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Best LBC recipes


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On other sites I've known of them as simply 'part switches', but I see you guys using the term LBC and thought I'd hit y'all up wid yo own lingo, dig? LOL


But, have you ever been sitting there looking through your Joes and in a moment of almost divine and comedic inspiration spotted a simple switching of parts that makes your figure look uber cool without so much as a lick of paint or swathe of a scalpel?


I've been formulating my own custom Joe team which follows no known mythology and is based on the principle that I don't like having 100s of Joes and just want maybe 10 Joes with all the cool bits from various other Joes out there. The other specification is that they have to be as muscular as possible so that they look tough (cue Barrage torsos...) and have NO slupted-on weapons (it really annoys me to have a cool figure with a random pistol-handle poking out of his leg or chest).


As such, I've taken to Sgt Stalker as he looks like one mean mofo. I think it's the jvc version I have with the green jacket, black t-shirt underneath, random gauntlets and generic dark green BDU type pants. Now, the waist piece makes him look kinda squat and takes away from the hard edge to him because stood next to other joes he only looks about 5' tall. Instead, last night I spotted my Dart figure and thought... 'sumbitch, his waist and legs sure would look cool on Stalker' and so I switched 'em. Stalker now looks about 6" taller and you don't have half his 6-pac buried inder his waistline. You also rid him of that pistol on his leg and the black/green colour-scheme matches the rest of him pretty well without the need for change. I'm now debating giving him some Roadblock arms to show off some big-gun biceps and add to his edge with the sleeveless look.


If I could take a pic, I would, but I'm gonna have to wait a month or so 'til I can get a decent camera and bombard you with my custom goodies.


So have any of you come by some LBC recipes that just kinda click? If so, share 'em here!

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I have three current LBC favorites that I really like. I'm at work so no pictures at the moment. Maybe after I move.


Heavy Duty

JvC Heavy Duty (Wave 1) head

JvC Dusty Torso & Arms (The green repaint of Dusty that came with Skullbuster)

JvC Duke (Wave 3) waist & legs

DTC Range Viper ammo belt.


I really like this setup since it gives Heavy Duty the height and some girth w/o being too fat and stubby as the JvC Wave 1 or scrawny like the Spy Troops/ VvV Heavy Duty releases




Spy Troops Kamakura head

Spy Troops Recondo Arms, Torso, Waist & Legs (Black Repaint that came in the bonus pack)


A simple and effective Firefly that is leagues better than any new sculpt Firefly we've recieved.



Cadet Deming

VvV Bombstrike head (Wave 7)

VvV Baroness Arms, Torso, Waist & Legs (Blue version)


Another simple but effective LBC. Looks quite like the cartoon version of Cadet Deming.

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I have a RAH style Heavy Duty that would fit the bill for the team you're putting together.


Head: JvC Heavy Duty

Torso, Waist, Legs: AntiVenom Roadblock

Arms: Balrog (Street Fighter)


I ended up switching out that waist though because it had the letters 'RB' on the belt buckle. I just used another Anti Venom figure. Can't remember which one for sure.

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Best looking "Battle Ready" Duke:

Head: Duke v3

Torso: Leatherneck ARAH 2001

Arms: ARAH 2000 Duke

Lower half: ARAH 2000 Duke


Night Force Rock N' Roll:

Head: comic pack Rock N' Roll

Body: Night Force Tunnel Rat(second version not the original or the skin tones won't match)


COBRA Commander RAH:

Arms: Shockwave v3

Rest: COBRA Commander v1


New sculpt COBRA Commander w/removable helmet:

Body: Spytroops COBRA Commander(came with Switch Gears)

Head and helmet: Valor vs. Venom COBRA Commander(came with Link Talbot)


I have a lot more but these are the first four that pop up in my mind.

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......New sculpt COBRA Commander w/removable helmet:

Body: Spytroops COBRA Commander(came with Switch Gears)

Head and helmet: Valor vs. Venom COBRA Commander(came with Link Talbot).....


I think a lot of us did that one! :D


I added that NF Dart waist/legs combo to my Anti-Venom Roadblock uppers to make a NF Roadblock.


Also added Chameleon's head to a Comic Pack Baroness to make my definitive version of her (w/ '84 Baroness hair), and switched heads on The CP CC battle armor with the '00 version (that baby blue armor from the comic pack just wasn't working for me :rolleyes: ).


