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Who are your five favorite Heroes and Villans from the Marvel universe? And why? Heres mine...



2.Captain America





Nightcrawler, Nomad, NiteOwl and Spiderman are all up there as well



1.Dr Doom

2.Cassandra Nova

3.Magneto (though he should be dead)




I dont think i like any other villans...

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Captain America








luke cage











Doc Doom











Captain America: the only American sincerely faitful of the freedom y fraternity in this Times de governements semi-fascist seudo-corporatives, now is dead


Spider Man: for Funny y bad luck


Thor: Asgardian Warrior God Supreme and KickButt of Giants, Aliens and Demons, now sleep......


X-23: is cute


Luke Cage: to be 100% NO STEREOTYPE bro



BlackHeart: Too Dark...............MUCH MUCH TO DARK........ awesome



Loki Fauverson: god of liars, father of Sleipnerr, Hel, Fenriswulf and Yomungard, Fire nocivous and enemy of the Gods, propicity of Ragnarök and splinter of finger of the stepbrother Thor.......ah! and for nice horns!



Doc Doom: THE CURSE RICHARD! believe! in spanish translations is listen GREAT!!!



Venom: very sense of humor y cute smile



Ultron: is fine

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Here's mine:




1. Iron Man

2. Thor (Original, non-cloney version)

3. Wolverine

4. Hulk

5. Thing (It was Captain America, but "dead" guys don't count)




1. Rhino (Shocking, huh)

2. Juggernaut

3. Abomination

4. Scorpion

5. Apocalypse


Subject to change...

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DEADPOOL : our favorite deranged sociopaty troatworlds brain of bird number 1! its monologues are all an inspiration for our generation



punisher: bad actitude, big guns, cool skull, any quiestion?



ghost rider: no comments



wolverine: hard bone to nibble

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Spidey - Because he's so relateable is the biggest reason to why he's most probably my all time faveourite hero. He has real problems and has a sense of humour to boot. That and I think his powers are pretty original and every costume he's had I like (Gotta love Bag Man)


Nightcrawler - His design is what made me notice him. The striking red V against the really dark colours of the rest of him. It has to be said I dont like it when his skin is depicted too blue (like the ML figure). I prefered him as he was say in X2 Clone Wars on the Genesis. :P But yeah his whole 'its what's on the inside that counts' attitude makes me lke him too. I always liek characters that are contrast their appearance.


Wolverine - Has to be said I liked him more when he wasn't invincible. I liked it when his healing factor could just heal wounds, but these days it goes a bit too far for my liking. I also like him since he was the first 'badass' hero I knew since watching the X-Men cartoon in the 90s.





Venom - Liked him ever since i saw him in the cartoon. I just think everything about the character is cool. I found (to some degree) that he was easy to relate to and had a deeper purpose for wanting to defeat Spidey than others. That and there was the nice twist that he wasn't completely 2 dimensional since he would on occasion do good. Plus I just think he's the coolest looking Spidey villain ever. :D


Magneto - Again he has a somewhat good reason for being a 'bad guy'. He has extreme views but that just adds to his villainous qualities. The relationship with Xavier he has gives him depth, too. Oh, and his powers kick ass.


Blackheart - Probably the only out of this world character I really like. So much so that overall he's probably my faveourite villain alongside Venom. I originally found interest when I saw him in the Marvel v Capcom games. It amazed me once reading about him how such an obscure character was so cool (Since it has to be said most other characters that are lost in the sea of obscurity are just plain crap :P), but that just added to the sort of mystery that surrounded him. His appearance and limitless powers really just give the character a really eerie yet ominous presence. Im not too sure whether something can be eerie yet ominous at the same time but Blackheart definately gives off that kind of character to me. Its too bad that whenever I see him he seems to just get owned. I would have thought a character who has his kind of power would be tougher. :P

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1. Storm - She was the first superhero I liked. I think when I first started liking her it was because she had a cool cape and cool powers. I still like her for that, but I also like her because she's a very strong character. I kinda don't like how she's not really with the X-Men anymore.


2. Jean Grey - Unfortunately I started to really like her after she died. I started reading New X-Men and really liked her character. I also love her powers, including the Phoenix Force.


3. Wolverine - I think Wolverine's pretty cool, just way over rated. I never really appreciated his healing factor until I watched "Heroes" on NBC and X3.


4. Rogue - She's always been a badass.


5. Cyclops - He's pretty cool too.


(Rachel Summers too I guess, only because Jean's dead.




