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What If ToyBiz Did A Daredevil Movie Toyline?


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After looking at Draven's recent posting on his movie Elektra figure he customized, it short of reminded me how I sort of wish ToyBiz did a movie Daredevil toyline, even if it was just 1 or 2 waves. Could of gotten some pretty cool figures based from the movie, including a more articulated movie Daredevil. Some figures I had in mind include:


- Regular movie Daredevil(More Articulatied than the ML verison we got).

- Matt Murdock To Daredevil(Something simliar to ToyBiz's Peter Parker To Spider-man from both the 1st Spider-man movie line and from Spider-man Classics).

- If they decide to just do a regular Matt Murdock figure, have him come with Froggy Nelison as well(However, Froggy would probably be less articulated, but still at least Matt comes with him and we'd have a Froggy figure).

- Unmasked Daredevil(Or at least, make the regular Daredevil come with a swapple head).

- Battle damage Daredevil(Based on the beatings he got from both Bullseye and Kingpin).

- Bullseye: Maybe 2 verisons, 1 in the coat, and another in some normal clothing like he ware when we 1st see him. And heak, just for the fun, 1 in the costume that he asked Kingpin for. Even if he didn't recieve a costume in the movie, could be cool for ToyBiz create one and add that in.

- About 2 or 3 different verisons of movie Kingpin(Black suit, grey suit, and with a vest/final battle look).

- Maybe Kingpin's right hand man(Forgot his name).

- About 2-3 verisons of Elektra. 1 in her black outfit, 1 in normal clothing or the fancy dress she wore at the party or both(Perfer normal clothing), and maybe a sort of battle damage verison(Based on when Bullseye kills her. Though I'd admit that 1 might be a bit pushing it).


What do you guys think of my suggestions/ideas if there was a Daredevil movie toyline?

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Some great ideas. :)

I am sorry to say that I would be more interested in a comic Daredevil line... haha :D Seriously, I want a good solid comic version Daredevil figure!!! I didn't like any of the ones made by Toy Biz in the past... :(

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I don't think that hasbro would be willing to do something like that, and they are the only people currently holding the Marvel property. It seems like it's a little too late to make a figure set like that. The DD movie came out in 2003, it wasn't considered very good by many marvel fans, and 4 years have passed with no word of a sequel. So i don't think hasbro will make a wave like that.

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Hey Ghosts of Razgriz, maybe I should re-phrase my question a bit, because you seem a bit confused about what I'm getting at. The idea of my question was What If back in 2003, ToyBiz did a Daredevil movie toyline around the sametime as the movie came out(Similar to the Ghost Rider movie figures being out now from Hasbro)? It's more about an idea on what if Daredevil movie figures came out back in 2003, when people might have been more interested in them.


And you're right, unless a Daredevil sequal is made, Hasbro would most likely never make these figures. Heck, they would never even consider makeing these figures unless there was all of a sudden a huge damand for them(Whcih I'm sure we all know will never happen). But this posting is still an idea on what could of been had ToyBiz decided to make a full Daredevil movie toyline back in 2003.


My brother bought the Marvel Legends movie Daredevil figure, and while I think it's an okay figure with a good sculpt based on the source material with a good amount of articulation(Around 25 points I believe), I do agree with many that it could of been better had it had a bit more articulation if they had just included ball jointed arms and legs, as well as double jointed elbows and knees. I think then, this figure would of been somewhat more acceptiable if ToyBiz had added those when the figure was 1st released back around 2003.

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I don't think the movie was all that strong visually to warrant a toy-line.

If a computer game had come out at the same time, then you'd have had a sound reason to do some expansive stuff based on the movie presence. Stuff like Hand Ninjas, villains like the Owl, Stiltman, Mr. Hyde, but without those, just fielding clothing variations of the four main characters doesn't seem all that jazzy to me.

What we did get was so underwhelming as to be a joke--the Daredevil movie figure is pretty weak.

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I agree w/ you. I liked the DD movie & DDs outfit. Don't listen to some of these yahoos. They're rarely happy w/ any comic adaptation movie & they try to ruin it for everyone. Give it a rest already...

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There was never a line but a figure here and there... I dunno if I'd get any though even if there was...

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I agree w/ you. I liked the DD movie & DDs outfit. Don't listen to some of these yahoos. They're rarely happy w/ any comic adaptation movie & they try to ruin it for everyone. Give it a rest already...



Whose trying to ruin it for anyone?

We were asked for our opinions, and that's what came back. Some like the idea, some don't.




For the record though, WHY I dislike the Daredevil movie is the utter redundancy of it.

We saw the "same" film pretty much a year or two before it came out. It was the one directed by Sam Raimi...


Y'know........there was a film about a young man with a promising future, loses a relative close to him by a criminal act, gains some extraordinary powers quite accidentally , dons a red garbed suit to fight evil and to disguise himself. He swings from the rooftops in New York City as a means of transportation and tackles mostly common thugs, until he has a run-in with a wealthy industrialist who turns out to be his main foe. Also meets a beautiful long haired woman and has a romantic scene in the rain with her.

Sound familliar?


The comic-version of Daredevil does a rather nice job of quickly veering away from the close approximations to Spiderman, but the movie version seems to EMBRACE the similarities. Its also kind of sad that the strongest story to use with Daredevil happens to have been one that came almost 20 years into the character's history. The character works fine on paper, but he didn't work on screen.

If they'd tackled a different story than the Elektra saga first off, I think there would have been a very good chance we'd have seen a more successful film and a continuing franchise.


I think it might have also given the film a chance for something more marketable in terms of toys.

Sure, they could establish the Kingpin as the main villain, but instead of Bullseye, use the Owl or even Mister Hyde. Perhaps even start weaving in elements of Elektra's background in the distance, to set up for the next film--perhaps by having Hand ninjas operating on Kingpin's behalf.

There was an opportunity to clearly define Matt's situation, and his evolution into Daredevil, and set up how the loss of his father, his blindness, his becoming a lawyer and obsessive need for justice end up being DIFFERENT drives than those of Peter Parker. Instead we got Elektra, Bullseye and Kingpin all shoehorned into a story that just didn't fit right.


But those are my reasons for not liking the thing.



I'm possibly the only guy alive who thinks DD's movie outfit looked cool. Sgame we never got a decent figure of him.

You are not alone. I liked the costume as well--it was a nice workable/sensible look. And it is too bad the figure stank. I'd have bought it in a heartbeat if they'd not cheapened the articulation on it.

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Well, the Elektra movie put the kibosh on a Daredevil sequel, and neither did very well.

No point in doing a follow up to DD because they addressed the most salient story path in the Elektra flick--kind of a dumb move to sabotage things, but hey, thats the biz for ya....


If they'd have tackled some other parts of the franchise, rather than jump right into the Elektra saga right off--held it for a 2-3 film arc then we'd have had a good chance to see some interesting toys come ( and possibly some interesting movies) out of this. It really would have helped set the thing apart from Spiderman too.

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