I won't even name all the head switches I did with my V1 Surefires. :D



I also have others I can't think of right now.

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My default Gen. Colton


Head : Viper Lockdown Colton


Body: DTC Foot Loose


I figgured this look suited him as a field comander / adventurer as I see him in my joe verse.




Dr. X


Head: Dr. Mindbender V.2


Body: Imerial Procession C.C.


I figgured since we got a 3 3/4'' Action man, why not his enemy

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My default Gen. Colton


Head : Viper Lockdown Colton


Body: DTC Foot Loose


I figgured this look suited him as a field comander / adventurer as I see him in my joe verse.


I did this one, only with Gen. Hawk's head. That way I had a 'man of action' Hawk who could go out and kick some tail.

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Here are some more I've thought of:


A better looking Red Spot:

Arms: Valor vs. Venom Duke(first or second one that had the tan sleeves)

Rest: Red Spot


A better look on Hi-Tech and a Mercer v2 style custom:


Mercer v2:

Head: Spytroops Agent Faces

Body: Hi-Tech


Cooler Hi-Tech:

Head: Hi-Tech

Body: Spytroops Agent Faces


James Bond:

Head: Shockwave v3, Eco-Warriors Flint or Tracker's

Body: Headman v1


New sculpt Zartan:

Head: Spytroops or JvC Zartan

Torso: DTC Hannibal

Arms: Dreadnok Ripper

Lower half: Spytroops Destro

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Troop Leader (unnamed thus far)


head - DTC OutBack

arms - DTC OutBack/Barrage (switched to remove all tatoos

hands - DTC Barrage (pale/tan gloves

lower half - DTC Barrage (brighter camo)

webbing - DTC Barrage


the tan-ish boots match the tan-ish gloves, the white vest matches the white headband and the lack of tatoos give the impression thathe has no specific unit and it's be tricky to identify him by body markings.


I haven't named him yet, or even chosen a weapon for him, but he does look one mean SOB with a chaingun...

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Here's one I saw on Joecustoms that I liked:


Head: JvC Scarlett

Torso, arms: Bombstrike

waist, legs: VvV Desert patrol Scarlett


Here are some head swaps I've been doing to make more troops:


Python Patrol Troops


Head: Crimson Guard 6 pack or Shadow Guard 6 pack trooper head

Rest: Python Patrol Major Bludd


(I had a lot of Major Bludd's left over when I army built the rest of Python Patrol and I had custom heads for my CG's and Shadow Guards so I put 2 and 2 together)


Ninja's in Training (some more people for SS to command)


Head: CG 6 pack or Shadow Guard 6 pack trooper head

Rest: Single Pack all black Snake Eyes

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I'm rather biased but I think this worked out pretty well for an LBC Duke.




Head: GvC Blowtorch (right out issue 4 of the DD RAH series!)

Torso and upper arms: VvV Alpine

Lower Arms: GvC Flint

Waist & legs: VvV Shipwreck


I'm not entirely satisfied with the lower arms but they work well enough for now.



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Wow, cool ideas.


I've been doing loads of head swaps on Surefires recently myself.


Excellent choice! :D


Here's some more I did:


IG Nullifiers = Convention Destro uppers on Dragon trooper legs and waist, w/ SpyTroops Heavy Duty helmets


IG Annihilators = Headhunter Stormtrooper heads on Convention MetalHead torso/arms with PP Lampreys waists and Convention Destro legs and accs


IG General 'Ocelot' ;) = General Mayhem with Comic Pack Duke head and BBI red beret (not exactly an LBC, did have to work with the neckpeg a bit)


My Scrap-Iron = Urban Division version with arms and waist from DTC SAW Viper


My SAW Viper = V1 with Effects head and DTC SAW Viper accs (head is a little loose, though, so its not perfect)


My Chameleon = Comic Pack Baroness head on '00 Chameleon body


Cleanshaven Breaker = TF Duke head on V1 Breaker


'Euro'-Terrorist = Kamakura V3 head on General Abernathy body (made 2 of these)


'Russian mobster' = TF Big Brawler (black hair) head on 6-pack Tomax/Xamot body (I do a few background characters/'extras')

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Anybody ever fix up some comic book versions of the originals but with darker colors? I don't mean using the original bodies ever. Like maybe putting the comic book heads on the greenshirt bodies? Of course that would only work with those with the swivel heads.

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