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Figured I would chime in here too since I don`t get on the boards too much anymore. Anyways, my name is James Lemmon. I`m 29 with a wife, and twin 4 year old girls (well, will be 4 on Christmas day). I started collecting early as a kid and my main interests were Transformers and Gi Joe (I hated Thundercats too Joe). I started customizing with Transformers about 5 years ago but found Joes to be easier and more fun to tinker with. Since then I`ve probably made at least 100 of them, some of which a few of you guys own now. Ive had some pretty bad health issues as of late but i`m getting back to the swing of things lately.


I work for the Alachua County Sherrif`s Office as a Deputy but spend most of my time working out of the jail (alot of fun with the violent weirdos). I`m probably one of the best shots we have as far as a handgun but not so much with a shotgun (still ok though).


My main pride would have to be my wife and kids. Leah (my wife) I have been with since we were in High School together back in Dec. of 95. We got married in August of 2000 and had 2 healthy but very spunky twin girls. My daughter Jennifer is really into Superman for some strange reason and tries to dress up like him sometimes. My other Daughter Ashley is some what into Batman but both are really into Strawberry Shortcake. Boy am I glad they grew out of the Wiggles :wacko:

Me with the wife and kids:


Jennifer dressed as Superman (looks more Batmanish to me but she loves it)


Ashley and Jenney:


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No pics yet, but then I do enjoy the anonymity of the internet! Who knows, I may go to the con this year and meet some of ya in person anyway...


Anyway, real name is Dylan, hence the "D"... As for the Prime, I'm not a big TF fan or anything, but I do think they were cool (were as in G1), and the reissues are what got me into toy collecting as an adult. I liked GI Joes ever since I discovered them, which was around 1983 I think... I'm not sure which was first, but it was either the MMS with Hawk or the HISS along with a Cobra Soldier (straight-arm for some reason... only one I had).


Must have stuck, because now I'm in the military. I was originally going to go with the army after school but the navy convinced me otherwise. Other interests include art, music (I'm not so bad at the guitar!) and reading as much as I can. I love South Park, Simpsons and Family Guy, as well as Conan O'Brien, the Daily Show and Steven Colbert, so that gives you an idea of my sense of humour...

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hey guys. figured i'd join in the fun.

I'm 17, and live in pennsylvania. First name is James ( i prefer jimmy or jim) I haven't bought a joe in a while. i'm more of a "casual" collecter. i buy the figures i like and thats about it. i don't have too much vintage stuff... if i had more money that would change though @firedevil@ i have small cobra army and have dabbled in cutomising. i am currently trying to write a book for my graduation project so i can pass my junior year (i only have like 3 chapters done and its due at the end of january...so pray for a miracle for me...it's all in my head i just gotta write it down...) I'm a big starwars fan and lotr fan. Love music. rock/punk/alternative/metal...anything with quitars really. favorite bands as of right now (in no particular order): Bush, Hurt, American Head Charge, 7M3, Alter bridge, Atomship...

here's my "emo" pic i have up on my myspace right now. (i'm not emo, but the pic is :)) it's the only one in my photobucket of me right now...





nevermind i lied.. heres a couple more.






It's nice to be able to put faces on the people on here. hey, i just realized.... i missed my one year tni aniversary....:(

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My name is Stuart I am from the UK. I am a fan of GI Joe/Action Force, Transformers @optimus@ , Comics, 80's action tv shows, James Bond @bond@ and Lego. I have collected Action Force toys since the days of Battle Action Force so GI Joe toys/comics were a natural progression. I love most things 80's ie A-Team, Knight Rider, Airwolf, Blue Thunder, Street Hawk and many more. I have always loved comics Marvel superheros @gambit@ , GI Joe and many others.


Basicly I refuse to grow up completely #GvE# .


Oh I forgot to mention I am a father too.


I am a also Runner as well.

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I am a also Runner as well.


Catch any evil replicants running amok? BATTY'S ON THE LOOSE.




