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Got my first Classics


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Found Starscream finally! Sadly I got myself a little too hyped up 'cause he's a bit underwhelming. Very stiff and can't really play with him very well. He doesn't do any good poses and (of course) I can't use his guns on his shoulders (which was something I was excited about). Thankfully though, his guns look real cool in his hands. I just kinda wanted a classic version that moved well as he was. Ah well, he's not that bad. Just not as good as I was hoping.

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Here are my favorites:


#1 Starscream - He looks prefectly G1, better than the original toy of course, but also looks straight out of the G1 cartoon. Wow. Though he's more primitive that MP screamer, he looks like a better representation of G1 to me. Plus he's $90 cheaper.


#2 Hotrod - He's alright, he doesn't remind me much of the cartoon, or the older toy, he reminds me more of an energon figure for some reason. His car mode is better than his robot mode. His legs kind of stink and he has a pinhead. I like him but he's not really classic to me.


#3 Megs - He's totally not G1, but for a toy he's really awesome. I could see kids loving this one. Seems to be a pegwarmer right now, 6 megs with 1 op, I think that'll change at Christmas. I don't like the back kibble, or the colors. Great toy but I hope MP Megs blows this one away.



Prime - I don't like this toy at all. I don't see what is so great about it. It hardly looks like G1 prime, he has tons of kibble on his arms and back and is torso is too small compared to his legs. Not to mention he's $20 when he should be more like $15. It would have been really easy to just modify the 20th prime and cheapen/scale it. The 2 pack prime looks much better than this version, but the 2 pack megatron looks like crap compared to classics megatron.



The price point is a little high on these, but then again Transformers have always been kind of pricey. I'll totally continue the line, Jetfire seems to be a must. I think Grimlock will come off a lot like Hotrod does, where the alt mode is better than the robot mode. And is it just me or does Mirage look like a flaming piece of CRAP. I'm sorry but boy does that figure look way off when compared to the rest of classics.


So far Classics > Cybertron/Rid/Armada/Energon/Beast Machines

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I think you're missing the point of the line Leonardo. The purpose isn't to reproduce g1, it's to bring the fans favorite g1 characters into a modern style.


Classics Prime, while may not quite big enough to satisfy some, is easily the 2nd best Prime in my book. The kibble on the back is meaningless, and the kibble on the arms can actually be put to good use as shields. Add a sword to one hand, use the kibble as a shield with the other and he can strike quite a nice pose.


He's super poseable, has plenty of firepower and he's fun to transform. Not to mention, I think he looks pretty damn cool! :P


There have been far worse ways to blow $20 when it comes to Transformers, and not nearly as many that are better.

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i picked up all of them except bumblee and these are like reliving past memories with G1 and G2 when i was a kid. they represent a great homage to the old school TFs. i'm really anticipating grimlock and what the rest of the series has in store for the future.

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We've had so many modernized g1 based Primes over the past decade that I can't really get into this new one. He's not a bad toy I just don't like him.


And classics is a title you would give to reissues, not updated reimagined toys. That threw me off but I'm still getting into this line. One day they'll give use a line totally based on the g1 cartoon (what I love) but until then I'm really enjoying classics. I got bumblebee today and he's AWESOME. Made me realize how long it's been since bumblebee has been in stores. All I need is Astrotrain and I'll have them all. (and I wasn't even going to collect this line!)

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Bought the classics deluxe figs today. They are the first TFs ive ever purchased and i love em!



Holding off on Prime and Megs for the two pack.


Anyone know the details on this 2 pack? like how big they are and how much it costs?


I don't remember the specifics, but I suggest you buy the regular classics instead of the 2 pack. Although I personally am looking forward to the 2 pack's Prime, not a lot of people care for his design as opposed to the regular classics Prime which everyone loves. That plus the megatron in the 2 pack looks awful and transforms into a tank, whereas the regular classics megs transforms into a really cool gun and has a better bot mode.


Welcome to the world of transformers, don't get too addicted it can be an unhealthy habit ;) But obsessing is perfectly a-okay.

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I kinda like the 2 pack Prime better because hes closer to his G1 look. Im torn on the Megatrons though. I dont like the Nerf gun mode on the one, and the tank one isnt quite right either. hmmm...tough call.


Plus, even if i dont get the regular Prime, i hear hes gonna be redecoed as Ultra Magnus for a target 2 pack...so, it might be cool to have a Prime(2-pack) and Magnus that look similar, but are totally different figures rather than the same molds.


We shall see...i may not be able to wait long enough for the 2 pack to come out and have to grab the regulars...ive already passed em by so many times with regret...sigh...

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I couldn't wait for these bad boys to show up in stores. I never collected Transformers as a kid, but always watched the cartoon. I never got into anything besides Beasts Wars and G1, and I don't very much like the new cartoons at all. So a release of the characters I love got my collection started.


I picked up Starscream and Hot Rod today, love them both. I'll pick up the rest of the Delux line also. But I think I am going to hold off on Megs and Prime and get the Masterpiece ones instead...

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I definitely suggest MP or 20th Anniversary Prime, not sure about Megatron as we haven't seen pics of him yet.


I agree with you featofstrength, the 2 pack Prime looks more like Prime. I'm not sure how big he is, I hope he's classic's prime sized, but he might be basic size, I'm not the right person to ask, I don't keep up with all Transformers stuff as well as I should.


Personally if I were in your situation I'd get gun megs and the 2 pack and maybe call tank megs something else. I didn't care for Gun Megs by the pics either, but I think he's good now that I have him so maybe you can use that in your decision. Anyway Keep that 2 pack Prime as Prime and get the Ultra Magnus/Skywarp 2 pack. I heard that 2 pack is going to be $20 which means you get skywarp free!


I regret buying Classics Prime, mainly because I don't have money to waste like I used to.

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Guest DavAnthony

I saw a picture awhile back that gave me the feelign that the two-pack Prime and Megatron tank are more along the size of Starscream and Astrotrain. So if you are thinking about getting Nerf megatron and two-pack Prime then the heights are going to be pretty far off.


I agree with the statements above. This is the Transformer line I had wanted as a kid. The figures are detailed and most of all articulated and poseable. Hasbro is stating that they line is going on, one of their favorite words, "hiatus" when the movie comes out. After the movie they are going to "evaluate" the sales and they "might" bring it back, BUT their focus after the movie is going to be centered on the new show Transformer Heroes (which if it is anything like all the shows after Beast Machines) is probably going to suck really...really...really bad.

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i've seen just about all of them in my local TRU and i've been reeeeaaally tempted to get some but i just dont have the cash right now. i think i'll ask my wife to get me prime for Christmas.


so far my favs are:






cant wait till they make a soundwave and jazz!

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I got Hot Rod, SS, Bumblebee, and Meg so far and I am pretty sure.. 100% sure I'll be getting double of each save for Meg which I hope they'll repaint it in G1 colors. My brother is a huge Astrotrain fan and he bought two already so I may visit Target and TRU soon to get another Hot Rod and SS. I pose Classics Hot Rod next to G1 and was amazed at the similarities of the design and looks. I still love G1 but Classics is everything we've wanted for the last 20 years. I think aside from G1, BW, and Alt/Bt Classics has got to be my favorite TF line of all time.

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