1. Dark Phoenix - All powerful evil Jean Grey? Nuff said


2. Magneto - Like someone said earlier, he's a villain with a cause. Awesome powers too.


3. Juggernaut - He's unstoppable and always makes for a good fight. I hated him as a hero.


4. Sentinels - Do they count as villains? Anyway, they always makes tough enemies.


5. More Sentinels.

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1. The Punisher ( I I.D with a lot of his ideas on punishment, cuz of stuff in my life)

2. The Hulk ( I like that even though his power comes from anger, he always tries to use it for good)

next 3 are always changing

3. Ghost Rider

4. spider-Man

5. Thor

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These are kinda cool. Mine...



1) Iceman

2) Human Torch

3) Invisible Woman

4) Angel

5) Kitty Pryde


Iceman has always been my favorite Marvel character, he's what got me into the whole Marvel universe. The next two because the Fantastic Four are unbelievable and I just love their attitudes, especially in the Ultimate Uni. Sue has this one line in the issue where they go back in time and hits these guards with a force field and I forgot what she said, but I remember it being badass, just made me like her character more. Angel and Kitty round off my top five because I like their powers.



1) Magneto

2) Dr. Doom

3) Sentinels

4) Super Skrull

5) Apocalypse

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1) Iron Man - He's my most favorite Marvel character! I like him started off as a normal human being and built himself an armor. It is his intelligence (not some spontaneous genetic mutation by chance) that grants him his "powers".


2) Iron Fist - I liked his costume design when I first saw him in comics---very unique design for a Kung-Fu fighter. I was amazed by the fact that he can dodge bullets! I hope that his movie will be in production soon... >_<


3) Iceman - Ah....I liked him since I saw him in cartoons. What got me interested in him was his ice-slides and that he can freeze almost everything. This guy is cool!


4) Psylocke - She's the sexiest female in the Marvel Universe IMO. I really like Jim Lee's version of Psylocke!


5) Ghost Rider (Blaze/Ketch) - These 2 guys are just too cool! The character designs are very unique IMO.





1) Omega Red - He's a very deadly fighter. I knew him since the X-men TAS in the 90's and Marvel vs Capcom games. I like everything about him though I always think that he doesn't get treated properly in comics sometimes... :(


2) Venom - I liked him since the Spider-man TAS in the 90's. He's strong and crazy-looking. Like what Blackheart said, "he's the coolest looking Spidey villain ever!"


3) Mr. Sinister - He is absolutely fabulous. He's smart, ambitious, and cunning!!!


4) Magneto - Maggie is also ambitious and cunning. He's very powerful and I like his costume design.


5) Bullseye - The guy with perfect aim!!! I like him that he can kill a person with ANYTHING! A baseball, a paper plane, a paper clip... :D

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1. Nightcrawler

2. Colossus

3. Gambit

4. Sunspot/Wolfsbane/Rictor - Tie

5. Longshot




1. Mr Sinister

2. Magneto

3. Mystique

4. Sabretooth (older version back during Mutant Massacre days)

5. Juggernaut

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1)Hawkeye - I love Archers and Avengers. Just something badass about fighting with a bow to me. :)

2)Deadpool - Funny guy and my second favorite thing to Archers are Mercs. :ph34r:

3)Captain America - Always respected him and my brother stationed in Iraq is my own Captain America. #US1#

4)Gambit - One of the first figures I ever got and one of the first characters I tried to follow as a kid. @gambit@

5)TIE:Moon Knight/Rogue/Punisher - Moon Knight just LOOKS cool, Rogue is a by product of Gambit but she is just as cool on her own especially now, Punisher is just cold blooded...and I love it! @pun@




1)Dr. Doom - I can't explain it as Im not a big fan of the Fantastic Four but he is just cool. @doom@

2)Sabretooth - Wild, Mean and Tough...not a big fan of Wolverine but 'Tooth can sell me a comic.@bananna@

3)Taskmaster - I love Mercs. I love Mercs who are quirky. He also uses a bow sometimes. Nuff said. @rambo@

4)Super Skrull - Wouldn't have said this a year ago but Annihilation completely sold me on this guy. @nana@

5)Galactus - Size matters. @afroman@

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1. Silver Surfer

2. Thor

3. Adam Warlock

4. Black bolt

5. Gladiator





1. Thanos

2. Apocalypse

3. Juggernaut

4. Dr. Doom

5. Magneto




Galactus, for some reason I have never considered him a villain, he is because he must be. He is definetly one of my top 3 overall MU characters


By my choices you can see that I like POWERFUL characters, the more power the better. Always been a big fan of the cosmic aspect of the MU as well.

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1. Iron Man

2. The Thing

3. Spider Man

4. The Hulk

5. Deadpool




1. Ultron

2. Kang

3. Dr. Doom

4. The Abomination

5. The Rhino

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