...and watch out for that Pris chick, she'll try to put her fingers up your nose....

























"Why don't you want to go to Carousel, Runner?" (man, I am REALLY showing my age with that one)

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Hey, folks,


Kevin here, AKA Mr. Nobody.


I'm in the Navy and stationed here in San Diego right now. Naturally, because of my job I have very little free time @sonar@ . Been here about 7 months and still trying to not get lost when I drive!


Here's the most recent I have of me from a Kareoke bar when I was stationed at Yokota Air Base in Fussa, Japan (Yes, I'm about 12 sheets to the wind in this pic, and half-winded from screaming Alice In Chains):




Any of you who know me know that I have WAAAY too many action figures! :D I dabble into just about everything when I have the time: new stuff, vintage, customizing, etc. (I actually post here more than I buy stuff nowadays)


I dabble in a few other things as well, mainly computers, comedy and music.


I have a special lady (read: patient and understanding) named Monica who knows how to make me smile. @sun@ We just got together recently. We'll see where it goes.


That's about it right now. :rolleyes:

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Hi, I'm Sam Sears in real life, and as the name implies i'm a minister. I used to go by nasburado (shortned to naz) on this boards, and well everywhere. I dropped the name due to it's orgins after feeling the call to preach. It was from a book i wrote on and off the high school and dealt with magic too heavily and i just felt like i grew past the name.


I've been on the board a lllooooonngg time, and i feel like i've really matured as i've been on here. So if at anytime in the past i was a turd to you, please forgive me, especialy as my stint as a mod on this very forum. What offended me, and others didn't always match up.


My day job is at an office where i prepare old documents to be digitized, i live on a family farm and work there too, and am currently a youth minister at a nondenomintial church (was liscensed baptist) and will be attending an online bible college this semester.


I have a wife, but no kids, although everyone else's are over enough to do for now :)


I got into joes as a kid towards the end of the run. I had tons, including a rah baroness i had picked up at a flea market much after it's release. But i was rougher than snot on my toys, and my parents enjoyed good willing them behind my back. In the end only ninja force stormy surivived my child hood.


the big draw for me was the scale and articulation. i could have way more of them than the other toys out there. As an adult that still applies but i focus more on custimizing and i'm trying to put some time into dios.


check out http://www.rincited.com/ for my customs and my dios.


as for a pic, i'll have to find one later, i have none over at photobucket of myself at the moment.

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Wow, there are a lot of Kevins here!


I'm also a Kevin and I live in Albuquerque. I've got a twin brother (though we don't look alike anymore) and we got into collecting Joes and TFs back in 84ish. As with most people, I ended it in the early 90s, but with the Real American Heroes Collection in 97, I got back into it with gusto (or at least as best I could). Not to mention Beast Wars drawing me back in to TFs.


Things are going quite well, now. I got stuck in crappy dead-end jobs, but my younger brother got me a job as a contractor for the Department of the Interior, or more specficially the Bureau of Indian Affairs.


I'm single with no kids...now I just gotta find a woman willing to live with my hobby (some of you guys are lucky there!).

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Ice Cream Soldier has always been one of my favorites. How do those colors -not- work for a flamethrower guy?


I'm Dustin. I'm 22 and live in Idaho. Some of my earliest memories involve GI Joe. I've always loved it, and still do. I mainly collect Marvel and DC stuff, but I'll buy something GI Joe or Transformers related if it catches my eye. GI Joe usually wins out over Transformers these days, though.


I'm going to school for English and Communications. I work for the liberal media (local public radio station) and hope to write for a living some day. I love music (mostly punk, garage, noise rock, new wave and metal, though I like a lot more than that) and play in 2 bands.


Here's a picture.




Also, I want to purchase a Luger.

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Okay I guess it's my turn now......


My name is Eric , but you all know me as "Action Figure Soundwave", (AKA from other boards) Darth Soundwave, DJ Soundwave, or Soundwave Viper.


