hip toss, but Footloose reversed it and instead threw him down. He retreated to the corner, only to have Footloose climb the turnbuckle to deliver several punches to the face. The crowd chanted GIJOE. Footloose slammed him three times into the mat before Banana Head could retailate with a rake to the eyes. The crowd started booing as Banana Head put him in an atomic drop, and a swinging neckbreaker for a 2 count. Several stomps to the head of Footloose are given as the crowd says, "You suck". He whips his opponent into the ropes and delivers a less than impressive dropkick, which causes the boos to grow louder. Next he locks in a figure-four leglock submission hold. It takes about a minute before Footloose can finally reverse the hold and force him to move to the ropes. Footloose runs to the ropes, but gets caught with a sleeperhold that works for a short time until it is countered with a back body drop. Both men are down as the ref makes the 10 count. Both men get up to their feet but it is Footloose who gets in the last punch and regains momentum with a big hip toss. Footloose knees him in the stomach and uses a spinning neckbreaker for a 2 count. He whips Banana Head into the turnbuckle and successfully clotheslines him, knocking the taste out of his mouth as he sits in the corner. Footloose picks him up with a gorilla slam and throws him on his back. He motions to the crowd that he is going to finish him. So Footloose sets him up for the Footloose(which is MVP's finisher) but Banana Head reverses it into an attempted Banana Peel finisher(which is Jeff Jarrett's Stroke finisher), only to have that countered with a clothesline. Banana Head hits a jawbreaker against Footloose, and he crawls to the ropes, feeling the effects of it. While the ref is distracted, Banana Head unties the buckles for the turnbuckle exposing it. Footloose comes charging towards him but sees the exposed turnbuckle, using his boot to stop himself from hitting it. Banana Head dropkicks him from behind, which causes him to hit his head on it, and this time, actually wins using the schoolboy roll up. The crowd loudly boos and throws debris all over the ring jeering him.


Winner: Banana Head


The show ends after the replay of the final moments leading to Banana Head's controversial win.

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