I'm one of the Major Action Figure Collectors here on TNI , Toylines like ....



GI Joe

Star Wars



Masters of the Universe




and many many more.


I'm a Major Army Builder , and a very complete Completist when it come to the 3 main Hasbro lines.


I run a music store and I'm a professional Musician and DJ.


I am 28 years old , and I've been a serious collector for over ten years.


I line in the state of Maryland....In the city I live in , I'm definently the main Action figure collector , all the mail toy stores know me.

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Well guys, my name is Shaun and I currently reside in San Francisco, CA . I used to post on the boards here back when there was much more stuff going on in the world of 3 3/4. And honestly, the Sigma Six stuff hasn't been all that interesting. Aside from some of the vehicles.


I've pretty much been an avid collector since my youth. When most others dropped the toy line, I kept it out mostly out of habit as well as dedication. But I think for me, what kept my interest was how strong the Marvel comic series was.


I like various lines of toys such as Star Wars, Transformers and the like. But the only one that's stuck around through and through is GI Joe.


I like army building as much as the next guy. But I haven't been able to display my stuff yet.


To see more about me, check out me out here: myspace.com/heathtown

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I'm skarapz, nuff said..



ok, ok, My name is Ryan, I've met a great deal of people on t he boards at the conventions. Hope to meet the rest of you at this years convention. Currently working on a GI JOE documentary, but still need some more interviews, if you are interested contact me. If you go to the convention i'm the one wearing the jersey, EVERYDAY, different jerseys though.


Here are some pics..



















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Hey guys, my name is Danny, but most of you know me as Spike. I'm 19 years old, I'll be 20 in June and I've been hee since December 28th of 2003, wow that long already? I started collecting the 3 3/4" line since I was about 2 or 3 years old, and never stopped. I'm going to college at the moment in Manhatten. By the way, I live in Queens NY. When I first came to these forums, I used to talk all gangsta, lol. Thank gosh that happened, right Tom? lol I've taken some breaks from these forums because of some family problems I've had such as my grandfather passing away, my friend passing away, and other illnesses in the family. Also I stopped coming around as often becuse of the fall of the 3 3/4" line or the " hiatus " hatever you want to cal it. But the past few days I've been back because it seems like it will pick up again. Plus I like the people on here. Also, if anybody wants to check out my myspace, it's MYSPACE.COM/ITALIANKILLA. Here are some pics too, I'mnot sure how to put them up so if they don't work, I'm sorry. The first pic is one I made for my grandfather.







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hello everyone. i'm new to these forums but not to action figures.


my real name is Jared Upshaw.


i'm 31 currently living in Woodland Park Colorado and am engaged to my wonderful girlfriend Chelsea.


i'm a singer song writer and comic book artist. i have been collecting G.I. joes on and off since i was 4. i make custom action figures. but as far as g.i. joes go i customize them to resemble characters from a comic book i use to draw called Warriors of the Shanatu







i have 2 myspaces. myspace.com/shanatu_emperor and myspace.com/12thdyanasty

the 12th dynasty acct is my music page, the other is my regular page. i have much love for ninjas and angels. i'm also into transformers, Star wars, and X-men.

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Well my real name is Kyle. Unfortunantly I have never been to one of the conventions so I havnt had the chance to meet anyone. revSears I realy dont live to far away from you apparantly. Ever hear of a town called Harlan? I started collcting Joes as a child. I was born in 82 so I wasnt quite old enough when they cam eout to jump on the bandwagon. However a couple years alter my grandaprents bought me Gen.Hawk and Footloose for christmas. I fell in love. Im sure before that time I had watched the cartoon but I wasnt really aware of it. But once I got those 2 figures I was hooked. I still have the Gen.Hawk. I stuck with the line all the way to the end in 94. I was heavy into MOTU and TMNT as well. I loved Transformers but they were so expensive compared to the other lines I liked I would seldom ever get one. About the same time I discovered G.I.JOE I also found out about Hulk Hogan. This had me hooked on wrestling for life. It didnt hurt when Sgt. Slaughter joined up with G.I.JOE. That was like a dream come true for me. I was really sad when the line died out. I was really enjoying the figures in the alst couple years and I just couldnt understand why it had to go. The same with the comic book. But when it cam ebacka few years alter I was so happy, only to be dissapointed with the quality of the figures. I was amturing as a collector then and I just knew as much as I loved the figures they were not cutting it. Then a few years later we got the ARAH collection this was a step in the right direction but the figures felt so dated. Then came the new sculpt stuff. This to me was much better than what we had been getting but they kept making mistakes with the figures. Now Im primarily into the Sigma 6 line. And I hop these things stay around for years. I was sad to see the new sculpt line go, but as soon as I saw that first shot of Spirit I knew this was going to be a great new line and it hasnt let me down. Currently Im preparing myself to go to wrestling school. Oh and I have a killer Dreadnoks tattoo on my back.

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Yo what up it's ya boy TR1ER thought I would add my pic as well. not too much about I collect Joes,Star wars and make customs IF I EVER GET THE TIME @grumpy@ .




It's about time you slacker!!! @hmmm@












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You know my sn/handle on here, real name is Patrick. In real life people call me Pat or even Patty. On myspace certain people on a discussion group Im in dubbed me Starfish(its a inside joke and reference to a popular cartooon character) Im mostly a diehard/hardcore/avid Transformers, GI Joe fan/collector, Pro Wrestling industry fan and other forms of entertainment fan ie Comic books, Sentai, anime, various cinemas(Hollywood, Asian, Philippine). Im very open about being a GI Joe/Transformers/Pro Wrestling fan. As for music I like just about anything except hardcore hiphop country. Im also proud of my heritage.

Im quite famous on Myspace, I dont have the many friends say Tila or Forbidden or even Skrapz has(dude has 13,000+ friends compared to my 1000+) I make it known on myspace that Im very active in fandom since Im the only one with the Zanzibar sn, well when not as active now as was when GI Joe was in stores. I mention on my myspace page this site and Devils Due, the ones I frequent. Oh I mention on my myspace my sn/handle on Tfans.com message boards is Galvatron_Sama, and that I was a long time active poster on Alt Toys.Transformers(pre world wide web html message boards). I mentioned in a blog I customize GI Joe/Transfomers toys to look like the comic colors, 80s toon colors, original figure colors. I have quite a few of you TNI guys on my friends list on myspace, you know who you are ;)

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MY name is John and my last name can be unpronouncable to certain people. I'm 19 years old and live in NC and I attend college at NC State University (if you've heard of us I feel sry for you). I started collecting Joes in 2002 with the relaunch and have been slowly building up my new sculp and RAH collection as well as building up my cobra army. I like anime, GI Joe, comics, most music, and THE PUNISHER hence the sn. I'm going to college to get a degree in game animation and design so hopefully I'll be making your kids/grandkids video games one day. @smilepunch@


I'll try to get a pic or two up soon

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My name is Neal and i've been addicted to GIJoe since 1982.I live in Marion NC which is the official blind spot of the known universe.I'm married and expecting my first child(a boy)in April.I collect various things including GIJoe's,Star Wars stuff,Marvel Figures and comic books.

I've worked in retail far longer than I care to remember and am a writer of many things on the side.

My brother bought me my first Joe(Stalker)back in 82 and i've been hooked ever since.

I am one of the masses who is looking forward to the new Joes this year.

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Guess it's time to join in. :)


Most of this stuff is included in our personal profiles, but here goes..


Names Dan


Born April 27th of 1962, making me damn near 45 (ugh)


Been married and divorced TWICE now, have two teenage daughters Danielle (18) & Jaci (16) and with the 2nd marriage, I was step dad to two of her children (already grownup) and step grandfather to her daughters 3 bi-racial children. We had custody of them for about 2 years, and the relationship between is quite strong, as I was the only father-like/grandfather presence they had, and the divorce was tough due to THIS separation between us. They're back out in California with their mother now, but we're all still in touch and even the relationship with my ex is still great, but it's one of those weird things (unlike the first divorce) that's hard to explain as to why we split.


ok..on to the Joe stuff.


Got my first G.I.Joe Christmas of 1968, a 12" Action Soldier and have been hooked on G.I.joe ever since. I had other toys thru the years, like major Matt mason, Big Jim, Action Jackson and tons upon tons of little Green Army men and even some Knights of the medieval era.


G.I.joe was my favorite though.


Always had an interest in War themed stuff, be it movies, toys, playing war in the neighborhood with friends, and dying a hero's death in every scene! @lol@


Got into the first 3 Star Wars movies, but never the toys and then in late 1982. early '83 maybe, i stumbled across a little action figure that was kinda cool I thought, and turned out to be a "G.I.JOE"!!! :o


Then I thought "not so COOL!" what a travesty that G.I.Joe had been REDUCED to THIS! Comparing them to what I had always played with as a kid, in regards to a G.I.Joe action figure that is, but the curiosity over these kept lingering and I made a trip to a Children's Palace to check them All out, and found them pretty cool after all. A combination of the little green army men I loved with the articulation of the Joes I loved, and cheaper! Cool accessories and vehicles to boot!


I was lured right in, and later made a half embarrassed purchase of a couple (don't know why..now, but back then, thought I must be goofy for still buying toys at my age) with Rock-n-Roll and Breaker, Grunt, being the first of the bunch. The bearded guys reminded me of my 12" Adventure Team guys, so they attracted me first.


Later, they kept improving on the articulation, with swivel arms and then the necks could roll forward and back. The characters were awesome and kept growing and the molds kept getting more original and detailed. It was a very cool time, and I thought I was TOTALLY alone and isolated in it.


Got into the Sgt. Savage stuff ok, not knowing exactly what happened to the other kind of Joes back then (no Internet gossip to keep me abreast of changes ;)) but totally rejected the Extreme stuff. Wasn't interested in THAT at all, and the hobby went away for a few years.


Missed the '97 '98 line mostly due to the rapid nature of which it disappeared off the shelves. I blinked basically.


Was ready for the 2000 lineup though and then was introduced to the Internet way of life, talking Joes and then eBay helped provide me with some missing figures and the ability to increase a few armies I hadn't completed to satisfactory levels yet. ^_^


Started out chattin' over at the usenet boards, as DANO (nickname thru HS) and found my way over here to ADC and liked the options and features and speed of which to reply and get responses, so I was hooked.


Customizing became a BIG past time for me, and i actually miss that a lot, but thru the recent divorce, I stored all my stuff away at my sisters house, and have not retrieved it as yet. :(


hmmm..what else?


I'm pretty highly opinionated (noooooo?) have a comedic sarcastic nature, which I've learnt DOESN'T come across so well in print as it does in person. I'm one of those annoying Patriots, that's proud of my country, and of course I'm pretty Conservative in my viewpoints. Not a Bible thumper, but don't like Bible bashers either, so I'm kinda stuck somewhere in the middle on that issue.


Have been up and down the roller coaster ride of what's been G.I.joe over the last 6 1/2 years of it, happy with some and very unhappy with the rest. I'm an O-ring proponent, hated t-crotches, butt plugs, action attack and a variety of funky proportions and sty-lings that's been toyed with a tested in these passing years. The stuff I liked would last a little while and then some hiatus would come along and bring a BIG change to G.I.Joe, known as Sigma Six! :(





not a fan ;)


The 25th anniversary stuff is coming soon, and from the early previews and pics of them, I'm half and half still, finding some things cool and others not so cool, but having the toys in hand will be the ultimate final judgement on them for me.






Was that too long?




My two daughters and me..




Me new puppy dog...Maddie! German Shephard..




The new lady of my life, and me, enjoying some sun over the past summer..





Collection pics to come later. :)

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